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5 businesses to start with less than 100K in Nigeria. Plan for it!


What business to start? This is a hot question! Very Often we are not satisfied with our 9 to 5 jobs because we know that we have more potential and probably the job environment will not allow us develop and grow this potential. And maybe the salary we earn is not actually sufficient to cover our expenses. Or you might be craving for new challenges and you know deep down in your heart that you want to achieve greater things. These might be some reasons why you will begin to search for business ideas to start with less capital or very little financial capital in Nigeria or wherever you live.  I get you!

You will find out profitable business ideas you can start with less than capital. We will go through some of the major things you need in place to start from skills, free tools to how we can support your business.

You can ask specific questions which my team and I are happy to give answers to.Only those attending live here on our zoom channel can ask questions directly to us. We have a maximum of 100 FREE seats. We will send you a reminder to attend a couple of hours before, so you do not miss out. Register here now to secure a free seat at the webinar >

Here are 10 business ideas to consider when looking for a business to start with little capital. We will release concrete courses and tutorials on how to start with these ideas.
  1. Soap making business.
  2. Food stuff delivery service business.
  3. Affiliate marketing or direct sales business.
  4. Perfume production business.
  5. Fashion production business.
  6. Fashion retail business.
  7. Digital content creation business.
  8. Marmalade production business.
  9. Jewellery production business.
  10. Portable furniture retail business.

You can find more ideas here as well in my blog on 10 lucrative business ideas in Nigeria.

Here are 35 Business ideas you will love and you can start with very low capital.

I release new blog every week about starting, building and growing your business in Africa. If you want to keep updated and get new ideas as well as our support, then I suggest you subscribe to our business blog for Africa beneath. The issue about having little financial resources to start an idea is a very prominent topic. But I must tell you that, very often you do not need so much money to start off with your idea, if you take the time to actually plan how to start.

Good, so let’s dive into 5 of these business ideas.
Soap making
great business ideas
Soap business to start with less than 100K Naira

I am not talking about some kind of no-fragrance soap. I am talking about luxury soap with a yummy appearance – just that you cannot eat it:-). The equipments, work tools and materials for making a soap are not so expensive. The first thing you will need to do here is to educate yourself further about soap making, create a business plan and decide what which niche you want to serve.

In soap making, you can strictly decide to serve cooperate clients like hotels and restaurants or you develop a retail brand of soap you sell strictly to smaller retailers. You can decide to go into direct to customer selling which is very time intensive.I always advice my students to choose between focusing on production or focusing on retailing. Doing both is possible but it will not allow you grow fast into a  world-class business.  I will expand on these selling strategies in future blogs, tutorials, courses and in my upcoming life conference in Lagos, Nigeria.

Food stuff delivery service business
supply business
Food delivery business to start with less than 100K Naira

As Africas population begin to grow massively, migration from rural areas to urban areas is increasing. What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur? We have seen this happen in Europe. People begin to live very fast lives and are disconnected to healthy source of food. Soon health issues increases and people then get conscious about what they eat. This would happen in Africa soon. So now, you have the opportunity to build a fresh business idea by connecting local farmers to the urban areas.








Affiliate marketing or direct sales business.
entrepreneurship is our black super power against racism
Affiliate business to start with less than 100K Naira

The concept of direct selling is not new to Africans at all. Actually it is laid in our DNA. Remember those ladies selling clothes on campus? Or that your mums friend selling Ankara fabric to her friends, including your mother? Remember Aso-ebi? Global brands like Tupperware and Avon have long mastered this business and are multi-million dollar companies.

They offer customers the opportunity to build a network and sell the products. The advantage here is that you are showered with amazing tools and selling techniques. The cost to start is very little. So you can primarily learn from them and build your network of direct selling with local products from producers within your country.  With some great communication skills you can select a good number of unique products to sell to your network.  If you intend to explore or learn more about this business, then be sure to join our Master Class “DEBUNK”  where we will help you build your business idea.

Perfume production business
joadre wellness for healthy living
Perfume business idea to start with less than 100K Naira

This business requires basic chemistry knowledge though, but  with a capital of less than 100K Naira, you are good to go. If you do your homework, meaning educate yourself more about the art and chemistry of perfume making and you have the right product and packaging, you can target high class professionals like bankers, marketers and other service professional, because they just “need” to smell good, right?

Like I mentioned, packaging is key in this business. If you are interested in this business idea, you can enrol for our upcoming tutorial on “Branding with packaging design” to learn more on how to develop the right concept for your idea. Even due to the fact that perfumes have a very long shave life, meaning they do not get spoilt easily, you can quickly grow this business into an exportation business. It is always safer to have one product line and make sure it reaches more customers around the world than to expand to many product line in the same location. I will explain why in upcoming tutorials and my free weekly videos.

Fashion retail business
Fashion business idea to start with less than 100K Naira
Fashion business idea to start with less than 100K Naira

Ok, this is a business where I have 100% experience as I launched my own fashion production and retail business in 2014. You can visit the online store to see some of our products. In this sector, you have so many option and mind you, Africa is a massive market. When I view fashion as a business, I am in no way referring to high-end fashion or what they call “Haute Couture”. That is not where the big money is. Look at brands like Zara, H&M, Mango, Asos and such. Although I do not recommend their some of their business ethics, it is clear that these retail houses are leading when it comes to fashion and you know why? Because they discovered and focused on the mass market.

So you as an aspiring entrepreneur in Africa, where the mass market is massive like hell, I wonder why we do not have real big or multiple mass fashion retail brands. There is a way to start off your retails brand and grow it into a chain with very little cash. Start with a consistent pop-up plan in strategic locations and leverage the power of digital marketing. I am here to show you how this would work, but you must first work on creating a plan for this idea.

Conclusion – Its not all about cash, it is about if you know how to start!

There are more ideas and remember I only introduced 5 from 10 business ideas to start with less capital. I would love to share more but at the same time, I do not want this blog to be too long. Look out for upcoming blog content, courses, tutorials and life conventions. Thats where I will explore more ideas, show you how and also look for ventures to support on a long term.

Thank you so much for reading this very long blog. I know, it is long. Sorry jare (Nigerian slang), but I just felt it is important to share this knowledge for the common good.  If you are really serious about starting up something soon, then be sure to join my program. I look forward to working with you soon.

Take care and cheers,


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But now, what exactly can you start with very little funds?

Thank God, we are living in a digital age. So there are lots of opportunities around the internet technology. I are passionate to share even more ideas with you on my Youtube Channel. Make sure to visit my channel, subscribe an dturn on notifications. In this blog, I will list 10 different business ideas you can start with very little money. I will also explain 5 out of them in this blog that you can start in any African country with less than 100K Nigerian Naira. 100K Naira is equivalent to about 250 dollars, which is basically not a very high financial capital to start. If you are still not sure about how, what to start, I would like to invite you to start my FREE Master class here. click to read more. 

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Which Investment is better? Cryptocurrency Vs. Real Estate

Deciding right investment in 2022

When you are thinking of what asset to invest in these days, be sure to hear 10 friends say cryptocurrency is the surest investment. Another set probably may say, invest in real estate. Well, you can’t say either is wrong investment advice. But each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Truthfully, the one way to increase wealth and save money for retirement is investing your money in a reliable investment. In this article, let’s explore the pros and cons of both cryptocurrency and real estate. In the end, you should have been able to decide which you prefer as an investment plan.

What is real estate

Real estate in simple language can be explained as the entirety of land,  both natural and artificial properties on it. In other words, real estate is the land and such things as the building, trees, bridges, garden and fences on it. Read further to find out why to consider investing in real estate. Also, you can check 5 businesses to start with less than 100K in Nigeria. Meanwhile, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, so as to always be the first to hear from us.

Why choose real estate as an investment

The arguments in favour of real estate investment is tied to the forever existence of humans and their far less met need for shelter. In a world, where there is a constant need and demand for land and building, prices are always increasing. This inflation factor makes real estate a store of value and profitable investment.

Most real estate as an investment is leased or rented out. However, some real estate owners or investors engage in what is known as ‘flipping’. Flipping has to do with the quick action of reselling an acquired real estate, taking advantage of a rise in value. Conversely, others buy real estate, repair, with an expected rise in value, birthing a substantial gain, when sold.

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies or cryptos are digital currencies, created with the intention of being used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. There are many brands of crypto out there, with the most popular being, bitcoin. Bitcoin is a stable coin launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins are created through a process known as mining. Which involves solving complex mathematical problems by computer software, to earn a reward of a bitcoin, once the problem is solved. You may be interested in digging further into the history of cryptos.

Why consider investing in cryptocurrencies

Unlike traditional or fiat currency, cryptos are unregulated and decentralized, at least for now as at the time of publishing this blog. These same characteristics make it a good investment and at the same time, a highly volatile investment. Plus, digital currencies are gradually becoming an integral part of finance and FinTech. In short, it’s becoming clearer that it will be part of the future. Those who doubted 10 years ago wish they had bought bitcoins then. 

Also, unlike the modern banking system that is centralized, cryptos are decentralized. They can be bought, sold, stored and traded anytime. Especially when they are well-performing. Cryptos are like blood money when you cash out. Imagine bitcoin that fell below  $30,000 sometime around June this year.  At the time of this writing, one bitcoin is $60,147 but had done $67,000 in previous weeks. Already, there are speculations that it will hit $100,000 before December 2021.

How to Invest Safely in Crypto

If you are ever going to make the decision to invest in cryptos at the end of this article, please take note.

  • Investment in crypto requires strategy. You need to be strategic. New investors are always advised to monitor the market and acquire coins during ‘dip’. A dip period is that time when the price of most coins is low or experiencing deflation. When you buy at this time, your profit margin will be wider when the coins return to their normal price or even exceed their usual price. 
  • Avoid investing more than you can afford to lose in crypto. Don’t ever borrow money to invest. Why? Cryptos are very volatile.
  • Another thing is, when you invest, ensure you have enough to take care of yourself and yours for at least a year. There are chances that the prices of coins will go down, and when they do, it won’t make sense to sell them because you are stranded. So you will have to wait till they rise again.
  • Research and research. Find out what problem the coin wants to solve. How useful is it? Read their white paper. It will give you information about the coin concept, and a roadmap for growth and to achieve success. 
  • Stay knowledgeable about global politics as this will also help you know what direction the course is going. 

Which is a better investment between crypto and real estate – Choose for yourself

  • Real estate value fluctuation is less volatile


Crypto value can drop by 15% in an hour – a normal event for crypto investors/dealers

  • Real estate requires heavy capital to purchase ( you have to pay bigger upfront)

On the contrary

Crypto can be acquired with the exact amount of capital you have available (Cryptos are of different prices/values when you find one, you can invest any amount desired in it). You can invest as low as $5.

The final decision on which to invest is yours to take. But remember, if you are risk-averse, you may need to think well before investing in cryptos. Or consider less volatile investments such as starting a business. Check our How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria | Pt. 1

Meanwhile, we have developed a unique app to bring together on one platform,  both international partners/investors and Nigerian entrepreneurs to share business data intelligence and connect both to the market. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here. Want to stay connected to know when we have opportunities, kindly sign up to our newsletter. For more content, check our YouTube channel. If you need to book a FREE  Q&A with Joadre, then make reservations here

Thank you for reading to the end. 


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10 Tips To Innovate Your Laundry Business In Nigeria #6

innovate your laundry business

It has really been such a great time on this blog series. In this final part, let’s look at the tips to innovate your laundry business. But, in case you have just stumbled on this part, please be aware that this is a 6 parts blog series. We have explored so many crucial points that you can’t afford to miss if you really want to start a laundry business. In part 1 we clarify the difference between laundry and dry cleaning,  the must have skills to start a laundry business. Then we moved to part 2 where we looked at the laundry process, how to get laundry done. 

For blog part 3, we threw light on the cost of setting up a laundry business. We also provided a working budget to guide you.

Furthermore, in part 4 we considered the Setup procedures you need to take when starting a laundry business. Part 5 explored ways to market your business and grow your idea. This final part will explore some ideas you can use to innovate your laundry business. This will help you distinguish yourself from other existing laundry cleaning service providers and have a competitive edge in the market.

  1. Wash test tips as promised
  2. Make wise choices for detergents and soap selection 
  3. Promote your laundry business effectively
  4. Collaborate to promote your work
  5. Build network of entrepreneurs
  6. Use digital tools to increase customers convenience
  7. Create a reward system
  8. Diversify your space/services, if you can
  9. Packaging your laundry business
  10. Structure operations
Wash test tips as promised: 

A wash test would mean you soak the fabric edge in the temperature of water and with the detergent for a couple of minutes and wait to see how it reacts. Does it lose colour? 

A less risky test will be to soak a white cloth in the detergent. Make sure the water has the right temperature. Wipe the end of the fabric. What does the white cloth look like? So these are just little tips to note. 

Make wise choices for detergents and soap selection 

You do not want the customer to connect your services with beauty damage. So please read the contents used to make the detergents or soap. We advise you to take time to actually select the kind of soap/detergents you will use. Opt-in for a non-toxic and organic detergent. If you can get these natural or organic detergents, then make sure to use this as a marketing tool. This a a very effective way to innovate.

Innovate and Promote your laundry business effectively

To put your business out there and push to the faces of potential customers, explore Google my business. Register, post about biz with good photos. Learn to make good pics here How to Make Good Social Media Pictures with your Smartphone , give promo with code so you can track to see how effective it is. Integrate the pick up and drop off system from the start. 

Choose a good location for your laundry business

The fastest approach to put your laundry business on the track of growth is choosing a good location. We would say residential areas where families live like estates and around schools, because parents can easily drop off laundry while picking kids etc. 

Collaborate to promote your business 

Collaborate with cleaners and grocery shoppers to attract customers to your laundry business. You can collaborate with grocery stores whereby they recommend your laundry business to shoppers, this can be as little as having a display advert stand in their outlet calling people’s attention to your business. 

Build network of entrepreneurs. Innovate to scale!

You can explore a shared business space concept. You and other laundry entreprenuers get a space big enough to accommodate everybody. Buy one big power generator that can service everyone, slash bills and setup costs. That right there is one of the easiest ways to grow and it is innovative. Instead of the sometimes unnecessary waste of resources to want to stand alone. This is sustainable and cost-effective. In Europe, this is how farmers do theirs. Everybody creating a roster of machine use, slash payment and use the same delivery trucks, exactly! That kind of model can be adopted for a laundry business too. 

Innovate with digital tools to increase customers convenience

Invest in creating a system for drop off and pick up, using digital tools. You can do the pick up and drop off yourself for the start if you already have a motorcycle or a car. This allows for more customers to patronize you considering the benefit of convenience they enjoy from the structure of pickup and drop off that you have created. And customers tend to give more clothes if there is convenience in pick off and drop off. 

Really, isn’t that the main reason why you give your laundry out before; for convenience. If they will be stressed again while giving it out, then it’s not worth it again. (That right there is the psychology of customers giving laundry to you; be on your toes to always think of new ways to bring convenience to your customers and always include it in your marketing message). More clothes mean effective usage of the machine, water and energy. You still use up the same amount of water and energy and machines for fewer clothes. So more discounts to get more clients is effective. 

Innovate with a reward system

Human psychology is always hungry for a reward in whatever they do, you do that because you will get this reward; gratification or in whichever name it comes. For you as a laundry business owner that is looking at growth, you may want to consider creating a reward system. 

Diversify your space/services, if you can

Have drinks and pay in the laundromat if you have a waiting area. Design’ Xpress services’ that happen within 1 to 2 hours. If you have a long area where the guest can wait, then make sure to have functioning wifi and maybe even a computer section integrated. Some will use it as a workspace. Start with one section. This will bring dedicated customers and more cash. 

Who would not love a drink and maybe surf the internet or use free wifi for just one hour? Integrate the wifi into your monthly cost and offer it for free to customers. Hotels do, lounges do, and you see people troop in if not for anything, for the assurance that they’d get to have access to free wifi. You may have to secure your wifi and give passwords only to customers.

Package your laundry business

Part of your growth efforts should be developing a great packaging design and formula for your own business that distinguishes your business from others out there. Do things differently. You can adopt the sustainable development goal by keeping the environment clean, in that sense, it means you won’t be using polythene nylon. Without being told again you can see how Nylon bags are not very sustainable to our environment. Shey you see them lying everywhere and it’s ugly. 

Think of customized/branded collapsible laundry hampers that are free of toxic chemicals and are reusable. When the client drops off, they use it and you give them fresh ones with the cleaned clothes. Imagine your reusable laundry bags with your embroidered logo and name handing in the customer’s bathroom or storage area. Be sustainable and profit through branding!

Structure operations

Also, collaborating with an external logistics company, we must think of how to be innovative in developing a pickup system that is efficient and makes things easier. Businesses can rise above their competitors by having a standard pickup bag they rotate to the consumer and have specific days for pick up. Structuring allows a business to grow better. Eg, Sunday evenings and Wednesdays could be pickup and return. If a customer needs more, then there are added services like express and so on. 

And here is where we will be drawing the curtain on this blog series on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Don’t forget that our CEO and Founder, Joana Reiterer has reserved Wednesdays of every week to have a one-on-one session with young and vibrant youth interested in business/entrepreneurship. Guess what? The session is for free! You can schedule a meeting here now, don’t procrastinate (don’t be a god of tomorrow, today is yesterday’s tomorrow)

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How To Start A Recharge Card Business In Nigeria

recharge card business in nigeria

Recharge card printing business is one business that has long stood the test of time. Due to advancements in technology and availability of second hand smartphones in Nigeria, more and more  people are using data nowadays. Recharge card business in Nigeria is very lucrative. It is a business you can start anywhere without fear of low patronage, as long as there are people where you are and there is GSM network.

This is one profitable business because people recharge their phones almost everyday as they either need to make calls, send messages, activate data or even transfer credit to their loved ones. Although most people prefer to buy directly from their banks or one application or the other, most people still prefer to buy printed recharge cards and that’s is where you come in. 

How much can you make from a Recharge Card Business?

Recharge card business means basically printing out the recharge vouchers. To start this idea or side gig, you can invest basically any amount, however in order to make significant profit, I will advise that you start with N50,000 because per each N100 recharge card you sell you make at least N10, so if you are able to sell 50 pieces of it per day you will be making N5000 per day. Pretty awesome right?!

Below are the requirements for starting the business
  1. Location: You can sell recharge cards pretty much anywhere as all you need is a purse where the cards are kept. It is basically a mobile business.
  2. Recharge card printing software: This is a software that you can download from rechargecardprinting.com.ng for free.
  3. Recharge card dealer: You have to ensure that you get a reliable and trustworthy worthy dealer who will not scam you. As you make payment into his/her account before they send you the codes via mail which the software helps you decrypt.
  4. Laptop, internet and printer: if you have a laptop it will be very easy, as you can transfer the codes to a flash drive and print from a cybercafe.  If you use a cybercafe to process software and print from there, you have to ensure that you log out of your email. This is a security measure to avoid anyone logging in after you and gaining access to the codes. The codes are your capital. They are the product you sell!
Overall Estimate for a recharge printing business
  • Recharge card printing software: Free
  • Printing per page: N50 (maximum of 10 recharge cards per A4 paper)
  • Incase no laptop: Cybercafe 30 minutes: N150
  • Payment for codes to the dealer: N50,000
  • Total: N50,400
A quick wrap up

However, remember that some people or touts will want to collect their own cut if you hustle for customers at a specific location. You can start this side business by tapping into your own network. Even when you need very low capital to get this business rolling, you will need more strategies to be able to transform this business into a very successful one. 

We are putting out weekly articles and content about different business ideas you can start. Some ideas would focus on building a side hustle. Others will be a full-time type of investment. So we are working to get some interested investors to support your ideas. However, you have to be part of our tribe to be able to tap into our full support and services. To join the tribe, get our app. Get our App for future business ideas and partnerships opportunities. And Subscribe to our newsletter so as to be the first to receive amazing business insights from us As in dey hot!  


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Organic Skincare? “Leave Me Alone!” Cries Your Skin!

Organic skincare your skin needs

Glow, Skin-popping and Sun kiss, these and many more are common names seen around adverts. These adverts call on unsuspecting internet users to come to patronize Organic Skincare products.  Even though it’s a fantastic thing to glow, shouldn’t we do it carefully and consciously? Knowing fully well that our skin absorbs at least 60% of whatever is applied to it. Are you really sure that product you’ve recently just bought is truly organic? Pay attention, listen attentively to the voice of your skin. Are you attentive enough to hear your skin saying leave me alone? Find out in this article if what you’ve been using is truly organic. In the end, you should have learnt the difference between organic, natural and biologically ethical products. Also, you will find out why you should be conscious and careful of what you buy for your skin. You must listen to the voice of your skin.

What is an Organic Skincare product?

The term “organic” refers to how the ingredients in a product are being farmed, processed as well as packaged. In a simpler term, it means the ingredients are grown without the usage of artificial fertilizer, preservatives, artificial hormones, pesticides or any other chemical. So too the packaging too utilises organic materials. Organic products are therefore those products which total ingredients are from this source.

Flash News: The fact that a skin product carries a label with “organic” boldly written on it doesn’t at all make it so. Let’s explore.

Difference Between Organic Skincare Product and Natural Skincare Product

We have settled the bill by explaining what an organic product is. Now let’s look at natural products. It is not alien to us that people often use these words interchangeably. In fact, many have either assumed or concluded that they meant the same thing. But that’s not true at all and you’ll soon find out. A natural product is one which major or all ingredients are derived from plants,  animal by-products, or minerals. You said Wooooow! Yeah! An organic product is critically concerned with the process with which those ingredients are grown or bred to the final stage of production. 

Let’s situate it, if you are using egg as a face mask, that’s a natural product. But that egg, you don’t know the source(parent) or even the process it has gone through. What if the egg was bred by a chicken which fed on antibiotics. Say too that the chickens genes were already manipulated to grow within 9 weeks to maturity? Your egg will contain antibiotics too! SO when you go for a natural product, always make sure that it is organic as well. Check how you can get that glow without using bleaching cream.

Because of how vulnerable the word ‘natural’ is and limited regulations on its usage, many companies have engaged in unethical behaviour. Putting the tag ‘natural’ on their product label to expedite sales action. Since the spectrum of what is natural is quite broad and no one is regulating. Organic products on the other hand in saner climes (ohhh! how I hate to use this word; saner climes…LOL) have strict quality control, check or regulation.

Biologically Ethical Skincare Products

On the other hand, biologically ethical skincare products are those that the manufacturer has ensured that all ingredients (mostly synthetic ingredients) used in its production pose no threat to the human skin or life. Synthetic chemicals do not necessarily call for concerns. There’s rather concern and uncertainty about some chemicals with the potential of causing harmful effects on the skin and the human body. 

For example, Hydroquinone used in many bleaching creams has been identified to be carcinogenic, alongside other chemical products like mercury and kojic acid. If not prescribed by a doctor, it’s better to avoid usage. Stay connected to receive more well-being content for entrepreneurs.

Leave me alone your skin cries

Having established the difference between organic, natural and biologically ethical products. The concern is the pseudo-dermatologist parading our street beckoning innocent people to come buy organic skincare products, so that what? You can glow.  It’s not a problem if those products are truly organic. But most are not. Not when one actually confessed to using hair relaxers and unnamed chemicals as part of the ingredients for ‘organic’ product. Their usual promise is that “When you use it, your skin will tone” (tone, really! Just call it what it is, bleach). 

What Organic Skincare does not do!

Some have said that when they started using these products truly their skin popped, but the moment they stopped, they were attacked by a legion of acne, eczema. Then they had to rush back to buy more. But now it’s no longer giving them the same result as when they first got it, it’s rather giving their skin a confusing complexion, yet they can’t stop, because they are afraid of the army of acne and eczema that’s camping outside to attack them.

I want to heal myself your skin says

But if you think you don’t want to stop because of acne, please do it because of allergies, hormone disruption and ultimately skin cancer. You don’t want to have to be all covered up when you grow a little older because of damaged skin. You can actually stop now. The good news is, the skin is capable of healing and defending(the stratum corneum is there to prevent unwanted materials from entering) itself. 

In short, there are different types of blood cells and collagen in the body that rush to the point where injury may have occurred and repair the skin. Yours is to strengthen the activities of these cells by taking good sleep, eating a good diet, exercising regularly, and living a healthier life. What do I know, I am not a medical professional. All this advice I am dishing out here is not medical advice. They are common sense recommendations and experience. 

Do not fall for fake organic skin care

There are many factors making people vulnerable to this scam. Low self-esteem is one such factor. People are vulnerable to these harmful products in the bid to look more beautiful and enjoy validation. We of course can’t rule out social trends and peer pressure. But you are beautiful, and you just have to listen to what your skin is saying. And for the greedy entrepreneur, the goal to make a profit lead to the compromise of so many thing. However, damaging people’s skin should be a no-go-area. It’s our call to be responsible and be truthful to our customers.

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Ponzi Scheme Madness – What To Beware Of!

How to identify Ponzi Scheme

When next, a friend approaches you just like my friend did and they tell you about this great investment going on, people are cashing out and such, Wait! Wait a minute before you jump on it. That might just be another Ponzi scheme wearing a new gown or in a new bottle. One of the smart strategies Ponzi organizers use is name changing, yes! They rebrand. And guess what, people still fall victim, at least I did! (tears). Check out these red flags before investing in that new business you’ve just been told. By the way, if you are an entrepreneur and you are about to start a business and need mentorship. Quickly book a free mentorship session with our CEO here.

Ponzi scheme identity – Warning Signs
  1. Unregistered business identity. Ponzi schemes are oftentimes but are not limited to involve investments that are not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), financial or state regulators. They shift focus from this question, by engaging existing and potential investors in testimonies of those who have cashed out, thereby using the’ fear of missing out’ strategy on people. Although some have upgraded to even getting CAC registration documents. You have work to do, research for information about their management, products, services, and finances. 
  2. The government securities laws require investment professionals and companies to be registered and licensed. Most Ponzi schemes hardly possess license documents. They most involve unlicensed individuals and unregistered firms
  3. Every investment carries some risk degree, when an investment yields higher ROI, it is only logical that such carries more risk. But when the business promises high returns with no risk. Wear your suspicion lens.
  4. The business doesn’t reflect market conditions or it’s not affected by it. Returns are just overly consistent, regardless of the market going up and down condition. Be sceptical!
  5. Their structure is complex, secretive with no straightforward strategies or revenue channels. Avoid such investment. If you can’t get complete information about them or find it difficult to understand their operations/strategies.
  6. They told you they have people trading for them, they are working with foreign partners/brokers to invest your money in forex. Run!
  7. They are involved in unreasonable giveaways/charity in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. They are only trying to play on your intelligence.
  8. They told you to bring one person to your chain and start earning extra money from the person’s investment.
  9. You’ll make 40% ROI in 7days.
  10. We are working on our website, upgrading our website or payment platform, that’s why you are unable to withdraw. Ponzi scheme organizers most times prevent investors from cashing out by restricting the payment channels. Meanwhile, some just offer you a higher ROI percentage to make you stay put and leave your invested capital with the hope of cashing out bigger. At that juncture, you’ve been scammed
  11. We would pay first investors a certain percentage and we would pay others little by little. We are working things out and trying to liquidate our properties so that we can pay everyone their capital back. (Hello, it’s Japa o’clock – the organizers are about to run away with your hard-earned money). If you get to this stage in the investment programme, CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the latest Ponzi scheme victim.
Who are Ponzi scheme planners looking for

Ponzi scheme promoters are looking for greedy, desperate, naive, young and old average earners, who are not well informed on investment and are just open to all that comes their way. Many opinion leaders have blamed our porous security system for the vulnerability of Nigerians to these schemes. But the truth is, real money is slow and steady. We all become a victim when we allow the glam and social media pressure of getting rich quick enters our head, it breaks us down and makes us willing to do anything just to make money. If you are in need of a business idea to invest here you can check out our previous blog on How To Find Authentic Business Ideas. You Are Sitting On Gold!

Remember, when it looks too good to be true, where your suspicious lens and screen very well, to confirm it’s not another Ponzi scheme in another packaging.


Ponzi Scheme Took My School Fees. Beware!

How to identify Ponzi Scheme

It was my final year at the university when my not very close friend approached me about a ‘Ponzi scheme’. Well at that time he called it a business. Yes! A business, that was what he called it. He called my name and continued.

“if you put 20k into it this month, by month-end you’d be paid 40k”

My eyes left their sockets as if they were almost going to hug the person talking. Little did I know I was about to be scammed. Okay! I know you’d want to hear more about that story. We’d continue some other time…(laughing in tears!) What is Ponzi scheme? Who are they looking for? Is there Ponzi scheme in Nigeria? How do I identify it’s a Ponzi scheme. Read further to find out in this article.

