10 Tips To Innovate Your Laundry Business In Nigeria #6

It has really been such a great time on this blog series. In this final part, let’s look at the tips to innovate your laundry business. But, in case you have just stumbled on this part, please be aware that this is a 6 parts blog series. We have explored so many crucial points that you can’t afford to miss if you really want to start a laundry business. In part 1 we clarify the difference between laundry and dry cleaning,  the must have skills to start a laundry business. Then we moved to part 2 where we looked at the laundry process, how to get laundry done. 

For blog part 3, we threw light on the cost of setting up a laundry business. We also provided a working budget to guide you.

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Furthermore, in part 4 we considered the Setup procedures you need to take when starting a laundry business. Part 5 explored ways to market your business and grow your idea. This final part will explore some ideas you can use to innovate your laundry business. This will help you distinguish yourself from other existing laundry cleaning service providers and have a competitive edge in the market.

  1. Wash test tips as promised
  2. Make wise choices for detergents and soap selection 
  3. Promote your laundry business effectively
  4. Collaborate to promote your work
  5. Build network of entrepreneurs
  6. Use digital tools to increase customers convenience
  7. Create a reward system
  8. Diversify your space/services, if you can
  9. Packaging your laundry business
  10. Structure operations
Wash test tips as promised: 

A wash test would mean you soak the fabric edge in the temperature of water and with the detergent for a couple of minutes and wait to see how it reacts. Does it lose colour? 

A less risky test will be to soak a white cloth in the detergent. Make sure the water has the right temperature. Wipe the end of the fabric. What does the white cloth look like? So these are just little tips to note. 

Make wise choices for detergents and soap selection 

You do not want the customer to connect your services with beauty damage. So please read the contents used to make the detergents or soap. We advise you to take time to actually select the kind of soap/detergents you will use. Opt-in for a non-toxic and organic detergent. If you can get these natural or organic detergents, then make sure to use this as a marketing tool. This a a very effective way to innovate.

Innovate and Promote your laundry business effectively

To put your business out there and push to the faces of potential customers, explore Google my business. Register, post about biz with good photos. Learn to make good pics here How to Make Good Social Media Pictures with your Smartphone , give promo with code so you can track to see how effective it is. Integrate the pick up and drop off system from the start. 

Choose a good location for your laundry business

The fastest approach to put your laundry business on the track of growth is choosing a good location. We would say residential areas where families live like estates and around schools, because parents can easily drop off laundry while picking kids etc. 

Collaborate to promote your business 

Collaborate with cleaners and grocery shoppers to attract customers to your laundry business. You can collaborate with grocery stores whereby they recommend your laundry business to shoppers, this can be as little as having a display advert stand in their outlet calling people’s attention to your business. 

Build network of entrepreneurs. Innovate to scale!

You can explore a shared business space concept. You and other laundry entreprenuers get a space big enough to accommodate everybody. Buy one big power generator that can service everyone, slash bills and setup costs. That right there is one of the easiest ways to grow and it is innovative. Instead of the sometimes unnecessary waste of resources to want to stand alone. This is sustainable and cost-effective. In Europe, this is how farmers do theirs. Everybody creating a roster of machine use, slash payment and use the same delivery trucks, exactly! That kind of model can be adopted for a laundry business too. 

Innovate with digital tools to increase customers convenience

Invest in creating a system for drop off and pick up, using digital tools. You can do the pick up and drop off yourself for the start if you already have a motorcycle or a car. This allows for more customers to patronize you considering the benefit of convenience they enjoy from the structure of pickup and drop off that you have created. And customers tend to give more clothes if there is convenience in pick off and drop off. 

Really, isn’t that the main reason why you give your laundry out before; for convenience. If they will be stressed again while giving it out, then it’s not worth it again. (That right there is the psychology of customers giving laundry to you; be on your toes to always think of new ways to bring convenience to your customers and always include it in your marketing message). More clothes mean effective usage of the machine, water and energy. You still use up the same amount of water and energy and machines for fewer clothes. So more discounts to get more clients is effective. 

Innovate with a reward system

Human psychology is always hungry for a reward in whatever they do, you do that because you will get this reward; gratification or in whichever name it comes. For you as a laundry business owner that is looking at growth, you may want to consider creating a reward system. 

Diversify your space/services, if you can

Have drinks and pay in the laundromat if you have a waiting area. Design’ Xpress services’ that happen within 1 to 2 hours. If you have a long area where the guest can wait, then make sure to have functioning wifi and maybe even a computer section integrated. Some will use it as a workspace. Start with one section. This will bring dedicated customers and more cash. 

Who would not love a drink and maybe surf the internet or use free wifi for just one hour? Integrate the wifi into your monthly cost and offer it for free to customers. Hotels do, lounges do, and you see people troop in if not for anything, for the assurance that they’d get to have access to free wifi. You may have to secure your wifi and give passwords only to customers.

Package your laundry business

Part of your growth efforts should be developing a great packaging design and formula for your own business that distinguishes your business from others out there. Do things differently. You can adopt the sustainable development goal by keeping the environment clean, in that sense, it means you won’t be using polythene nylon. Without being told again you can see how Nylon bags are not very sustainable to our environment. Shey you see them lying everywhere and it’s ugly. 

Think of customized/branded collapsible laundry hampers that are free of toxic chemicals and are reusable. When the client drops off, they use it and you give them fresh ones with the cleaned clothes. Imagine your reusable laundry bags with your embroidered logo and name handing in the customer’s bathroom or storage area. Be sustainable and profit through branding!

Structure operations

Also, collaborating with an external logistics company, we must think of how to be innovative in developing a pickup system that is efficient and makes things easier. Businesses can rise above their competitors by having a standard pickup bag they rotate to the consumer and have specific days for pick up. Structuring allows a business to grow better. Eg, Sunday evenings and Wednesdays could be pickup and return. If a customer needs more, then there are added services like express and so on. 

And here is where we will be drawing the curtain on this blog series on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Don’t forget that our CEO and Founder, Joana Reiterer has reserved Wednesdays of every week to have a one-on-one session with young and vibrant youth interested in business/entrepreneurship. Guess what? The session is for free! You can schedule a meeting here now, don’t procrastinate (don’t be a god of tomorrow, today is yesterday’s tomorrow)

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