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“Providing entrepreneurs with the most actionable business education, data and a collaborative community”.

Pitch from our founder

My name is Joana and I founded Joadre as a space to cultivate ideas that can make a difference and contribute to a better world.

Over 40 million people live in slavery like conditions worldwide. I was born in Nigeria and today over 90% of youths are unemployed or underemployed. In Europe where I spend most of my time, countless African diasporas who have been historically disenfranchised, try to juggle these challenges with developing their ideas into projects, initiatives or businesses. 

There is still a strong imbalance in ownership, equity and leadership for many Africans worldwide. I spent the past 16 years working with women who have been victims of human trafficking and realised that all these are connected. I could go on an on. There are so many social issues affecting diverse communities and groups today. Just put on the news and you will be overwhelmed about the social injustice happening. 

But there is good news. Thousands of people come up with fantastic ideas to solve the social problem in their space. But sometimes these ideas are emotionally driven and tend not to last long enough or explore deeper grounds to be able to solve the problem. Often,  some ideas never see daylight. Have you had a brilliant idea that would change the world and then a week later or 6 years later, life happened and the idea landed in what I call “The Idea Graveyard”? 

At Joadre we believe people within their community have the power to create sustainable solutions for their problem. That is why, my team and I have created this space, combining the digital with life experiences and programs to help you bring your genius ideas to fruition. I am sharing this with you because I know you too have ideas. Some ideas, you have implemented, others  are waiting to be born. Maybe you carry an idea that will change the world into a more just and fair space. Welcome to Joadre.

Welcome to Joadre. Joadre is a platform to find, develop and grow sustainable ideas. We provide  holistic support in form of coaching, workshops and digital tutorials, using our signature systematic tools that countless clients have tested to take you from “I have an idea, to I am ready to launch my idea!”. For us, an idea can become a venture, an enterprise, a business, a project, or just an initiative. Joadre helps small businesses, especially those in Africa and owned by African diasporas around the world,  build sustainable ventures. Joadre is founded by the Austrian-Nigerian human right activist and entrepreneur, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer.

We have curated diverse tools and resources for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs  seek to understand how to fund and profit from their ideas. Investors want to know which companies are expanding the fastest. Foreign partners are trying to figure out who their target markets are and how to approach them. One thing is common, they’re all in need of information and data. At Joadre, we strive to make business/industry data accessible to as many of our tribe members as possible.

This makes us unique

Our work method

What is unique about our work is that we integrate holistic development of the self, mind, body and spirit into our process. We are aware that the human in her healthiest form is the foundation for a successful sustainable venture that would enrich our universe. 

Our mission

We are building a tribe and we call our clients tribe citizens. The mission of our tribe is to join forces together to create a stronger network of people working with their true life skills and purpose towards a better world.

Our opportunities

In addition to our work methodology, we promote our tribe citizens and their works by offering them a platform to showcase, network and access to capital. 

Our Amazing Team

Our enthusiastic team of 8 beautiful people provide content, manage the tribe, upkeep our digital platforms and work continuously to expand our network opportunities. Check our our amazing team to see the brains behind Joadre.

Our history, our  journey.

Our Joadre journey began in 2006, even when we registered our first company in 2014. Back in 2006, our founder realized that  hundreds of Nigerian women are being exploited as victims of human trafficking in Europe. It was a taboo to expose this fact then, but Joana was fearless and attacked the issue by starting an humanitarian organization called Verein EXIT. The first project was a no-budget feature short film – Greener Pastures, made with the support of young Austrian film students. This led to several films, books, speaking engagement and media reports, exposing this devastating crime on Nigerian women. Soon we launched a jewellery handcraft class for the survivors of human trafficking we catered for in Vienna, Austria, with help of over 16 volunteers. This evolved to a small tailoring space in Lagos, Nigeria in 2014. 

A film started it all, but the handcraft idea changed the game

Before we knew it, the tailoring space that started with 2 women, grew to a full fashion production with over 15 workers.  Thanks to social impact investors from Europe, individual donors and several Austrian government offices, we could launch our fashion line and begin to deliver stores in Europe. Our goal was never to own a fashion brand but to provide the tools for many to develop their own ventures, irrespective of industry sector. So we began gradually to decentralize our production and rather start up any employee who wanted to launch their own production. This took a while, but around the end of 2019, the process was realized.

The Joadre platform for education and support of ideas was birthed. Remember, Covid happened, so it also paved our way towards digitalising many of our approaches. Today, we have a fully develop space with diverse tools and platforms to support our tribe members. We believe that it is the people on ground in Africa that can build the continent. As the population is very young, with over 50% under the age of 25, there is need to train and equip these youngster. They need the right business knowledge they need to develop their communities in their own way. Traditional education is a must, but we must also compensate for the missing knowledge that our school curriculums has failed to pass on to us.

Joadre platform is based in  Austria and has a correspondent liaison in Nigeria from where all our work in Africa happens from. We have a network of companies and partners we engage with to implement our tailored services for large companies. To know more about what we offer  larger companies, visit our service page. Now that you have met us, we would like to meet you. Use our contact form to connect with us or send your enquires.