What is Ponzi Scheme?

The origin of Ponzi scheme can be traced to a certain man called Charles Ponzi. He scammed investors in the 1920s with postage stamp speculation. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment programme that entices unsuspecting and naive persons to put a certain amount in an unexplainable and untrackable business investment with a promise of a ridiculous return on investment. The first record of Ponzi scheme in Nigeria can be traced back to the 1980s, when the Umama Umama scheme surfaced in Calabar. Then the Planwell scheme surfaced in Edo state in the early years of the 1990s. 

The fraudulent scheme uses new investors money to pay earlier investors. Hence given the unrealistic/false impression that the investment is viable. This scheme is otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. At the end of it all, the schemes fail to the detriment of later investors. (I know MMM is coming to your mind already, yes MMM!) Wait a minute, hope you weren’t scammed? Okay, tell us about that in the comment section.

30% ROI, MMM, Racksterli all na scam!

When my friend told me about the so-called business deal, it wasn’t as if I had no doubts. But I told myself that I would cash out even if all is going to fail eventually, but no! After my first investment, I reinvested, they offered me a mouthwatering deal, and I fell for it. “That was the last time I saw my N500,000 meant for school fees”. In 2016, according to Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission, millions of Nigerians promised a 30% ROI on investment, lost over 18 billion nairas to a Russian enterprise popularly known as MMM (Mavrodi Mundial Movement) when it crashed. Many committed suicide as a result of this event. But one would think people have grown wiser, No! Maybe it is due to the high rate of unemployment in the country. Ponzi scheme organizers still find their victims in the pool.

According to the 14th September 2021 publication of the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, Nigerians have lost N300b to Ponzi schemes, speculative trade. Recently, Nigerians were still scammed in billions by Racksterli. They claim to offer an investment deal that promised a mind-boggling return on investment to investors. The promoters of course did their homework well, used celebrities and media influencers to gain people’s trust, and people fell for it. The key thing is, when it looks too good to be true, be suspicious!

Meanwhile, we are concerned, and that’s why we have developed a unique app to bring together on one platform,  both international partners/investors and Nigerian entrepreneurs to share business data intelligence and connect both to the market. We believe when Nigerians are empowered, their susceptibility rate to Ponzi promoters will be minimal. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here.

Ponzi Scheme fails when?

The duration it takes a Ponzi scheme to fail can’t be specifically stated. Roughly it takes an average Ponzi scheme between a month and a year to fail, depending on how easily the organizers get to recruit people to join the bandwagon. Typically, a Ponzi scheme needs new investors ( victims) to maintain the pyramid. When the number of new investors can’t meet up with existing investors or there is heavy cash-out by existing investors, the Ponzi scheme falls. Read our upcoming blog on this topic to learn about the signs to look out for before investing in that business or investment. But before then Subscribe to our Newsletter so as to always be the first to hear from us.



Grow Your Laundry Business In Nigeria. #5

grow your laundry business in Nigeria

Hey! Excited you are here again. Trust you have had a swell time reading the previous articles in this blog series on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Recall in the last blog we touched on the setup process to start a laundry business. In this part of the blog series, we will be exploring how to grow your laundry business while also answering questions like- how do I market my laundry business? How much do I charge Customers if I start a laundry business?

Time Management/Delivery is non-negotiable in laundry business

You see, the laundry business is a deadline-driven business, people have parties to attend, events to attend to, offices to go to, meetings etc. They are employing your service because they want to relieve themselves of the stress of having to worry about their laundry and they believe that you would be able to deliver efficient service. So when you tell them to come pick-up on say Friday. It must be Friday, because they may have exhausted all their clean clothes with an expectation that you are bringing in their well-laundered clothes on Friday, so they relax.

You must manage time well, from washing to drying, to ironing, packaging and to the last stage, if you want to have enough output. Ironing for example can be tricky because it takes a long time if you are not careful. If you are consistently on time, you can grow your business through existing customer referrals. 

Laundry Business Management

All being said, your business management skill must be top-notch. Find time to build yourself. It is only when you do this that you can get insights to drive your business to the next level, compete in the market, and even expand to become a large scale laundry company. You should know that there are Ways to manage money to grow your business.

How do I market my laundry business?

The truth is, just like any other business, you might not be making huge sales at first, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Rather what you should be doing is strategizing, pushing your brand out there. People always think that marketing is just promotion and advertising. Please look at the services you offer. Make sure it is good for the price you are aching – pricing. Look at what others charge. We will explore this further. 

Meanwhile, let’s explore your placement. Get more branding into your space. Do not set up like a classic or traditional laundry. Make your space cossy for someone to actually wait to read a book, if you can afford it. We will explore more in our Startup Podcast! How do you communicate your offers to the customers. BRand in a way that people know it is you. Follow one branding line. The simpler, the better!

Capitalise on word of mouth as you do not have unlimited cash to lavish on digital marketing. Start by telling friends about it. Host an opening partly. Tell your friends to come with a guest or so. Be innovative. Your hosted party can be about a new fashion trend. It must not be about laundry work. Engage with your existing network  to refer others. Bank on word of mouth very well as it is the cheapest  and most effective promo strategy. 

Here are some marketing strategies you can tap into if you have just started your laundry business to attract customers. Subscribe to this platform to always be the first to receive our latest content.

  • Limited Free Service: Mark the word limited. You can get customers to your door by offering limited free service. Give them an offer, say, wash your 2 shirts and get free washing for your trousers.(You know something like restaurants do, free tasting.) When you attract them with this and they try your service and see the excellent service you give. They try you out again. It is now left for you to strive to retain them. 
  • Offer Subscription Service, when you offer a subscription service, give them discounts to attract new customers and ensure you offer excellent service to encourage referrals.
  • Offer Promos
  • Open Social Media Page and Make good use of them, especially updating with “useful and valuable content”.
  • Create a customer database to motor growth and retention
How much do I charge Customers if I start a laundry business?

Pricing: First and foremost, in order for you to determine the price you want to offer your service, you must first ensure that the value gotten from your service matches the amount paid. For a starter, you can start by patronising other people doing this kind of business in your area and identify how much they charge. Fix yours around this range. Check the income level of the people around too. However, some people just decide from scratch that they are not targeting locals around but target people living in premium areas. Such people offer home/office pick-up and charge a premium too. Don’t chase potential customers away with high prices and don’t stoop too low so that you don’t make sufficient profit. check out THE TYPICAL LAUNDRY PRICE LIST beneath. 

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Joadre Editorial Team

Set up Your Laundry Business in Nigeria. #4

Set up a start a laundry business

Recall in earlier parts we have shed light on the difference between laundry and dry cleaning, we have suggested a list of expenses/equipment you will need to run the laundry business, we have also shared the must have skills you need to possess to start a laundry business. So let’s dive straight into ‘Set up’. We are certain that by the end of this series, you should have learnt a lot about laundry business, and conclude if it’s the business for you. 

Set up Steps to start a laundry business in Nigeria
  • CAC Registration
  • Open a Corporate Account
  • Enrol your business under FiRS
  • Obtain operational licenses and permits in your local area
  • Open a blog/website
  • Open social media page
  • Design a Delivery System/Partner with a delivery company
  • Design a payment System
CAC Registration

The first setup in your pursuit to start a laundry business in Nigeria is to get your business registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission. Check out our previous blog on how to start a business in Nigeria. Here you would get to see steps to take to get your business registered in Nigeria.

Open a Corporate Account

To give credence and authenticity to your business, one of those things you must do is to open a corporate account with your registered business name at any bank of your choice. This action/step gives customers assurance/confidence that they are dealing with a business with a good structure. With this, you would even find it a bit easier to access loans too. To learn about the requirements to open a corporate account in Nigeria. Check out our previous blog where we shared details on how to open a corporate account in Nigeria.

Open a blog/website for your laundry business

The world has gone digital, these days, business owners and clients are connected together via virtual space. Your business cannot afford not to join this digital movement. You will need to set up a website where clients can request your service (pick up their laundry), get a price quotation, find out about the services you offer, testimonies about your business and any other information they desire to have about your business. To have a website, hire a competent web designer to develop a functioning and easy to navigate website for your laundry business. 

If you cannot afford to hire, then build one yourself. Using Shopify, WordPress, Wix and many more, there are ways to go about this and there are lots of tutorials online. Furnish this website with blogs and information about your business, offer tips to attract people to your website, use interlinks and backlinks, keyword and search engine optimization to get people to your website and inspire patronage, hence increasing revenue. And your website can serve as a payment gateway too. But if you do not have a website, no worries. Just start. 

Open social media page

Opening and running a social media page is something that every business that wants to connect with existing customers and potential customers cannot afford not to do. These days that people live half of their day on social media, you have to tap into this by including it in your setup. Create a social media page; Instagram page, Facebook page. But make sure to know which of these social media platforms actually targets your target audience. Do not waste so much of your time on social media. Remember work for mouth and other offline advertising is key! Anyway, we will discuss more in part 5 and in our Joadre Tribe App. 

Design a Delivery System/Partner with a delivery company

This in fact is one of the most important things you must do in your setup. You have to decide whether you want to partner with an external logistics/delivery company to get laundered clothes to clients and also pick up their dirty laundry. If you are partnering, you must ensure that it is with a company that will always be on standby to make delivery for you. Otherwise, you can include getting a delivery bike in your budget.

We said bike because, one, it is more affordable than a car, two, because here in Lagos for example, there is always traffic, and time is of utmost importance, you don’t want to spend 5 hours delivering clothes to just one client. With a motorcycle, you can serve as many clients as possible in a day. If you have the resources you can get up to three dispatch riders to make delivery and pickup laundry daily or based on a schedule. 

Design a payment system for your laundry business

For a business like laundry, it is necessary to create an easy payment system that makes things easy for your clients and also easy for you to track your financial record. You can either make your payment structure such that it includes but is not limited to, cash, card, monthly subscription. You could include a link in your blog or website that offers price quotations and takes people to the payment page.

Check out our previous blog on how to start a business in Nigeria, where we discussed extensively tips on how to enrol your business under FiRS, Obtain operational licenses and permits in your local area, and other relevant steps to start a business in Nigeria

In part 5 of this blog series, we will explore questions like –  How do I market my laundry business? How much do I charge Customers if I start a laundry business? Subscribe to our newsletter so as to be the first to receive amazing business insights from us As in dey hot! Get our App for future business ideas and partnerships opportunities.


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4 Sustainable Entrepreneurship must-follow Enthusiast developing Nigeria

Sustainable entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Nigeria
  • Picture: Sustainable entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Nigeria

As in the case of every human society, entrepreneurs are important agents of economic transformation by their wealth generation. They create of employment, promote entrepreneurial culture and sometimes, embolden indigenous entrepreneurship. Sustainable entrepreneurship enhances these qualities even stronger! However, in the profit-driven world we live in today, many entrepreneurs have thrown caution to the wind! Many choose to sacrifice humanity in exchange for profit. It is a choice!

Profit is great and Sustainable entrepreneurship offers profit!

What are we saying? There is an increase disregard for the environment. Some are less concerned about their employee’s welfare and/or even social development. It becomes all about profit or nothing. While we are not saying profit is not good, creating sustainability for our world & here now is ‘importanter’. In our commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, we have selected 4 must-follow entrepreneurs developing their spaces in Nigeria. They are not only doing well in their business but are sustainability-driven.

Adebusola Patrick-Omale

Busola is a Lagos based sustainable fashion stylist and dressmaker. She specializes in Ankara ready to wear, Avant-Garde, Vintage, Retro and Classic dresses for classy women. The name of her brand is SoigneByBusola.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship partnership Project with Busola

She’s currently looking into collaborating with foreign partners to market and distribute her products in the international fashion market. This will make the brand a force to reckon with in the global fashion industry. 

Cyrus45 by Olabanke Subair

Olabanke Subair is the creative founder of Cyrus45, a sustainable furniture company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Banke and her team upcycles used tyres which ordinarily, if not utilized for a secondary purpose would eventually cause environmental pollution. They pick up these tyres, clean them and sanitize them before work begins. Through extensive and creatively work on them, Cyrus45 make stools, ottomans and all kinds of eco-friendly furniture pieces. Olabanke and her team had so far upcycled over 2000 units of used tyres. This is an extraordinary contribution to cut down the environmental hazard caused by improperly disposed used tyres.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship partnership Project with Banke.

Olabanke is eager to work with international business developers and tech enthusiasts. The goal is to make her product accessible to the diasporan market and scale. Scaling will imply she extend the sustainable project idea to other communities still battling with how to dispose of tyres, train interested candidates in these communities and create a social impact. By the way, tyres lying around is a penthouse for mosquito breeding!

Aderonke Nofiu

Aderonke trained as a Psychologist at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She has chosen sex and relationship counselling and therapy as her area of specialization. She’s been creating series of online content where she advised young and old people going through emotionally tough times in their sex and relationship life to figure out the problem and probable solutions. She also offers online counselling sessions for individuals who require her service. She’s a volunteer at numerous humanitarian groups as her own way of impacting her own society.  Check her on YouTube “Dear Ronke” and subscribe to her channel and on Instagram as “dearronke”   for more.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship partnership Project with Ronke

She is currently planning to open a therapy hub where individuals with sex issues and relationships can visit, relax, pour out their minds. Her hub will provide professional counsel that could put them on the right path of the solution to their challenges. She’s seeking for business developers and mental health enthusiasts to collaborate with to bring the vision to fruition

Precious Roju

Precious Roju is a Lagos based Corporate Lawyer and author. She specializes in business and legal structure, helping clients; startups, both foreign and local companies and investors to solve or even avoid an unreasonable and costly legal misstep. She has assisted and still assists several international investors with corporate structuring and restructuring in Nigeria. She delivers extraordinary value sharing information consistently on her Instagram page – Asklawyerprecious

Sustainable Entrepreneurship partnership Project with Precious.

Precious is looking forward to collaborating with diasporans interested in entering the Nigerian market as their own way of impacting their society by investing in their home country. She offers a legal service of business structuring and acquisition of all licenses such business or investment needs to fully and legally operate in Nigeria. 

Connect with extraordinary sustainable entrepreneurship enthusiasts

Alongside our traditional Web platform and backend business support programmes, we are currently developing a business smartphone app  – Joadre Tribe App for entrepreneurs. Our mission is to increase conscious business development within Africa and promote direct partnership with European entrepreneurs. Connect with us to reach any of these extraordinary sustainable entrepreneurship enthusiasts. Expect more from these 4 women as we support them through the growth of their ideas.


Joadre Editorial Team

Use Data To Grow Your Business // Data Intelligence For SMEs.

Data intelligence to grow your business

It is no longer a piece of news that the world is digital and global now. The digital trend has made data intelligence more important than ever before. Its need has gone beyond storing, but processing, updating and analyzing. If you have started thinking, What have SMEs got to do with data? Why do SMEs need data? What do I do with data? How do I get data? Where do I get data? Beware, you can even end up having too much data to process. At the end of it all, data gives you a better understanding of your business and customers. Here is how; 

  1. Make key strategic decisions with data
  2. Data Helps You retain customers and get new ones
  3. Data Assist In Efficient Monitoring Of Performance
  4. Data Helps In Problem Detection and Solution
  5. Data Can Help SMEs Prevent Wastage
Make Key Strategic Decisions With Data

Gathering data helps any business including SMEs to make better decisions. As a matter of fact, SMEs have a better capacity to quickly make use of the data gathered, because of their agile nature. Data gathering is very important for SMEs to improve the relationship between both customers and business partners, however, there are ethics around these activities that must be considered. Remember to read our blog on social entrepreneurship DNA to understand the basics. 

Mind you, to make the best of data, you must know how to get the best value from your gathered data. Let’s consider these five ways data can advance your business.

Data Helps You retain customers and get new ones

Get the consent of your customer before you have their information securely gathered for your internal use. Knowing who to target makes it clear about the kind of target strategy you would require. It becomes easier to find new customers. Qualitative data would allow you to develop methods to retain the existing customer as you get to understand what they truly want or desire. Therefore your customer retention ability is increased. 

You can improve your customer service and carry out more effective marketing efforts. It cannot be overemphasized that customer management is highly dependent on data gathered and stored. Really, without data, how do you determine who your customers are? How do you know if they are satisfied with your products, or if your marketing strategies are effective? 

Data Assist In Efficient Monitoring Of Performance

If you are not sure of how well your employees or marketing is performing, how will you know if your resources (money) is being efficiently utilized and if it’s yielding profit.

A data-driven business has the potential to excel better than the one without data. Data helps you to identify performance level and efficiency of your team, department, marketing efforts, customer service, logistics or other aspects of your business or company. Collecting data and reviewing the collected data would help determine how each unit is performing and what needs to be done to improve performance. 

Data Helps In Problem Detection and Solution

When a business is experiencing poor performance in areas of marketing, sales, or even campaign. Today, with the availability of data, it has become easier to detect what went wrong. By tracking and reviewing data from the business processes, which then would help to uncover performance breakdowns, and give a better understanding of each part of the process and discover which phase needs improvement and which is performing excellently.

Data Can Help SMEs Prevent Wastage

If there is anything any business that succeeds did right, it’s surely shunning wastage. It is therefore imperative for a business with the vision of expanding, to block every channel of wastage. How then do you determine these channels, it can only be done through storing, processing and analyzing data. Moreso, every business enterprise feels the effect of wastage. It depletes resources. Waste makes ducks and drakes of time and has an ever touching impact on all lines of business, especially the bottom line. 

Data helps to detect a problem. Take for instance a marketing campaign that is bringing in less ROI (Return On Investment), this will then be used to prepare a budget without increasing spending but exploring better ways to increase ROI, generate more leads, and even solve the problem of why a certain marketing channel is not working.

Practical examples where/how data is used to build your small business. 

A typical example is an online campaign that is receiving more engagement and generating sales. Compared to another marketing strategy that is taking in more money, but generating less sales. It’s the availability of data that would make it possible for you to discover and analyze this issue.  

Another example is the Manager 1 gets more leads from the company but have less percentage of conversion. Manager 2 gets fewer leads from the company but has a higher percentage of conversion. Data would help the company to then determine who should get more supply of leads from the company.

Where (8 Channels) and how to get data

As a small business, you can focus on 3 major data sets, namely; customer data, internal data of your business and market landscape data. In our Joadre app, we have created some data sets and would continually expand on these. We would publish lots of tutorials to guide you as a small business owner about how to gather information and how to use this information. Our goal is to help you brush up your skill in regards to data and digital intelligence. For now, let’s focus on customer data. Customer data can come as a combination from all your interaction channels like;

  1. Social media
  2. Newsletter
  3. In-person interaction
  4. Product purchase
  5. Electronic payments of any kind collect data about customers
  6. Reviews
  7. Website usage, traffic
  8. Survey and many more.
Wrap up

All that data generated knowingly and unknowingly from these channels are filled with potential if you can learn to utilize it efficiently. How do you determine your revenues and expenditures without the availability of data? It therefore resonates with the importance of data in analysing and understanding the relationship between the consumers and the market.

SMEs must invest in data procurement today to have a seat at the table now and in the future. Any SME that has not started uncovering insights from data will soon become a business of yesterday. Tap into data processing tools, which makes business growth easier. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive amazing business insights from us As in dey hot! Get our App for future business ideas and partnerships opportunities. Never miss out!


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Start A Laundry Business. How much do I need? #3. The Cost.

How to start a laundry business in Nigeria

Heyyyyy! Excited you came again to continue. In part 1 How to start a laundry business in Nigeria, we shared with you the must have skills. We looked into the process of getting laundry done in Part 2 of this Business Start-up series. In this Part 3, we would succinctly touch on the cost to start your business and look into the equipments you need. The good news is you can start a laundry business in Nigeria with as low as N50,000 (fifty thousand naira only) – N100,000 (one hundred thousand Naira only). You will still collect change if you intend to go really really micro-small scale. If you are going large scale, you can budget N1,000,000 upward. Let’s break it down together.

12 must-have to start a small laundry business

For a small scale laundry business, you wouldn’t be needing much as you are just starting. Your goal is to take the little baby step. Maybe you’re not even financially buoyant yet but have refused to be called a lazy Nigerian youth. Then start the business at home. Here is a list of the important things you must have. You can download an estimated cost for these items here. So her eare the major items you need to get for your small scale Laundry business startup.

  1. Pressing Iron
  2. Cloth Hanger:
  3. Ironing table
  4. Detergent
  5. Starch
  6. Nylons/Tags
  7. Rope
  8. Washing Basins
  9. Peg
  10. Socket
  11. Laundry Basket
  12. Bleach/Stain-remover
20 Must-have to start a large laundry business

For a large scale setup, your list will be quite longer than that of somebody who is starting at home. Here is a list of the important things you must have. You can download an estimated cost for these items here

  1. Washing Machine
  2. Steam Iron
  3. Pressing Table
  4. Washing Basins
  5. Shelves
  6. Ropes
  7. Peg
  8. Sockets
  9. Detergent
  10. Fragrances
  11. Reception Table
  12. Chairs
  13. Benches
  14. Radio Set
  15. Starch
  16. Generator set
  17. Laundry Basket
  18. Bleach/Stain-remover
  19. Table Clothes
  20. Rent

Please be aware that expenses like rent are highly dependent on the location you have decided to situate your business. Hence, it needs your discretion. You are thinking, how will I get funds? Check this out 3 Small Business Grants for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Operational cost for laundry business

When you start your laundry business, you might need support to make the day to day running of your laundry business achievable. You will need to break your business into departments. Let’s say the washing department, ironing and packaging department, delivery department (that will pickup and drop off). You will need to hire personnels that would be in charge of different departments.  And for this you will need to pay them wages or salary, depending on the agreement. 

For your equipment, you will need to service and maintain  them, and to do that, you will need the service of a technician. You will need to pay for service charges (waste disposal, water bill, electricity bill). Other costs you are likely to bear on a monthly basis also include online ads and internet bills. Check out this specially compiled list of the expenses to start and run a micro laundry business in Nigeria.

Notes on Equipment Needed to Start a Laundry Business
  • Detergent: Hmm…Please buy a very good detergent not just anyhow detergent. Buy the ones recommended for laundry and make sure they do not leave over harmful chemicals on the clothes.
  • Starch: Some customers prefer their clothes well starched, others faintly starched, and some others don’t even want you to at all. Always confirm with customers before you use it.
  • Water: If there is no water supply, you may need to buy a tank where you can buy and store water. But it’s best if you have a reliable source of water. Laundry business is highly dependent on water and light.
  • Washing Basins: This is very important, to wash clothes, to rinse clothes, to store water, and sometimes to even soak clothes.
  • Washing machines: This is optional for a starter. But if you can afford it, why not.
  • Pressing Iron: Pressing iron is a must-have for you. Not just anyhow pressing iron. Get a quality pressing iron if you don’t already have one. Get a pressing iron with customization features for different fabric materials. Steam pressing irons are always handy. 
  • Ironing table: This will let you have space to properly and comfortably lay the clothes you want to press. (I  love to call it a surgical table).
  • Power Generator: It’s not breaking news again that the light in Nigeria is not reliable. If you don’t want to get disappointed and then disappoint your customers. Get a secondary source of electricity. Especially one that can power pressing iron and other equipment you will need
  • Nylon and tags: For packaging and sorting you will need this, so you won’t mix things up.
  • Shelves: You’ll need shelves to properly store clothes before they get delivered.

Meanwhile, for a small-scale approach, you don’t need a washing machine yet, you can hold on. If your family has a good power generator already,  great! All you’ll be needing then is washing basins, detergents, starch, a good pressing iron, nylons and tags and ironing table (tell the furniture man to help you make one that can have space to store cloth; convertible).

In part 4 of this blog series, we will be sharing with you the must have Set-up before you start a laundry business. Subscribe to our newsletter so as to be the first to receive amazing business insights from us As in dey hot!

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Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria #2. The Process.

How to start a laundry business in Nigeria

Heyyyyy! Excited you are here again, that’s lovely, and that gives us joy knowing that you are really willing to learn. What if we told you that our CEO and founder have reserved every Wednesday of the week for people like you who are really keen on entrepreneurship to have a free one-on-one session with her. You earned it! You can indicate interest by scheduling here. Now to the deal of starting a laundry business in Nigeria. Recall we started with the must have skill in the last blog. Here we would be explaining the processes of laundry that you must never forget.

Process to remember for your Laundry business

Starting a laundry business is not really a difficult process at all, yet it requires paying keen attention to detail. For the business to keep running, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Here are the processes it takes to get laundry done and run a successful laundry service.

  • Pick-up
  • Classification/Tagging
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Ironing
  • Folding
  • Packaging
  • Pick-up/Drop-off

This is the period where you visit your customers to pick their laundry. While some customers prefer that you come pick-up at their place, with a sufficient fee for that, some other customers may choose to drop-off their laundry at your place, maybe on their way to the market or somewhere else. But come to think of it, you can be innovative and do yours differently,  by partnering with a logistics company to design a pick-up and delivery system. You can go further by creating a schedule for your pick-up, allocating specific days, say, Fridays and Wednesdays for pick up, to make it known to customers. 

Create something like ‘express service’ outside of the normal pick-up days. You would find out that this is capable of putting you up there above your competitors ( we prefer to call them allies). Check our video in the app about why competitors are allies. The goal is to make things convenient for your customers, which is the main thing they are seeking in the first place. Your ability to always find a way to make life easier for the customer is always going to be a plus for your business.


After pick-up, the next thing you must do is to tag the collected clothes, you don’t want to start looking for “Oga Yellow’s clothes”. Tagging is very important to keep things organized and easy to find. Meanwhile, you would still have to do this again after washing. A good structure and organization like this will not only help you to easily find clothes but also will help your business grow quickly if you channel it to every aspect of the business. Some tagging system could be as simple as logging clothes description + client ID in a sheet.


This undoubtedly is the peak in the laundry process, it is the period where you clean the fabric appropriately paying special attention to fabric type, texture, colour, dirty areas and also determine the best approach. Here you can either use a washing machine or clean manually, using the most suitable water temperature and detergent/soap. Just as we have discussed earlier in this article, on the must know of the laundry business. Washing is an integral part of the laundry business.


At this stage, you spread the cleaned clothes to remove moisture. This can be done either by sun-drying or using a drying machine. But you must first find out if the cloth doesn’t have a warning that says do not dry with a machine.  While drying, you must also ensure that where you are spreading the clothes to dry is clean and free of contamination. Just so you know too, some clothes can’t stay in the sun for too long, instead you just air-dry. Part of the laundry business service is ensuring damages are prevented. 


This is the stage after you’ve removed the clothes from where you must have spread them to dry. This stage is very tricky especially if you are not used to ironing or setting iron at the right temperature for different fabric materials. For a starter, ensure to read the label on a cloth, they often put it there. The rule of thumb is to start from a not too hot temperature then increase gradually to identify the best temperature for the fabric. 

This is just a beginner thing though, by the time you turn to a ‘Pro’… this laundry process becomes natural. Our recommendation here is that you start with a ‘steam iron’ instead of dry pressing iron. Although they cost a fortune but are worth the price, for the multi-dimensional functions they have. Luckily you can get them at a good price if you buy tokunbo. If you are in Lagos, Lawanson street at Surulere is your go-to place for that. 


You can’t joke with this process. This is where you fold clothes to the proper shape. Some do this alongside ironing. Especially to bring out what we widely know as ‘gator’.You have to fold the pressed clothes properly, I say aesthetically. As suggested in part 1 on how to start a laundry business, you can further read up on how to fold clothes; skirts, shirts, agbada, blouses etc.


After folding, the next thing to do is to package those folded clothes in either a branded or non-branded clean transparent nylon. And then gently place the ones in the transparent nylon in a polythene bag a.k.a polybag (If I were you, I would ensure that the polybag is branded shaaaaa!). Please note that the usage of polythene nylon to carry clothes is only suitable for packing a few clothes and by the way Nylon bags are not very sustainable to our environment. Shey you see them lying everywhere and it’s ugly. Research more sustainable packaging that can decompose faster when thrown away. We will share more ideas on this in the next parts where we talk about innovation and growth. 


You are wondering why pick-up/drop-off again? yes! back to square one again. Although this depends on the agreement between you and your client. They either come to pick-up or you visit to drop-off their properly laundered clothes with an inviting smile on your face. Recall we have suggested earlier that you could partner with a logistics company to make things faster and efficient.

Is there really money in the laundry business?

