Start A Laundry Business. How much do I need? #3. The Cost.

Heyyyyy! Excited you came again to continue. In part 1 How to start a laundry business in Nigeria, we shared with you the must have skills. We looked into the process of getting laundry done in Part 2 of this Business Start-up series. In this Part 3, we would succinctly touch on the cost to start your business and look into the equipments you need. The good news is you can start a laundry business in Nigeria with as low as N50,000 (fifty thousand naira only) – N100,000 (one hundred thousand Naira only). You will still collect change if you intend to go really really micro-small scale. If you are going large scale, you can budget N1,000,000 upward. Let’s break it down together.

12 must-have to start a small laundry business

For a small scale laundry business, you wouldn’t be needing much as you are just starting. Your goal is to take the little baby step. Maybe you’re not even financially buoyant yet but have refused to be called a lazy Nigerian youth. Then start the business at home. Here is a list of the important things you must have. You can download an estimated cost for these items here. So her eare the major items you need to get for your small scale Laundry business startup.

  1. Pressing Iron
  2. Cloth Hanger:
  3. Ironing table
  4. Detergent
  5. Starch
  6. Nylons/Tags
  7. Rope
  8. Washing Basins
  9. Peg
  10. Socket
  11. Laundry Basket
  12. Bleach/Stain-remover
20 Must-have to start a large laundry business

For a large scale setup, your list will be quite longer than that of somebody who is starting at home. Here is a list of the important things you must have. You can download an estimated cost for these items here

  1. Washing Machine
  2. Steam Iron
  3. Pressing Table
  4. Washing Basins
  5. Shelves
  6. Ropes
  7. Peg
  8. Sockets
  9. Detergent
  10. Fragrances
  11. Reception Table
  12. Chairs
  13. Benches
  14. Radio Set
  15. Starch
  16. Generator set
  17. Laundry Basket
  18. Bleach/Stain-remover
  19. Table Clothes
  20. Rent

Please be aware that expenses like rent are highly dependent on the location you have decided to situate your business. Hence, it needs your discretion. You are thinking, how will I get funds? Check this out 3 Small Business Grants for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Operational cost for laundry business

When you start your laundry business, you might need support to make the day to day running of your laundry business achievable. You will need to break your business into departments. Let’s say the washing department, ironing and packaging department, delivery department (that will pickup and drop off). You will need to hire personnels that would be in charge of different departments.  And for this you will need to pay them wages or salary, depending on the agreement. 

For your equipment, you will need to service and maintain  them, and to do that, you will need the service of a technician. You will need to pay for service charges (waste disposal, water bill, electricity bill). Other costs you are likely to bear on a monthly basis also include online ads and internet bills. Check out this specially compiled list of the expenses to start and run a micro laundry business in Nigeria.

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Notes on Equipment Needed to Start a Laundry Business
  • Detergent: Hmm…Please buy a very good detergent not just anyhow detergent. Buy the ones recommended for laundry and make sure they do not leave over harmful chemicals on the clothes.
  • Starch: Some customers prefer their clothes well starched, others faintly starched, and some others don’t even want you to at all. Always confirm with customers before you use it.
  • Water: If there is no water supply, you may need to buy a tank where you can buy and store water. But it’s best if you have a reliable source of water. Laundry business is highly dependent on water and light.
  • Washing Basins: This is very important, to wash clothes, to rinse clothes, to store water, and sometimes to even soak clothes.
  • Washing machines: This is optional for a starter. But if you can afford it, why not.
  • Pressing Iron: Pressing iron is a must-have for you. Not just anyhow pressing iron. Get a quality pressing iron if you don’t already have one. Get a pressing iron with customization features for different fabric materials. Steam pressing irons are always handy. 
  • Ironing table: This will let you have space to properly and comfortably lay the clothes you want to press. (I  love to call it a surgical table).
  • Power Generator: It’s not breaking news again that the light in Nigeria is not reliable. If you don’t want to get disappointed and then disappoint your customers. Get a secondary source of electricity. Especially one that can power pressing iron and other equipment you will need
  • Nylon and tags: For packaging and sorting you will need this, so you won’t mix things up.
  • Shelves: You’ll need shelves to properly store clothes before they get delivered.

Meanwhile, for a small-scale approach, you don’t need a washing machine yet, you can hold on. If your family has a good power generator already,  great! All you’ll be needing then is washing basins, detergents, starch, a good pressing iron, nylons and tags and ironing table (tell the furniture man to help you make one that can have space to store cloth; convertible).

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