5 Businesses To Start With Less Than 100K In Nigeria.

What business to start? This is a hot question! We are often unsatisfied with our 9 to 5 jobs because we know that we have more potential, and the job environment will probably not allow us to develop and grow this potential. And maybe the salary we earn is not sufficient to cover our expenses. This might be why you will ponder the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. You begin to search for business ideas that you can start with very little financial capital in Nigeria or wherever you live. I get you!

But now, what exactly can you start with minimal funds?

I have dedicated an entire entrepreneurship FREE program called – the 6-key foundation milestones, exactly to help you develop an idea into a business venture. You can visit our JoadreTRIBE app to attend the 6-Key program for FREE. In this blog, I will list 14 business ideas you can start with little money. I will also explain 5 in this blog that you can start in any African country with less than 100K Nigerian Naira. 100K Naira is equivalent to about 250 dollars, which is not a very high financial capital. Students who have completed any paid program on our platform can also access this capital to start their idea.

Here are 14 business ideas to consider when looking for a business to start with little capital. You can find more ideas in our App. 
  1. Shawama business.
  2. Foodstuff delivery service business.
  3. Affiliate marketing.
  4. Direct sales business.
  5. Dropshipping business.
  6. Soap production and retail business
  7. Content marketing business.
  8. Perfume production business.
  9. Fashion production business.
  10. Fashion retail business.
  11. Digital content creation business.
  12. Marmalade production business.
  13. Jewellery production business.
  14. Portable furniture retail business.

I release multiple blogs every week about starting, building and growing your business in Africa. If you want to keep updated and get new ideas and our support, I suggest you get the app. Having few financial resources to start an idea is a very prominent topic. But I must tell you that, very often, you do not need so much money to start off with your idea if you take the time to actually plan how to start. This is the foundation of any successful business.

Good, so let’s dive into 5 of these business ideas.

Soap making

great business ideas

I am not talking about some kind of no-fragrance soap. I am talking about luxury soap with a yummy appearance – just that you cannot eat it:-). The equipment, work tools and soap-making materials are not so expensive. The first thing you will need to do here is to educate yourself further about soap making, create a business plan and decide which niche you want to serve.

In soap making, you can strictly decide to serve to cooperate clients like hotels and restaurants, or you develop a retail brand of soap you sell strictly to smaller retailers. You can go into direct-to-customer selling, which is very time intensive. I always advise my students to choose between focusing on production or retailing. Doing both is possible but will not allow you to grow fast into a  world-class business.  I will expand on these selling strategies in future blogs, tutorials, and courses in our Tribe App.

Foodstuff delivery service business
supply business - business to start with less than 100K naira
business to start with less than 100K naira

As Africa’s population grows massively, migration from rural to urban areas is increasing. What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur? We have seen this happen in Europe. People begin to live high-speed lives and are disconnected from a healthy food source. Soon health issues increase, and people become conscious about what they eat. This would happen in Africa soon. So now, you have the opportunity to build a fresh business idea by connecting local farmers to urban areas.

You can start this business by targeting white-collar professionals who have no nanny or do they have time to shop for excellent products. You can extend it to business clients such as hotel restaurants and joints. There are many strategies to start this business. If you want to learn more, remember to join our program.

Affiliate marketing or direct sales business.
start low capital affiliate marketing business

The concept of direct selling is not new to Africans at all. Actually, it is laid in our DNA. Remember those ladies selling clothes on campus? Or that your mum’s friend selling Ankara fabric to her friends, including your mother? Remember Aso-ebi? Global brands like Tupperware, Oriflame and Avon have long mastered this business and are multi-million dollar companies.

They offer customers the opportunity to build a network and sell the products. The advantage is that you are showered with amazing tools and selling techniques. The cost to start is minimal. So you can primarily learn from them and build your direct selling network with local products from producers within your country.  With some great communication skills, you can select a good number of unique products to sell to your network.  

Perfume production business
How To Start A Liquid Soap business

This business requires basic chemistry knowledge, but with a capital of less than 100K Naira, you are good to go. If you do your homework, educate yourself more about the art and chemistry of perfume making, and have the right product and packaging, you can target high-class professionals like bankers, marketers and other service professionals because they just “need” to smell good, right?

As I mentioned, packaging is key in this business. Suppose you are interested in this business idea. In that case, you join our Tribe app to know when we release our “Branding with packaging design” tutorial. Even because perfumes have a very long shave life, meaning they do not get spoilt easily, you can quickly grow this business into an exportation business. It is always safer to have one product line and ensure it reaches more customers worldwide than to expand to many product lines in the exact location. I will explain why in upcoming tutorials and my free weekly videos.

Fashion retail business
Fashion business idea to start with less than 100K Naira

Ok, this is a business where I have 100% experience as I launched my fashion production and retail business in 2014. You can visit the online store to see some of our products. In this sector, you have so many options; mind you, Africa is a massive market. When I view fashion as a business, I am not referring to high-end fashion or what they call “Haute Couture”. That is not where big money is. Look at brands like Zara, H&M, Mango, Asos and such. Although I do not recommend some of their business ethics, it is clear that these retail houses are leading in fashion, and you know why? Because they discovered and focused on the mass market.

So as an aspiring entrepreneur in Africa, where the mass market is massive, I wonder why we do not have big or multiple mass fashion retail brands. There is a way to start your retail brand and grow it into a chain with very little cash. Start with a consistent pop-up plan in strategic locations and leverage the power of digital marketing. I am here to show you how this would work, but you must first work on creating a plan for this idea.

Conclusion – It’s not all about cash, it is about if you know how to start!

There are more ideas, and remember, I only introduced five of 14 business ideas to start with less capital. I would love to share more, but at the same time, I do not want this blog to be too long. Look out for upcoming blog content, courses, tutorials and life conventions. That’s where I will explore more ideas, show you how and also look for ventures to support in the long term.

Thank you so much for reading this very long blog. I know it is long. Sorry jare (Nigerian slang), but I felt it is essential to share this knowledge for the common good.  If you are serious about starting up something soon, then be sure to join my program. I look forward to seeing you in our Tribe.

Take care, and cheers,


I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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