lucrative business idea

Find your lucrative business idea. Stop the follow-follow! 

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Great business ideas come from a place of value. When you create or intend to create value for a specific group of people, you find a business idea that si lucrative or profitable. How do you create value? by simply looking at the situation nd ask yourself what you can do to solve the problem. What offer can you create?

deep health joadre

Self improvement through deep health. Pt. 2

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Continuing the previous blog from last week – Self improvement through deep health. Pt. 1, let’s understand the last 3 areas and find out how to develop our own program that suits our lifestyle. But remember that deep health is the whole person approach, a whole life approach to health.  The social area – deep health.  Now we talk about…

joadre deep health living

Self improvement through a deep health. Pt. 1

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If you have read my previous blog on work life balance, you will understand my journey. In this blog, I want to deepen your understanding about the deep health approach. Deep health means that you approach your life from a wholesome perspective. So when you feel uneasy, you do not focus solely on the pain alone but begin to question…

work life balance

How my health drama led to work life balance

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I have barely no time to eat well, no time to move my body as I often sit before a laptop or the computer. Even getting to bed early with my spouse became a challenge. My lifestyle resulted in several illnesses and the doctor was like – Well you start with these drugs! Hell no, I thought! I knew that this lifestyle had to stop immediately!

protect from CoVid-19 a.k.a Coronavirus

7 ways to protect against Covid-19.Pt. 1 

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*Pardon me because this blog has to be very long! This blog article is long and I have divided it into several parts.  As we face these pandemic crises and our healthcare centres begin to get jam packed with critical respiratory problems, I believe the most important thing now master ways to protect against CoVid-19. To find out what each…

What is CoVid-19 a.k.a Coronavirus?

What is CoVid-19 a.k.a Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new Coronavirus which is spread primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. And unfortunately the virus can stay on surfaces for…

global health challenges - malnutrition, CoVid-19

Global health challenges: Flu, water, malnutrition, now CoVid-19.

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The new COVID-19 has led to more than 454,000 illnesses and more than 20,550 deaths worldwide. While we fight the CoVid-19 pandemic, we should also not forget that we have other global health challenges which have been evident to cause even higher deaths within the past years. 785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people…

Get the glow without a bleaching cream.

Get the glow without bleaching cream.

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The issue here is the message that is now prevalent in society about lighter skin being a better option and appearance. There are countless studies that have shown this perception to be in strong existence. Therefore the lifestyle of bleaching strengthens the perception in itself. And please save that argument that white people tan. Yes, many do, but must that be our measurement standards?

Joadre activate African inspired business podcast

Introducing my podcast “Activate by Joadre”

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There is so much opportunities and prospects in Africa. I know this from my experience, my projects. Yes, the environment could be super challenging, but that’s even more reason to start developing your ideas now into a business to solve these problems. Remember that a problem is always the driver of a great business case. I shed more light on this topic in my business program.

secret to success. sustainable impact joadre verein EXIT

Find your power and the secret to success

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I am not going to list out a step or guide as the secret to success. No, I would rather want you to understand how to develop a lifestyle that would bring you lasting success, in your personal life as well as in your professional life. There is only one secret and that is “knowledge”. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is…

share a smile

If you can not share knowlegde then start with a smile!

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Have you ever thought of doing something extraordinary for a friend, family member or even for a stranger?  “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside” – Denis Waitley. What do you count as being caring? Sharing does not necessarily mean you have to always give out your money,…

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