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As Joadre team continues to read and critically analyse very diverse information, from historical to contemporary content, we instantly notice how small businesses have always been the backbone of every societal era. From before the rise of African kingdoms, to Europe’s middle ages leading up to our globalised world today, independent communal relations, property and trade were the foundation upon which our modern world is built. 

This would be a rather long article, as we want you to understand what Joadre observes and where we are going with our ideas for small businesses. Please share this article to help us build the momentum we strongly need to grow and develop our platform.

Joadre Sees Small businesses As The Force for Solution

As complex as our today’s capital structure might seem, what we at Joadre sums it down to is to provide a space where every individual, in their autonomous divinity, yet in relation to the collective, can thrive and create a social, cultural and economic life for themselves. Everyone who desires should freely be able to start a venture, explore their ideas and create a sustainable ecosystem around it. Small businesses must have a space to rise and connect into a web that creates a balanced thriving global ecosystem where wealth is decentralised and everyone owns a part of it through their fair contribution.

What Joadre would offer you on the platform – Features

Our platform educates, exposes and provides concrete opportunities for specific audiences to build businesses. Read further to see if Joadre is for you as we have listed our focus audience beneath. We have a web blog platform with thousands of consistent readers and host online as well as live courses with selected individuals and groups. We consult for people who need one-on-one coaching and development assistance to build/transform their ideas to sustainable business ventures. Now, we have developed a one-stop-shop tool,  our tribe app where the needed information and the ressources to establish a sustainable business in Africa is provided and consistently updated. 

“Small businesses are a force to reckon with!”

– Joadre

Who is the Joadre platform for?

  1. If you live in Africa and you feel the desire to own your own venture, project, then this is for you. Find out how to start a business in Nigeria.
  2. If you are an African diaspora living outside Africa, maybe in Europe, America, Asia, you want to connect with the motherland and find ways to begin to create a long-term connection, starting a sustainable business is for sure one great way to go. This is for you. 
  3. If you are of non-African native origin or heritage, but you know that the economic space has been unfair so far, you want the status quo to change, to be more decentralised and small businesses should own their space, then welcome on board, Joadre platform is for you. 
  4. If you are a company and have had a CSR running for a while but you know that the social change you want needs to be rooted in sustainability not social washing, then get on board. We are here to create change, we can work with you to redefine your CSR. 
  5. If you are a governmental organisation or institution, be it in Africa, Europe or America and you have the mandate to engage in developmental aid of any kind, wait! Wait a minute, this is for you. Get in touch. Let us work towards engaging directly with the grass-root. Let us empower small businesses to own the space. This is for you. 
  6. If you do not see yourself amongst all the identified groups above but you feel like you need to be in the movement, welcome. 
  7. If you dislike our approach, thank you. Come up with a better idea, test it and connect with us. We are open minded and our mission is to create a fair sustainable ecosystem, so our approach is not the ten commandments.

To enter into a new economic space, beyond the technicalities and mechanics of economics, you have to know the cultural and societal concepts. After you begin to embrace this, you need basic data, in-depth insight and market intelligence. You need partners who will embark on this journey with you. And yes, you require local service providers ready to provide high-quality offers. Long story short, you simply need people on ground. Not to forget, you need analysis of the global space to know how it could affect your idea and engagement on ground. Inspiration for ideas and opportunities is something you will require consistently. But most of all, we remind you again, you need socio-cultural insights, appreciation and understanding to sustain your intentions.

Get Involved, Join The Joadre Movement and Here Is How!

Step 1

The process is easy! First, Welcome. Since we will release more tools and features in the future, it is important you have one login for all our features from live event access to digital platform. Get on the tribe page at, sign up with either your email or socials. 

Step 2

You will be directed to the app on google play store (IOS for Apple users is in the making, and a web app will be released soon). If you have only Apple, we will still make sure you are involved. Get our newsletter, so we keep you in the loop with infos, updates, opportunities as they happen. 


You can follow us on social media, but remember, we do not own any social media platform, so if we get censored for our truth, you might loose contact with us, so newsletter is still the best option. Nevertheless, it seems to look good if the social media platforms has many followers. If you are already on them, please follow these accounts – Joadre instagram, Joadre Facebook, Joadre Pinterest, Joadre Linkedin page, Joadre Twitter and Joadre YouTube

That was it for now. Sorry it is a long article, but we now have it for you to share, debate about it and give us your feedback. This is the first step. Do you want to partner with us or contact us, just use our contact form to reach out.

Thank you for reading to the end. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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