Build Equity. What Can You Own? 

Owning land has always been the foundation of the formation of power. Today, it is a prerequisite for economic freedom. If it is not, why are the most economically privileged groups owners of more lands than ever before? Even in the 14th century, the lands owned by the lords and monarchs, the patrician merchants, the church, were leased or used by farmers, who for this very reason, were owned by the landowners. Ridiculous! Today, remember the landlords in your estates? How do they shout for their years rent? Try to get an office space in Lagos Island and you will soon realise that you have to own something. But can you?

The blades of the steel propeller of the global machine engine knows no mercy!

A few own, you work and we all engage in petty warfares

However, today, it seems to be just a hand few of multinational entities, often as cover, for the true wealth owners behind, whom you have never heard anything about, that truly make the decisions, placing political governments in the public eye to administer policies that on the long run shifts wealth towards themselves already accumulating it. 

We (You and I) serve this system blindly, but sadly aware that we do. We have almost no choice as the economic machine is a global engine rebranded and rebranded with platonic philosophies and cultural narratives that continually engage us in petty warfare with our neighbours, sometimes even loved ones. While we do so, the global engine has its propeller steel blades spinning, sucking up into it that which fits and blowing away to destruction that which doesn’t fit. This we have first hand experienced when we worked on our social fashion project which we explain shortly beneath. How can we dismantle the blades of the steel propeller?

World Citizen, We Are All Dependent On The Global Engine 

Some small businesses and brilliant minds birthing great ideas are sucked up into this massive propeller, while others are squeezed out of life to decay on the steels of the engine blade until they too become metal, different from the original material out of which they proudly were formed. It is an era of capital absorption creating new citizenry and we are all global citizens now, right? Fully dependent on mega large entities to survive essential aspects of our “commoners” lives – from health, education, food to logistics and housing, then even more disorienting, our  information to self presentation, all dependent on the global engine. 

The death of indegenous knowledge. Evolution is impossible. 

The then, indigenos knowledge, which superseded proclaimed “civilised” know-how was destroyed. There was barely the capacity to let this indigenous knowledge evolve into its own kind of modern day knowledge. Then, a young girl could tell you which botanic substance could cure the common illnesses. In Europe around the 18th century, such people, majorly women, were hunted down and burnt as witches, for such knowledge gave power to the people. 

In Africa, this kind of traditional scientific African knowledge, though discounted by the primitive explorers and missionaries from Europe, formed the backbone of many African societies. Space given, how would this knowledge have evolved systematically to suit the modern day? Would there be a specific discipline that African societies could have developed into a curriculum that would today make them independent in diverse sectors like health, agriculture and even in administration?

A race for power, Ownership and Equity

So now today, it is like there is a race going on in the economic space. A race for equity and capital. How can this race even hold when capital has already been accumulated? How can this race even begin fairly when the endline is reached. Joadre launched a social fashion project back in 2014. Our goal was to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs in Africa to develop a textile production landscape to serve their own market pace and open exports.  However, we at Joadre quickly realised something else. Our  experience exposed the very critical disparity in social and financial capital, global mobility of goods and a great gap in production know-how. 

How is there Free trade without ability to participate

To global mobility within the fair trade economy, even our founder, Joana was denied a visa to the African fashion week in London to showcase Joadres products at the trade fair. Then we nod our heads “yes”, confirming a global brotherhood and free trade economy. She had all  the requirements and had long since had a residence in an EU country. So if she is denied participation in an economic space in London, how would African entrepreneurs who have never stepped in Europe nor have any form of social and financial capital participate? 

Looking back at all these events, history and status quo, it is time the world shifted to make space for a new era. The era has arrived. Small businesses would begin to equip, organise and participate, even without a seat at the table. If the seats are not enough, everyone will stand!

Start with Joadre. A New kind of development. What we Offer!

We cannot wait for the classic Nigerian educational system to focus on building capacity for inventions and entrepreneurship. We have to start. But this is not school, not your traditional education. You are educated in your own right. So therefore, we present information for you to discern what matters to the development of your life, your community and your ecosystem, the nation at large. Joadre offers entrepreneurship knowledge in the form of digital content, workshops and network. We use diverse tools like our Tribe app to connect relevant information to our audience. Beyond tutorials and training, we offer a network support and financial resources to small businesses to start their ideas. We offer a platform to showcase these ideas beyond their communities. 

Get Involved, Join The Joadre Movement and Here Is How!

The process is easy! First, Welcome. Since we will release more tools and features in the future, it is important you have one login for all our features from live event access to digital platforms. Get on the tribe page at, sign up with either your email or socials. 

You will be directed to the app on google play store (IOS for Apple users is in the making, and a web app will be released soon). If you have only Apple, we will still make sure you are involved. Get our newsletter, so we keep you in the loop with infos, updates, opportunities as they happen. 

You can follow us on social media, but remember, we do not own any social media platform, so if we get censored for our truth, you might lose contact with us, so newsletter is still the best option. Nevertheless, it seems to look good if the social media platform has many followers. If you are already on them, follow these accounts – Joadre instagram, Joadre Facebook, Joadre Pinterest, Joadre Linkedin page, Joadre Twitter and Joadre YouTube

That was it for now. Sorry it is a long article, but we now have it for you to share, debate about it and give us your feedback. This is the first step. Do you want to partner with us or contact us, just use our contact form to reach out.

Thank you for reading to the end. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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