How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria | Pt. 1

If you’ve been thinking of how to start a fruit juice business in Nigeria, well, here is your comprehensive guide. In our SBT (Specific Business Training) blog series, we explore concrete business ideas and technicalities you will require. Unfortunately many people cannot afford to learn this kind of content in traditional school as many are not even taught. Apprenticeship is an option we recommend young entrepreneurs looking to start a business should follow. Serving as an apprentice in that specific business or trade will help you learn practical things. 

It is a good time to start fruit juice business in Nigeria

In this blog, let’s take a look at key things you need to start a fruit juice business in Nigeria. The Nigerian Government ban on importation of juice in 2002 has also encouraged the production of fruit juice locally. This has increased the profit rate in teh industry. An investment in Fruit Juice Business will therefore with no doubt yield value and profit if done well. 

First things first though. Fruit juice & preservatives

Fruit juice is usually obtained from the suspension of water, sugar, acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals from an edible fruit. This process is known as the extraction process. In mass production, the production process lingers further to more complex processes like fruit and additives mixing, preservation, bottling and packaging. We advocate that fruit juice should not have preservatives because it is healthier for the consumer. 

Many entrepreneurs are ready to sacrifice the consumers health for what they would say is “ marketing o’clock”. The essence of the preservatives is to extend the fruit juice shelf-life. But you will not need very extended shelf life if you design your structure in a sustainable production circle. 

Don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter to know when we release more technical methods of developing sustainable fruit juice productions. The question is, do you want to build a business that you know will grow and bring valöue to your society? If you care about your future consumer and want to have added value to market your business later compared to the larger multinational companies, then natural fruit juice without any industrial preservatives is the best route to follow from the on set.

Start with a strategy for your fruit juice business

Decide which fruit juice niche you would start with for now. Later you can expand into other kinds.  What type of fruit juice do you want to produce? it’s not necessary to restrict yourself to one though if you have the capacity – finances, knowledge, team etc. If you do not, then maybe you should master the production procedures fastly with one nice and then expand afterwards. Go Ahead to create a strategy or what we would call a business plan. Here is our blog that covers all you need to craft out your business plan. 

Test recipes and production run from home

Many want to jump into the business immediately. If this is you and you have all you need including a “great recipe” then go ahead. If you do not have all these layed out, please clean up a table at home, get your home juice making tools like blenders, bowls, glass, pots, sterile tools and fruits and start out to develop your own recipe. When you have some variations, organise your friends and family to taste and give you feedback. After you have integrated all feedback and are sure that your recipe is ready to market, which means you have a standard procedure. 

You know the measurements to get the exact taste you require. You know the procedures, then you are ready to start thinking about a brand name for your product. If you have done this step, skip it obviously! 

Decide a Production Location

Just like any other business, you must consider situating your production plant close to your source of raw materials, as well as to your target market. This is to ensure healthy and smooth running of your business to avoid heavy spending on logistics and transportation, which is not good for any business. 

Now when it comes to setting up production, you do not require very large land space. You also do not have to buy land or such. You can rent, you can actually move to a less expensive area like in more rural areas to set up your production. Tour the internet to see different fruit juice small business production setup. Many production processes can be done with human labour if you do not have the capital to purchase all machines. Remember to think about how to store your fruits before production. 

Get Necessary License – NAFDAC

The first license you must consider is that of the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration, simply known as NAFDAC. It is even most important that you approach them before engaging in any commercial production. We actually suggest getting all the details for their accreditation beforehand. There are procedures and steps you will need. Later in 2021, we will be launching our Joadre app where lawyers and legal advisers will educate you about such details. Join our SME network to know when the app is out. 

NAFDAC would want to inspect your production facility which includes the storage of raw fruits and the end products, your product methods and your product which is the juice, your packaging and so on. This is where apprenticeship is great as you get to see how established companies regulate their work. But as a small business, you can partner with some established foreighn small business as well to support you with expertise. 

Sometimes you can even get them to sell you their secondhand smaller machines. After you have successfully set up your production plant, produce a few bottles of your fruit juice and take it to NAFDAC for approval. Like mentioned earlier, of course they would send delegates to come and inspect your production. Next week, we will release the second part of this blog where we will explore further on concrete steps to start your fruit juice small business in Nigeria. To learn more about business and get business success tips kindly go through our vlogs on our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and join our SME network.


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