Startup Nigeria. Developing a growth mindset.

We keep hearing that there are 2 types of mindset – the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. Well before I explain how you can choose the later and begin to develop your idea, lets shout out to this platform, startup Nigeria. Startup Nigeria is an incubator program designed to provide Entrepreneurs and individuals in Nigeria who are solving big problems in a new, better, and cheaper way with free entrepreneurship skills training, mentorship, and funding to help them start and grow their businesses. In 2019, they launched a 3 months program for entrepreneurs. 

I am excited that it is not only IT based. When one industry blows up, there is always a tendency that everyone is running towards that sector, forgetting that we still breathe oxygen and therefore life needs even more than apps. That is also why, we at Joadre do not focus on the tech industry. Our newly launched audio and online business training program – the 6 key, focuses to take anyone who is a potential startup with an idea, irrespective of sector, to the next level. Learn more here.  

Fixed mindset goes against startup

That said, let’s see how we can really startup Nigeria and boost every individual effort using the power of the mind. You know that your mind is an extraordinary machine that fuels your whole state of being. So your belief system is key! When you believe that you are not capable because you do not have a certain skill, you end up with what is called a fixed mindset. You believe that these qualities or capabilities that’s missing in your skill set is a fixed trait, maybe inherited or so and you simply stay comfortable not to do anything about it. 

Growth mindset is what you should aim for.

But when you believe that everything is figureoutable like Marie forleo explains all through her new book Everything is Figureoutable, you have a growth mindset. A growth mindset allows you to believe that intelligence and skills can be learned and developed. So for you as a Nigerian entrepreneur, you might see the challenges you face and get paralysed by it. But wait a minute, what happened to the ability to learn, to navigate through challenges?  Why get so comfortable with surviving and just doing that routine of things you do well already? For you to become successful beyond what you even imagined, you have to stay focused on learning. Your willingness to learn will bring you results and take you places you never even imagined. 

Fear can hold you back.

Ok let me share my experience with the Joadre fashion project. When I started or better said, when the idea was on the table to expand the fashion project from just a weekly workshop with 6 women to a real business, I chickened out the moment my mentor asked me to work out a financing strategy for the business. 

“Shit, I was like. No o. I do not know how to do this. Finance Kini..?” 

I said that to myself. 

I felt so ashamed to admit to the mentor that I actually have never really created a financing plan for a business. Forgetting that I have created thons of finance budgets for social projects in the past. I have created budgets with United Nations officers to finance an EU project well over half a million Euros. So I actually can go into my files to find that document and begin to refresh my memory. But it was my fear to have that workload, to go through the learning process that was keeping me small. Keeping me from starting up. Is this you? 

You know you are capable.

You know that you can achieve even greater things. You know what the next level is but you are afraid to do all it takes to get there. You already have enough on your plate, why spend more time exploring new grounds? But how can you startup Nigeria to be the country you want to live in if you are not ready to do what it takes? How can we start up in Nigeria to be a country tourist and people will do anything to visit, if we all are not willing to explore new skillset? 

So I love the idea behind startup nigeria, as they provide entrepreneurs with knowledge to move to the next level. These entrepreneurs are people who have taken a risk on themselves to actually do the work. To stay in a growth mindset space. You too can do the same. While you work multiple jobs to pay the bill or you go from one office to another to seek employment, take time to ask yourself this question. 

What would it take me to move from now to the next level I want to be. What is the next level? What do I have to master or do to get there? 

When you find out the things you need to do, then be open. Be ready to take action. Yes you can do it. It is never rocket science. Yes, you can learn that new skill. Yes, you can take that next action. Move yourself to the next level and leave anyone behind that’s not ready to move with you. 

A quick wrap up – You have the power.

You either stay with a fixed mindset of “I cannot, I am not” or you choose a growth mindset and venture into new waters open and excited to make mistakes but to come out victorious that you took a step. Check out startup nigeria, check out some of their projects. We also offer training online for african entrepreneurs, so make sure to visit our 6 key program for more information and follow me on instagram to know when I would be hosting a life session close to you.

Love you for reading till the end. 


I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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