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Every business or idea needs some flavour to which only you can add it. There is basically no new idea out there. Someone somewhere is already applying something similar to the principle you want to employ. What makes you stand out is your uniqueness, which you bring to the table. In this short article, we will explore how to make out that unique you so that you can change the game in your industry. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Identify Your Passions
  2. Strengths and Skills
  3. Life Experiences
  4. Values and Beliefs
  5. Hobbies and Interests
  6. Personal Journey
  7. Cultural Background
  8. Inspirations and Role Models
  9. Education and Learning
  10. Creative Expression
  11. Goals and Aspirations
  12. Feedback and Reflection

Let us explore each point to help you find your uniqueness!

Identify Your Passions: Start by listing what you are genuinely passionate about. Do not limit yourself to what you have already ventured into. You might be passionate about some things you have yet to explore. What topics or activities excite and energize you?

Strengths and Skills: What are you naturally good at? Some may call this talent, but these talents often evolve because you have spent time training them. What have you developed expertise in overtime? Explore both the mundane skills as well as the highly expertised ones. Do not downplay yourself.

Life Experiences: We might tend to suppress the negative life experiences and cling to the positive. It is natural. But please open up and think about your life experiences, both positive and negative. Because it is from the negative experiences, we often have lessons learned. From the lessons we know, we develop valuable skills. How have these experiences shaped you and your perspective on the world? Take, for example, a young girl, Amina, who was born into a financially deprived family in the north of Nigeria and had to take her younger omnes to school every morning before attending her classes. This is a valuable skill. She has learned responsibility, catering for the needy and managing her time, among other skills up her sleeves. Do not let the world tell you that because no academic body stamped a certificate on that skill, it is not valuable and worth mentioning in your story. 

Values and Beliefs: Consider your core values and beliefs. Here, we encourage you to explore in depth what you truly believe, not what your community expects you to find valuable or to believe in. What principles guide your decision-making and actions?

Hobbies and Interests: What are your hobbies and interests outside work or daily responsibilities? Do not be ashamed of them, no matter how outrageous you might think them to be. These can be sources of uniqueness.

Personal Journey: Reflect on your personal journey, including challenges you’ve overcome and milestones you’ve achieved. This ties in with your life experience, but we want you to emphasise the obstacles you overcame.

Cultural Background: Cultural background can be a significant part of your uniqueness. How has your culture influenced your perspective and identity?

Inspirations and Role Models: Who inspires you? Identifying role models can help you understand the qualities you admire and wish to embody. Remember, your role model must not be famous. 

Education and Learning: Consider your educational background and ongoing learning. What have you studied, and what do you continue to explore? Start as far as high school; consider tiny courses or workshops here and there that you attended. 

Creative Expression: How do you express yourself creatively? Whether through writing, art, or other forms, your creative outlets can reveal your uniqueness. Remember that creativity also lies in crafts. If you are not a traditional creative but a crafts person, your creative process will be within that craft. 

Goals and Aspirations: What are your long-term goals and aspirations? Your aspirations can reflect your unique ambitions and vision for the future. When seeking to know your goals, blend out that aspiration the world has put on you. Search for only that which really matters to you. 

Feedback and Reflection: Seek feedback from friends, family, and colleagues. Sometimes, others can see our uniqueness more clearly than we can. But be careful of envious and negative minds. Find people who care about you and that you can trust to confide in. 

Tell your “Uniqueness” journey. 

After identifying these 12 elements, combine them to find connections between these different aspects of your life. Your uniqueness may lie at the intersection of various experiences and interests. You will be amazed at what you realise. Feel free to embrace unconventional or non-traditional aspects of your identity or interests. Summarise what is on this sheet to tell a story about you. Say it out like you are telling a dear friend. Feel free to share your story, as sharing can help you connect with others who resonate with your journey. 

We have created a Xperience Mapping sheet to help you complete this exercise. Download it for free from the JoadreTRIBE. We hope you enjoyed this process of self-discovery. Remember that your uniqueness is valuable, and you can leverage it in various aspects of life, including your business endeavours.

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Joadre Editorial
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