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So many young people have great ideas but very often many of these brilliants minds do not get to explore these ideas, let alone realise them. Why? Is it because some people have just too many ideas? Are you so creative that you barely have the free mindspace to focus on actually building one of your ideas? Or is it fear that you might not succeed? I have a video on my YouTube channel that shares some strategy on how to handle self doubt – Watch it, it might help! In this blog, I want to give you some strategies to help you create your own blueprint or roadmap for your ideas.

My own experience was circumstantial!

As a teenager, I was put in the situation that I had no time to contemplate if my idea was good or not. It was literally food or starvation. So when my friends told me how hard it is to find nice clothes on campus.  They had to get to their cities early on Saturdays so as to meet an open market if they wanted nice clothes. I saw an opportunity to bring them these clothes. 

“Doing” was my blueprint philosophy!

I would travel to Badagry to get clothes and sell on campus. Did I have time to think of a blueprint for my ideas? No! I simply created one. Every journey to Badagary taught me something new. The only thing though, was that I was too young to be aware. To realise the importance of being present in every moment. I took many experiences for granted. Some did not even register in my consciousness as potentially vital to further my ideas. Check out a previous blog where I share some deep mindful strategies to building a business. 

The simple strategy to develop blueprint for your ideas

Now with my circumstantial experience as a teenager, excuse me to say the problem of having too many ideas and getting scattered in your own creativity is a luxurious one. So thank God! However, it does not mean it is not an issue bothering you or hindering you. I recognise this, so let’s look at it deeply. Today’s society is filled with tons of distraction and you have to master skillful quietness to succeed. Especially when it comes to creating a roadmap or a blueprint for your ideas, you have to be present with your full mind, body and soul. 

Big tip: Here is one strategy to develop your own blueprint quickly – Identify the next possible  and logic step you can do right now to start your idea. 

You have to create your own blueprint. 

When you know what you have to do next to start your idea, it is all about doing it. Making that action happen! You do not need to spend so much time crafting out all the aspects for now. Especially, if you find yourself involved too long in that process of planning. Here is a simple plan on how to create a business plan if that’s what you need.  But, if you notice that you are someone who spends too much time putting your ideas together, break out of that mood by taking action. When you start, you can dedicate specific time to update your ideas and plan. This is how you build your blueprint – act, reflect and update. 

Journey through the process. It is a blueprint that can come through mistakes!

Make mistakes. It’s the best things that can happen to you. Watch my video on the fear of failure and how it affects success Unfortunately today’s culture rewards high achievers based on majorly monetary and material accomplishments. So many believe that the result is money and material accumulated resources that also need to be portrayed loudly to speak for the self worth of the bearer. If you do not accumulate and flaunt money and material, you feel less worthy of celebration because you have attached your self worth to these material elements. 

Find ways to reorient your self worth so that you can begin to see your journey as a learning process. If your efforts did not work out at first, you learn something from it. Maybe you learn what not to do again or you get even more courage about the next steps. Remember that the blueprint is created as you take actions. 

Can you rely on the Blueprint of others?

Others have created their own blueprint or roadmap to get somewhere. If you are heading in the exact same direction with the exact same baggage and intention, you can rely on them. But hey, lets face it, often your baggage of skills, capital, network, abilities, intention and life circumstances are never the same. You might be heading towards the same direction but to arrive at different places. So use their blueprint as a guide but make sure to create your own. Remember, someone else might also need it as a guide. This process makes us, though experiencing our own unique paths, a collective being of entrepreneurs journeying through what seems to be a shared experience.

Establishing a blueprint

Creating our own means you are present in the moment. It means being aware of the actions you are taking and why you are taking them. Here are some simple things to think about – your skill level, partners, connecting with others in your sector, writing stuff down. Writing helps you articulate your own thoughts. So the practice of journaling is key here. Then maybe you can begin to create a plan – check my plan blog on project planning. 

You can also apply the backwards milestone strategy. 

This means to develop a roadmap or your business blueprint from the goal to where you are currently at. If your goal or the result you want is to open a restaurant, you have to start outlining the major milestones from the opened restaurant to your current state. This is what it might look like – plenty of customers at the opened restaurant – beautiful and clean space – employees working there – great food and drinks available – Materials to serve the food and drinks – sustainable recipes/delivery for food and drinks – you wishing to open a viable restaurant. 

Blueprint rule –  implementation strengthens your skills

With this method, you have a couple of milestones ahead starting from your “wishing”. So start with the next to you now. Stop wishing, develop the recipes or research for food deliveries for your intended restaurant. It’s as simple as that! It must not be done perfectly. Just start, so that the energy can be set in motion. Do not think of the big results as they might overwhelm you and you may not have all the resources at hand. Simply focus on the next thing to do, because implementation strengthens your skills. 

Work out a couple of to dos to start now. 

This is the technical part. After this inspiration, you need to go do the technical part. List out a couple of things you can do this month to advance your idea or ideas. Let us go month by month or even weekly. Then see which would be doable this week and then right now. Do that first. Focus on just that one little step. This is how you can train yourself with the practice of realisation of ideas. 

This will help you transform your ideas into tangible products or services or businesses or projects. That’s how to start and reduce the chaos. That’s how to create a kind of orderly chaos which is beautiful. Are you ready?

Hope you liked this blog. Watch the YouTube video for this blog on my Youtube channel. Share if you liked it and help me grow my platform. I am grateful. 

Thank you and see you next week. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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