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In this blog I want to introduce you to 3 top pandemic proof low capital business ideas you can start now. I will list the 3 business opportunities and then explain briefly. A full follow-through on how to start these low capital business ideas is coming soon on our business media platform here as webinars, in our eBiz journal and as online courses. We would also be looking into mentoring a very few start-ups and investing money into their ideas as we progress with this business journey together. 

Potential opportunities from the pandemic lessons

Seriously we can choose to only see this global health crisis and pandemic shutdown as a threat. Or we can begin to think of how to become more innovative towards our own African future. With or without a pandemic, Nigeria must begin to take seriously improving citizens access to health services, education and to better logistics. Small businesses are in a great position right now to leverage on this. 

Why are low capital business ideas needed now?

Look at the #endsars protest that started in October in Nigeria. It is not only police brutality that motivated the protest, but also the hard reality many face today in the  country. So many people have great ambitions but do not see any opportunity or chance to achieve them. There are also others whose ambition it is to become successful but actually do not know how or in what. It is not their fault. 

If you live in an environment where innovation, especially digital innovation is at its minimum, meaning just social media consumption, what innovative solutions can you expect? Almost none! I know personally that these enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself want change and you can start to create this change by taking action. That is why we should look into these 3 low capital business ideas and maybe your next step of action for a better Nigeria will be born. 

3 low capital business ideas. 

  • Digital healthcare
  • Elogistics
  • Digital learning

You might have already heard of these 3 business opportunities but I bet that you still have a very very large market in Nigeria. A large market in the sense that people will remain restricted in accessing health care. Imagine Nigeria’s physician-to-patient ratio is 4 doctors per 10,000 patients and patients often wait hours to be seen. Imagine the structure of the educational system. Let me not even talk about the standard of public education. Imagine the poor road infrastructure, dense population in cities or almost no access to some remote areas. People will need good delivery. You see, there is a large customer base waiting to be served. The question is always how do you want to start? I alway recommend building a niche and making your business offer affordable. Now let’s look at these ideas briefly. 

Digital health low capital business Ideas

Digital health care is basically offering health services using digital technology. Your offers can range from counselling sessions, diagnostic sessions, prescription sessions, referral sessions or actually delivering digital products to monitor health performances of the client. Talk multiple income streams. You can have clients book sessions and also connect to eLogistics to deliver the medications. You can have service care personnel extend your online service to house visits. The possibilities are endless and yes, there is space for thousands of services around Africa. Guess what? You create jobs. Kudos!

eLogistic low capital business ideas

eLogistic is when you make goods delivery for a customer. Either you decide to target business clients (What we call B2B) or end consumers (Referred popularly to as B2C)  in the mass market. There are even very specialised deliveries where you can integrate a network of existing bike riders, taxi drivers, transport companies, call shops for pick up and so on. You already have diverse services coming up in Nigeria but there is space for more. When the market gets competitive, the services get better. Only those businesses that actually care for the customer will survive. Stay with  me on Joadre, subscribe to my ebiz to continually learn how to stay competitive with your business ventures. 

Digital low capital learning business ideas. 

This is my favorite as I love teaching and learning. That’s exactly what we are doing right now as you read this blog. Yes, you might wonder how I will earn if this blog is for free. There are many ways to monetize your elearning business idea. You can go for a traditional approach to sell your study programs or you can be more flexible with content like I am. My first goal is to make sure that you achieve your business goal and start making money. Then you will have enough to pay me in the future for specialised services. 

Look at our educational system, there is extreme need for new low capital business ideas. The curriculum is backdated. You can partner with higher standards schools to create a curriculum for traditional topics like mathematics or you can offer extra curricular work for students to become more innovative. There is a strong base of the rising middle class in Nigeria earning about 40K to 150K monthly that can pay. Your clients must not have internet data to stream. There are ways to publish your digital content offline too, remember a USB has never been this cheap before, like this 4GB Flash from Amazon which is as low as 1500 Naira and you can get cheaper in quantity from Asia. 

What if your problem is lack of the needed skills?

That’s why life is a learning journey. I studied polymer technology but now I own a digital business media. You can learn the basics and essentials actually for free. A great strategy is to look for partners that complement your abilities. Don’t wait. If you start your digital business today, come back to thank me in 5 years as Africa becomes more digital savvy. I want to help you launch and grow your idea, so make sure to subscribe to all my teaching outlets on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, my Newsletter especially because you get all the infos when they are out. 

The webinar that will change the game for you. 

  • Topic: How To Launch A Low Capital Business // Digital Business
  • Date: December 11th 2020
  • Time: 10am Nigerian time
  • Place: On Joadre zoom Webinar (click to register)
  • Maximum participants: 100 (First come, first serve). We will send you an email reminder some hours before the live webinar begins.

I will host a zoom webinar about how to launch a low capital business idea in the digital space in december. This webinar is especially for those with  very low digital skills as I will share tools, platforms and free stuff you can use to start. The webinar is for free for those attending live and is scheduled for December 11th at 10am Nigerian time. Save the date to attend for free! It would be about 1 hour, you can ask questions directly and I can interact with you as well. Keep coming to Joadre platform as we are working on some new online shows where we will invite business experts to share tips and strategies for you. 

I hope you really liked this article. Hey, let’s be generous here. Share this article with your social network. Maybe you might inspire someone thinking just like you to partner up to start. Share asking your network if they want to venture into the digital space with low capital business ideas. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.


  1. This is a fantastic blog! Much needed at this time. I’m interested in the zoom webinar… Thanks for the opportunity.

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