Applied knowledge is powerful.

Knowledge is the key to your own freedom. even at that said, what value does knowledge have if it is not applied? Applied knowledge is powerful! Every successful entrepreneur today invested in becoming a key person of influence, what we call a KPI. I would teach and write about how to become a KPI in your industry in future tutorials and blog. But one key step these entrepreneurs took was to gain as much knowledge as they could about their industry and work. The easiest way to develop this attitude is to start right from a very young age. This is where parents come in. I have met adults who were neglected by their parent. Who never received any kind of general training and boost towards attaining extra knowledge outside of school. Funny enough, what you will need out there in the practical world is the knowledge you learn outside school.

Teach children to gain but also to apply knowledge.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur parent, the willingness and hunger for knowledge is a very important gift you should try to give to your children. When I was growing up, my mom will wake me up every morning to read before going to school.  My mother was a teacher and is still a teacher, so it was impossible to say no! As a child, I was so irritated about it. You know from a child’s view, you are convinced that your parents really do crazy stuff but now I have my own two little kids. Now I can imagine how my mom must have felt when I will be like no I want to sleep, I don’t want to learn.  I am so grateful to my mother that she forced this gift into my life: the urge and happiness to want to know more. The gift of wanting to learn more.

I have worked with women who were not privileged to have a mother or father who made them love to learn. These women were majorly victims of human trafficking who found themselves in Europe. In a foreign country, having to learn a new language, a new style of living, a new way to interact and a new art of carrying themselves, while still being authentic to their origin culture. Imagine how challenging it was to introduce the idea to these young adults, that they would have to begin to embrace new ideas, new cultures, new knowledge. Especially considering that some of them had become traumatised from the experience of human trafficking.

Thrive over challenges through knowledge.

Only those young women who had somehow received that foundation from their parents or community to learn, to be ready to embrace new knowledge could survive and triumph out of their traumatised situation. Now I come to realise that the this willingness to learn, to know more, to ask questions is crucial to the development of our minds and in a long term crucial to the development of our communities in Africa. Parents, dedicate time to teach your children to ask, to learn, to want more knowledge, because that is the true key to freedom. I will be teaching you different strategies on how to give your children this gift, on how to revive this gift in your life and how you can make great use of this to earn better income in your business as an African entrepreneur  If you want to be a part of this exciting journey, join us at our free forum to learn how you too can begin to create change. Let’s take the future of the Africa continent in our hands as Africans. Follow me on Instagram @joadreapp as we travel this journey together.

Cheers, Joana

I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.





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