Design Your Mood To Increase Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you have the extra challenge to be disciplined. You must get the work done whether you are in the mood or not. There is no boss to scode or motivate you back on track. So the way you feel every moment is very important. That is where mood design comes into play. But do you know that your room color can change the game? 

Colors are very important in our life as humans. Sometimes they make us feel happy or sad, other times they make us feel just hungry or relaxed. It’s not just a coincidence that your appetite goes up when you see certain colours. Studies have shown that these reactions are traceable to psychology, biological conditioning and cultural imprinting. In this article, we explain how room colour affects your productivity and also share with you colours you can adopt to boost your creativity as an entrepreneur.

“You know, how I wish someone had told me this a few months back” that was the response I got when I shared these thoughts with a friend. 

My friends mood killer wall paint

My friend told me how she has been going through unexplainable mood swings. She found it difficult to meet up with deadlines and she’s feeling like a failure already. Well, I went on a casual visit since she had accused me of not checking out her new space downtown. So I decided to carry my ‘leggediz benz‘  to pay her a visit. Guess what I saw? Okay! Let me give you a hint. Even if I do would you still get it…LOL. Stepping on the foot mat, I was first rudely welcomed by a black painted metal door. I stepped further into the room.  The wall paint colour! xyz. And that right there was the problem.  

How colors cheat your memory

Do you know that colour affects what you remember? Green has a way of making you think and hold on to the positive. Hence boosting your mood and state of mind. While red can help focus your attention on a particular thing or even boost your passion and energy.  However, if red is not well used in your room, it is capable of evoking negative thoughts and memories. Remember those stop signs or barrier tape? Negative thoughts affect your level of productivity as an entrepreneur. It is recommended to be used as an accent because of its overwhelming potential. 

Know thyself! What do you react to?

The color of your living space, from your bedroom to your workspace influences your mood. As simple as it sounds, it can affect our mood, focus and energy level. You spend so much time in these spaces, hence paying attention to the basics like wall paint, furniture etc are essential. You can prime these to ignite a motivational energy around you. 

However, it is important to note that different people react to different colours and textures. For example, for some, black is the lead player in this game of cheating. Some call it the energy drainer. For some it makes a space feel cosy and tight/full. For others, it affects their ability to focus. And that is why it is often advised to be used sparingly. You can read further on University of Texas studies on the psychology of colour – “Color and Visual Comfort by Cecilia RiosVelasco .

Find color blends that speak to you

These scientific studies have been able to further emphasize that not only does colour change our mood, it affects profoundly, our level of productivity and creativity. Blends of grey, beige and white colour induce feelings of sadness and depression for some. For others it is maybe a combination of purple and orange. Focus and creativity is an untradeable asset for us as an entrepreneur. Let’s consider some colours that can boost your productivity as an entrepreneur.

Colours to Boost Productivity, Creativity and Focus
  • Mellow Yellow:  Mellow Yellow is considered to give a sense of optimism, boost energy and freshness. It is a good colour for those in the business of writing, designing, artists, developers and other creative professionals.
  • Green: This colour is a very good colour if you work for long hours. It is a friendly colour to the eyes hence doesn’t cause eye fatigue and most importantly helps you to remain calm and efficient at the same time. 
  • Red: Red is a useful colour for its intensity, activeness and passion-stimulating. It increases heart rate and blood flow which can make an entrepreneur energetic. Having said that, it is most advisable to use this colour to draw your attention to something. If you need to remember something or need your employees’ attention drawn to something in your workspace, put it against that red board.
Design your space to reflect the mood you love

Craft out the time to find out what room or living space color brings out your best  mood. It is advisable to use a vibrant mashup of enlivening hues that can kindle creativity and increase productivity. Green and blue are known to improve efficiency and focus and also give a sense of wellbeing. But if you find your inspiration in greys and browns, why not? 

The art here is to test out diverse room colors, furniture colors, mixtures of interiors to find what works for you best. When you try it out and mix and match the colors to suit the largest piece of the space which is the wall, you get to feel the energy. You will feel if this is the mood you are yearning towards. Designing your work space and living space with inspiring colors is one very simple way to care for yourself as an entrepreneur. In one of our previous YouTube videos –  How to take care of you to build your business, we explored some other ways of self care. 

It is all energy!

Everything in the universe is energy. The color you see is what light reflects back. It is all energy. So fine tune the energy in your workspace to give you a great mood to unleash your greatest potential. Don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting topics to increase your productivity. Meanwhile, we are developing a unique app to bring it all on one platform and accessible through your smartphone. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here. Thank you for reading till the end. 


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