5 Reasons To Invest In Your Living Space

When you make that bold decision to invest in your living space, what you are basically investing in is yourself. Be that as it may, sometimes you just become really unsure whether it’s really worth it. Especially, in those moments when there are other needs begging for your financial attention. YES! It is worth investing in your living space. Beyond giving an aesthetic appeal, let’s consider 5 reasons why you should continue or consider investing in your living space. Meanwhile, a living space is the amount of space available within a house that a person can occupy or reside.

  • Improves your overall health and air quality
  • To invest in a good living space inspires
  • It improves your level of productivity
  • If you invest in your space, people feel comfortable
  • It could be functional

Improves your overall health and air quality

Covid 19 has taught the whole human race to be more conscious of our environment. From regular sanitization of the environment, to hands, railings etc. Though as an interventive measure, it is still useful to pay kin attention to how we organise our environment. Investing in your living space will not only improve the aesthetic and waoh your guests, it will also improve your wellbeing. Beyond aesthetics,  selectively investing in nature that improves the quality of air in your environment can have an immeasurable benefit to your health and that of those around you. Having real plants in your space improves the quality of the air in that environment. Some of these plants include, Areca palm, Peace Lily

To invest in a good living space inspires

A well invested-in living space is not only beautiful, it also inspires. As humans, we are sometimes faced with so many challenges. Other times we are just too overwhelmed by all that is going on around us that we just can’t think straight. At times like this, a living space that has been well invested in could be one of many  rescues to escape this existential crisis. A beautifully adorned living space is capable of removing sorrows that cover our minds and spirit. 

When we play with aesthetic objects or shapes of beauty, It palettes the pall of gloom from our spirit. Check out how I meditate and set up my space. The good thing is, it doesn’t even cost a life fortune to achieve this. If you check on pinterest, you will find extraordinarily less expensive ideas to upgrade your space. You can start little by little, by stocking things that inspire you or can easily reconnect you to your energy.

It improves your level of productivity

An inspired soul is a productive mind. When your environment inspires you, it’s likely to increase productivity, especially if you work from home. Even when you don’t work from home, the energy received from your living space can be taken to your office the next morning. In that, it is conducive and makes your stay comfortable. For somebody working from home, you don’t want to stay in an environment that sucks your energy. Alight from the bandwagon who says living spaces are just for resting your head at night. It is your temple, and temples, they say, should be kept clean and good looking. More often than not, it affects your connection with you.

If you invest in your space, people feel comfortable

Not only will investing in your living space increase your level of productivity, it also says a lot about you. Of course we should care less about the opinions others make about us or their judgments. Nevertheless, if you have fully reflected who you are or who you want to become within our space, you feel more confident to allow visitors in. 

Like a friend would say, where you stay or the condition of your living space either confers an honour on you or removes it. Some people might just avoid coming to your place because they do not feel it is comfortable or conducive. Oftentimes, what makes a great deal of difference could be little things like to invest in good air fresheners. To feel at home in your own living space and feel confident to invite guests, means you have to invest in it.

It could be functional

A typical example of something to invest in that could be functional is good lighting. A good lighting in your space would not only set a good mood but enhance the beauty and elegance of the room. It could serve as a good item during one of those zoom meetings. You know, it could become functional. The arrangement of your furniture and other items coil actually creates a better flow of movement within your space. Reducing clumsiness would make it easier to clean regularly. 

Huge money is needed to invest in your living space – A myth

There is a myth that you need to have a lot to invest in your living space, well that’s not true. There are people with money who just don’t have the thought that they should. Such people can as a matter of fact buy frivolous items. Such people don’t mind hanging their expensive bags on nails put against the wall, hanging their expensive clothes on rope, instead of getting a decent wardrobe. Sometimes the investment needed in your living space is time to tidy up.

What it takes most times to invest in your living space is the intention to do so


In summary, all it takes most times to invest in your living space is recognition, acknowledgement and intentionality. Because after recognition, you need intentionality to execute an action. And you don’t have to go all out at once, you can do it little by little, one step at a time.

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