2021 Progress, Lessons & Review with Joadre.

2021 saw much progress

So quickly did 2021 progress towards its end. Let’s review 50+ articles we covered this year. We started this year with the question of whether it was still possible to start a business this year given the recent pandemic situation? And the answer is yes! Despite everything, we have to find new models to design our lives. 

Use this simple tool to progress

Ideas alone will not be the deal breaker. We went on a  journey to find ways to bring our ideas into fruition. When you find yourself burning with one idea, first things first. Write it down. This is called journaling. It is an ancient technique of freeing yourself from the burden of nursing a particular idea. 

When you carry an idea for too long, it evaporates to give space for another fresh idea. The old idea is neglected. If care is not taken, the fresh idea will suffer the same predicament the old one did. To avoid curating your own idea graveyard, you must write out your idea. Read more in our blog on how to become successful with this simple technique

Explored how to start a business

Even when you have a great idea, you will need some real life steps to implement it. In this 3 part blog series – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, we looked into some very technical steps to starting a business in Nigeria. Even after starting, you have to evolve and progress through innovation. Learn more in our article. According to our practical understanding, we have worked out some very key elements to embody the wholeness of a social entrepreneur. Read more. 

Progress with your ideas and bring to fruition

We also know that getting the needed capital to start your idea is crucial as well. That is why we explored 3 small business grants for Nigerian entrepreneurs. From time to time we explored specific business ideas which have very good potential in a mass market like Nigeria. One of our very first ideas was juice production. And why investing in Africa is crucial. 

Further down the year, we looked into a 6 part series on starting a laundry business. This was explosive as we kept discovering new lessons along the way. In part 1 we focused on the skills and then the process in part 2. Part 3 was all about  the cost, budget and expenses you would have to deal with. A laundry business like every other needs some kind of Set-up (Part 4) and growth plan (part 5). We explored ways to innovate the laundry business in part 6. 

Raising the funds and resources you need

I know that you will need to find investments and partnerships to start any idea. Here is an article that can help you understand the kinds of investment out there and ways to raise funds. To raise funds though check these further grant opportunities. But you will need to develop a track record and actually budget for the idea. Some habit of accountability is called for. So hold yourself accountable, but not responsible for the things you cannot influence, but focus on the internal things you can influence. You begin to see where you can potentially do better. You can see maybe new ways to do things more progressively and you progress. 

Why social entrepreneurship enables progress

With a social impact driven enterprise, one still has to apply the positive lessons from traditional business like customer care. Consumers seek deep connections and this is how you can achieve that – bring humanity to your business. Yes, you will also integrate the classics of demographic and Psychographic data. You can tap into data intelligence to understand your customers better. However you choose to pay attention to customers data, you have a responsibility to not exploit your findings. Be sustainable at your core, in every area of your handlings. This is very vital to establishing your own small business. It is good for you, for your small business and for the ecosystem. 

Establishing a blueprint. Say yes to progress

You might have ideas that have never been tried out before in the combination or way you want to try it out. It means you have to create a blueprint. This can be intimidating. I know. I am in it as well. Launching a one-stop app that combines streaming and data for community education? But here are 10 lessons I have gathered along the way that helps tremendously; 

  1. Practice journaling,  
  2. create a plan
  3. set and track your goals
  4. take care of yourself everyday, 
  5. Apply sustainable routines to grow and speedy your progress, 
  6. Expand your exposure and get far outside the box because there is one, 
  7. follow only those ideas that are authentic to you, 
  8. build multiple income streams from a sustainable revenue model.
  9. spend only what you have – Cash Flow management,

Life balance to become successful

Awareness of self is a tool to life balance. To become aware, you will consistently ask yourself “WHY”. Are you aware about the things you enjoy and the things you have to do to build the life you enjoy? It is not always about making money, business, economics. In fact, we have to question our current economic mindset and what we define as progress.  Economics is a vital part of our human experience that concerns what we create (Give), what we receive (Take) and  the purpose of this give-take interaction in our communities within the natural ecosystem. Explore more on this topic. 

Enjoy deeper self love this holiday

With the world we live in today, there are a million and more distractions, information and external attitudes that create stress. We worry about the next idea, the next project, the bills to pay, broken hearts and many emotional issues. All these pile up in our minds, in our soul. They are stressors and energy drainers. But here is a way to clean your mind, soul and spirit. Using meditation is a proven science meets spirituality type of practice. I have a seperate space set-up for my meditation

Deeper social issues dear to our heart 

It was impossible to not want to support these young fellows at iDXtreme. Idris has dedicated his free time and earnings from his work to training youngsters to build self esteem through boxing. I have personally watched too many young entrepreneurs suffer from self esteem and struggle to express their inner self. After so many conversations, it almost always ends in some form of childhood experience. Learn more. We are creating our first one life workshop. Our goal is to promote sustainability and develop a community beyond their geographical borders. Read more. Connect with us. 

Here are some more topics we covered this year. 

  1. Blog 39 – 4 Entrepreneurs 
  2. Blog 42 – Ponzi too my school fees
  3. Blog 43 – Ponzi madness
  4. Blog 44 – Organic care
  5. Blog 45 – Recharge card
  6. Blog 47 – Design your mood
  7. Blog 48 – Basic education
  8. Blog 49 – Success, prime now

Meanwhile, we have developed a unique app to bring together on one platform,  both international partners/investors and Nigerian entrepreneurs to share business data intelligence and connect both to the market. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here. Want to stay connected to know when we have opportunities, kindly sign up to our newsletter. For more content, check our YouTube channel. If you need to book a FREE  Q&A with Joadr, then make reservations here

Thank you for reading to the end. 


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I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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