Even If you are doubting Thomas, we are certain that after this practical estimate of profit you can make from a laundry business, you will be convinced that there is real money in laundry business. Here we go, let’s use shirts and trousers as our profit marker, say you are washing a shirt for N300 and trousers for the same amount, and you get to have at least 50 shirts and 50 trousers per day, at the end of the day, you would have made N30,000. 

Removing expenses like power, wages, detergent from this money, let’s say N5000. If you have 3 employees, two people in charge of washing, you and the other one are in charge of ironing, and you are paying them N4,000 per day. At the end of the day, your expenditures should be N5,000 (service bills) + N12,000 (wages) = N17,000. You should be left with a profit of N13,000. 

Business owners must rest, think Sharing economy for maximum efficiency!

Now, if you run the business from Mon – Sun, which most people in the business do and though not advisable, your weekly profit should be N13,000 x 7days = N91,000. Remember to take time for yourself. The fact that you run 7 days a week does not mean you are the one working through. There is what is called a sharing economy. Your laundry business can be developed as a cooperative, where one or two other launderers work jointly in the same space and build their own client base. We would discuss this in upcoming videos in our Joadre app. 

Now following the full time work plan of 7 days a week, in a month, you should have N13,000 x 30days = N390,000. Mind you, this estimate excluded other fabric materials and clothes types which laundry price charges are even way higher than shirts and trousers. Imagine, by the time you add the returns from other clothes like Agbada complete, Iro and Buba etc. Your profit will even be way higher than N13,000 per day. You can download a basic laundry price list we put together for you here. We will continue to update it, but the updated version can be found in our app under Data. So you still have left to deduct rent and other operational cost which we will explore in future parts of this blog series.

How Profitable Is Laundry Business

Also, if you bring innovation like a subscription package, where customers get to have at least 25 pieces of fabrics washed in a month for, let’s say N9,000, and you work very well to ensure that you have at least 200 consistent subscribers in a month. You should be making nothing less than N1,800,000 from that in a month. Do the mathematics and remove all expenses, you will still have an encouraging amount left as profit.

To start a laundry business in Nigeria, the estimated cost for a small scale is between N50,000 – N100,00 while that of a large scale can be as high as N3,000,000. In the next part of this blog series on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria, we would shed light on the estimated cost and budget required to start a laundry business. Subscribe to our newsletter so as to be the first to receive amazing business insights from us As in dey hot!

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Joadre Editorial Team

How to Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria #1. Your Skills.

How to start a laundry business in Nigeria

If there is one business that we are sure booms through all seasons in Nigeria, it is the laundry business. People are so busy that they sometimes don’t have time to do their laundry. People have events to attend and they want to look sweet and sharp, they need the service of a launderer. This business also has the potential to grow and become a large scale business where you have branches all around the country. In future articles, we will explore the pros and cons of having branches all over the country, also known as chain stores/outlets. So remember to subscribe to our Newsletter or get our App from Google play store

This is a 4part blog series, and in this first article, we will be sharing with you the must have skills/knowledge when starting a laundry business in Nigeria. Our aim is to give you a step by step guide to starting a laundry business, otherwise confused as dry-cleaning in Nigeria. Firstly, we shall like to correct that before we proceed further, so that you can sound like someone who knows what he/she is doing when you eventually start this business right there in your little space. 

Is Laundry the same thing as dry cleaning?

We have heard that question a lot of times, and the answer is No! It’s not like it’s impossible to run the two businesses side by side though. So, here is the difference. Dry cleaning is simply the use of chemicals otherwise known as solvents to clean fabrics without using water but specialized equipment, hence the name “DRY”. While Laundry usually is the cleaning of a piece of fabric with water, detergent/soap and then smoothing it with a flatiron or pressing iron. Laundry business is what we do majorly in Nigeria and that exactly is what we will be focusing on in this article.

Your 4 Must-have skills to Start Laundry Business

When we say ‘you’ that includes those working for/with you, should you decide to employ people to join you in the business. Here are some of the things you must know.

  1. Sorting
  2. Washing
  3. Ironing
  4. Packaging
Sorting  to get moving

As a professional launderer, it is crucial that you have the skill and knowledge of how to sort clothes for washing. The general rule is that you don’t wash clothes of different colours or shades together or white clothes with coloured clothes, that aspect is better known as colour sorting. In case you don’t know some colours are just so domineering that they destroy other clothes if you wash/soak them together. Never should you attempt to wash white clothes with coloured clothes, or your Ankara with another cloth material. 

Another is fabric sorting, where you sort clothes based on their material. Meanwhile, some clothes are not meant to be washed with a machine. Please take your time to read instructions on the clothes labels if there is. You can firstly engage in learning the different types of fabrics used commonly in making clothes and then go further to find out the standard way of caring for such fabrics. Working at a laundry service for a couple of weeks or months might even be very important. Check this Wikihow article on clothes sorting for washing. 

Washing with care 

You must know/learn how to wash different fabrics if you haven’t already done so. The truth is, each fabric material requires different care when it comes to washing. Pay keen attention, read care instructions, research general care instructions and feel the fabric. Carry out a sample wash test, if possible using just the edges of the fabric when you are not very sure about it. In part3 of this blog series, we would share some quick wash test tips. When washing by hand, the rule of thumb is that you target parts of clothes that are easy targets for dirt e.g collar, armpit, shoulder, sleeves etc. You must also learn about water temperature. Different clothes require different temperatures of liquid or water-detergent mixtures to wash them.  

If you use a  washing machine, you have to learn very well about the particular machine programme, how it works, don’t just assume. Many people love to assume. Please, each washing machine comes with a manual where all the washing programmes are explained. Some even allocate the type of fabrics. Most washing machine manufacturers these days have made things easier by adding that ‘fabric type’ indicator, to select an option for the type of material to be washed. So you see it is important to know your fabrics. 

We would create a blog about fabric types. If you buy a secondhand machine and there is no manual, google the machine brand and serial number to download the manual online. These are simple tips that will make your business skills better. It’s also part of your washing skill to know which detergent is best for a cloth. Ankara for instance is best washed with laundry bar soap. Regarding detergents, many have harsh chemicals that would later cause skin rashes or irritation to the client. Check our part 3 blog on this business for more tips about detergents and soap selection. Subscribe to our Newsletter to know when we release it. 

Ironing for a Laundry business is different!

You must learn and even relearn how to use pressing iron. We are not saying you don’t know how to press clothes with iron. Of course, you have been ironing your own clothes, but you know what, it is business now and there’s no such thing as a mistake. I am sure you don’t want somebody embarrassing/insulting you for burning their expensive piece with pressing iron (you don’t wanna see crazy!). You must learn to know the suitable temperature for different fabrics. Our tip here is to work with a steam iron. If you’ve noticed many tailors use steam iron because you can hardly burn clothes with steam irons. 

Packaging to make a statement

You must also learn how to fold clothes and package them. This is key! They call it the finishing touch. There are techniques on how to fold shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses and so on. Google, read, practice and learn! Create a good statement about your laundry business service at this stage. This is when you might want to add a refreshing spray if the detergent smells too harsh or unpleasant. Lemon sprays (Naturally made) always do magic. It smells “freshness”. This is also an opportunity to flaunt the brand of your business. A thank you note can do a great job. If you deliver on Sundays, a simple card saying either “Happy Sunday” or “Blessed Sunday” Or “Wishing you a great start in the week”,  transforms the relationship between you and the client, trust us!

Did you just ask “Is there really money in laundry business?” What if we told you that you can make as high as N1,800,000 in a month from laundry business, yes! Okay, we will show you how you can achieve that in the subsequent parts of this blog series. Stay with us at Joadre and follow our Business Start-up Series by signing up to our newsletter as we share practical steps and processes on how to start dozens of businesses. We will explore cost and financing opportunities in future parts of this blog series. 

On our Joadre App, we would publish practical videos and podcasts relating to starting a laundry business in Nigeria and how investors can get on board. We have been working on launching our in-house content streaming and data analytic app where you will have it all in one place. It is our Joadre app that combines our educational content with data intelligence. It will help you build your business in Nigeria and connect with potential partners from Europe and beyond. We will be releasing it soon. You can download the beta version now on Google play store for android users to be one of our first test users. Thank you for reading to the end. Stay motivated and share your comments, suggestions or experience beneath. 


Joadre Editorial Team

Create Sustainability For Our World & Here is How.

enhance the sustainability of our world

It is the responsibility of our elected political governments to develop an environment that enables growth within a sustainable ecosystem. However, in this blog article, I want to introduce you to an approach that we as individuals or smaller groups can explore to  improve sustainability in today’s world. I have spent the past 20 years developing projects aimed to improve sustainable development in Africa. During my work, I came across the term social entrepreneurship. However, my experience has reshaped how I think about social entrepreneurship or sustainable economics. 

Why a human-centered economics?

Social entrepreneurship is designed to enhance the community it serves without exploitation of resources in the process of doing so. Read more on our previous blog where we explore more about social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur works around the economic structures available today. Economics is today a vital part of our human experience. Our goals therefore should be to approach economics from a more human centred perspective.  In it’s deep sense, economics concerns what we create (Give), what we receive (Take), the purpose of this give-take interaction and its relationship or impact to our communities. In a previous blog, we introduced seven elements to developing a more human centered economics model.

Go beyond, deeper to make sustainability natural

Today, it has become so natural to donate and raise funds for charitable and humanitarian causes. It is a recommended approach to solving very crucial problems. However, we must ensure that it does not become a normality and excusable option from our own responsibilities. We must ensure that it is not our get away ticket. I have spent a great time of my life raising funds and encouraging donations to solve social problems. I admire those civil society organisations that do so too and new ones that will arise. 

Also companies that have taken to corporate social responsibility a.k.a CSR. These are all well intended efforts, even when they are both very different and distinct approaches. Still I encourage that we go a step deeper to begin to redesign our human experience. With the goal that it becomes the exception to have to donate for social causes or integrate CSR as an element of “Good” into our economic system. 

How can you integrate sustainability into your space?

What if we started from the onset to design an economic system were negative social causes are very minimised or avoided? Can we re-examine our work and businesses, redesign it in such a way that generating social value is a natural element of our everyday activity? I know that there is a fulfillment in giving back money without expectations. But also this fulfilment comes from the huge value we have placed over money. 

Shouldn’t we design our work that what we call excess that can be given back is an integral commitment that uplifts the ecosystem. Look at the issue here. If a company had 5000 Euros to donate to charity every year, charities now then have to lobby, please, network and maybe compete to continually get that 5000 Euros. Otherwise the sponsoring company can choose a different charity every year. Fair enough. However, the charity that is not chosen is left to find ways to raise that missing funds. 

Even the well intended act of running a charity now employs the pressure of traditional economics. I have seen many charities invest in so many things that do not directly serve its purpose. This indirect route to meet the end limits what gets to the end. The means to the end is very crucial. Some non-profit compete against one another, all in the quest to stay funded. This approach to the economic model of “competition” is not healthy for our world moving forward. In a future blog, I will explore more about economics and the model to compete for innovation. 

The means vs. the end?

I have seen charities fight world poverty and then invest a good sum of their budget on social media advertising to generate donations. The issue of world poverty is not that we do not have enough to go round everyone in our world, but that ressources and wealth is poorly distributed leaving a large percentage with very little. Now the irony is that investing money in a social media fundraising campaign fuels a significant amount of funds back into the pockets of those who already have enough. It might seem like, no it’s just a hundred euros digital marketing investment, but with thousands of charity around the world, a hundred Euros becomes millions distributed poorly.  This is just a simple example that we now consider a normal approach. 

If you are a professional responsible for CSR decisions or if you’re an entrepreneur, owning a business, I tell you that there are countless ways to redesign your business to integrate social values that are natural to your model. Social values that truly create sustainable positive impact and growth for the target audience. From your products, services, activities of operation and many more areas, you can change the game. 

The first thing here is to go in depth into your one space of expertise. Tap deeper into your own cycle of business. If you produce sport products, become the king of sustainability around sports. If your retail products, choose a structure that enhances sustainable retail. I invite you to explore new ways with us at Joadre on how you can develop your business to create sustainable values and therefore enhance sustainability in your space. Space by space, we begin to reshape our world. 

One night to tune into your “WHY”

We are creating our first one night workshop to promote more sustainability for European-based professionals who make crucial decisions that impact others and for entrepreneurs who impact communities beyond their geographical borders. Our focus is reconnecting to the African continent using sustainable values and building long-lasting partnerships that generate respect and synergies for the cultures participating. Our workshop uses micro unconventional events to experience the way of life in Africa because we believe sustainability begins by appreciating the unknown diversity that connects us. 

Our goal is to rekindle your connection to your “WHY”, tune into its essence and allow this connection flow to strengthen your business values. If you would like to participate in our one night workshop which will include accommodation and feeding, kindly drop us an email at office@joadre.com. The workshop is held in Austria, so only those who stay around Austria or can travel to Austria without any formal requirement can be admitted to the workshop. I hope you liked this article. I look forward to your comments and feedback. Not to miss out on our updates, please sign up for my newsletter here. You can watch some of our videos on my YouTube Channel here. Wishing you a very productive week. 



First-hand experience with insecurity and its effect on health. Pt. 1

First-hand experience with insecurity in Nigeria.

I travelled again to Edo state, my home town in Nigeria for some projects mid 2021. When I am in Edo state, I sleep at hotels. However, this time I decided to spend the night at our family home which I had not done for over 20 years as there were a dozen reasons not to. This time, the rewards were high, I would spend more time gisting with my mum. And also save hotel costs and experience the space of my childhood.  After this experience, it dawned on me how the “insignificant” insecurity issues within Nigeria have become so normal that we can’t even think it affects our health. And again, I apologise already for this very long article. Read on to find out what happened and my tips.  

Beautiful early dinner experience at home

After a beautiful pounded yam and ogbono soup early dinner, a lot of gisting and singing, it was time to embrace the night with rest. My mum’s bed and grandma’s bed had these princess-like net curtains draping down from a hook on the ceiling right above the middle of the bed. I thought to myself, beautiful. Seriously, it had nothing to do with beauty, soon I understood that fact! I curled up into my own matterase, leaving the net-protected windows open for fresh air. The talks we had and the experience at dinner made my heart melt in joy. I was home, like a child, once again. These beautiful emotions cycling though my body did not last that long as I heard the first zooooom moving around my head.

More ambitious mosquitoes

In Austria, where I spend most of my night, there is what we called Stechmücken (Mosquitos). These mosquitoes could disrupt your sleep. But they are not always zooming and you could lock up the windows as it is often cold anyway. In my family home that night, these mosquitoes were rather more ambitious than their Austrian Stechmücken. All through the night, they bugged me. I covered myself fully with the blanket and tried not to suffocate. It was already a very strenuous sleep experience two hours into the journey of the night. 

Sleep is something I do not joke with. A good night’s rest, through sleep, is the very one human experience that gives us a great chance to rejuvenate, rebuild new cells and repair damaged ones. It was either I suffocate under the blanket  or condition the mind to sleep through the zooms and bites. I chose the latter. Like I had an option! Sooner or later, I caught some sleep. Then it happened. “The” trumpet blew! 

Yes, it is a trumpet. 

Deep in my sleep, I began to hear a sound. The sound became more and more pronounced. I transitioned rather fast from sleep to semi-wake state. My mind battled to recognise the sound. A trumpet. I became more vigilant but still battling to keep sleep close by. It sounded again. It was certainly a trumpet. Who blows a trumpet in the middle of the night? No one, my mum nor grandma was awake nor worried. Was I the only one hearing the trumpet? Or is it so normal to have a trumpet blow in the middle of sleep and sleep itself just continues its routine? What kind of sleep has evolved here in my hometown?

When mosquitoes’ zoom and bites became irrelevant

As my mind tried to grasp the sound and make sense of this experience, it opened up outrageous potential explanations. Outrageous because it showed me how deep environmental conditioning can access one’s mind. It is indeed a consistent work to stay deprogrammed. My christian childhood upbringing caught up with me. Eh, so there is the judgement day like I was taught in the christain primary school and many sunday school services where kids were conditioned to believe all sorts of outrageous ideologies and stories. On that day, the trumpet would blow. All the saints and the chosen will ascend to the kingdom of heaven. Mosquitoes’ zoom and bites became irrelevant. 

A religious upgrade experience

The trumpet blew again. Shit, so this teaching was true. It was meant to be this dramatic. You actually get to hear the trumpet. If I was hearing it, either I must be ascending now into heaven or? But I was still in my bed struggling with mosquitoes. Did the mosquitoes hear it too? Why is no one awake praising God and rejoicing for the last day has come. While my mind was wrestling to free itself from its conditioning, another sound came. A more violent sound. Like a sharp metal blade scaping the floors of concrete. Oh yes! Now my mind’s recognition ability has finally calibrated properly. I grew up with these sounds, just the trumpet was an upgrade! Dem right, a religious upgrade!

How to condition the mind in upcoming blogs 

The power of the mind and the conditioning through our experience is something we really need to explore and begin to intentionally approach. In upcoming blogs and videos we would dive deep into this topic. I will share techniques and practices you can employ daily to build your mind towards the life you love. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter to know when we publish content. Meanwhile let’s continue with the sleep and soundbites of the night at my family home.

It is judgement day, indeed!

Cultlasses scapping the streets. Ok this is familiar. Yet another sound. Probably an iron rod hitting an iron pan. Then the trumpet sounded. The mix of trumpet, iron rods and cutlass blades, created a scary rhythmic tune as the cycles repeated. Now I know. It was indeed the judgment day. Judgement day for any human being who dared theft or robbery that night. For any person who fell victim to the blades of the cutlass and pressure of the rod iron. Civil defence was activated on the streets. 

Who are these defence sound makers?

My sleep was heavily interrupted. I spent the rest of the night listening to the hourly routine. These sounds were deliberate attempts by the civil defence. A civil defence group in Edo state, like in many other communities is a group of volunteers from the community who dedicate their nights in routine to protect the community. Every household paid a token for this service, for these sleep beats, to feel safe. Almost everyone within the community civil defence group came from the community. They are your fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbours, friends and yes mostly men.   

Sleep sounds and its nuances

As the night went by very slowly, I could feel my mind adjust towards the beat. I began to find a rhythm that could lead to sleep, a rhythm that signified safety from the streets of  my childhood. Scary sleep sound. Sleep sounds that reminded me that one could be robbed at gunpoint. An experience I know too well. Sleep sounds that reminded me that there was a community looking after me. Sleep sounds that made me wonder what I had to protect and from whom I had to be protected?  How can this be rejuvenating? Well as I slowly drift into sleep, my body adjusts to normalise the condition. But yes, even when our bodies are consistently fighting to find balance in every situation, what effect does it have on us long-term? 

Normalised sleep disturbance

I used to think generator sounds at night were loud. They are but there is a consistency in the noise they create that still allows for sleep. This hourly alarm from civil defence was another level of disturbance. But their disturbance meant my protection. That night, I could understand how our cognition could get affected by long-term strain from these kinds of sleeping experiences. Who could escape this normalised sleep disturbance? Only those who could afford estate-like security, soundproof living structures, soundless generators and more distance to reality. They were wealthy and could pay for peaceful rest. If you can’t afford to buy a peaceful sleep, then either get your mind conditioned to expand what is normal or try out some tricks to enhance your sleeping cycles.

What security measures do we need?

Civil defence is a form of security system that has evolved around Nigeria as the government has failed to provide security measures for its people. Security would mean to ensure daily security systems for the Nigerian people. Systems that create environments and structures where less and less people find it useful to go into armed robbery,  theft or plaunderings people’s homes while they sleep. When still, some choose these paths, security measures would mean that there is a system in place to counter those acts swiftly and as just as possible. Measures that would not pressurise community people to reenact presumed judgement day with trumpets and iron rods. Seriously though, how did civil defence come up with the idea to use trumpets to sound-scare potential robbery? What security measures do we need in Nigeria? What do you think about civil defence and their engagement?

How to live through and stay rejuvenated. 
  1. Use an ear bud! No matter what area you reside in, if your sleep is interrupted by sound noise due to the good will of civil defences or street security or generators or just the express road or whatever noise that prompts you out of bed regularly, use an ear bud to shut down as much noise as possible.
  2. Take naps during the day when the time allows.  Do lots of sleep catching up but do not mess with your circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle (Wikipedia). We will debate that under our health blog category some other time. If you have weekends off, do much resting during these weekends or free days to compensate for the lost rest. 
  3. Engage in strategic physical exercise like some forms of stretching the body, joints and muscles to increase your ability to rest. 

Very good and quality rest, consistently is very important to expanding your mind. With a nourished and rested mind, you can get better and innovative ideas to build businesses, further your career and design the life you love. And that’s where sleep comes in. Stay with me on Joadre by signing up to my newsletter as I share first hand experiences, explain how they affect your life and show you ways to enhance these experiences. I publish videos on my YouTube channel JoadreTV regularly, so make sure to subscribe there for more educational content around building businesses with empathy. 

I have been working on launching our in-house streaming and content app for your smartphone where you will have it all in one place. It is our Joadre app that combines our educational content with data intelligence. It will help you build your business in Nigeria and connect with potential partners from Europe and beyond. We will be releasing it soon. You can download the beta version now on google play store for android users to be one of our first test users. Thank you for reading to the end. Stay motivated and share your comments, suggestions or experience beneath. 



How I Meditate & Setup My Space. PT.3 – Deep Health

Meditate for entrepreneurs

Continuing last week blog on the Science and Spirituality of meditation, here is my personal practice on how I meditate. First of all, some say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well I say, cleanliness leads to a fresh mind. The first step to set up your space is to make it clean. All you need, depending on if you sit or lie down during meditation, you will need about 1 meter by 2 meters space for sitting. And 1 meter by 4-5 meters space if you choose to lay down. So I have a yoga or gym mat spread out. Then a beautiful while cloth on the mat. A towel will do just well. 

Let the things you love help your meditate

I have a table in front of my space decorated with things I love. The goal is to have a space that makes you remember nice things. I specifically painted the wall in front to a color I like and spread a beautiful cloth on the table. These are simple tricks to get you tuned in faster. I have my music close by and a couple of candles, incense and stuff that smells nice. I love the effect lemon and lavender has on me. You have to find out which smells help you tune in faster. Whala! That’s all. 

Find how your flow and tune to that

So I begin with my music and light the candles. I sit for a while using a mantra of my choice. Most times, I do not use a mantra. Sometimes, I even do not play music. Sometimes I use a beaded rope (like a rosemary used by catholics) to assist me through my breathing technique. I often flow better using a breathing technique. When I focus on breathing well, I tend not to think or worry about anything. 

After about 5 minutes of sitting, I lay down and just continue breathing properly. I inhale to meditate, allowing the air to move inwards, expanding my stomach and channelling the air (breathed in) into targeted regions in my body. I sometimes hold for a second or up to 5 seconds and breathe out through my nose thoroughly. You can start by breathing out through your mouth if that is easier. After a while doing this focused breathing technique. I switch my mode to a more organic breathing flow. And before you know it I am quiet, my mind is calm, my heart breaths in a great tempo. 

Use your breath to come back to quietness

I barely think. If I have thoughts, I refocus on the breathing and let the thoughts flow out through my breath. I stay in the state for about 20 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes. I feel the profound experience the longer I stay. After some intense long meditation, and I open my eyes, I feel like I am reborn. I stay there lying down with eyes open for a while, Just like in an Asana Yoga position. Everything is beautiful. The day can start or move on. So that was a glimpse into how I meditate. As I try out some new practices, I will share them with you.

Let me know your thoughts on meditation. Have you ever tried to? What works for you? For example, I love to close my eyes during meditation. Share your comments and questions. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter for more practices on how to refresh your mind and improve your wellöbeing as an entrepreneur. More information will be published on my YouTube channel, so do not forget to subscribe if you are on YouTube. 

I wish you a happy and peaceful meditation, 


Science and Spirituality on Meditation. PT 2 – Deep Health

Meditation for entrepreneurs

Continuing on last week’s blog on Meditation For Entrepreneurs. Why And How?, let’s explore some science and spirituality. Never thought these two words would ever be in one sentence. LOL

Scientific study around meditation

There are many scientific studies that have shown how meditation works in the body. Here is what Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Sara Lazar, found from her studies on meditation. Meditation and similar practices can improve, expand and change your brain. Some findings showed enhanced senses,  improved executive decision making (so entrepreneurs???) and  increased gray matter in the prefrontal cortex (It is a part of the brain located at the front and is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development). Also meditation enhances the production of regulatory neurotransmitters and reduction of brain areas related to anxiety, fear and stress. Read more from Gaia.

Religious and indigeneous practice. Prayer is not meditation

In many world religions today, meditation is a standard practice. But let’s not confuse prayer for meditation. Prayer is an excellent spiritual practice. Different kinds of prayers is practiced through out all religious practices. From Christianity, Islam,  Buduhism to more indegenous spiritality like African traditional spirituality, diverse Aisan or Eastern spirirtual practices and even older west European spiritual practices. Prayer is more of an external practice where you are either being grateful by expressing gratitude, asking for something or praying or something or someone. 

Whereas meditation is an inwards practice where you look inwards within your body, mind and soul. You activate the inner space using diverse techniques. One very profound technique is using your breath. Breath is a free gift of life and the life force that connects us all. Why not use it to cleanse and rejuvenate your soul? Also let’s not mistake the effect of achieving calmness through meditation with the calmness you can also achieve through different practices like a walk in nature, a trance dance, Yoga and many more. All these practices are extremely vital for you as an entrepreneur and we will explore more of them in future blogs, so remember to subscribe and come back weekly to read new blogs. 

During my research trip for a documentary I am working on, I met with several religious and spiritual leaders from different belief systems. I was amazed how a Muslim Imam (an Arabic spiritual leader), a Christian pastor and an African traditional priest all confirmed the profoundness of taking contemplative quiet time to meditate. 

Meditation for cognitive enhancement as used by an African spirituality

This blew my mind! Two different African traditional priests who are both followers of a Yoruba indigenous spirituality called Ifa explained the concept of meditation to me. We, in Africa know so much, have so much, but we have forgotten or never cared to ask. These Ifa priests enlightened me about the concept of training upcoming priests to contemplate through the 256 Ifa scriptures. 

Just like the Bible scriptures or Koran or Sanskrit (Buddhism), Yoruba belief has its own scriptures. What fascinated me the most, was that these scriptures were not written down in a book-form. So you could not read to remember, but you had to memorise to remember. They explained that these young potential priest in training had to spend time meditating. It has already been known to the Ifa Worshipers that a form of meditation was needed to improve their memory. They were taught scriptures and would have to memorise it. They had to recite it to incorporate it in their memory. Hence that meditation is believed to enhance the cognitive ability of the trainees. 

I was enlightened further about the special, in most cases, sacred nutritional practices and recitation methods applied to enhance the cognitive abilities  of the trainees. Meditation they explained what very key. In future blogs, we will introduce you to some of these nutrition and recitation mantras I learned to enhance cognitive ability.  Like I said, I learned a whole lot and it is unfortunate we do not tap into these profound, now even some backed scientifically, knowledge.

Next week we’ll continue this session with meditation as I share my own simple method everyone can try. Let me know your thoughts on meditation. Have you ever tried to? What works for you? For example, I love to close my eyes during meditation. Share your comments and questions. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter for more practices on how to refresh your mind and improve your wellöbeing as an entrepreneur. More information will be published on my YouTube channel, so do not forget to subscribe if you are on YouTube. 

I wish you a happy and peaceful meditation, 


Meditation For Entrepreneurs.PT. 1 – Deep Health

Meditation for entrepreneurs

Let us explore a cheap method that will help you as an entrepreneur to upgrade your mind and create a sustainable business. This practice is called meditation. Meditation relaxes your mind, your body and releases tension and stress. It is very simple, prevents restless thinking and makes it easier to enjoy great sleep. There are different kinds or methods to meditate and here are some of them –  Mindfulness meditation, Focused meditation, Movement meditation, Mantra meditation, Transcendental Meditation and many others. 

Wikipedia’s definition of meditation

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state (wikipedia)

Why should you meditate?

Let us apply common sense. You wash or take a bath daily or regularly. You change your clothes often. You brush your teeth. You eat and go to the toilet. All these are practices you now know helps you clean your outer and inner physical body space. They make you feel refreshed. But remember, the mind, spirit and soul is most engaged to keep you conscious and able. 

With the world we live in today, there are a million and more distractions, information and external attitudes that create stress. We worry about the next idea, the next project, the bills to pay, broken hearts and many emotional issues. All these pile up in our minds, in our soul. They are stressors and energy drainers. How best can you clean your mind, soul and spirit?

