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Join our ambassador programme and help us raise awareness gains human trafficking. Why? Joadres mission to prevent this violence from happening can only be possible if you help us spread the word, if you introduce our product stop your friends. Being a Joadre ambassador offers you flexible ways to create value, raise awareness and offer fairly produced unique products to your friends, neighbours and colleagues. All you need to do now is decide how you want to start. You can either host a home party, a jam session, a bash, a cocktail event, a lecture, an awareness workshop, a pop-up with our products at fairs or you can use your special affiliate link to promote us on the web. Our program team will guide you through and provide all the necessary materials, information and products you need. If you feel moved to take action, please write us using or you can download our app – HubCouture and chat with us > @joadre there directly.

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Joana in Salzburg @ Sarahs event.

About human trafficking. Why people fall victim!

Human trafficking is a global problem affecting almost every county of the world. People in search of better future prospects, but without adequate migration opportunities often become trafficked and exposed to dangerous migration routes. When trafficked and/or smuggled victims arrive Europe, they become asylum seekers exposed to harsh living conditions again, almost with no rights in Europe. Ashamed about their situation in Europe, they do not reveal the reality for them in Europe. Human trafficking is fuelled by poverty, unemployment in the country of origin and lack of awareness on both origin and destination countries. On the other hand, the consistent demand for cheap and fast consume products, make many companies function without caring about the negative impact. Many young men and women have to work for less than 2 dollars a day, just to be able to survive in the very competitive global economy. With so little money earned, they have almost no chance to send their children to school, let alone be independent and start off their won business. We want this circle of economy to stop, so that more and more vulnerable group can become equal and empowered. So that there can be more sustainable employment. For this simple reason, we all need to join efforts together. We need to increase awareness amounts our family member, our work colleagues, our children, our friends, our social network. We need to remind everybody to be counties about what they consume and to care about the lives of the people making their daily products. That is the simple reason behind, our creating this page, so that we can support your effort to raise awareness.  if you want to organise an awareness raising gathering. please use the form on the left.

Speaking and lectures against human trafficking. 

Our 30 minutes session would bring your audience closer to understand the plights of victims of human trafficking. Also to reflect about whose responsibility it is to stop this global problem from happening. with image materials, the audience can identify with the situations and also get warmed up to take one action on the spot. The lecture tour is currently for free as far as we have our pop-up on spot. We will bring all the needed information material, promote the even on our social media if guest are allowed, but also report about the impact after the event.

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Programme, speaker & 5 facts!

About speaker: Brief Biography, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer

joana-fotoBorn May 1981, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer started her own boutique with in-house collections at the age of 19, and organized fashion events in the entertainment and film industry in Nigeria, alongside studying polymer technology and acting. In 2003 she moved to Austria. In August 2006 after her personal encounter with the problem of human trafficking, she founded a civil society organization NGO EXIT with the aim to combat trafficking in women from Africa. As a key engagement against trafficking, Joana initiated series of awareness raising projects and launched campaigns across german speaking Europe.  Together with the United Nations On Drugs and Crime UNODC, and the International Organization for Migration IOM, The Nawa Festival to raise awareness in Nigeria and in 6 EU counties was organised in 2011.  Considering the cultural advantage she has as a Nigerian migrant, Joana dedicated hours of counselling supporting Nigerian victims in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Besides her work at NGO EXIT, she has produced several short films, released two books, acted in the UN role play in vienna and New york, initiated series of media reports and went on a speaking-Lecture tour talking about the plights of victims of trafficking. In 2014, Joana launched a fashion project, Joadre to empower tailors in trafficking affected regions. Currently, her company Joadre has developed into a platform to empower entrepreneurs in trafficking affected region to launch their own business with the aim to create more jobs for vulnerable groups. Joana has received several awards and nominations for her commitment to promote women’s rights and build sustainable business model.

Programme: 30 minutes lecture package

  • 2 minute – Welcome statement, introduction and overview
  • 3 minutes – Personal story with Joana Adesuwa Reiterer.
  • 5 minutes – Short reading from book “Ware Frau” (German or english), portraying a story of a victim (Film and photo slides at the background to give an impression of the story).
  • 5 minutes – Our journey, whose responsibility is it?
  • 5 minutes – Presenting Joadre business programmes. (Film and photo slides at the background to give an impression)
  • 10 minutes – Time for question and answers. Closing remarks.
  • Free giveaways – awareness dvd, information material. 
  • Joadre pull string popup – possibility to purchase products made by vulnerable individuals.


  1. Between 2013 to 2014, 15,846 people were registered as victims of human trafficking in the EU alone. 76% of the registered victims were women.
  2. 67% were victims of sexual exploitation and only 5 % were men. 95% were women and girls!
  3. From January-September 2015, 4,371  women and girls were trafficked from Nigeria, through Libya to europe.
  4. Outside the EU, most Victims come from Nigeria, Albania, China, Morocco, Vietnam.
  5. EU victims mostly come from The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania

(Source – European union report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings (2016). Download link.)

Quick education on human trafficking.


  • About 1.2 million children each year are victims of trafficking (UNICEF).
  • 500,000 women are forced into prostitution every year in Europe alone (IOM).
  • 100,000 Nigerian women have already been victims of human trafficking in Europe ( “book – Ware Frau“).
  • 50-75% of prostitutes in Vienna are victims of trafficking (OSCE).
  • Sexual exploitation is one of the most lucrative businesses in Europe. Around 2.5 trillion in earning the exploiters it.
  • About 49% of victims of trafficking are adult women, 18% are adult men and 33% are children.
  • About 53% of trafficked persons worldwide are sexually exploited.
  • About 79% of trafficked women and girls worldwide are sexually exploited.
  • In Europe, 65% of victims of trafficking are recruited for sexual exploitation.
  • Worldwide, 83% of affected men and boys victims of exploitation form of forced labor.
  • In Europe, 26% of victims of trafficking are to slaves, are required to do forced labor.
  • About 31% of female victims in Europe are exploited in diverse forms of forced labor.
  • About 69% men in Europe are compelled to forced labor.