Do we need African fashion week in European capitals?

The name “Fashion week” is a brand of its own. When you hear it, you are all excited to rock those statement fashion pieces you convinced yourself that you would wear every day but ended up creating your own antique. Again, the continent Africa  is a brand Having an African Fashion Week is like wearing 20 high-end brands all on one day. Now jokes apart, do we really need an African Fashion week for each european city? After Paris, New York and London fashion weeks, why on earth would there be a special one branded Africa? Even if you have not visited any African Fashion week, you sure would agree that it is highly a necessity to have an African Fashion week.

Now I am not talking about just the vibrant colors you would expect, but I am justifying my opinion based on the current fashion global retail politics. Who makes it to the main stream fashion runway? Does mainstream fashion week have enough incentives for emerging designers? For this simple reason, we hail the African Fashion weeks around the world, paving way and creating platform for African inspired designers and exhibitors.

We attended the African fashion week London, Founded in 2011 by Ronke Ademiluyi, last month organised at the Freemason’s hall. We joined fellow exhibitors to showcase select HubCouturiers such as Nooksignature, Jmuacouture and our in-house brand Joadre. From our experience there, we see that it is necessary to initiate African Fashion Week across European cities and beyond for these simple reasons!

  • For diversity sake: European cities, like Vienna for example is blessed with over 30T African migrants. These migrants bring along their style and fashion consciousness into these cities.
  • Globalisation: Cotton hardly grows in Europe. We move raw materials from Africa and Asia into the european fashion industry. It would just be fair to have the African fashion industry flatter its creativity alongside its raw materials.
  • No more grey and black: Who said black is elegant, was correct, but who said vibrant colors suits only dark skin people was definitely drunk! Check these color blast on these caucasian models and stay away from alcohol.
  • Fair fashion can reduce poverty: Remember the bill board or advert on TV about the starving little black kids with no sense of fashion? The flies around her lips and hair. The unwashed legs covered in dust. The image subtitle telling you to donate for a starving African child. Remember this image? Yes, people are starving but maybe some would even have more to eat and share if they had access to sell their fashion products in the mainstream global market like in Europe.

We badly need all Europe capital cities to host their own African Fashion week. Not because of all the excuses I gave but because it’s fun, lively, crazy, urban and simply the answer to your dull fashion days!

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I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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