Meditation alongside your prescription. 

Don’t take these health issues for granted. Apply meditation alongside your medication. When you are constantly under stress, the level of your cortisol is a lot higher than it should be.  Cortisol is a stress hormone. Cortisol provides the body with glucose by tapping into protein stores in the liver. In normal conditions this is good if it helps your body to fight or flee a stressor. 

However, elevated cortisol over the long term consistently produces glucose, leading to increased blood sugar levels. High levels of cortisol are related to fatigue, headaches. anxiety or depression, weight gain, increased blood pressure, low libido, erectile dysfunction or problems with regular ovulation or menstrual periods. Read further to learn how meditation works and how to start today. 

Meditation helps you to reset daily. Read further to find out some scientific and religious backings about meditation. 

Some very key elements to a great meditation
  1. Environment: Find the right space for you. If you do not have a space, create one. It can be your bed, if you truly have no space to create a meditation area. If you have space, read beneath so see how I created my space. 
  2. Time: This is one of the most challenging elements. I advise you to meditate first thing in the morning. At least, it should enter some of your early morning practices if you can. 5 minutes is often ok for a beginner. Consistency is more important. Read on as I explore more about time to meditate.  
  3. Posture: Seriously, you have to find what works for you. Many people sit, but the most important thing is that you are very comfortable. I choose to lay down. 
  4. Method: Breathe technique, mantra and many more methods can be used. Find what you prefer. 
  5. Ending: Always receive some time to tune back into space. If you close your eyes, allow some time to get up after opening your eyes. 
How should you meditate? Can you meditate in Lagos?

It is not easy to prescribe a certain type of meditation for anyone. In fact, I strongly do not advise you to. Try out a few methods and find which works for you. It is important because your environment and state of mind is very different from the one of someone else. For example, when my kids were very small, It was almost impossible for me to develop a meditation practice. Or when I lived in a very small apartment, I had literally no space to meditate like I would want. This meant I had to develop a practice around the single usable coach in the living room.  Which meant I had to wake up very early before the living room got crowded. Now, my kids are older, I have my own space, so I can actually set up my own meditation area. 

If you have lived or visited Lagos, you might be quick to say no! Especially if you have experienced the traffic from Island to mainland at 6pm LOL. But since meditation is basically easy to do, I strongly advise you cultivate the habit of meditating very early in the morning while still at home. Meditating in the bus, at the back seat of your car if you have a driver or at the office, might become challenging as the day runs by. There are so many external factors to distract you out there. 

Some people can meditate after work at home, but I can barely do that. Simply because everyone gets back from their day and may want to share one or two things with me as a mum. I am sometimes even very tired and do not have the motivation to relax in deep calmness. But there is another trick. You can meditate for 20 minutes right before bed. When you are already in bed, ready to sleep. Like all lights out, kids in bed. Plug in headphones and some meditation music if you like. Light the candle next to your bed if that helps. Spray the room freshener or slice some fresh lemons if that tunes you in and get on with it. But remember to put off the candle before your sleep!

Next week we’ll continue this session with meditation as we explore science and spirituality on meditation. In part 3, I will share my own simple method everyone can try. Let me know your thoughts on meditation. Let me know your thoughts on meditation. Have you ever tried to? What works for you? For example, I love to close my eyes during meditation. Share your comments and questions. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter for more practices on how to refresh your mind and improve your wellöbeing as an entrepreneur. More information will be published on my YouTube channel, so do not forget to subscribe if you are on YouTube. 

I wish you a happy and peaceful meditation, 


How To Find Authentic Business Ideas. You Are Sitting On Gold!

Find Authentic Business Ideas.

I was in Lagos all through July this year and almost many students kept asking for ways to find the right business ideas. Come on guys, you are sitting on Gold. That is what I kept telling many. Look, at the airport, I met many foreigners who are migrating to Nigeria because of the opportunities they find in Lagos and other states. So why is it a challenge for us inside to find these ideas? Let’s take away capital first as an excuse because frankly, if you have a good idea and you have done your homework beforehand, you will find someone to invest in that idea. There is no magic recipe that fits everyone and all geographical spaces, so be patient with me as I explain further.

Create your own job with your business ideas

Our economy today is not as saturated as the European or American space where people literally get help to seek a job. No, in Nigeria, there are over 90 million unemployed/underemployed people. Oya, please tell me who will give you a job. You have to create your own job literally speaking. Here are some deep strategies to find authentic business ideas.  I mean authentic because any idea you want to venture into must be very organic to your nature. You must love it and build skills around it for it to become a success story. 

SMEs can reclaim Nigeria

Now, I say we are sitting on gold because Nigeria is a mass populated country. We are a very young nation who became independent” since 1960. I am always very irritated when people compare Nigeria with many western countries in Europe for example, forgetting that these countries  have had centuries to develop and developed based on exploitation of the African space. Yes, I know we suffer under bad governance. But frankly speaking, one way out is that the SME sector needs to expand to the stage where it can reclaim Nigeria from those that exploit it. Our population is very young with lots of potential to grow. I strongly encourage you to look into niche business ideas and also something that the masses can afford. 

Many people ask me what they can import or export to make more money. Please why must we always think import will solve our problem? Go back to the village and learn some tangible skills on how to process, produce, store etc. Then come back to the digital space and learn new methods  and technology around that skill. You will be amazed how much innovation you can start by combining old indigenous knowledge with new technological advancement. This is strategy 1. That is the strategy many nations that are self-sufficient today used. Try it. Find something that interests you to produce and explore it from this angle. Then before you think about export, please make sure 204 million Nigerians (50% is enough though) already have access to that which you think other people out there seriously need. If you can do this, you will make money!

Then focus. Too many people start and stop before they even start. I know there is hardship and some challenges to pay bills. So why not get a less demanding job to cover the instant bill and use the rest time to develop your business. Getting a job to pay bills does not mean you will do it anyhow. Look, if you cannot sincerely invest tas a n employee in someone else’s, why do you expect to be blessed with yours? And always look at this as a process of learning. 

Stop looking for quick money.

Quick money might never come. And if it does, it might also vanish quickly as you have not developed the foundational skill to manage or grow it into sustainable capital. Focus. Start with one idea, find the target niche and build from there. Many people argue that they must put their eggs in many baskets o. Because who knows which will harsch first and plentifully? Ok, continue. Focus does not mean you are ignorant about other opportunities. It simply means you tap deeper into the depth of your creative power. Yes, you have creative power. 

To access this power and activate it, there are simple health practices you can carry out. It’s all about shutting down the noise that comes in the forms of distractions . You can connect with your deeper self in many ways. In another blog, I will share some simple daily practices you can use.  Focusing on your business ideas to get deeper will show you how to derive multiple income streams from that idea. If you are in the fashion industry, check my blog on multiple income streams. 

Do not wait, start now. Many people are looking for a business plan or even someone to write it for them. Please, the essence of doing that hard work to articulate your business plan is so that you “think”. We have stopped reasoning and thinking o. Please think. A business plan must not be any fancy document, except you are ready to present it to a second or third party. If not, it is a strategy document or recorded information that summarises your intentions. Intention is set when you carry that business idea from your mind into any form of documentation, be it as a written document, a handy recorded audio or video. Check this link to see a simple guide and structure of a business plan.

Are you sitting on gold?

Finally, make sure not to overlook the simple things around you. Sometimes, you might be sitting on gold and you do not know it. Take for example Cyrus 45. They are brilliant in interior design. Visit their instagram page to see the extraordinary furniture pieces she’s making. From used, thrown away tyres to gold. Do you have a space you can rent? Can you cook something special? Are you good with your hands? Can you organise events? Can you network with people? Are you creative? Does your family have an unused piece of land? 

There are many things that can spring out of what you already have or have access to. Tap into them. So this was my first blog after my holiday this summer. We would be launching a Business Idea Revamp Project. If you want to participate, then make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when we start. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the training videos and many ideas. Maybe we can come over to your space with experts and help you get your idea to the next level. 

That was it from me, I hope to blog next week. Love ya all, 


Cash flow | 3 Ways To Manage Money To Grow Your Business

Cash Flow to manage business

Every business needs to have/received a sustainable amount of money which the business in return spends/invests daily to operate the business. Cash flow refers to the spending and receiving of cash within the business. In this blog I want to shortly introduce 3 ways every small business can maintain a healthy cash flow and what you must know about cash. 


According to Wikipedia, A cash flow is a real or virtual movement of money. Cash flow is the net amount of cash and cash equivalents being transferred into and out of a business. Cash received represents inflows, while money spent represents outflows. 

Trying to survive and you say cash flow

I started my first business at a very young age of 16 out of necessity. When my parents separated and I was sent on the streets to find a life, it was only about surviving. So for me at that time, things like cash flow made no sense. So I get you when you might be trying to survive and we are talking of cash flow. However, I quickly came to realise that I want to thrive. I choose to thrive. To go beyond surviving to actually living a life where I can thrive. One major shift that happened was to reorganise my approach to managing all the entrepreneurial activities I carried out. I began to take theories that I could apply into my everyday practice. Cash flow was one of them and here is how I used it. 

Monitor the cash flow by recording 

By developing what experts would call a cash flow statement, you can have first hand insight about the health of your business. Since cash flow reflects the current state of your business, it will be wise to continually update your cash flow records and this is a simple basic way to go about it. Consider these 3 key aspects of your business:

  1. Regular business activities which you could label operating activities. Here you record the inflow of money you make from your products and/or services. Also add any money like interest you receive. Then record the money you spend paying for stuff like overheads, taxes, purchases of raw materials, salaries, suppliers and any money you give out. 
  2. The second aspect might not be very relevant for now as a startup entrepreneur. But if you already have started and you have properties or equipment (large equipment that cost much and last years) to sell or acquire, then consider these investment activities and record them. Here you can also record non-current assets or other financial assets like bonds and stock you buy or sell for your business. 
  3. Then the last key aspect is to keep track of the major financial activities that help you start, build  or expand your business. We can label these financial activities like if you receive or payback loans from banks, investors, friends and others. Or you sell or buy back shares (parts) of your company from shareholders and such. 
Spend only what you have

Do not spend more than the cash you have. Through consistent records of your expenses, you will have a clear oversight about the current amount you have which is called your liquidity. Liquidity refers to one’s ability to pay the obligation as soon as it becomes due. You can even apply these strategies to your personal life. Cash Flow is not the money you have in your savings account or a promise from a customer. It is about the money in your current account or on your hand as cash. 

It isn’t the monetary value of the product in stock. No! I know that these products cost money but they have not been sold. Therefore, they have not yet generated money into your cash flow. Even those people promising to pay tomorrow, are not money in hand. So it is wise to know what you have and how to disseminate spending. Do not borrow or lend or take things on credit to spend on things that depreciate in value based on your expectations of money. This guiding principle will help you build a healthy business. 

Regulate your fixed cost and variable cost from the start and consistently. 

From the beginning consider fixed costs. Fixed costs can be considered indirect costs or overhead costs. They are business expenses that are not dependent on the level of goods or services produced by the business. These kind of costs tend to be recurring, such as interest or rents being paid per month. (Wikipedia). Unlike variable cost which changes as the quantity of the good or service that your business produces changes, fixed cost can sometimes ruin businesses. 

During the pandemic for example, restaurants that were not allowed to open up for 15 months still had to pay rent. Rent is fixed costs. But they did not need to buy vegetables to cook since they were not cooking. Vegetables are variable costs. So you see, list out all your fixed or proposed fixed costs and try to set them to the minimum you need to start or run your business. 

Advantages of consistent cash flow check

The advantages of using these strategies is that you get to know from which product and/or service you make more money. Maintaining a healthy cash flow helps you build credibility for your entrepreneurship journey and makes it even more feasible to get capital to expand your idea. This was a real technical blog article, but we at Joadre believe that every entrepreneur, no matter where you are or if you have access to education, there are some basics you have to understand to be able to navigate in this our economic system for today. 

I hope we could break this much needed knowledge down for you in the article. Please help us to grow our platform. We want to reach students and upcoming entrepreneurs in Africa. Help us by sharing this blog article on your social media platform. Help us by commenting beneath. Thank you so much and go check out the videos on our YouTube Channel. If you don’t want to miss out on our updates, subscribe to our newsletter. We will release our Joadre community app this year, so sign up on your waiting list to be one of our first users. Thank you for reading. 



Make Money For Impact. Design Revenue And Income Streams

make money for the impact

As a social entrepreneur, I know that the core purpose of your business, activities, ideas and projects is to create social impact and bring about positive change. Yes, but in our 21st century world, you might need to make money to provide the framework to create these social values. This means you will have to consider business smodels, revenues concepts and income streams, just like traditional business does. Unfortunately many social entrepreneurs identify themselves as a charity and refuse to invest in the design of their ideas. Since we need more ideological and purposeful commerce in our world today, let’s explore how to navigate this terrain and make money for the mission. 

You need to make money to structure your value creation

Your sole purpose is not to milk, extract and accumulate financial capital as a social entrepreneur. But that does not mean you will not design a model that allows you to make money consistently so that you can give more value. Very often, those that receive the direct value of your products  and/or service (the offer) might not be able to pay for it. This is a very common phenomenon for social ventures. Sometimes, even if they can pay for it, the fee you charge might not cover the cost of production nor can you make profit to grow.  

In some cases, you might cover your cost but you cannot grow because you have to continuously invest in training, standardisations etc.  But there are strategies to design models to enhance or boost your current structure. Check a previous blog and videos  – part 1 blog, part 2 blog, part 1 video, part 2 video, and part 3 video to learn more about how to integrate revenue models into your social enterprise or project. 

What is a business model?

This is how Wikipedia describes it “the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value, in economic, social, cultural or other contexts”. In much easier terms, it is the whole framework behind your idea or project. A business model can be referring to the project model. It embodies the approach you have to use your idea to generate value and profit. It is within creating your model that you, 

  1. identify the products and/or services your plan to offer/sell, 
  2. then to who, which is the target market or the end recipient of the value, 
  3. and any anticipated expenses.
Let us examine a simple example and how to make money 

So as a social entrepreneur, say maybe your dream or vision is to bring health care to a remote region. It is all about dentistry and teeth care for teens and young adults. You want to offer education about teeth care and also treat teeth issues. Great. However, the end recipients who are teens and young adults cannot afford the full cost. They can only pay about 20% of the cost. You can design a business models like this. Your main issue now is that you have expenses of about 80% that the customer cannot pay for.  This is an exciting challenge! If you design a model that generates the remaining 80% or more, you might even make profit to keep operations steady and begin to grow.  

Integrating third party of social entrepreneurs

Hoping you have watched the previous videos about money for the mission, you now know that you have to integrate a third party into your model. Thi third party will cover the 80%. How do you get the third party? And by the way, the third party can be a side business attached to the main business. For example, you have a borehole at the dentistry and the local population can pay a very fair price to get the water.  You only retain the cost to maintain the borehole and invest the profits into running the dentistry. See how do you create two solutions in one?

Finding more third parties

Who else will profit from the recipients receiving the health care? Is it the government in that region or of the country producing the health care equipment? Is it a medical device company producing dentistry equipment or teeth care products? Are there companies offering complementary products in that same region to other regions that are open to extending their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR? Can the extended family members of your audience pay? Or is it just the simple man on the street that recognises that everyone deserves a great teech care no matter where they are? When you have to integrate a third party to fund your model, it becomes a revenue stream of its own. 

Make money by designing revenue models.

Designing a revenue model is very important. You might have one-offs ideas to raise funds, then when that cash has been used up, then you begin to think again about ways to raise the next funds. No. Write out all the potential ways you can consistently raise funds or make money. For example, if merchandising is a revenue model you want to engage in, then expand this kind of model to develop more income streams. If you will raise funds by educating the end consumers and organising lectures, workshops, or events, this is a revenue model. 

Revenue streams are incentives to make money that need their own very extensive care. So imagine the third party scenario where you decide to get companies with no CSR to partner to fund the 80% cost of the dentistry. You will have to develop a strategy to reach these companies, pitch them the ideal partnership, send them progress reports and continuously care for them as an intermediate customer.  Here is how Wikipedia puts it – A revenue model is a framework for generating financial income. It identifies which revenue source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value. It is a key component of a company’s business model.

What are income streams?

Income streams are the different channels from which cash comes in. If your revenue model is merchandising, then what can you merchandise? Are you focusing on digital merchandising, textile products or other branded products? Say your revenue model is fees for workshops, then what different kind of workshop will you offer to generate income streams? Online workshops, life workshops, weekend workshops? How much of these kinds of either online or offline workshops would you need in a year? 

What kind of income streams would you generate from the workshops? Can you combine models? Like sell your merchandise at the workshop for which you already collected a fee to attend? But remember, your purpose is not to make money, but to give the value through the dentistry, so do not milk every opportunity to make money. Let there be enough headspace to build a sustainable venture. Integrate the streams from which you receive financing into your project design.  

This was a very technical blog about how to make money to grow your value creation enterprise. Stay with us as we release more implementation tools for you. Subscribe not to miss out and hey, we are launching our mobile app soon to build a tribe of social entrepreneurs beyond borders. Want to be in our network, pre-register now.  Thank you for reading to the end and share with anyone who you believe will need the information. 



How To Expose Your Mind To Find Business Ideas

expose your mind to find business ideas

When we hear the expression get exposed, we might believe it has to do with travelling, having money and what not. Yes, when you travel and visit many cultures, you quickly learn that life is lived and experienced in so many diverse ways. In this blog, I want us to learn what exposure means for you as a social entrepreneur and how you can expose your mind. Today in schools, you have a fixed curriculum that outlines what you must learn, know and understand. Often, you end up just learning or memorising the answers for the exam. 

Get out of the box to think outside the box

Everyone has to get a basic standard of knowledge through systemised education, I get. However, the downside here is that a huge amount of knowledge comes from within a box, but you are consistently told to think outside the box. How? I studied polymer technology. I have never worked as a polymer technologist. Everything I do today is based on exposure. I literally made it a goal to consistently expose my mind, expand my perception and remain in the state of “seeking to know”. Through self teaching, learning by doing and studying exactly that which I want, I am able to develop my entrepreneurial path. 

Use books and documentaries to expose your mind

You might just find yourself in the dilemma that you feel stuck with what you have learned, your degree. It might become a struggle to craft out a business based on that which you learned from within the box. Here are ways to get out of the box so that you can think outside the box. When you choose what to read or watch, try not to stay only around the fictional realm. Real life experiences, documented stories and research work are very fruitful ways to tap into the collective knowledge. You might be very surprised what opportunities will spark in your mind when you watch a new documentary film. 

I actually got to understand the idea of trademark, patent and copyright through books and documentaries. How these are used as forms of equity to leverage wealth from generation to generation. I quickly learned that you can protect some of your work simply by emailing things to yourself for example. You get to know more about the world beyond your own reality and the nitty gritty of your daily life. You profit more when you read and watch materials which might not always share the same insight as you do. Doing this intentionally gives you an opportunity to grow, to expose your mind, to know more. Mind you, when you begin to expose yourself, you get to see that you know more but also know nothing.  

Listen, enter into dialogue, not arguments

This is key! I always surrounded myself or conversed with people who I share the same ideologies with. But is this good? You will get many mentors telling you to stay around people that are like minded. I used to say this too but I do not promote this idea anymore. If you only have the capacity to accommodate the ideas of those that are similar to you, you can never expand your mind. Exposure does not mean to know more of what you know but to allow yourself hear ideas that might even contradict your own. It does not mean you now change to follow that idea nor does it mean you lose a grip over your own idea. But it gives you the opportunity to understand something deeper from more angles, perspective and space. An open invitation to grow. 

Maybe within those angles lie the solution you might be seeking. Maybe the answer is a combination of your ideas and the others. Often this experience can become an argument. Quickly an opposition forms as the perspectives might be contradicting. But engage rather by listening if you lack the capacity to hold a constructive dialogue. Constructive dialogue will mean you do not condemn the others ideas but you seek sincere knowledge to understand where they are coming from. By listening to opposing views, I learned about Data analysis and how the world is using it. Listening can mean you attend events, workshops, engage in conversations etc. These are practical steps to expose your mind.

Break out of your own perception, expose your mind

There are many strategies to free yourself from your own rationality and perception of the world around you. As an entrepreneur, it is very important to tap into how other entrepreneurs are solving the same issue you want to solve. When people say they do not have ideas, I tell them to break out of their limiting world view. The first way to do this is to find out information about that issue beyond your geographic region, your community and learn how these people solved that problem. Thank God we have the internet, so researching beyond regional spheres is now as easy as never before.

I hope you liked the tips and strategy proposed in this article. Not to miss out on our future content, remember to subscribe to our newsletter. You can follow our YouTube channel if you are already on Youtube to watch our videos around building a sustainable business. We will release our own app soon. An exclusive app for our tribe members were conscious videos content meets data intelligence. To get our app, add your details to our waiting list so that you can secure a spot in our tribe and get the app when we release it. If you know anyone that would profit from this blog article, please do share. Thank you and have a productive week ahead. 



Prevent Child Abuse To Build Confident Entrepreneurs.

prevent child abuse as entrepreneur

So many times, we see a neighbour, a teacher or it might be you, beating up that child like no man’s business. Physical beatings of children as a way to “train or discipline” children has been rooted in many ancient cultures around the world. Thank God it is widely not acceptable anymore. As a child, I remember my fathers excuse for physical beating was to discipline us. I hold no grudge because I know he knew not better and he too was reflecting his own upbringing. Unfortunately today still, many families are stuck in the circle of violence. For some societies, communities, elders or parents, child beating is the norm.  But the good news is that our traditions progress, our cultures evolve and we humans learn, at least we have the opportunity to learn. 

This is a simple truth about child abuse

Child beating is child abuse, no excuse. There are many other forms of child abuse – maltreatment, psychological maltreatment, neglect, severe punishment, food deprivation and starvation, consistent shaming, emotional blackmail, sexual abuse, witnessing domestic abuse and many more. Beating up your child or a much younger person you are supposed to be guardian to (in some cases where house boys or girls unfortunately exist as it is child labour) is voilence. Fullstop! It can go a long way to cause harm and damage to the child. It also causes so much damage to you, the beater! It causes harm and damages the community of beaters and the beaten. 

A child’s well being affects their adulthood

Remember that that child is supposed to be the future generation. That child would create the ecosystem you as an older person will have to live in. That child will be responsible for a younger person. What wealth of virtue can a child learn from a parent that consistently beats? Apart from physical implication of physical violence of children such as bruises, cuts, broken bones, health problems or even death, there are many negative behavioral effects manifested.  Effects like self-harm, eating disorders, alcohol and drug use, insomnia, discomfort with physical contact, academic failure e.t.c. These hazards caused at a very young age deprives the child of opportunities in the future. Most adults who were not able to work through the trauma of childabuse or even who do not realise the implications or hold it has on them, often find that these characters they now possess hinder their progress. 

Coping mechanism manifest in all sort of ways

Children who suffer any form of abuse feel the pain on the inside. If they grow up in a culture where it is rather the norm than the exception, they are forced to hide the pain. As a result, many of them suffer low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and often blame themselves.  Many suffer trust issues, feel emptiness and loneliness.  Some feel hopelessness, hate, despair, fear, anxiety, depression, difficulty in handling relationships, experience flashbacks, are hypervigilant, have feelings of misery, and rage, and sometimes talk about feeling suicidal. 

Child abuse is of course not the only cause of these kind of circumstances but it sure does contribute a great deal to magnifying them, if not in many cases the root cause. These are issues many people who want to be entrepreneurs have to deal with. When you have this kind of baggage to carry, it becomes even much more of a struggle to be authentic and follow your path as an entrepreneur. 

Become aware, acknowledgement is the first step. 

It might be challenging for adults who do not know otherwise, who grew up also being abused to behave differently. But many take the chance to break the circle of abuse in their family by choosing to become aware of it. That is the first step. You can begin a self check journey. Raising or catering for a child is a challenging task especially as parent-preneurs, but it is also very rewarding. Find out if you as an adult need help to deal with your anger and other issues manifesting in abuse. 

Simple daily practices to calm you down

Try simple daily anti-anxiety practices like meditation, breathing, gratitude or emotion-checks to bring you into the present moment. We will explore these practices in the future. The more present you are the easier it is to self check. If you have experienced abuse in the past or as a child, seek support to deal with it. Then take responsibility for the way any “crazy” action the child does  makes you feel. It is about how it makes you feel, because acting upon that feeling in a more aware manner will curtail any violent reaction from you. If you still cannot help yourself, seek help. If you have a partner or witness this, seek help for the partner even if they do not approve. Many communitie have elders, extended family, spiritual mentors, charities, therapies, or even law enforcement to intervene.

Self esteem start early

I have personally watched too many young entrepreneurs suffer from self esteem and struggle to express their inner self. After so many conversations, it almost always ends in some form of childhood experience. What someone said or did. I know that feeling. We have to become aware of it to deal with it. It is a process you can start now and a journey that is unending – developing your personal self as an entrepreneur.

This was an emotional blog on child abuse but it is so important. Stay with us as we release more topics on how to build your character and free yourself from limitations. Subscribe not to miss out and hey, we are launching our mobile app soon to build a tribe of social entrepreneurs beyond borders. Want to be in our network, pre-register now.  Thank you for reading to the end and share with anyone who you believe will need the information. 



3 Small Business Grants for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

3 small business grants in Nigeria

Oftentimes many people are not just aware of the available grants for small businesses. This blog article will show you different funding opportunities for small businesses grants in Nigeria. 

Diamond Bank BET Programme
  • Duration: Annually
  • Amount: 3 million naira
  • Available:  3 grant schemes
  • Giver: private financial institution

This is a small business grant initiative aimed at empowering 3 entrepreneurs with a grant of N3,000,000. 50 entrepreneurs are selected in the first stage and then trained for 6 months. After 6 months of business training, 5 finalists are shortlisted. Note that the subsequent edition of the programme has been streamlined to 3key sectors; Education, Healthcare, and Agriculture.

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP), small business grant
  • Duration: Annually
  • Amount: 3 million naira
  • Available:  3 grant schemes
  • Criteria: 18 years and above, a citizen of an African country, the business must be profit-oriented and based in Africa as well as between 0-3years old.

The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation started in 2015 and aims to create at least a million job opportunities within 10 years. 1000 entrepreneurs from numerous applicants are usually selected after careful review by business experts in the industry.

Bank of Industry small business grant
  • Duration: Annually
  • Available:  2 grant schemes
  • Giver: Public institution – government.
  • Criteria: You must be a Nigerian citizen, Have a substantial business idea. (Check our FREE 35 business ideas), Must be between the ages of 18-35, Have a minimum education qualification of OND, All applications and relevant documents are to be submitted online for verification

Bank of Industry through Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) equip young entrepreneurs with relevant skills needed to kick off a business of their own, and through Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund selects through submission National Youth Service Corp members, whose businesses are found marketable and bankable for 4weeks training and then given between N500,000 and N2,000,000.

Stay with us as we release more funding opportunities. Subscribe not to miss out and hey, we are launching our mobile app soon to build a tribe of social entrepreneurs beyond borders. Want to be in our network, pre-register now.  Thank you for reading to the end and share with anyone who you believe will need the information, 



Create Sustainable Routines To Grow Your Business

grow your business with strategy

What is the next level for you in your business or with your ideas? In this blog I want to share some operating techniques you can use to grow your business. Does the next level for you mean, you have to start your idea, or expand your business,  take your products to the global market, add new products, engage new partners etc? Whichever your next step would be, it is important to design some simple frameworks that would help you run your business even in your absence. Here is why setting up a framework is important. 

5 reasons why a solid setup can help you grow your business
  1. Your setup is expandable. If you already create a system around what you do, it is easier to expand and scale what you do based on a system that is proven to work. 
  2. As you set up, you begin to see loopholes in your idea or working process. It is easier to fix these loopholes. You can systematically generate information to evaluate and reshape aspects of your business. 
  3. A framework would give you ownership of your idea and set you aside from others in the same space. You become even more responsible and accountable. Check our blog on accountability for more. 
  4. With a functional setup or system that you have applied, you can build a track record of accomplishments that gives you authority in your industry sector. 
  5. Let your business operate in your absence – freedom. 

There are so many of such frameworks to allow you setup your business, but let’s take a look at just these few – Legal setup, financial setup, bookkeeping setup and operational setup

Depending on what you are doing or what your ideas are, identify areas that you think need proper setup. It is important to structure your business legally within the jurisdiction of your geographical region. It could be as simple as registering a business name. Here is our 3 part blog about legal setup – how to start a business in Nigeria part 1, part 2 and part 3

Financial setup gives credibility

I will go straight to the point here. Start by opening a separate bank account for your business or ideas. A current account at a bank of your choice is the best option to start with if you want to truly grow your business. Most banks would require some kind of legal setup to register and offer you a current account. Now the rule is that, never, I say never use this account or the Credit/Debit card to withdraw or pay for anything private. At the end of every month, you will see the incoming and outgoing expenditures from your bank statement. 

If you require any kind of grant, loan, funds or investment from a third party like a bank, investors, organisation and such, be rest assured they might want to see your business bank statement. Imagine they see you paid for hair extensions from the business account, except if the extensions was for a photoshoot for your brand or such, if not, it only shows how irresponsible you will handle their money. This little secret is how they check your credibility too. So to grow your business, be responsible with your finances.

Bookkeeping, record keeping to grow your business

This is very important. Bookkeeping as the name goes, explains it all. Keep records of what you spend. For example, not all incoming cash or payments and expenditures will be done via bank. Some will be done by cash or on credit. Bookkeeping means you will have a system to record this daily. The easiest is if you buy a notebook and you use it. Also, it is important you think about the business operations in our absence. 

For example, you have to travel and so therefore withdraw a certain amount you now know is needed in a week to run the business. You give your manager this amount. If you have a recording system, teach the manager and let the manager keep records of how they spend the money you leave with them. This is basic bookkeeping. To grow your business in the future, you might employ someone  with a more robust knowledge and structure for this if it becomes tedious. 

Operational setup

If you run a business that demands you sustain a certain routine, like open up at a specific time, get the products ready at a specific time and then round up at a specific time, you might want to observe this routine for a week and write out every activity you do. Then find out which is consistent. Find out what you use often. If for example you notice you use a delivery service often, you buy packaging often, you need specific raw materials, or you have to clean often, write out all these processes chronologically and hang them on the wall. Also create an SOS contact list for the key contacts that would help you achieve this process like the delivery guy, the cleaner, the packing company contact person etc. This SOS contact is necessary if you will expand or grow your business. 

Other employees would need to know who to contact and when to contact them. For Example, indicate, “contact delivery guy every monday to remind them about pick up on wednesday”. “Or contact a packaging company when we have just 50 packaging left” depending on how long they need to deliver and how much packaging you use daily. Note that it is more efficient to have them deliver things to you rather than you shopping weekly through the market. If it is inevitable and you must visit the market, remember to factor the time invested in traffic and purchase into the price of your products. 

Service providers also have to set up

This principle will apply even to service providers. Find out the repetitive work or activity you do every week and set a framework around it. For example, we release a blog every monday and a video. So we know automatically that the blog has to be ready the friday before and on mondays we would promote the blog and video. We have created a template for writing our blogs. We have created a template for promoting the videos. These templates are cloud based and can be accessed by any team member. I recommend using simple free cloud based tools like google drive and workspace. So service  or intangible product businesses have a whole lot of frameworks to create that can make work seamless.

There are many more areas to create a framework, but those explained briefly above are very important aspects.  This was a very technical blog on setting up frameworks and routines to grow your business. Stay with us as we release more implementation tools for you. Subscribe not to miss out and hey, we are launching our mobile app soon to build a tribe of social entrepreneurs beyond borders. Want to be in our network, pre-register now.  Thank you for reading to the end and share with anyone who you believe will need the information, it might be your manager. 



Everyday Self care Practices For Better Entrepreneurship

Self care as a tool to grow your business

You can only give what you have. If you are happy, you can carry that happiness into your business space. If your customers experience the value you bring from a place of happiness and joy, they are even more excited to pay you for your product or services. For this reason, Self care is an inevitable practice for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you are “the” individual behind the idea. You operate the business and regulate the atmosphere in your space. Self care is your first priority. 

Self care transcends 

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us that when your health is threatened, operating your business or making money will become a secondary issue. It is time to embed Self care in your lifestyle. I have had my fair share of experience when it comes to overworked entrepreneurs.  With two kids and lots of projects, I literally worked myself to burnout. Check out my video about my experience. Today, so many people suffer from burnout. Your environment can lead you to burnout. If you keep a toxic environment, be it in relationships, work, living, social etc, they can affect your daily stress level.

A short intro to burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. This type of Burnout exhaustion is caused by prolonged stress. And mind you stress is not only external, it can be internal or physiological. Your over-engagement (Stress) could lead to disengagement (Burnout). You have that feeling that you cannot meet the demands anymore, you feel constantly overwhelmed. Burnout often happens gradually that you hardly notice it, except when it is already acute. I am not a medical expert but a certified nutrition and fitness coach, so I cannot give you specific medical advice. However, it is important to get medical advice and support when you begin to notice these signs and symptoms. 

Signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Feeling tired and drained most of the time.
  • Consistent headaches and muscle pains
  • Strong sense of failure and self-doubt.
  • Demotivation and lack of inspiration very often.
  • Feeling of loneliness and trapped. 
  • Procrastination and  taking ages to get stuff done.
  • Decreased cognitive ability. We will talk about cognitive ability in future blogs, so remember to subscribe. 

These are just a few to watch out for. Contact your medical supporter when you experience more of these listed above. 

Self care can help you prevent burnout. 

Many might not want to try on conventional therapy. I recommend this as early as possible. But if you feel more connected to the traditional way of therapy which is to talk to friends, your hairdresser and spiritual guardian about issues that increase your stress levels, then do this often. But here are some daily practices you can begin today to reduce your stress level.  

Reevaluate what is priority to you. As an entrepreneur, you might always want to get things done and fast. Sometimes, it just does not happen. What is priority? What does your relationships with family, friends, partners, employees look like? Can you invest more quality into building them stronger?

Quiet the noise. 

When I say the noise, I am referring more to the internal noise. Internally, that racing mind of yours, that plays out all possible negative seniors has to find some resting time. In ancient Africa and even today, quieting internal noise is extremely significant. Rituals were integrated as simple doable practices community members employed to quiet the “thinking mind”. Meditation (Seated Meditation, Lay meditation, Dew-walk/bath), rhythmic dance (movement – exercise), sound therapy, worship and offerings, ceremonial gatherings, praying (gratitude prayers etc.), chatting and mantra sessions and many more techniques have been employed for thousands of years in Africa to achieve that oneness with oneself and quiet the mind. 

Find what works for you. I will share more practices on my platform and take you on a journey to learn these African spiritual practices, showing you how you can integrate them into the modern times of entrepreneurship. Not to miss out, remember to get our newsletter. 

Eat to stay healthy. 

As easy as it sounds, it is one of the most difficult things to do in our society today. Life is fast paced and filled with extravagant options. If you have disposable income, you purchase and consume. If you are not disciplined, “consume for instant gratification” becomes your new religion. Very often you eat till you want to explode, especially if that food has a combination of sugar and fat. Be wise! Unhealthy food is everywhere. Healthy eating demands that you go the extra mile now to source chemical-free ingredients, prepare the food consciously and eat mindfully to activate a healthy digestion process. 

Self care is not to be slim fit

It is not about being thin. It is about how you feel climbing those stairs, walking that distance, sitting down, lying down. Stretch exercises will help to increase the elatistcily of your joints. But food too plays an important part. Self care will reshape how you do business. You become more aware about the business decisions you make, you treat your colleagues and in short, the whole business pace. It is wise to get more people in your space familiar with self care so that you all thrive supporting one another. Please do share this blog and use it as a resource to educate more people around you. And believe me, if you have kids, start taking them along now. It is easier to learn these life important practices when still young. Have fun practicing!




3 Strategies To Set Goals to enjoy the Process

set goals to be successful

When you have so many ideas in your mind, you might find it very challenging to communicate them nor bring some into fruition. If this is you, then read on. In this blog, we will explore 3 simple strategies to achieve your ideas. You will learn how to set goals that will enable you to enjoy every step of the way.  Many call goals, result, accomplishment, the end, vision, achievement etc. Goals are tiny or large chunks of things you accomplish. They are not the vision of your business but the vision can be a goal.  Set goals that are tied with the process of work. Check out my YouTube Video related to this topic on my YouTube channel or beneath after this blog. 

Set goals by grouping task

If your idea or project has many components to it, you might want to start by breaking them or grouping them into larger categories. This is the number 1 strategy. Identifying a group of things you have to do, finding the why you have to do them and making that the goal. I turn to this approach when I feel overwhelmed about the hundreds of stuff in my head that I know needs to be done to bring the big picture alive. 

The advantage about setting goals is that you should have some kind of measuring structure or framework that allows you to see if you achieved it. If you did not, then you can maybe even recognise why. The downside is that you might have to deal with the pressure  to accomplish them or you feel disappointed if you do not accomplish them. Treat yourself with love here. It is all about the process. Goals help you see your footprint of progress, so do not treat them like irrevocable laws made in stone. 

How would you stay on track?

When you have identified some goals, go the next step to define a framework to measure how you are doing on your journey to accomplish them. The easiest frameworks are the qualitative and quantitative methods to track your goal. I recommend you define which approach for each you will use and know it from the on set, so that you dedicate a time frame to consistently revise and evaluate your performance. This is already the second strategy – choose framework for consistent evaluation.

Quantitative approach – track goals

Quantitative goals are basically those you can put a number to. For example, if you want to increase your revenue by say 50%, then it’s more quantitative. It’s so easy to track and pursue. If you want to have more than 60 customers coming in within the next 6 months, it is also easy to track. I said track, I did not say easy to achieve. The good thing about quantitative measuring is that you have an instant target and can get to work. 

Qualitative approach – Set goals

When it comes to qualitative, you dig deeper. From what area do you want to generate 50% more revenue? Were those new 60 plus customers satisfied with your product or service? This kind of analysis helps you grow your business even better. You can integrate feedback systems like surveys, polls, questionnaires, focus groups etc. into your customer service to know what they think and how they feel about your products or service. 

Connect your approach and integrate them

What about the product quality? Is it a goal to improve it? In what area? You can outline 3 major things you need to do to improve your product quality. When you begin to name these things, they are more likely to be done. Even when you have a goal that is measurable both quantitative and qualitative, you should work towards connecting them together to create a more sustainable business. So actually integrating systems within your work process to capture quantitative and qualitative results is strategy 3.

Articulate your ideas and enjoy the process

When I cannot articulate my idea, it is difficult that someone else understands. Speaking your goals into the universe, acts like a kind of manifestation. You confirm your intent and it makes you even more accountable to achieve them. Then it is time to enjoy the process of bringing those words into fruition. Enjoy the process of whatever you are doing. We will keep on releasing practical strategies you can apply for your daily operations to build your business. Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter. Please share this free article with anyone you think might gain one or two strategies from it. Thank you. 



Understand Your Customer by Paying Attention To Data

Understand your customer with data knowledge

Many entrepreneurs tell me that their product is not selling. As an answer, I ask them “who is your customer, do you understand your customer?”. This question sounds very simple but the moment you begin to explore it, you will be amazed how much of your business success depends on it. So In this blog I want to introduce you to Data. Using data intelligence  as a tool to understand your customer better. 

Understand your customer beyond money!

When I ask the question of who the customers are, the most popular answer I get is  – people with money, people that can afford it etc. Everything seems to be tied around the monetary aspect which I believe is completely wrong. But let us say we want to explore it only from the monetary angle. What does “people with money” actually mean? How much are we talking about? Who are these people? How will you know they have money? What do you judge by? Is it the clothes they wear, where they shop, who they hang out with, what they watch, where they live, what they do? 

Know what data is to understand your customer

First of all, let’s explore data. What is data? Wikipedia has an extensive and very technical explanation of what data is – Data are units of information, often numeric, that are collected through observation. However, forget the long mechanics on data. For you as a small business owner, what you want is basically to understand your customers and serve them better. But there is the process of gathering information that is relevant to understanding your customers and this process is data collection. I want to show you how to do this in a very basic and simplified manner. 

Basic rules about data collection

But before, Let us talk about ethics. You can only gather data from your customers that they allow you to. Do not share this information with someone else outside your business. Please only use this information that you gathered to understand your customers better with the purpose of serving them better. Not with the purpose of simply selling them more products, to get money and increase your revenue. If this is your motivation, you will not move far. It is important to embrace ethics when doing business. Large companies tend to manipulate the consumer after understanding them better. This is  not a good practice. Because you can do something does not mean you should. Ok, enough of my preaching, now let’s get down with data to understand your customer better. 

Check previous vlogs to learn the basics

In a previous video on my YouTube Channel, I talked about 2 distinct information you should care about – The demographics of your consumer and the psychographic information. This is a great place to start. I encourage you to go watch those videos using the links above respectively. After you have watched them, here are some ways beneath to gather the data. 

Understand you customers demographics

Major demographic information you will need include: age, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, location, education, and employment. You can easily and effectively collect this kind of information using printed or online surveys, questionnaires, quiz and such. Actually, your newsletter is the best way to go about this. There are many free newsletter tools like Mailchimp which you can use. So if you do not have a newsletter, make sure to create one.

On the other hand Psychographic data is information about a person’s values, attitudes, interests and personality traits. The customer individual views the world and the things that interest them are based on these values. This is where I encourage you to be human and respect other humans as we are all spiritual beings having a human material experience. Knowing what your customers likes and their value system is rather sacred. This is not information to disregard and extract only for profit. Respect and truly value this information. 

Does your product offer true value?

Based on this information, you can now revise your product and see if it actually helps that consumer or if your product is only a manipulative piece in the puzzle. I am very keen on this information because I want us to evolve from exploitatory mindset to sustainable and mindful entrepreneurship. In this blog about mindfulness to build your business, I shed more light on strategies to optimise your products and services. Being mindful and respecting the consumer is the only way you can build a long lasting business. So revise your products and services. Find better ways to integrate more value and better experience for your customer. Find a way to store these information securely and learn how to analyse this information. 

Wrap up and take aways

That was a heavy introduction on how to use data intelligence to understand your customers. I think you deserve a quick wrap up here. Embrace the ethics and respect the customers information, values and data. Gather information using simple tools and store these data information properly. Go beyond demographics and learn more psychographics information about your consumer. Then optimise your product to give real value and deeper consumer experience. Now you are ready to get to the next level. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know when I release even more educational blog content. Thank you for reading and please do share this blog with people that might need it. 



Social Entrepreneur Designs Social Enterprise With a Why

become a social entrepreneur to make a difference

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a company, business or organisation and then continues to actively run it. So this is very different from being an investor. Investors often do not have an active operational role in the venture. Investors are fund givers of the venture. There is a significant difference between an entrepreneur (traditional entrepreneur ) and a social entrepreneur. The latter will be the focus of this blog article. 

A Social entrepreneur is active

To be an entrepreneur, there is no specific or profound process. Generally, you need to launch the idea or project, create a structural framework around it and operate it either as a small business, scalable startup business, large company/organisation or as a social entrepreneur, all designed to make a profit. As a social entrepreneur, you also are actively involved in operating your enterprise and making profit is a result of the value you create, not the purpose.

CSR is not social entrepreneurship

First of all, I want you to understand that every single business venture or organisational activity, be it a very small project idea, they all have an impact on our world. The impact is most felt within the frameworks of the idea. For example every business affects the areas or communities they operate from or to. Many affect the nature’s environment they interact with either through their logistic/supply chain or manufacturing operations. Others affect the employees, freelancers and even their customers’ welfare. One way or the other entrepreneurship has always been a very crucial part of our interaction with our ecosystem. For this simple reason, it is important to introduce a more sustainable concept. 

Since the impact can be negative, positive or both, many businesses are obliged to create Green schemes, green washing or sincere Corporate Social Responsibility”, CSR. CSR is however not social entrepreneurship. CSR is not the core mission, vision and objective outfits creating an organisation, so therefore the CSR is not in the DNA makeup of the organisation. For social enterprise, the definition approach explained beneath is the DNA of the enterprise. 

What makes a Social Entrepreneur or enterprise?

Social entrepreneurship however is different. Your core reason for idealisation or existence is to solve a community problem and create positive impact. Which means your sole mission is to create some kind of positive social change. Money and profits is solely the instrument you use and results you get respectively. You have a purpose and a WHY! Your engagement in trade or business is more than the bottomline. 

Joadre’s definition of social entrepreneurship

According to our practical understanding, we have worked out some very key elements to embody the wholeness of a social entrepreneur. We define social entrepreneurs as follows: A Social Entrepreneur engages regularly in consistent activities that generate community value, social welfare and the financial resources to evolve its ecosystem  in relation to enhancing a circular economy, without deprivation and exploitation of other forms of resources in the means of engagement. 

Remodelling to become a better social entreprise

With this definition, it is more about the process, the means, the relationship to one’s ecosystem. When our founder, Joana decided to start the Joadre fashion project, she quickly realised that, though it had a strong social component to empower the local tailors in Africa, the model of producing cheaper from Africa to sell in Europe will not grow in relation to generate the financial resources needed, neither will it contribute to a circular economy. Even when many other elements were all present, it is still emergent to continue to remodel to make the fashion project better. 

Screen & remodel – Use these 5 key elements of social entrepreneurship

Already existing enterprises can begin to transform their businesses towards a social enterprise. Contact us as our team is glad to assist you. These elements can be used to screen your current business or project. In another blog article, we will explore each of these elements. 

  • Occurs regularly & consistent
  • Produces community value
  • Creates social welfare
  • Generates the financial resources to evolve
  • Promote a circular economy
  • Does not deprive 
  • Does not exploit other resources

This was our first blog introducing our approach to social entrepreneurship. We will release more blog articles and even more YouTube videos on our Youtube channel. To stay connected and know when we post something new on this topic, kindly subscribe to our newsletter. We are releasing an app as an effort to develop the first of its kind ecosystem where social entrepreneurs interested in the African market can grow and connect. To get on our tribe list and have access to the app platform when it is ready, sign up here – Joadre App.

How To Budget for your Business Idea in Year One

budget for your business idea

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I had no idea about budget for business. The more I journey through my ideas and projects, understanding finance becomes very important. It is a very crucial part of developing your business ideas. Money is important to build your idea but it is not the only tool you will need. However, in this blog, I want to show you how to work around knowing approximately how much money you will need to budget for in order to start your business idea. 


The person that has the numbers of your business is one of your key employees if that’s not you. I do not expect you to explore deep details about budget and numbers, but know the basic principles of getting a budget for business together. 

Why you need a budget for business ideas. 
  1. Budgeting helps you exercise your planning skills. 
  2. It is very useful to get investments, loans or even monetary gifts. An investor will ask you how much you need. The bank will ask you. Even your father or rich uncle will ask you. If you start thinking about and calculating aloud in front of the bank manager or your rich aunty, sorry you have lost that chance.
  3. Budgeting helps you stay accountable to your business idea. 
  4. Having a budget will allow you to see what to reduce or totally cut off so that you have enough money to start. It gives you a monetary picture of your idea.
  5. Having a budget for your idea is very essential in crafting your business plan or strategy document. And trust me someone will ask you. 
Let’s start budgeting  – expenses

Expenses are the things you need to spend money on in order to start your business. But it’s more. What about the things you need to spend money on to run the business? You also need to spend maybe even more money to grow the business, but that comes later. So let’s focus on starting and running expenses to create our budget for business. Start with expenses as this is always where things start from. But before, you might want to watch this episode of my YouTube channel

Split expenses to fixed or variable

Consider splitting expenses into fixed and variable expenses. Fixed is something that doesn’t change every month. Variable is something that changes based on your needs. Depending on your business, you might want to start with the fixed stuff you must spend money on. Stuff that is fixed like stuff that does not change their prices monthly or weekly. So stuff like rent or purchase of an equioüpment is basically fixed cost. Write all these stuff down. Then you can move to stuff that falls under everything utility like power supply, waste removal fee, water fee, security  and such. 

Factor salaries and your cost from the start

Human ressources is a very significant category if you will have to employ to start or run your business. Calculate the cost every month and add it. It is also important that you add your own salary if you were an employee. But be wise, your salary cannot exceed the minimum amount you need to survive. Because at this stage of starting and running your business, you have not started making revenues or profits, so you are still hustling to grow the idea. You can not begin to earn excess. Everything needs to stay in your business. Rome was not built in a day, that’s how the saying goes and it applies here.

Think about an operational day when you budget for business. 

I explore a bit in that YouTube video above. Working expenses is more important than the investment in starting. If you start but do not have money to operate, you will not make money. One thing to note is that you have to create your budget for monthly baes. Because our goal is to know what your expenses are monthly. We want to try to figure out an estimated amount you need to 1.) start your idea and 2.) run your idea monthly. So it is important that you separate this. The cost to start and the cost to run. When you are raising funds, you will have to raise the cost to start and at least the cost to run the business for at least 6 months. 

Get a budget estimate for the first year

After you have estimated the cost for all these important stuff from human resources, capital assets which are tools and equipment, cost of the raw materials, rent and utility, add operational cost like logistics, working materials, transportation and telephone, then get the total of these costs. Most of the capital assets are purchased or paid for once. Others are monthly. Now multiply them by 12 months to get the total cost or expenses you will need for the first year. Add all the totals and you can see what amount you need to raise. Make sure you watch that video above as it will give you more insight to how to create this budget for business. 

Some more technical stuff for budgeting on excel

There is some more technical stuff apart from expenses if you want to draft this out on an excel sheet. Include a column for the units(like per month or piece), cost per unit (How much one cost for that unit), quantity( the amount you will need for the whole year as it is a year’s budget. If your unit is per month, then the quantity is 12 as you have 12 months in a year) and lastly get the total which is the amount per unit multiplied by the quantity needed in a year (Unit cost X quantity). 

I hope this blog on budget for business was not too technical. If you want to learn more of business mechanics to develop your idea, remember to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates. 



Partner with IdXtreme | Opportunity for Joint Venture in Fitness Sector

idxtreme fitness business nigeria

Idris is a fitness trainer by profession and an ex-boxer. Around his community, there are many young children and youths who love sport and boxing. Since there are no training facilities for them, he decided to use his salary to buy some equipment and dedicate time to train them. He initiated his boxing project called iDXtreme. During my trip to Nigeria in January 2021, I met Idris Salimanu Ajanaku. Immediately, I was impressed about how one person can sacrifice their time and money to tackle issues within their community.  

Creating social impact with what you have

Idris is not waiting and hoping to make it big first before he creates a positive impact in his space. Idris is not waiting on excuses. He has taken significant steps to start his vision. Idris has true entrepreneurial spirit. Idris has been a boxer as far back as 2004. Idris has a vision to start his own fitness training center where young people can train and pursue professional sports like boxing as well. Idris works currently as a fitness trainer in a hotel. 

Gears to start more effectively – IdXtreme

As a fitness trainer, he dedicates most of his salary into this project. Idris is looking for potential partners to further his project’s vision. In his district in Lagos, Nigeria, he has seen many young potential boxers idle on the streets without a place to train. These children can now train regularly and develop themselves to follow their dreams. To launch the first phase of this project, they would need training geers that would cost a total of about 700,-Euros. With better gears and equipment, the team can train more effectively.  Most of the gears needed for his projects are boxing pads, gloves, balls, shoes, trainers and such. Visit the project page to learn more

Opportunity for a social venture partnership

We believe that this is an opportunity for social entrepreneurship models to happen. Idris will be excited to work with partners and we recommend partners who produce such gears needed for boxing or fitness training. Here is why we also recommend partners who either produce or distribute such gears. Lagos state in Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economic hubs with a very young population eager to stay fit and explore diverse kinds of training.  Creating a social joint venture with IdXtreme project and Idris would be a gateway to interact and collaborate with potential fitness enthusiasts in Lagos.  

Building sustainable business models

Partners could start a joint venture to collaborate with idris to start the first fitness center with professional training facility, programs and curriculum. Regular fitness enthusiasts who subscribe to the center’s program would finance the model which, through the existing resource and space created, can be used to train kids and youngsters who cannot afford this. With this model, IdXtreme Project idea can become financially sustainable and more people get to stay healthy. Step by step, partnerships like this can build a community business model and also open up further sustainable social models around it.

Joadre is cheering for idris and IdXtreme, let us guide you

We are Joadre, are happy to counsel and support you through collaboration with Idris. For now, we have started with a call for donations and sponsorship to launch the purchase of the first set of gears for IdXtreme project. Join us to support him by donating for this project – english donation site here on Joadre or visit the german donation site on our Verein EXIT. Our long-term mission would be to accompany Idris and IdXtreme towards achieving their vision. The vision is to set up a professional fitness and boxing training center for community youths in the future. 

In the near future, our team will meet up with Idris again to begin to craft out a social entrepreneurship model and offer partnership to companies, institutions, organisations and/or individuals who are interested. If you want to know more and have a chance to get first hand information when we are ready about this project, subscribe to our mailing list here. 



Learn To Use Accountability As A Tool To Build Your Ideas

accountability is a tool for business ideas

In this blog article I want us to deliberate on accountability. Being accountable means acknowledging what your responsibilities are. It does not mean you are responsible for all, as there are things happening outside your control. There is  a link between being accountable and responsible. But with responsibility, some things might be external. However with accountability, most things are within your control because they are set of the activities you want to be accountable to. Activities or results you set up for yourself that you ought to take account of. 

What does accountability mean?

This is what Wikipedia says about Accountability: In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving. You can watch my recent video about this topic on my YouTube channel or beneath.

I believe accountability is about reflecting on your activities from within. Very often we do not feel accountable to ourselves because we might not have the time or skill to tap into this concept. So if you are such a person, you should find an accountability partner. Someone that you trust and that respects you.  Find someone who would not criticize you for the sake of uttering criticism but with a sincere heart with your best interest in mind.  Some people choose to use the public space to put out their intentions into the universe and then feel obliged to perform. You should be wise when doing this however. 

Craft better results for the future

There are times that you just did not perform because you did not do the activities you needed to do. When you take account from time to time of your progress, you get to see where you need to buckle up and maybe even change your approach. But if you never stop to take account, you will keep moving but maybe not in the right direction. Today, there is the concept of always moving forward as a lineal line and that is considered progress. I strongly believe that we should reflect on the results we are getting, the things we are doing and seeing how we can learn from that past experience or result to craft out a better strategy for the present. This will instantly improve your future performance and result. 

Acknowledging is the first step, but be kind to yourself

You have to acknowledge the issues when things go wrong. Self critic is different from self loathing. So hold yourself accountable, but not responsible for the things you cannot influence, but focus on the internal things you can influence. There are lots of factors out there that are external and affect you.  But when you begin to tap into the spaces you can influence, you get more of that. You begin to see where you can potentially do better. You can see maybe new ways to do things more progressively. Start that conversation with yourself on everything you do. 

How you can achieve daily accountability 

If you cannot keep up with the conversation daily, you can hold weekly accountability sessions with yourself. And remember you have to quiet the noise to practice this session. I would write a blog article about how to quiet the noise. Subscribe to my newsletter to know when I release this article. For young people with very few experiences, it is important to maybe reflect after everyday about how you spent your time that day. You might just see the things you do that held you back from your intended results or that helped you get the intended results. Celebrate it when you get what you want. 

Parents, you can incorporate this practice into your children’s upbringing by asking the simple question after everyday of what they did that day. It’s as easy as that. The mind gets to register the reflection process and it becomes part of their character. 

How to hold accountability conversations with yourself. 
  1. Awareness. Start by asking what happened? This is the first step. It is to acknowledge that there is something you need to address. 
  2. Reflect and contemplate. Own the space, own the issue, own the experience. Be willing to reflect and ponder or contemplate a while on it. You can exercise the practice of journaling to fully reflect on the experience. 
  3. Address it. Now what next? What is the plan? What would you do differently? How would you do it differently? When do you intend to try out this different approach?
3 reasons why is being accountable important? 
  1. Increase your own performance in every aspect of your life that seems lacking. You have to acknowledge the issues when things go wrong. Self critic is different from self loathing. 
  2. Helps you take ownership.  Do not hide your delicate pride from the truth. Stop blaming. Take ownership of the solutions that would get those problems solved.  You become active, not passive. Take ownership of your business, life, future and lead your business. 
  3. Crafting solutions becomes a character – If you take ownership of your problems, they get solved. 
Examples of how you can be accountable: 

If you’re not selling. Start the hard conversation about Why. Go the extra mile to look into the product, the technicals, the pitch, your target audience. Do the hard and maybe boring job of scrutinising your model. Sometimes, you might find the answer right in front of you. 

If you do not have ideas. Start the conversation of why? Why do you not have ideas? What makes you feel that you have ideas? Your thoughts, why do you not consider the thoughts and feelings you experience as ideas worth the while? Are you simply afraid to face these feelings as ideas because you fear they might not work or you might not be able to execute them? Is it the fear of failure? Is it the fear that you might be the first to venture into it?

If you are not where you want to be with your business. Hold that conversation. Why are you not where you want to be? Where do you want to be with your business?

You can only hold this conversation if you want to. Good intentions with no plan keeps you stock in destructive circles. So I hope you liked this article and it helped you somewhere to begin to integrate the concept of accountability in your life as an entrepreneur. If you want more beautiful articles and strategies to build your business, remember to subscribe to my newsletter. 



How to Start a Fruit Juice Business & Invest in Africa | Pt. 2

How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria

In the previous blog part 1, we explore the more legal and administrative part of starting a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria. In this part, we are going to look into very concrete next steps from further registrations necessities, diaspora involvement to raw materials sourcing and so on. 

Other registrations to think about – trademark, patent, company, SON and others. 

Apart from NAFDAC certification, you should also have registered your fruit juice business in Nigeria. You must ensure that your business has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are sure you don’t want the government to cash-out on you as a result of not following simple business protocol. 

Infact business registration is before Nafdac as they issue the certificate on the business registered name. You might also want to consider trademark registration of your fruit juice brand. Some can go as far as patenting the recipe if it is very innovative. You could then proceed to obtaining other licenses from appropriate Governmental agencies. These include the Standard Organization of Nigeria, NAFDAC, Ministry of Health.

Use Fruit Juice Business to develop Equity in Africa

Diasporas in Europe and America, if you have the capacity and financial resources to start a small business in your local community, then think about investing in a fruit production for your local community. If you design it from the onset integrating sustainable values, you are developing your community. Such investment will provide jobs opportunities and give ownership of natural resources like land and fruits to the local community. You must not be on ground to make this work. You can partner with those who want to start  a fruit juice business that are on ground. 

Look, diasporas often make a very big mistake by always focusing on supporting or starting businesses for family members. When it does not work because the intention was not right in the first place, there is fall out and lack of trust generally builds up. We know it could be challenging to find the right partner who is also trustworthy, that is why we are setting up a network of partners where business interest and expertise can be matched together. Join our SME Network to be part of our ecosystem and get to know if there is a potential partner for you to start your Fruit Juice Business with in Nigeria. 

Strategise on How to Source for Raw Materials

There are numerous fruits to choose from, these include lemon, lime, pineapple, oranges, mangoes, etc. They are all as a matter of fact grown and available in Nigeria and actually in abundance. But you must choose whether to liaise with a farmer, or open your own farm plant. Whichever you’re choosing, make sure it’s cost effective. 

Seriously, to start, please focus on your domain. Why start a farm when there are thousands of farmers you can work with? Sustainable business development always progresses through community partnership, small business network collaboration and such. Create your own network of farmers who will deliver you fruits at a good price and of high quality. Later they will even be valuable to your marketing. Here is what we mean in our blog on mindful strategies to build your small business

Procure Modern Fruit Juice Production Machinery and Equipment

Below is a list of 10 equipments you need to start a fruit juice business:

  1. Peeler
  2. Cutting Board
  3. Knives
  4. Extractor
  5. Boiler
  6. Filter Presser
  7. Tank for Blending
  8. Tank for Washing the Fruit
  9. Water Containers
  10. Filling Machine
Develop a Marketing Strategy for your Fruit Juice Business

We are sure you don’t want packs of fruit juice lurking around your production plant without demands, so please don’t take marketing, promotion, and distribution with levity. Create a marketing plan, budget, and marketing place that will make sure that your fruit juice product gets to the hand of the people that will buy them. If what you’ve decided is freshly made juice meant for consumption immediately, you should consider a channel to reach the final consumer at hotels, bars, fast food outlets, shopping malls etc. 

However, if what you’ve decided is large production, you must consider both distributors, retailers, and the final consumer in your marketing plan. Remember to always revisit the business plan or strategy document to continue developing this process. Make sure you have considered these 10 things in your fruit juice small business plan

Explore this lucrative idea

We do not need to convince you that the fruit juice business is such a lucrative business in Nigeria, because our people love to drink. People want something to drink, either at public function, or club, inside traffic, meeting, or even at home. However, to navigate this business profitably, you have to be innovative with your own product to bring about uniqueness. 

To learn more about business and get business success tips kindly go through our vlogs on our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and join our SME network. Remember you can post your questions beneath this blog and we will respond. Please do share this blog article to get more people interested in this business. 


Joadre Editorial team.

Create Your Own Blueprint For Your Ideas || Start now

blueprint and roadmaps for ideas

So many young people have great ideas but very often many of these brilliants minds do not get to explore these ideas, let alone realise them. Why? Is it because some people have just too many ideas? Are you so creative that you barely have the free mindspace to focus on actually building one of your ideas? Or is it fear that you might not succeed? I have a video on my YouTube channel that shares some strategy on how to handle self doubt – Watch it, it might help! In this blog, I want to give you some strategies to help you create your own blueprint or roadmap for your ideas.

My own experience was circumstantial!

As a teenager, I was put in the situation that I had no time to contemplate if my idea was good or not. It was literally food or starvation. So when my friends told me how hard it is to find nice clothes on campus.  They had to get to their cities early on Saturdays so as to meet an open market if they wanted nice clothes. I saw an opportunity to bring them these clothes. 

“Doing” was my blueprint philosophy!

I would travel to Badagry to get clothes and sell on campus. Did I have time to think of a blueprint for my ideas? No! I simply created one. Every journey to Badagary taught me something new. The only thing though, was that I was too young to be aware. To realise the importance of being present in every moment. I took many experiences for granted. Some did not even register in my consciousness as potentially vital to further my ideas. Check out a previous blog where I share some deep mindful strategies to building a business. 

The simple strategy to develop blueprint for your ideas

Now with my circumstantial experience as a teenager, excuse me to say the problem of having too many ideas and getting scattered in your own creativity is a luxurious one. So thank God! However, it does not mean it is not an issue bothering you or hindering you. I recognise this, so let’s look at it deeply. Today’s society is filled with tons of distraction and you have to master skillful quietness to succeed. Especially when it comes to creating a roadmap or a blueprint for your ideas, you have to be present with your full mind, body and soul. 

Big tip: Here is one strategy to develop your own blueprint quickly – Identify the next possible  and logic step you can do right now to start your idea. 

You have to create your own blueprint. 

When you know what you have to do next to start your idea, it is all about doing it. Making that action happen! You do not need to spend so much time crafting out all the aspects for now. Especially, if you find yourself involved too long in that process of planning. Here is a simple plan on how to create a business plan if that’s what you need.  But, if you notice that you are someone who spends too much time putting your ideas together, break out of that mood by taking action. When you start, you can dedicate specific time to update your ideas and plan. This is how you build your blueprint – act, reflect and update. 

Journey through the process. It is a blueprint that can come through mistakes!

Make mistakes. It’s the best things that can happen to you. Watch my video on the fear of failure and how it affects success Unfortunately today’s culture rewards high achievers based on majorly monetary and material accomplishments. So many believe that the result is money and material accumulated resources that also need to be portrayed loudly to speak for the self worth of the bearer. If you do not accumulate and flaunt money and material, you feel less worthy of celebration because you have attached your self worth to these material elements. 

Find ways to reorient your self worth so that you can begin to see your journey as a learning process. If your efforts did not work out at first, you learn something from it. Maybe you learn what not to do again or you get even more courage about the next steps. Remember that the blueprint is created as you take actions. 

Can you rely on the Blueprint of others?

Others have created their own blueprint or roadmap to get somewhere. If you are heading in the exact same direction with the exact same baggage and intention, you can rely on them. But hey, lets face it, often your baggage of skills, capital, network, abilities, intention and life circumstances are never the same. You might be heading towards the same direction but to arrive at different places. So use their blueprint as a guide but make sure to create your own. Remember, someone else might also need it as a guide. This process makes us, though experiencing our own unique paths, a collective being of entrepreneurs journeying through what seems to be a shared experience.

Establishing a blueprint

Creating our own means you are present in the moment. It means being aware of the actions you are taking and why you are taking them. Here are some simple things to think about – your skill level, partners, connecting with others in your sector, writing stuff down. Writing helps you articulate your own thoughts. So the practice of journaling is key here. Then maybe you can begin to create a plan – check my plan blog on project planning. 

You can also apply the backwards milestone strategy. 

This means to develop a roadmap or your business blueprint from the goal to where you are currently at. If your goal or the result you want is to open a restaurant, you have to start outlining the major milestones from the opened restaurant to your current state. This is what it might look like – plenty of customers at the opened restaurant – beautiful and clean space – employees working there – great food and drinks available – Materials to serve the food and drinks – sustainable recipes/delivery for food and drinks – you wishing to open a viable restaurant. 

Blueprint rule –  implementation strengthens your skills

With this method, you have a couple of milestones ahead starting from your “wishing”. So start with the next to you now. Stop wishing, develop the recipes or research for food deliveries for your intended restaurant. It’s as simple as that! It must not be done perfectly. Just start, so that the energy can be set in motion. Do not think of the big results as they might overwhelm you and you may not have all the resources at hand. Simply focus on the next thing to do, because implementation strengthens your skills. 

Work out a couple of to dos to start now. 

This is the technical part. After this inspiration, you need to go do the technical part. List out a couple of things you can do this month to advance your idea or ideas. Let us go month by month or even weekly. Then see which would be doable this week and then right now. Do that first. Focus on just that one little step. This is how you can train yourself with the practice of realisation of ideas. 

This will help you transform your ideas into tangible products or services or businesses or projects. That’s how to start and reduce the chaos. That’s how to create a kind of orderly chaos which is beautiful. Are you ready?

Hope you liked this blog. Watch the YouTube video for this blog on my Youtube channel. Share if you liked it and help me grow my platform. I am grateful. 

Thank you and see you next week. 



How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria | Pt. 1

How to Start a Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria

If you’ve been thinking of how to start a fruit juice business in Nigeria, well, here is your comprehensive guide. In our SBT (Specific Business Training) blog series, we explore concrete business ideas and technicalities you will require. Unfortunately many people cannot afford to learn this kind of content in traditional school as many are not even taught. Apprenticeship is an option we recommend young entrepreneurs looking to start a business should follow. Serving as an apprentice in that specific business or trade will help you learn practical things. 

It is a good time to start fruit juice business in Nigeria

In this blog, let’s take a look at key things you need to start a fruit juice business in Nigeria. The Nigerian Government ban on importation of juice in 2002 has also encouraged the production of fruit juice locally. This has increased the profit rate in teh industry. An investment in Fruit Juice Business will therefore with no doubt yield value and profit if done well. 

First things first though. Fruit juice & preservatives

Fruit juice is usually obtained from the suspension of water, sugar, acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals from an edible fruit. This process is known as the extraction process. In mass production, the production process lingers further to more complex processes like fruit and additives mixing, preservation, bottling and packaging. We advocate that fruit juice should not have preservatives because it is healthier for the consumer. 

Many entrepreneurs are ready to sacrifice the consumers health for what they would say is “ marketing o’clock”. The essence of the preservatives is to extend the fruit juice shelf-life. But you will not need very extended shelf life if you design your structure in a sustainable production circle. 

Don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter to know when we release more technical methods of developing sustainable fruit juice productions. The question is, do you want to build a business that you know will grow and bring valöue to your society? If you care about your future consumer and want to have added value to market your business later compared to the larger multinational companies, then natural fruit juice without any industrial preservatives is the best route to follow from the on set.

Start with a strategy for your fruit juice business

Decide which fruit juice niche you would start with for now. Later you can expand into other kinds.  What type of fruit juice do you want to produce? it’s not necessary to restrict yourself to one though if you have the capacity – finances, knowledge, team etc. If you do not, then maybe you should master the production procedures fastly with one nice and then expand afterwards. Go Ahead to create a strategy or what we would call a business plan. Here is our blog that covers all you need to craft out your business plan. 

Test recipes and production run from home

Many want to jump into the business immediately. If this is you and you have all you need including a “great recipe” then go ahead. If you do not have all these layed out, please clean up a table at home, get your home juice making tools like blenders, bowls, glass, pots, sterile tools and fruits and start out to develop your own recipe. When you have some variations, organise your friends and family to taste and give you feedback. After you have integrated all feedback and are sure that your recipe is ready to market, which means you have a standard procedure. 

You know the measurements to get the exact taste you require. You know the procedures, then you are ready to start thinking about a brand name for your product. If you have done this step, skip it obviously! 

Decide a Production Location

Just like any other business, you must consider situating your production plant close to your source of raw materials, as well as to your target market. This is to ensure healthy and smooth running of your business to avoid heavy spending on logistics and transportation, which is not good for any business. 

Now when it comes to setting up production, you do not require very large land space. You also do not have to buy land or such. You can rent, you can actually move to a less expensive area like in more rural areas to set up your production. Tour the internet to see different fruit juice small business production setup. Many production processes can be done with human labour if you do not have the capital to purchase all machines. Remember to think about how to store your fruits before production. 

Get Necessary License – NAFDAC

The first license you must consider is that of the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration, simply known as NAFDAC. It is even most important that you approach them before engaging in any commercial production. We actually suggest getting all the details for their accreditation beforehand. There are procedures and steps you will need. Later in 2021, we will be launching our Joadre app where lawyers and legal advisers will educate you about such details. Join our SME network to know when the app is out. 

NAFDAC would want to inspect your production facility which includes the storage of raw fruits and the end products, your product methods and your product which is the juice, your packaging and so on. This is where apprenticeship is great as you get to see how established companies regulate their work. But as a small business, you can partner with some established foreighn small business as well to support you with expertise. 

Sometimes you can even get them to sell you their secondhand smaller machines. After you have successfully set up your production plant, produce a few bottles of your fruit juice and take it to NAFDAC for approval. Like mentioned earlier, of course they would send delegates to come and inspect your production. Next week, we will release the second part of this blog where we will explore further on concrete steps to start your fruit juice small business in Nigeria. To learn more about business and get business success tips kindly go through our vlogs on our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and join our SME network.


Joadre Editorial Team

Raise Funds Your Business | Next Level Series – Investment

Invest and fund your business

So many people speak about money like it is all that there is when you want to start your business. Well, the truth is that money is an important tool to start your business but not the only. There are so many other aspects we have to consider when starting a business. There are also ways to get the kind of money or funds that you will need. In this blog series, I will share methods of how to raise the funds you need to start your small business. It is all about investment. Investing into your idea. 

Investment jargons? Fund your business practically!

But when you hear the word “investment” somehow our minds might identify it with large concepts like stock market, cryptocurrency, treasury bill, bonds, savings account, Equity, mutual fund, money schemes and scams, ROI (Return on Investment) etc. These are big jargons used in the financial space to classify different finance instruments. For you as a micro business, let’s come into your day-to-day reality and explore more practical and sustainable ways to invest in your business. However, if you are already baptised into one or more of the above named financial instruments, enjoy the deep!

Over the past 6 years, I have started the Joadre Fashion project where we work with micro businesses to product fashion for customers in Europe. So my interactions with these enthusiastic entrepreneurs always leaves one big question unanswered. What is the next level? Over the top answer is I need money to get to the next level, but my question was what is the next leve?

So somehow, we have been made to believe that it is just money we require otherwise we cannot move to the next space we want to. The next level will require some form of investment but it might be beyond money. Look, the cambridge dictionary sees investment as the action or process of investing money for profit. But for you as a small business, you can consider investment as a means to bring capital to build their businesses. It is more than just raising funds for your business.  There are things you can do that will transform into funds for your business. Watch our seasons YouTube beneath and read on for more details:

Articulate your plan before your raise funds for your business

You can only design these practical steps that would generate funds for your business if you actually have a business and know exactly what the business is. No matter what your idea is, there might come a time that you will have to articulate it to someone. When that time comes, you can visit our blog on how to write a simple plan for your idea to develop the kind of articulation you will require. Now let’s say you already have a plan and you want to move to the next step, here are some areas I strongly recommend you invest in.

Different kind of investment to take you to the next level
  1. Monetary investment
  2. Investment in your skillset – Brush up your skills. Know your business industry. 
  3. Investment in your Mindset – Feed your mind with the right kind of information. Also take a break from this process of feeding our mind to be able to tap deeper into your intuition for direction.   
  4. Investment in your community/social – Working integrative with the community you are based in is very important to build a sustainable customer relationship. When you work within our community, let it be more about what you can offer not only about what you want from the community.
  5. Investment in your business – Many are very carried away about raising funds for their business but they actually do not have a good product. Read more about using deep mindful strategies to build your small business

Before we dive into different ways to raise funds for your business it is important that you ask yourself these questions. Why do you need money? Would it be for working capital, cash flow, faster production laps etc.? If you have thought about what you will do with the funds you raise through careful planning, accountability, achieving milestones, then please do it now. Distinguish between your money and someone else’s money! 

Here are some ways to raise funds: 
  1. Moneytars investment
  2. Loans
  3. Professional investors to Angels!
  4. Grants
  5. Crowd funds and investment
  6. Product/Service pre-orders
Get your loved ones involved!

Family and friends is the first way to go about getting startup money for your idea. It might sound to be the less complicated way to raise funds for your business but be careful. This is either Love, guilt or favor money at times. Also because the money is coming from your Da or aunty does not mean you are not accountable. Topic for another blog! Getting money from family and friends is probably faster and you might not have to pay huge interest. In this blog I explore more about raising funds. 

Try to get a loan – raise funds for your business. 

You can get a loan from different platforms. From corporate banks to charity organisations. And by the way you should ask your Church or faith-based institution! Seriously, why do you give tithes and offerings? Yes, for the church’s welfare because believe me you, God doesn’t live by our human conceptualised monetary system. So if you take to heart the welfare of the church or faith temple, then when you need investment to build the business from which you will later pay your offerings back, there should be opportunity to get support. I know some faith organisations provide this opportunity, so ask! 

Professional investors to Angels!

Angel investors  and professional investors or simply wealthy professionals like well paid or earning doctors, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers could be potential people to ask for loans as well. Professional investors or lenders might want more than just an interest back. Some might want to be a part owner of your project or business. So think carefully. In our upcoming Next Level Series, we will interview some legal experts to get a concrete view and advice about how to go handle professional investors.  

Quick info, many professional investors look for around 25-30% return  if they are part of the business and may want to get out of the business “EXIT” around the 5th to 8th year.  What this exactly means, I will expand in the full Next level series. You can check my YouTube channel regularly, or just subscribe, so you know when we have interviews about this. 

Get grants to raise funds

If your business or project has a sustainable and/or social component as its foundational element, then read more in my blog on how to get money for the mission. 

Crowdfunding  or Crowd investment

In this blog – how to raise funds, I list some crowd funding and investment platforms you might want to explore. 

Products/services pre-ordering

Go to platforms where you can portray your products and services and they allow people to make preorder. This is one of the money secured ways as you end up always selling your service or product. So of course you have calculated all your profits and so on, so you get to build your capital. This is the space where you can build your own website to take in orders for your services. I really advice this – To start with our own money and try to find customers seems to be the best way. Create a real business that makes money. When you expand an dit works, you can go to raise “expansion or growth capital” instead of startup capital. why? You spend so much energy and time raising money instead of selling your product and service.  

Ok, so this was a very long blog article, but raising funds for your business is also not an easy job. There is even still so much more we can explore. We have a “Next Level Series” coming up when we release our on streaming platform Joadre app. You can pre-sign up now to join our tribe and be one of our founding members. In our streaming app, we will release full series on practical ways to grow your business.  I am also on Instagram, though not extremely active but at least you get to see what’s happening from time to time, so it will be nice if you follow me if you are on instagram. 

Thank you for studying this far. Drop your questions or comments as this will help us also  create better content to answer all your open questions. 



Deep Mindful Strategies to Build Your Small Business

mindful strategies to build small business

After you have started your small business, it is natural to think about the next steps to grow your business. You want to get in enough sales to sustain your operations. How do you go about this in a more sustainable way? In this blog, we will introduce some core ideas which you can use to create steady growth in your business. However, it is important that you understand the core ideas behind our sustainability concepts. 

Embed sustainability as a core pillar to grow your small business

When we talk about sustainability at Joadre, it is not simply about charitable social activities. It is not about good-will sponsorships or giving out some profits for a good cause. All these are good indeed, but they come after the math which is your actual business. 

We encourage you to introduce sustainability as the building blocks of your business. This will give you a great chance to disrupt the domination by larger counterparts in your business sector. 

Product quality and communication

The first area which is very crucial is to re-evaluate your offerings. What you offer as a product and/or service to the customer is very important to your success as a small business. You are more likely to spend less money advertising to customers if you really offer a “necessity”. You will spend even lesser adverts cost when the product is of high quality. Quality is always relative to the price of the product from the customers perspective. If you are not sure about the quality of your product, carry out a simple analysis. Get major counterpart’s product versions or service into your space, get about 3 to 5 potential customers and discuss with them. 

Tapping into acient wisdom for small businesses – evaluate your product

In today’s business mechanics, we would call this type of analysis consumer focus group or competitors analysis. But do not let this bogus expression shock you. Back in the olden days in Africa, before a market day, farmers would interact with their fellow farmers showing them their crops. So many factors affected how the crops turned out to be. It was always very good to heard the suggestions from fellow farmers.

Todays economics makes these fellow farmers now “competitors”. We would rather see them as a group of highly skilled farmers working in coherence with nature to feed a community ecosystem. So it was somehow in everyones interest to evaluate the seasons harvest. Some would go to the priest of the community and make offerings. The process of making offerings demanded that the farmer “sort” out the best-fit of their crops. The “sorting” demanded that the farmer actually spends time inspecting their crops before presenting it for offerings. 

Today, with the complexity of production and globalisation, some business owners can not tell you anything about their product. The origin, usability, durability, material and so on about the product or service they offer. If most materials are not imported, then a “Digital Bot” is responding to customers enquiry. Yes, there is technology to track these interactions but still we are often very disconnected to this essential feedback loop. How ridiculous is that? Literally, the olden days entrepreneurs were very knowledgeable about everything happening around their businesses. From the technical aspects of the trade to the mere taste of the yam. 

Small businesses have a better chance now still!

Nevertheless today, with lots of research and knowledge gathering over the years, business owners now have so many tools like focus groups, tasting events, digital feedback loops, surveys and so on to actually test their existing products. Make use of these if you know how to. The aim of this is to get the direct feedback of potential consumers. As your business grows, you can employ this method from time to time to revise and innovate your product. 

After product revision, what next?

The next most crucial step here is to

  1. optimise if needed and,
  2. communicate the key attractive findings you have.

When you know that  maybe a part of the service is lacking or your counterparts offer better value to the consumers may be due to added service or better material quality, you need to optimise your offer. Judging the quality of the product material should come from a very diverse and deep perspective. 

From the actual quality of ethics under which the product is made to the quality feel for the consumer. If a product is made under very bad conditions, it absorbs the energy of that negative environment. This negativity can become reflected in the finished product itself. If the quality is very bad, you will not sell based on referrals, return and word of mouth from previous customers. You will end up having to invest a huge sum of money into marketing and promotion that leaves you with little or no profit. Is that what you want? 

Use “Transparency” to grow your small business

As a small business owner, you will find yourself being up against a great deal of competition. But your best customers will be the biggest defenders of your business. When customers are emotionally connected to your business, they are more likely to stay with you. They will defend your product or service to others, whether online or in person.

To get your customers more connected, you can employ the profits of transparency to your advantage. Many large companies cannot afford to be transparent in their business chains as it might expose inhuman conditions and/or simply due to the complexity of their structure. But you can, if you have engaged deeply in positive ethics. 

Communicate your positive ethics

Let the customer becomes part of the process. Tell them the origin of the profit. Tell them how it creates value in a larger ecosystem. Building up your backstory and showcase what you stand for. This is one very easy and no-cost method to show your customers your brand’s values and expertise. It also shows customers that you take pride in your work, which can help build authenticity around your brand.

As we evolve, we evolve towards recognising that humanity supersedes all forms of technology and digitisation. We humans want to connect. To stay ahead of your competitors and think about how to build up a human brand around your company as early as possible. 

Consumers seek deep connection

The more you show the human aspects of your business, the deeper you connect. However, there has to be a human aspect to showcase. Bringing humanity to your business might even make you become a thought leader in your business space as it becomes revolutionary. When people admire your work, they want to listen to you. In return, you get to spend less money on promotion. So being sustainable at your core is very vital to establishing your own small business. It is good for you, for your small business and for the ecosystem. 

It can take a long time to establish yourself as a new leader in a saturated space, but what’s important is you’re staying focused on your goals and making an effort to offer your own unique perspective. You’d be surprised at just how many other professionals in your industry can relate to your challenges and successes, and will find your advice, transparency, product quality or stories useful.

We hope that this article offers you deep insight to growing your small business. Stay with us by subscribing to our SME network eBiz Magazine for more sustainable insights to grow your small business. Remember that we are building a movement of deep mindful business owners who want to make our world a better environment. So help us share this article to grow our community. 

Cheers & love as you grow your small business, 

Joadre Editorial team.

Spirituality In Business| Deep Mindfulness For Entrepreneurs.

spirituality in Business through Deep Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs.

How can we transcend into spirituality in our business space? To transcend means to go beyond the status quo, a range or limits constructed by our society. However, these limits get adopted by us as individuals. We as individuals, being functioning members of the society in which we live in create the soceity. By nature, we allow these limits or sets of range to exist. They end up governing our everyday life and very often many feel that something is not right? A  deep sense of fulfillment is absence.

On a global scale millions are suffering, others escaping their misery and a few gallivanting their explorations. Can we transcend through economics? Is spirituality in business one door we can let open? If at this junction, your aim is to find business ideas, then visit our blog on ideas to start. But if you seek to expand as an entrepreneur, continue this read.

The nonsense of today’s institutions vs. Spirituality In Business.

Today, traditional educating systems and institutions are very linear in approach. Many of us assume that economics is a highly intellectual dealing better left for the skilled to master. Spirituality too, we assume, is reserved in orthodox religions meant for the few chosen to contemplate. We let these very important aspects of our lives in the hands of others, some we will never hear of. I too have been guilty of this programming. It is all nonsense as it makes no sense.  We, the individuals in the society practice economics in our day to day life. Practiced in the form of business, trade, entrepreneurship, our professional careers, our purchase, our consumption.

Many of us spend over one third of our days strolling across various economic structures, offering products/services for money or by being the recipient of the products or services. One third of our lives is encouraged to be disconnected from our spiritual being, hence we fall short of bodily efficiency. Must we not rethink and revive deep sincere spirituality within business?

How much do you care about Economics?

Economic activities are now so embedded into out daily routines. As a result, we get disconnected from the actual reason for which we trade, hustle or consume daily. But let me follow the very basic and simple “to go” answer. Why would we respond to the 5am alarm, get dressed and then hurry to work? For many, it is to put food on the table for ourselves and loved ones. To create security around us. In the most basic sense, this is very correct. But if in its most basic sense, the essence is to give us one of our very essential needs, nourishment and security to afford the life we truly seek for or are programmed to seek for, then “Economics” indeed is a very essential part of our life. What do you think? Should we not then integrate spirituality in business strongly into our system?

My spirituality definition of economics

Mechanically, a dictionary would define Economics as a branch of knowledge that is concerned  with production, consumption and transfer of wealth. even in Wikipedia, you can see how its very mechanics and technicalities dominate the centre of this science. From a more human centred perspective, I would rather define economics as a vital part of our human experience that concerns what we create (Give), what we receive (Take) and  the purpose of this give-take interaction in our communities within the natural ecosystem. Looking at economics from this latter definition, what would it mean to you and your business structure? 

Many world religions, at their core, teach this very principle. However, many religious institutions have given into the material agenda. They have therefore, not only failed to practice the very principle upon which they were founded, but also denied us access. Allowing humans to become the commodity. Then promoting this ideology subtly through a linear education to foster and continually feed this construct. I remain optimistic as I have also come to know many sincerely religious people too.

Trade – an elemental activity of humankind. 

In the older days of humankind, our ancestors in Africa would trade by barter. If I had yams from my farm, and someone else from the neighbouring village had great soap making skills, we would meet during a market day and exchange according to the value we bestow on the products. This form of trade expanded into cultures were African traders travelled far and wide, across the Sahara to exchange goods with their mates from far kingdoms.  

African farmers had dozens of rituals to care for the soil, from which the nourishment to produce the healthy yams came from, to the festivals of thanksgivings and offerings after harvest. Even the market days had its own spirituality surrounding it. Indigenous communities know then the importance of spirituality throughout this process.These practices formed and strengthened a spiritual bond and culture between members of a specific community. I do not intend to glorify the past in order to demonise  the present, nor do I attempt to suggest utopic accent times, I simply want us to find a deep source of wisdom to learn from. Spirituality can help you create strong connections even within daily activities that seem to have routinised themselves.  

What does progress mean?

Does progress mean to strip all forms of spirituality for efficiency? It will be like dissecting the human soul from its body to make the body more productive. Actually that’s where we are heading now under the disguise of efficiency and accuracy. We have lost the purpose of the give-take interaction within our global society. Are we forgetting the very BASIC essence of our daily economics, to serve as nourishment for ourselves and our communities? Fact is that millions of people, over 45 million actually live under slavery like condition. Is that progress for our human kind? Millions of children are ill due to malnutrition (malnourishment) like never before. 

The very opposite effect of the basic essence of economics which was to “nourish” us. By the way, malnourishment includes to a very large extent overnutrition. Overnutrition is when we consume excess dietary energy, leading to chronic health issues like obesity. So the extremes of under,- and overnutrition combines to create a testimony that economic progress is currently not favourable to our human kind. Alongside many beautiful souls who have already suggested something similar,  I urge and suggest we rethink our economic approach from micro to macro. Reintegrating human spirituality into every aspect of our human experience with economics is exclusively urgent. 

How do we start to incorporate spirituality in business?

To transcend into  spirituality in business starts by incorporating “compassion and empathy” into your space. Your space begins with you and expands to your business model and work community. Spirituality in business or entrepreneurship is not corporate social responsibility because spirituality is never after the fact. Many get scared of judgement when they hear spirituality, especially in industrialised cities meant to function effectively where the idea of spirituality is regarded as alternative. 

What I am suggesting here for entrepreneurs and professionals, is deeply out of my own experience traveling through the diverse worlds of humanitarian work, activism and business endeavours. I am fast learning that the idea to separate both the spirit and human body for the sake of efficiency is a great mistake of our time. I too, though my foundation is in social entrepreneurship, I too have made it a new journey to deepen my work in spirituality. Thus I have so much, I would like to open up to you as a possible blueprint to guide you when creating your own model for your work.

Spirituality brings balance to business

Spirituality in entrepreneurship or business would mean to revisit our own beliefs about what business and entrepreneurship is and how our humanness connects with it. Our humanness brings the spirituality into the space of economics. We have the abilities in our own individual space to redesign what the status quo is. We have the ability to embrace a deepened holistic process.

When we 1.) become self aware, 2.) learn to calm the noise in your mind, 3.) set our intentions, 4.) harness our inner light, 5.) deprogram from our comfort zone, 6.) learn to exercise compassion, 7.) feel empathy, then channel this accumulated energy into your work space, you for sure can become the fullest entrepreneurs you can be. On this path, we will begin to explore how to practice these and learn how to apply them in our business.

Join us – spirituality in Business through Deep Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs.

If you feel that how you spend over one third of your daily life at work is valuable and you want it to be purpose driven,  then join me as we learn together how to transcend into spirituality in entrepreneurship. I will explore this concept from a very indigenous, obviously African indigeneous approach.  I have created a special newsletter signup for those who specifically want to explore this journey with me. 

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3 Small Business Grants for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

small business grants in Nigeria

Whenever you ask an entrepreneur what the problem is, the first track they play for you is ‘no money’. Is there truly no money or it’s just something we are used to saying? Well, if it’s in Nigeria, there are truly no enough sources to secure small business grants. The few that are available are usually always competitive, which therefore require the applicants’ unique business idea and positioning. 

Many people are not aware about the available grants for small businesses. So we are dedicating a blog series to show you the different funding opportunities such as diverse small business grants. But in all of this, oftentimes, I have heard entrepreneurs mistaking loans as grants and grants as loans. Before we go-ahead, let us to clear the difference between grant and loan. 

What is a Loan?

A loan is financial capital i.e money borrowed from a financial institution. A loan must be repaid by the business owner, after a specific period of time, with a certain amount as interest. The giver in this case is known as the lender, while the recipient is known as a borrower. Subscribe to our newsletter for more free business education and access information to small business grants and loans.

What is a Grant? 

A grant is that money/fund given to you by the grant giver. The grant giver could be a foundation, the government, business, a company or any other individual. The term”given to you” refers to you either as an individual or a legal person. A Legal person as an organisation such as your business, your NGO, your company and such. Some call it a subsidy. It is awarded to you with no direct expectations of repayment or interest rollover. In simple words, you do not pay back if all circumstances are met. It is not a gift! And there have been many dubious grant receivers who actually take the money and do not deliver. A grant is always coupled with terms to deliver certain results. 

Small business grants are often given for a particular purpose, which could be to cushion the effect of unemployment or encourage innovation, production, and industrialization. Grants are often designed to serve a social purpose to a community. However, the culture of receiving grants can also have a negative impact on the same community it is meant to serve, especially when the entrepreneurial drive solely depends on grant and not on innovation. 

Ignite innovation with small business grants

Grants are very effective for projects that need very intensive building up, projects with very strong humanitarian aspects, projects where the intended customers might not afford the solution immediately or to the full price. But also grants are given to ignite creativity and provide productive resources for innovative development.

It is true that without adequate finance, a business is unlikely to reach its full potential and may as well continue to struggle. Despite the fact that we have more financial institutions willing to offer SMEs loans with exorbitant interest rates most times, we still have government and private individuals willing to help SMEs with an ‘angelic money’. We have put together 3 small business grants  you can access as an entrepreneur.

4SMEs Grant You Can Get As An Entrepreneur
  1. Diamond Bank BET Programme
  2. Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP)
  3. Bank of Industry Grant 
Diamond Bank BET Programme
  • Duration: Annually
  • Amount: 3 million naira
  • Available: 3
  • Giver: private financial institution – Bank.
  • Stage/tape: Seed capital

This is a small business grant initiative aimed at empowering 3 entrepreneurs with a grant of N3,000,000, as a seed capital to support their business. Seed capital means the starting money you will require to begin your idea, just like a seed you plan that later grows into a tree. The Diamond Bank BET programme is suitable as a small business grant also because of the incentives integrated. Amongst all applicants, 50 entrepreneurs are selected in the first stage and then trained for 6 months. This is gold! The training you might receive, also opens possibilities and network to you. After the 6 months business straining, 5 finalists are shortlisted. The subsequent edition of the programme has been streamlined to 3key sectors; Education, Healthcare, and Agriculture.

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP), small business grant
  • Duration: Annually
  • Amount: 3 million naira
  • Available: 3
  • Giver: private individual.
  • Criteria: 18years and above, citizen of  an African country, business must be profit oriented and based in Africa as well as between 0-3years old.

Tony Elumelu, is a business man with an interest in empowering African entrepreneurs. The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation started in 2015 and aims to create at least a million job opportunities within 10 years. 1000 entrepreneurs from numerous applicants are usually selected after careful review by business experts in the industry. Please note that this grant is highly competitive, you should ensure that you answer all questions truthfully  and completely.

Bank of Industry small business grant
  • Duration: Annually
  • Available:  2 grant schemes
  • Giver: Public institution – government.

Bank of Industry is a public institution with the aim of empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs. They established a program called Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES). The YES initiative was established to tackle the rate of unemployment in the country, equip young entrepreneurs with relevant skills needed to kick off a business of their own and therefore increase self employment.

To be eligible:

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Have a substantial business idea. This is actually very small business friendly as you must only have a substantial idea. Still not sure what idea and how to go about finding one? Check our FREE Master class for over 35 business ideas that could be used to apply for small business grants.
  • Must be between the ages of 18-35
  • Have a minimum education qualification of OND
  • All applications will be done online with you submitting relevant identification documents for verification.

The Bank of Industry also has a Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (GEF) which is meant for serving members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Candidates are to submit their business ideas, which will then be reviewed by a team of professionals. Selected Corp Members, whose businesses are found marketable and bankable are trained for four weeks and then given between N500,000 and N2,000,000.

Now, let’s face it! No matter what funding approach you will take, you need to have your business idea articulated or even better, written down somewhere. We really advise you to do this. Here is a simple structure that can help you craft out a good business ideas strategy or plan. Also here are other ways to fund your idea. We are going to stay relentless. We will keep releasing blogs and videos training that would help small businesses in Nigeria thrive. So stay connected wither on social media and you can join our SME community here. 

Work Life Balance Vs. Life balance for Entrepreneurs

Work Life Balance Vs. Life balance for Entrepreneurs

Over the past years, the phrase Work life balance has been very prominent in the media. Somehow I found it very hard to understand this phrase and now I know why. It is a thing of perspective. If you live within a culture where “work” is equal to a “pay the bill job” and/or considered an “out of actual life” experience, then yes work life balance becomes a topic. For many, the fact is that they close from their job where there is hardly time to enjoy life and then step into their life seeking ways to enjoy the hours left in the day. This was me and it is exhausting! Check out my video where I explain a bit of this – work life balance video on our Youtube channel.

Work life balance vs. life balance

From my perspective today, I believe if you spend an average of 5 to 8 hours on work or even more for some, then those hours are an active part of one’s life. You cannot separate it out of life and then try to balance it with life. As African entrepreneurs you have to treat your work, your business, your engagement as part of the life in which you exist in its wholeness. If we begin to see it from this perspective, it might be a lot easier to develop a balance within itself – life. 

Living to thrive holistically – life balance.

I hope you get what I attempt to explain. Life in itself has to be treated as a wholesome experience. Working is part of an entrepreneur’s life.  Some people experience just “work” when there is more to our lives than that. Sometimes it is because one has to survive, but life is about thriving. Creating a holistic life is a process and  bear in mind that the process is the goal.  Here are some simple tips I embraced to create a holistic life balance. Firstly as explained above, I needed to develop a new perspective and approach to life itself. Living to thrive holistically. I saw my work as an integral part of the whole, which is life. Do you feel that way about your work? 

Awareness of self as a tool to life balance

How do you feel about your work? I could only integrate activities into the whole that I actually enjoyed doing or that were a necessity to do in order to do those things I enjoyed doing. This meant I had to be aware of 2 things – what I enjoyed and what was necessary!  “Awareness of self” is my number 2 tip. Even till date, I am constantly questioning myself about why I do what I do – is it that I enjoy it or is it necessary. If My answer does not lye on either side, I seriously have to pause! Are you aware about the things you enjoy and the things you have to do to build the ones you enjoy? 

Rest & recover your body, mind and soul

My number 3 step is very practical. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So if you are supposed to spend a significant part of it recovering through rest and sleep, then rest and sleep is key to having a balanced life, right? This was an aspect I totally ignored in my twenties when it was all about work life balance. You get to feel it after your late thirties or even earlier. I hope you do not though! Every human needs recovery in the form of sleep and rest. Rest can come in the form of meditation, a walk, spirituality or any way you can rest your body, mind and soul, while integrating “sleep” as part of it. So there is so much to life balance which you cannot approach with simple work life balance!

Our body needs sleep to enjoy a state of balance. Scientists have proof of the effect of health and nourishing sleep. Here is a good article that can enlighten you – The Power of Sleep by Brian St. Pierre, MS, R, director of nutrition at the Precision Nutrition institute in Canada. This last tip is very crucial to all others. How do you want to spend the rest of your life? Before we dive into the hundreds of things you could do, one very important thing is to consider those things that you cannot separate from life like nutrition. 

2 months towards a balanced life. 

I will dedicate a full blog series to this because I struggled with weight balance physically for a long time. You see, I said “weight balance”, not losing weight or being overweight. It is also a thing of approach! Not everyone has to lose weight. Sometimes, you might need to gain weight. Often you might need to have the right weight for your body which would encompass more muscle, water, better nutrients and so on.  So it depends. In my case, it was so bad that the doctors diagnosed me pre-diabetic and I felt very tired all the time. It took a 2-months kur using nutrition as the core of my life balance journey to reverse pre-diabetics, improve my cognitive ability and gain consistent energy. For entrepreneurs cognitive ability, energy and physical health is key! So actually, the so-called work life balance was a life balance journey. 

Fuel for your soul!

Nutrition is fuel to our physical body, our mind and our soul. So if you are not aware about the kind of fuel you tank, well then, let’s not get surprised about the state of our body, mind and soul. This does not mean that there are no severe health conditions that affect these states, but it is the exception, believe me and thanks to medical evolvement, there are also solutions in many cases. 

I felt it was extremely helpful to understand the impact of nutrition on one’s fitness and state of mind. This led me to study, practice and get a certificate in Nutrition for health and fitness. So stay ready to get some dose of practical things you can do to stay fit. In upcoming blogs, I will expand on how nutrition can increase your success as an entrepreneur and make my one-week mumpreneur nutrition-fit plan available for download soon. Here is a blog on how beauty is important for entrepreneurs. 

I really want us to start this conversation about our health as African entrepreneurs. I am inviting you to embrace a holistic approach instead of getting carried away with a narrative of work life balance. You have just one life to balance. Be aware about the work activities that make you blossom and those that are necessities to achieve the things that makes you happy. Consider rest and recovery as an integral part of your life. Become open to nutrition that can actually fuel to your body, mind and soul towards achieving that business you desire. If you liked this blog and want to know how nutrition can increase your success as an entrepreneur or when my one-week mumpreneur nutrition-fit plan is available, remember to subscribe to our health newsletter here. Thank you so much for reading to the end, connect on Instagram too. Love ya!



How To Start A Business In Nigeria. Pt 3

start a business in Nigeria with ease

We are rounding up this series on how to start a business in Nigeria. We released the first two blogs part 1 and part 2 earlier this month. In this last part, we will cover more legal stuff like tax registration, permits and documentations.

Enrol your Business under Federal Inland Revenue Service

It is important to enrol your business under Federal Inland Revenue Service after registering your business with Corporate Affair Commission. This will enable you receive a Tax Identification Number (TIN) which you will use to open a corporate bank account. There are many people that feel like getting registered to have a tax number is a waste of time, especially in an economical environment like Nigeria. I feel you! What are the benefits? Why go through this stress just to start a business in Nigeria?

Develop credibility and track record

But hey, do you not want to grow your business? Do you not want to one day be competitive in your industry? Ok, look at it this way, simply for credibility sake developing a track record is key! I remember when we needed to get some partners on board for our business. We were actually required us to show a proof of tax payment for the last 3 years. Bam! So if we have not done it, we would have been all stressed up trying to figure this out. The thing about tax is that, if you do not make enough profits, you do not pay tax. But well, we want you to make well enough profits to be able to pay tax, right? So do not shy away registering your business.  

Open a Business Account to start a business in Nigeria

When you have enrolled your business at FIRS, you will receive a tax number. This is what you can now use to open a bank account at a bank of your choice. All these structures are to give your business credibility, both for investors and consumers. Consider below a list of requirements to open a business bank account to start a business in Nigeria, specifically Zenith Bank. You can always contact your bank of choice to get the current requirements. 

  • Duly filled and signed Account Opening Form
  • Two (2) Specimen Signature Cards
  • Two (2) independent and satisfactory references
  • Two (2) recent and clear passport size photographs of each signatory
  • Form of Identification of Signatories
  • Certificate of Registration (originals to be sighted)
  • Form of Application for Registration (Certified as True Copy by CAC and originals to be sighted)
  • Photocopy of Public Utility Receipt (original sighted)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Mandatory Initial Deposit
  • Visitation Report (Residential and Official)
  • Risk assessment Form
  • Additional KYC Form
Obtain Necessary services, documentations and Permits/Licenses

This is dependent on the nature of business you are interested in but it is important to carry out research to know if there is a regulatory body for the business. Take Food Canteen for instance, there is an association body that you must pay some sort of levy to. Also Road Transport requires inter or intra-state permit from National Union of Road Transport Workers. Subscribe to our newsletter for more details regarding permits in the future. You might need further permit or certification from entities like NAFDAC who regulate food, cosmetics and drugs. These are just a few of the regulatory bodies you might want to consider when you want to start a business in Nigeria. We are happy to connect you with our recommended legal support agency if you decide to embark on this journey.

Create a Customer Care system for your Business

System is structure. Structure helps grow a business idea! Developing a customer care system helps to increase your customers’ satisfaction. Customer care is an important element of many successful businesses, not only because you make the paying customer happy but also to gather enough information on how to further build your business. In our upcoming Joadre Business Vlog series season 2 starting April 2021 on our JoadreTV page, we would address how important it is to gather information and how to go about this. Not to miss out make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter. Also, in a previous blog, we talked more about how to protect your business ideas using great customer care – read the blog here. I also recommend you read this blog if your next thought now is How to get Clients for your Business

Document your Business Operation

It is important to print and have a track of invoices, have a customer agreement drafted, terms and policy for the business operation. You probably wouldn’t know the importance of this until you are pitching to an investor or an employee leaves your team and you are left to find yourself, if you lack proper documentation, you may find yourself starting from the scratch or totally lost. Documentation would protect your integrity as a business  both in the face of investor and client, therefore instilling confidence in your brand.

So that was it this week. I hope we have been able to give you some more information about how to start a business in Nigeria. Remember it is a 3 part blog and you can go read the complete series to learn more. If you have questions or comments, use the section provided beneath to drop them. We look forward to reading from you. 



2 Ways to Protect Your Idea | How Best Business Evolve

Protect your idea with innovation

When you launch a company in an area that has an intense level of competition, it can be difficult to stand out. But also it can mean you have found a profitable space with a lot of potential. Your major battle here as a small business startup will be to stand out and protect the very ideas that make you unique. You maybe came up with a great twist or idea and you want to keep it yours for as long as possible. 

In this blog, I will share some very unconventional ways to protect your idea that is beyond the traditional legal procedures like trademark, copyright, patent, licence ownership and such. You might already be familiar with these but if you are not, drop a comment beneath this blog. We are happy to publish a future blog that introduces everything legal to protect your ideas . 

Protect your ideas from those ideas-stranded competitors!

When there are players both big and small, it validates your industry. Even though it is important to keep an eye on the bigger companies, they usually take longer to develop and execute new ideas, It is the startups that actually are the threats, as they are much more agile and can pivot rapidly to keep up with the latest trends and customer demands.The truth is when you have a good business idea in a profitable space, copycat competitors are going to emerge and try to imitate your ideas. Seriously, great ideas that are profitable for business are not easy to come by anymore. It is all almost said and done today! Fortunately, there are many ways to stay ahead of your competitors and protect your ideas in the long run. Now that said, lets dive into these very 2 smooth and low-cost strategies you can apply now.

  • customer Service and,
  • innovation!
How great customer Service can protect your idea

If you’re operating a business in a crowded field, one of the best ways to make your company stand out from the copycats and the bigger companies is through excellent customer service and responsiveness. Look, you might wonder how customer service is actually related to protecting our idea. All you want is that nobody steals your idea. But think about it this way – why not want to milk your ideas as much as possible that people give up trying to steal it. Ideas can be easily replicated. Even when they are legitimately protected by law, someone can create something else that taps into the same consumer base. 

Their solution similar to yours will tap and target exactly the same consumer desire you are exploring with your products or solution. In this case, the battle is not legally protecting your idea, the battle is of excellence! Basically consumers have the choice to have diverse services offered to them, don’t they? Why should they choose you if someone else cares better about them – at least that person shows them that through great customer service?

Yes explore the different channels but be wise!

Instilling a focus on excellent customer service from the early days will help ensure that your team maintains this focus as your business grows. The key to standing out as a startup can come down to simply behaving like a large-scale company and adopting a similar, large-scale mindset when it comes to customer service.

Offer customer service through the various channels that your customers use—it can be live chat, social media, or a mix of options—and your customers will notice. Getting back to any customer inquiries as quickly as possible is also imperative. You don’t always have to have an answer right away, but acknowledging that you’re working on a solution will go a long way. It will tell when the time comes for customers to judge their interactions with your startup via testimonials or reviews. 

And yes, as a small business you might have a very full plate to deal with alone, so you might not be equipped to deal with all customers 24/7. Set business hours (even on your social media platform) that are also friendly to your lifestyle. If a customer sees that you are closed, they do not expect a response immediately. There is nothing worse than saying open 24/7 and then one gets only an automated “we will get back” response.

Protect your idea through continuous innovation

An Accenture study revealed that 93% of executives believe the long-term success of their organization depends on the company’s ability to develop new ideas. You see again why “ideas” are key”! The major key to the success of any business is its ability to keep its products and services fresh. In other words, you must be innovating all the time. In a vast sea of competition, the companies that do best are ones that constantly identify new opportunities. What is innovation? Wikipedia explains it like this –  “carrying out new combinations”. I choose this part “combination” because you must not alway reinvent to innovate!

To be innovative doesn’t mean that every idea must be major or totally new.

When your company can make small changes to your product and service on an ongoing basis, you’ll have a better chance of securing your spot in the marketplace. When you twist something small, it is not about the scale of the innovation but about how you showcase this change. You can communicate this tinny innovation with a grand gesture and as a ground breaking development simply because it means a whole lot to you and to the customers who will profit from it. It is often about how you communicate the tiny steps, accomplishments, innovations and experiences in your business. 

Where should you start your innovation

Let your innovation be value driven, efficient and cost wise. Think first about the customers, the people you serve. What else can you add, remove, combine, introduce that would make the service better for the customer? Let these questions drive your wild ideas. When the market place is busy fighting idea legal battles, you are creating new ones. Isn’t this excellen? So in future blogs, I will share deep business insights and tips on how to craft solid business cases, revenu models and actually take your business to a global stage. Stay with me by subscribing to my blog – subscribe to our newsletter.  If you have questions or feedback, use the comment section beneath. Follow us on social media and thank you for reading to the end. 



How To Start A Business In Nigeria. Pt 2

start a business in Nigeria step by step

In a previous blog, part 1 of this “how to start a business in Nigeria” series, we explored 3 major deal breakers. In this part two, we will explore just 2 points beneath which is extremely important when you want to start a business in this country. I have seen way too many people rush out on their venture without actually having this figured out. Well, if you have decided to become a  boss of your own, wait a minute o, here are 2 more steps you must take.

Be Ready For The Market to Start A Business In Nigeria

Ok, many of you believe you already have a product. Sorry to let you know that often what you feel is a product to sell might just not interest anyone. Maybe one person or that your best friend or church member will be so nice to buy now. But in the real market out there, nobody wants to buy. So when you start off by selling 4 pieces and you are excited thinking that there is a market for that product/Service, because those loyal friends bought, you invest more money and then end up sitting on top of lots of products wasting away. This happens because most business people have not taken the pain to get their product ready for the market. Are you offering something someone actually wants to buy?

Is there demand? Is it solving a real problem? 

What version sells well? Which customer will buy? What are they ready to pay for? Have you mastered all you need to stock that product? If you produce, do you have a steady supply of raw materials? Is the quality better than the one in the market? And lastly, the golden question – What makes that your product/service better than what is already in the market? So these are things you must figure out now. I mean answer all these questions sincerely before you start a business in Nigeria.

Incorporate/Register your Business

In Nigeria, you don’t necessarily need a lawyer to register your business name, but you sure need ‘an article of association’ if you are registering a company. However to determine which you need, you must know that we have

  • Sole proprietorship: Only you in business
  • Partnership: it means you’d be having more than one partner in the business
  • Corporation: If you want to separate your personal liability from that of your company.

Ok this is where legal advice is often good. But as a small business owner, you might just start with a business name like setup.

  • You must decide on which ownership structure or what I call legal structure/model you want for your business
  • Come up with at least four names for your business and visit the Corporate Affairs Commission website to confirm if it had not been taken by another business owner. Click here to check now. This would cost you an average of N623 
  • Pay all the required fees specified by the commission. For Business name/Proprietorship, you should be paying between N12000-N15000. While corporations and others would cost you an average of N30,000. You should get your certificate within 14days
  • Form CAC1.1
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Proficiency Certificate
  • Form of Identification for Director/Secretary
  • Evidence of Payment to CAC
  • Stamp duty Certificate

Please note that without registering your business, you’d always find it difficult to access loans and grants either from public or private bodies. No investor or borrower would give you funds without you providing registration documents for verification of authenticity. If you have done this and your issues are with capital, find out How to succeed without social capital a.k.a Connections

Here is the full list from our previous blog – Step by step to start a business in Nigeria 
  1. Have A Rich Business Idea – 3 Business Idea to Start With 100k or Less
  2. Develop a Working Business Plan – Have problems implementing your plenty ideas? Read – become successful. 
  3. Choose a Strategic Location
  4. Have Your Product/Service Ready For The Market
  5. Incorporate/Register your Business
  6. Enrol your Business under Federal Inland Revenue Service 
  7. Open a Business Bank Account
  8. Obtain Necessary Permits/Licenses
  9. Promote your Business both offline and Online
  10. Offer Quality Product/Service Proficient
  11. Control Your Process

Like I said, let’s take this small small thing. Inour last part of this series, we will explore the remaining points briefly. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when we post the other parts.  If you have questions, use our chat box beneath. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Follow us on social media. 



How To Start A Business In Nigeria. Pt 1

start a business in Nigeria

Salary is what your employers pay you to forget your dream is what we hear thrown around every time nowadays, well, whether this is true or not, that’s an argument for another day. But whether you have just quit your 9-5job or a fresh graduate trying to start a business in Nigeria, I want to share some basic procedures to start a business in Nigeria. Ride with me as I take you on a step to step approach.

These questions, what business do you want to start? Where do you want to locate the business? How much do you need? How do I go about it? And so many other questions, must have been wrestling for answers in your mind.

Step by step to start a business in Nigeria

Well, if you have decided to become a  boss of your own, below are highlights of steps you must take.  

  1. Have A Rich Business Idea
  2. Develop a Working Business Plan
  3. Choose a Strategic Location
  4. Have Your Product/Service Ready For The Market
  5. Incorporate/Register your Business
  6. Enrol your Business under Federal Inland Revenue Service 
  7. Open a Business Bank Account
  8. Obtain Necessary Permits/Licenses
  9. Promote your Business both offline and Online
  10. Offer Quality Product/Service Proficient
  11. Control Your Process

In this part one, we will explore just 3 points above. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when we post the other parts. 

A Rich Business Idea

You must be wondering why I wrote ‘rich’, you’d be shocked when you hear the reason why some people want to start a business, after a 5 mins chat with them you’d discover that it’s a malnourished business idea, suffering from kwashiorkor. A good business idea must profer solution, either inform of gratification, or any other human daily experience/need. A pub for instance, provides a social engagement space for people, where they get to eat, drink, socialize, network etc. This previous blog has got some juice for you, 3 Business Idea to Start With 100k or Less

Develop a Working Business Plan

To start a business in Nigeria, you need a working plan! By ‘working’, I mean it doesn’t have to be the final business plan. Create some sort of map for your business that would give you smooth navigation. Your business plan would help you realize what value your product or service adds to target consumers, its sustainability, how you can generate or raise capital, how to create healthy revenue to grow the business and probably even expand at the end of the day. Too many people have “Ideas”, and the ideas plenty! But it is all talk. No plan on how to implement. Here is our last blog handling the issue of implementation – become successful. 

Choose a Strategic Location

The importance of location can’t be overemphasized in business. Don’t go and rent a space basically because it’s cheap, big or fancy. Look, we actually recommend you to have a selling product or service first before renting a space, except you are the production/manufacturing business that can’t be done from home. Remember a space is fixed cost, so if you sell you do not sell, you go pay rent, light bill, water bills security fees etc. 

Now, if you have to rent, check its proximity to your target consumers. How regular there is light, otherwise fuel and generation cost must be factored into your budget. A pub for instance should be in an area with socialites. You don’t want to open your pub in an area with an open and closing hour restriction.

Like I said, let’s take this small small thing. In part 2 on how to start a business in Nigeria, we will explore Products/Services ready for market and  Business incorporation. If you have questions, use our chat box beneath. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Follow us on social media. 



Become successful! Try this simple master technique.

how to become successful

One thing you ought to realize is that the most successful people didn’t get to where they are by accident; they had a plan that they implemented.  In this blog, I want to expose you to a simple technique that would make you become successful – Implementation. 

What is implementation?

Implementation is the process you take to put a plan or idea into effect. Which means you actually do the work. Implementation is the opposite of talking and imargining. To become successful you must take actual steps that are aligned with the results you want to achieve. Executing a plan that will lead to success comes from the small daily goals you’ve already set for yourself. These daily goals sum up to become your success. 

Ideas alone will not make you successful. 

Take the trees and chairs example. Trees are natural resources, just like the minerals, gold, crude oil and all of those things we did not create ourselves. If you have them in abundance does not guarantee that you will be able to create a good life for yourself and your community. If you believe in God as the supreme being, then this is for you. We can agree that God made the trees not chairs. 

Which servant will your emulate?

This brings to mind the parable of the 10 talents in the bible –  a master gave all his servants varying amounts of talents and travelled, the other servants maximized their own potentials and turned profits while the last servant  buried his, so that he ended up being cast out. Which of these servants would you emulate? You have an opportunity now to identify your talents (those skills you are born with or that comes natural to you) and the chance to gain new skills. With these skills you can tap into the extraordinary environment you find yourself. 

Free yourself from excuses and take the dem responsibility!

The environment you find yourself in might katapult you into an autopilot state where you find excuses and hold the “environment” responsible for your predicaments. You have to actively check yourself and free yourself from the automated excuses popping up everytime. Learn to take responsibility as much as possible, even when you feel it is not your responsibility. The simple practice of taking responsibility ignites your ability to take action. 

Journal your ideas to create a visual documentation!

When you find yourself burning with one idea, first things first. Write it down. This is called journaling. It is an ancient technique of freeing yourself from the burden of nursing a particular idea. When you carry an idea for too long, it evaporates to give space for another fresh idea. The old idea is neglected. If care is not taken, the fresh idea will suffer the same predicament the old one did. To avoid curating your own idea graveyard, you must write out your idea. When you do so, you now have a visual documentation of the idea. 

Explore the backwards goal technique to become successful. 

You can use the backwards goal technique to know what next to do. This is the stage where I would ask you to work on a plan or strategy document for that idea. If it is a business, check our plan structure in a previous blog to learn more. 

When you outline the steps or milestones from the idea to where you are right now, you will see a million things you have to actually do to make this real. Start with the next logical milestone of that list. In future blogs, I will expand on this implementation technique more. 

Ley takeaway on how to become successful

Not to miss out, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when we post the next blog on this matter. Meanwhile, let’s summarise some key takeaways; In order to activate success you need to take advantage of every opportunity and natural gift that you have – and at times you may need to go and learn a skill or two. Journal your idea and work backwards identifying the milestones you need to get from where you are to the journalled idea. Start with the next step of your milestone. I hope you liked this piece of inspiration. It’s 2021 and we should be creating more successful businesses. Remember to follow me on Instagram and visit our media page to watch some of our free business training videos. 



NOK culture and their sculptures

NOK culture and their sculptures

Probably you have heard of the Nok culture, or not. Around 500BC, clay heads were found by archeologists among many other sculptures. Made out of terracotta or heated clay in precision, historians could quickly observe the sophistication of the Nok people. But who were the Nok people? Who are they today? Does their history and culture still exist? But these sculptures found, what was their purpose? Popular speculations are that maybe they were grave markers, ancestral portrayal, ornaments, but no one knows their major functions. One thing for sure is that they are very expensive in today’s art market.

Where are the NOKs today?

The Nok culture (or Nok civilization) is an early Iron Age population whose material remains are named after the Ham village of Nok in Kaduna State of Nigeria, where their terracotta sculptures were first discovered around the 1920ties, Wikipedia. According to historians, the Nok people at some point stayed in the now known Plateau state, particularly, Jos. 

Another Nok artefact was later found by a clerk in 1943, popular opinions suggest that he took it to scare animals away from his farm, until a British Administrative Officer named Bernard Faggi, who also was a student of archeology saw it and expressed his admiration for the art and took a guess of its worth.

The most popular or noticeable feature of Nok Culture is that they are naturalistic, detailed, well defined and carefully stylized. Most of the works found reveal the depiction of human heads with abundant jewelry, hairstyles and multiple postures, and this is the only evidence that is available to give us a mental picture of the kind of life the Nok people must have lived.

The peak point for the Nok Culture is the discovery of iron and its use, which they did by heating rock and melting iron. This discovery on its own must have contributed to their technological advancement and it further projects the level of sophistication they must have achieved with such power in all spheres of their daily life, which includes farming and even weaponry.

Heavy Looting of Nok Artefacts in 1970s

Since the 1970s, Nok terracotta figures have been heavily looted. Even larger-scale looting commenced in the Nok cultural area in 1994, and by 1995 two main local traders emerged.  In the 1970s, numerous Nok Artefacts were looted from Nigeria by both local and international scavengers, some were smuggled, while others were illegally purchased. This prompted the Nigerian government to add another acronym to the already available ones. The government named it National Commission for Museum and Monuments(NCMM), backing it with what’s known as Decree 77, which prevents illegal and unauthorized digging, buying and selling of national antiques.

Then came the French thief!

However, as at 2005, the commission recorded that 90% of these artefacts have been looted and over 1000copies have been illegally smuggled in and outside the country. If you’d like to know more about Nigerian or African history, kindly click on the subscribe button. In February 2013, Daily Trust reported that the Nigerian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and National Orientation repossessed five Nok statuettes looted by a French thief in August 2010. The pieces had been seized by French customs agents and were repatriated following a Nigerian Government Directive. 

High sought after art

Today, the terracotta sculptures are very highly sought after on the international art market, and so artifacts continue to be dug up without documentation of the contexts in which they were buried. A lack of extensive archaeological study has also severely limited our understanding of the Nok cultures. As we explore more about Africa’s history, traditions, treasures, indigenours intelligence and belief system, we would like to invite you to join us explore. Subscribe to our newsletter for details and follow us on our social media channels. 



Start a business in 2021. Is it still possible?

Learn to start a business in 2021

2021 is  definitely a year that many of us were eager to enter simply because of the pandemic that overwhelmed 2020. With the global economic crisis and the irregular shutdown, work-life restrictions, one might become worried whether to start a business or not this year. What if there is one shutdown after the other?  Would I have enough customers? These are legitimate questions. In this blog, I want to show you the opportunities you will have in 2021 and how to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Focus on life’s essentials to start a business. 

Look at it this way, even in the pandemic, there were some businesses that still kept running. They just had to otherwise nothing will work, people will die even more and there will be kaos. It’s exactly in these sectors you should consider to start a business this year. These are vital businesses offering products and services that everyone must consume. 

Food and agricultural produce is a must. Water supply and sanitation is a must. Health care, shelter and education is a must. Grocery and clothing to an extent is a must. Entertainment became a must. Effective logistics as well became even more necessary. I can continue listing some sectors that somehow will continue despite any restrictions but for this purpose of this blog, let’s focus on these 3 essential sectors – food, health and education. 

Start a business in the food sector

Now let’s go beyond the traditional food business thinking. Within this industry you can focus on a different niche. From cultivation of agricultural produce to preparing the food for the customer. And in between there are so many services that can create a business. But let’s look into a low cost startup that is pandemic proof. Because people will eat and if they were to grow the home-office concepts, many would rather want healthy food delivered to their homes, maybe even bulk cooking, you can professionalise your offers. 

You can provide working class professionals with top notch healthy soups, stews, accompanying produce like rice, yam and deliver once or multiple times a week to their homes.  All you need to start this is your kitchen, some good delivery boxes, advertising and investment in the major food stuff. If you are smart, you actually create a platform where your customers can order and pay in advance, so you have the needed cash to source food stuff. 

Starting off in the health sector

Health is so essential to human existence that people are willing to consume health services that can support a healthier life for them. In Nigeria, there is a scarcity of doctors not to talk to therapists. Why not think of developing a platform where doctors, pharmacist can attend to clients online using video conferencing, telephone calls and such? It might sound way too big to do, but believe me, it is possible. 

Always start with a business strategy and plan out what you will require. When you do this, you will see that it is possible. You can earn from the consultations commission, you can begin to deliver the medications if you partner with a delivery company, you can also sell healthy supplements on your platform. 

Education sector is key!

Even without a shutdown, remember the continuous school strikes that happen? Students would need to learn. Teachers would need to find new ways to teach their students. Also the curriculums need to be updated. There are very many ways to start off here. One of the low cost alternatives is to develop a network of teachers and professors or tutors who you can dispatch to teach students through your platform. Many children from the upper middle class families focused on online teaching during lockdowns. On the other side, many platforms they used were foreign platforms. So what are you waiting for? You can start the next Nigerian/African platform. 

A quick twist for 2021

Because this is our first blog this year, I want to use this opportunity to remind you that “GRATITUDE” is key for our journey this year. If we want to look into all the bad and shocking experiences from 2020, then be rest assured 2020 had much to offer. From pandemic to recessions in many countries, to us losing Boseman Chadwick to cancer and George Floyd to police brutality in the US. Then #endsars peaceful protest disbanded by the Nigerian army in brutal violence causing loss of lives. The refugee camp on fire in Moria, Greece leaving 13000 without shelter.  Trust me, I can continue listing. However, if you read this post, then you are among those who made it to 2021. 

Stop surviving. Live life and start a business!

Let’s try to get from surviving to living our lives once more to the fullest. One from many secret tools I know that always work is practicing gratitude. No matter who you are, what you experienced and what your fears might be. When you find just one simple, yet significant experience to be grateful for, it seems the sun is shining down on you again. Very often I see that people complain about the funds to start their business, but there are ways to start a low capital business. Check my blog on how to start a low capital business to enlighten yourself. And if you are still looking for more ideas, you sure should read our blog on 12 online businesses students can start now in Nigeria. 

I hope you liked this blog opening our year. To stay connected, remember to subscribe to our newsletter. For quick content, watch some of our youtube videos on our Tv page. Follow me on our social media handles. I wish you a strong, prosperous and fulfilling year. 



3 Business Ideas To Start With 100K Or Less

Business ideas to start with 100k

Oh you have just graduated, waoh! Congratulations. You even finished with a first class grade. Sweet! Getting a job shouldn’t be difficult for sure. However, keep reading as I share these 3 business ideas to start with 100k or less.

First job interview, they told you they would get back to you. Okay, unto the next one, Ahhh Ahhh!! They are still saying they would get back to you. Now you have become a regular attendee with a special certificate in JobHuntology. Nigeria is on a daily basis upgrading its method to frustrate your dream.

Here are 3 Businesses to start with 100k.

‘Omooooooo times ten thousand million’ is now your matching song.

You have nearly given up or already have. What if I told you that there are business ideas you can start with 100k. If you are like me, you might even spend nothing or less than that, and I’m not speaking aspire to perspire to maguire and not to expire gibberish here. I am talking about real life hacks. I’m sure you are eager to know already. “Calmmmm down” I have got you.

  1. Nylon and PaperBags Branding
  2. Car Dealership
  3. Retailing second-hand clothes

Nylon and PaperBags Branding. 

Do you know that you don’t even need money to start this business, to start this business, all you need is to collaborate with a local printer, who has a knowledge of screen printing. You’d negotiate with him/her the particular amount that would favour both of you, after which you could then conclude how much you want to be selling your own nylon. You must also equip yourself with the basic knowledge of graphic design or you could always pay a third-party to do it for you.

As I have said earlier, you don’t need money to start this business, all you need is the gut to market yourself to people. The cheat is, this business is usually done with customer’s deposit, so you won’t even be spending your money.

But with 100k OMG! You would be flying and the journey would be faster. The money would ease your marketing effort, you’d be able to run online ads to float your product to potential customers. 100k would also afford you the opportunity to procure materials in bulk, which will reduce your cost of production, thereby increasing your profit. Do you need an office space/shop? oh no! maybe later.

See marketing differently so that you do not waste your money. Know who you will market to first so that you actually know what marketing ideas you will use. 

Car Dealership

You must have seen some of your friends uploading car pictures on their whatsapp status or instagram page. I am sure you are familiar with the following phrases: ‘Serious Buyers Only’ ‘DM for Price’ Anytime you see this, I am sure you’re always wondering where some of these peeps got money to be selling cars, or you even feel, ohhhhhhh these guys are stinkingly rich, because you feel that only rich people sell cars. My friend, come off it!

What if I told you that these peeps spent less than 100k to start this business, and all they spent on are Social Media ads, Business Cards and internet data. You’re shocked or thinking that how is that even possible. This is like one of the easiest out of the 3business ideas you can start with 100k. Okay let me break it down and show you how it is even possible.

What your peeps did was to network with a registered seller, negotiate a cut/percentage for sales coming from them. This percentage sometimes could be as high as 10%, and we are talking about cars here! you know how much 10% could be. For instance, let’s say a car was sold for 2million naira, that means you would be getting a whooping N200,000. Just like that, and how much did you spend, maybe N1000 on data subscription to regularly update your page and generate leads. Oh and an initial investment in social media ads and business cards, of which money you’d make back in a jiffy. Remember though that only uploading to whatsapp might not seal the deal alone. Buyers would want to see the car, so be ready to showcase it. Also take your own good picture for WhatsApp because often dealers will let multiple people like you market.  

Second hand clothes

Okay let me remind you of the basic human needs in case you have forgotten; food, clothing, and shelter. Need oooo! Not even ‘want’. That’s to tell you that humans would always need clothes. What then do you do with this knowledge?

Do you know that for as low as 100k, you can start a Second hand clothes sales business. Here is how to go about it. 

Take your 100k for the business, remove a token for Mannequin for product display, a token for white material to create a white backdrop, if you don’t already have one. Take a good percentage out of this cash to a popular market in Lagos, popularly known as ‘Katangoa’ a.k.a ‘Super’. This market is the republic of second hand clothes. For your first attempt, please don’t carry ‘bail’ as it’s popularly known. Rather select the clothes you can see will sell fast. Subsequently, you could then progress to carrying bail, after you must have understood the business and equipped yourself with the Street-OT for ‘Okirika’

The interesting thing is right from your facebook.com page or whatsapp, you can start promoting your products, and did I tell you, this business has up to 200% profit capacity depending on your ability to hassle and sell. 

Now, if you are excited about this, check out my earlier blog 12 online business for students in Nigeria and if you would like more contents like this, kindly click on the subscribe button at joadre.com

Education resource center – Be a JoadreTV Creator!

education resource center

The consequential shutdown of the pandemic has taught us one major lesson – we have to create up-to-date structures that allow us to give people the best opportunities. This is why we launched our new project with JoadreTV which is an education resource center. Joadre TV, to be officially launched in January 2021, offers young adults access to learn useful skills to build a business and life that they love. Often school forgets to actually teach us what we would need out there in the real world. 

Notwithstanding the inefficiency of our educational structure in Nigeria, we know that there are thousands of dedicated teachers, mentors, professors, motivational coaches, instructors, thematic influencers, entrepreneurs, lecturers and educators out there ready to share with a community of students. We encourage you all to partner with us to become a Joadre creator. In this blog, I want to share the basic information you need to know to become a JoadreTv creator. My team and I want to take this content, wisdom, knowledge, make it exciting, package it to be consumable and offer it to a large audience, because with education, we can awaken the consciousness of our generation.

Learning in Nigeria can be fun with our education resource center

A JoadreTV creator works with our team to design extraordinary tutorials and training content, packaged in a sophisticated streaming style to give our subscribers an interesting experience. Learning must not be boring and hell yes, it can be entertaining. On our platform, subscribers enjoy your content at their own pace and tailored to their current area of interest or need. Our tutorials are specifically designed to promote entrepreneurship engagements of our target subscribers. Entrepreneurship starts with a mindset, continues through personal development and consistent development of the actual technical skills required for the sector. 

Make a difference and enjoy the rewards

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Beauty | An Inevitable Asset For Entrepreneurs

the inner beauty beyond the eye with itohan Adesina

Some say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Meaning anyone seeing a thing can judge it beautiful or not! Isn’t that interesting? Judging by the Oxford dictionary which defines beauty as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight” or even by Wikipedia which says just the same as Oxford, it seems almost not possible to attain that standard. As the first question then is, who sets the standards?

Clock tick and it fades!

However, one thing that is common here is that the eye (sight) is a factor where beauty is concerned. But this is the outer beauty. As the biological clock of a man or woman ticks, the outer beauty fades away. I have good news! There is another dimension to beauty and yes, you must have heard this a million times. sorry I inevitably have to repeat it because it is so powerful – The inner beauty of you. 

The beauty that goes beyond the eye.

The inner beauty. It is about having a beautiful mind, heart and pretty soul. Inner beauty comprises of your mentality, physical power and spiritual strength. Mentality in deed is key as it affects your physical power and spiritual strength. All interconnected. There are many ways to look at inner beauty from how a person thinks (mindset or mentality) and the state of health of a person to the quality of soul of that person. I know it sounds wired to even attempt to define the quality of a persons soul. 

These are just a few qualities your inner beauty could have.
  • Kindness: having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature
  • Gentleness: the quality of being kind, tender, or mild-mannered.
  • Modesty: the quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities.
  • Purity: freedom from adulteration or contamination. Especially when talking about the heart.
  • Generosity: the quality of being kind and generous.
  • Humility: the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.
  • Honesty: the quality of being honest i.e free of deceit; truthful and sincere.
  • Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

The inner beauty has a great impact on the outer beauty. The way a person thinks reflects on the outside through character. A person filled with positivity towards life would definitely have that outward glow. But as an entrepreneur, working to develop your inner beauty is crucial to the success of your ventures. Why? read the qualities around the inner beauty and then tell me if applying these to your customer service, to your team building to your partnership network would not attract more revenues.

How inner beauty can earn you more revenues.

When you bounce confidently into that meeting, you are sure to get what you want. Particularly a person who is self confident has an aura of positivity amplifying whatever the outward appearance is.  If you show modesty and kindness towards your employees, you are sure to keep them inspired. Say you handle the delicate conversations with your customers with gentleness and humility, you are sure to have a higher retention rate. Honesty will make your partner always entrust their deals with you. So you see, I am not only encouraging you now to begin this self work but also to know that it will pay off, even in cash. I would encourage you to enrol for this free master class “DEBUNK” where you can begin to work on some of these qualities.

The state of health of a person is also a factor that affects one’s beauty from the inside out. A healthy person glows! So true beauty is having the inner and outer beauty. It is advisable to spend more resources in grooming one’s inner beauty because this is what can stand the test of time. As a business analyst I have seen way too much people invest in the outwards, though important, but I encourage you now to invest just as much in that inwards beauty of yours. Hope you liked this article? If you did please keep sharing so that we can impact more lives together.

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3 Low Capital Business Ideas for Nigeria | New Potential

Low capital business ideas with less than 100k in Nigeria

In this blog I want to introduce you to 3 top pandemic proof low capital business ideas you can start now. I will list the 3 business opportunities and then explain briefly. A full follow-through on how to start these low capital business ideas is coming soon on our business media platform here as webinars, in our eBiz journal and as online courses. We would also be looking into mentoring a very few start-ups and investing money into their ideas as we progress with this business journey together. 

Potential opportunities from the pandemic lessons

Seriously we can choose to only see this global health crisis and pandemic shutdown as a threat. Or we can begin to think of how to become more innovative towards our own African future. With or without a pandemic, Nigeria must begin to take seriously improving citizens access to health services, education and to better logistics. Small businesses are in a great position right now to leverage on this. 

Why are low capital business ideas needed now?

Look at the #endsars protest that started in October in Nigeria. It is not only police brutality that motivated the protest, but also the hard reality many face today in the  country. So many people have great ambitions but do not see any opportunity or chance to achieve them. There are also others whose ambition it is to become successful but actually do not know how or in what. It is not their fault. 

If you live in an environment where innovation, especially digital innovation is at its minimum, meaning just social media consumption, what innovative solutions can you expect? Almost none! I know personally that these enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself want change and you can start to create this change by taking action. That is why we should look into these 3 low capital business ideas and maybe your next step of action for a better Nigeria will be born. 

3 low capital business ideas. 

  • Digital healthcare
  • Elogistics
  • Digital learning

You might have already heard of these 3 business opportunities but I bet that you still have a very very large market in Nigeria. A large market in the sense that people will remain restricted in accessing health care. Imagine Nigeria’s physician-to-patient ratio is 4 doctors per 10,000 patients and patients often wait hours to be seen. Imagine the structure of the educational system. Let me not even talk about the standard of public education. Imagine the poor road infrastructure, dense population in cities or almost no access to some remote areas. People will need good delivery. You see, there is a large customer base waiting to be served. The question is always how do you want to start? I alway recommend building a niche and making your business offer affordable. Now let’s look at these ideas briefly. 

Digital health low capital business Ideas

Digital health care is basically offering health services using digital technology. Your offers can range from counselling sessions, diagnostic sessions, prescription sessions, referral sessions or actually delivering digital products to monitor health performances of the client. Talk multiple income streams. You can have clients book sessions and also connect to eLogistics to deliver the medications. You can have service care personnel extend your online service to house visits. The possibilities are endless and yes, there is space for thousands of services around Africa. Guess what? You create jobs. Kudos!

eLogistic low capital business ideas

eLogistic is when you make goods delivery for a customer. Either you decide to target business clients (What we call B2B) or end consumers (Referred popularly to as B2C)  in the mass market. There are even very specialised deliveries where you can integrate a network of existing bike riders, taxi drivers, transport companies, call shops for pick up and so on. You already have diverse services coming up in Nigeria but there is space for more. When the market gets competitive, the services get better. Only those businesses that actually care for the customer will survive. Stay with  me on Joadre, subscribe to my ebiz to continually learn how to stay competitive with your business ventures. 

Digital low capital learning business ideas. 

This is my favorite as I love teaching and learning. That’s exactly what we are doing right now as you read this blog. Yes, you might wonder how I will earn if this blog is for free. There are many ways to monetize your elearning business idea. You can go for a traditional approach to sell your study programs or you can be more flexible with content like I am. My first goal is to make sure that you achieve your business goal and start making money. Then you will have enough to pay me in the future for specialised services. 

Look at our educational system, there is extreme need for new low capital business ideas. The curriculum is backdated. You can partner with higher standards schools to create a curriculum for traditional topics like mathematics or you can offer extra curricular work for students to become more innovative. There is a strong base of the rising middle class in Nigeria earning about 40K to 150K monthly that can pay. Your clients must not have internet data to stream. There are ways to publish your digital content offline too, remember a USB has never been this cheap before, like this 4GB Flash from Amazon which is as low as 1500 Naira and you can get cheaper in quantity from Asia. 

What if your problem is lack of the needed skills?

That’s why life is a learning journey. I studied polymer technology but now I own a digital business media. You can learn the basics and essentials actually for free. A great strategy is to look for partners that complement your abilities. Don’t wait. If you start your digital business today, come back to thank me in 5 years as Africa becomes more digital savvy. I want to help you launch and grow your idea, so make sure to subscribe to all my teaching outlets on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, my Newsletter especially because you get all the infos when they are out. 

The webinar that will change the game for you. 

  • Topic: How To Launch A Low Capital Business // Digital Business
  • Date: December 11th 2020
  • Time: 10am Nigerian time
  • Place: On Joadre zoom Webinar (click to register)
  • Maximum participants: 100 (First come, first serve). We will send you an email reminder some hours before the live webinar begins.

I will host a zoom webinar about how to launch a low capital business idea in the digital space in december. This webinar is especially for those with  very low digital skills as I will share tools, platforms and free stuff you can use to start. The webinar is for free for those attending live and is scheduled for December 11th at 10am Nigerian time. Save the date to attend for free! It would be about 1 hour, you can ask questions directly and I can interact with you as well. Keep coming to Joadre platform as we are working on some new online shows where we will invite business experts to share tips and strategies for you. 

I hope you really liked this article. Hey, let’s be generous here. Share this article with your social network. Maybe you might inspire someone thinking just like you to partner up to start. Share asking your network if they want to venture into the digital space with low capital business ideas. 



Fear of failure? This is how to stay courageous!

How to fight your fear of failure

We are often overshadowed by the fear of failure, especially  when we want to start something that really matters to us. A great sign to know that it is the fear of failure rising up within you, is when you begin to think about how it might NOT work. How you might make “unforgivable” mistakes. You actually consider the thought of what people will think about you, maybe they will think that you are foolish. Then your stomach has those ugly butterflies stirring fear inside. 

How to conquer the fear of failure!

Maybe you have to learn more. Yes, it is ok if you do not have all the answers when you start. You do not have all it takes right at the beginning. But soon you will know, if you take the next logical step to start. That is the secret. Doing the next logical thing or set of actions.

In every area of our lives, we are confronted with fear. In fact, fear makes us humans. Nobody teaches you to cope and deal with your fears. Neither does anyone tell you that that could be your greatest tool for action. Fear. Yes, I said it. When you feel those ugly butterflies in your stomach by the mere thought of doing something that your rational brain knows is good for you, then it’s fear trying to sabotage you. 

It is true that sometimes those uggly butterflies are just there to protect you from danger but you know the difference. If there is something you always wanted to do but you are afraid to do it, then recognise the fear holding you back. Fear often comes in many diverse packages, like excuses, procrastination, lies about how difficult it is and so on. 

Here is a logic example.

Look at a simple logic, we all know that our way of life now is bad for the environment. But what are we doing? We still consume exactly the same way. Ok some are making a real sincere effort to change. But what is holding every other person back? Fear! Fear that they would lose their comfy lifestyle. Maybe even fear that their lifestyle might get too expensive and they would not be able to afford it. Or that life might become too strenuous to maintain. Peer pressure – Fear that they may not be cool anymore to their peers. 

Awareness will help counter your fears. 

Well then I have a message for that fear. Tell it to go to hell for now, if you believe there is a hell afterwards.  If not, flush it down the toilet today. Inform yourself about anything new you want to do. Becoming more aware about something helps to transform the fear to a tool of courage. Then the next step is to take the next logical step. Appreciate the small steps, those little advancements you make. 

As an entrepreneur, I see the big picture of where  and what I want to accomplish. But I also really enjoy the little things I do every hour to get there. Like,  I enjoy writing this blog right now. Because, what if today is my last day? Would I allow fear of failure that this blog might not be good enough to prevent me from writing it at all?

I hope I was able to inspire just one person today to flush down that fear. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Give yourself permission to fail. It is great. Fear of failure is a real thing and you are not the only one experiencing it. Remember to watch the YouTube video in German on this topic if you understand German. I have a new video this week on my Youtube channel for our entrepreneurs who want to start their business but do not know what next to do. So check that out. Share your comments and story beneath this blog. Thank you for reading till the end. You will read from me next week. 



How to transform your fear to courage.

use your fear to build courage

Hey, I am so happy that you are reading this short blog. It has been a hell of a week for me as I have been following the issues happening in Nigeria. Read my blog on the Nigeria anti-police brutality blog. Nevertheless, I took some time to release this week’s video and blog. Check our JoadreTv here to watch the previous videos.

So let’s talk about “fear”!. How can you transform it to courage?

As humans, we must experience fear every now and then. That is what makes us humans. Fear is often a protector for us. But fear can also be our own hindering block to courage. Especially when we want to do something presidential, something that might be new, different. Or maybe just because we are afraid of being exempted or expelled from your communities, we let fear rule our lives. SOmetimes, simply just having the attention on you might make you allow your fears to dictate how you engage with people, what you wear, how you speak, who you hang out with and so on. As fear is good, fear is also dangerous, not only for us but also for others.

Courage will not wait for fear to disappear!

If you wait for the fear to disappear, you will never take action. Courage is not doing stuff in the absence of fear. Courage is when you do despite fear. You will never be courageous if you wait for a time when you will not be afraid. I remember when I learned about Nigerian women being trafficked to Europe and sent on the streets as prostitutes, I was so scared to say something. I was really worried about how the people in “that” community will treat me. Fear, indeed, can keep people enslaved! Today, I am excited and thankful that we started the charity EXIT, the Joadre fashion project and are still working on many more projects against human trafficking. With everyday, the fear becomes manageable and your courage grows stronger.

Is there a quick fix to fear?

Yes there is actually. Find the next logical small action to take and do it! That’s all it takes to become courageous. I dedicate 4 videos for every topic. I will share my own personal experience with fear and how I could overcome some of them and what happened when I Couldn’t in upcoming videos. It’s a process. You have to start with the very little actions of being brave. That’s how you train your courage muscles. Do not wait for the big actions where you might get a medal before you employ courage.

So I hope I was able to inspire you this week. Share your own personal journey to courage with us and see you next week as we explore this topic from a new perspective. Remember to check my YouTube channel, follow me on instagram and visit my German online shop for more updates about my work.

Nigerians protest police brutality is far more than SARs!

Nigerians protest police brutality

It’s been days since the protest has been happening on the streets as Nigerians protest police brutality. One might say the CoVid pandemic shutdown increased pressure on the youths as the economic situation worsens. There is frustration and so people feel like they have nothing to lose. But what about this thought process? There has been frustration amongst the youths even before the Covid shutdown. The constant fast life pace to survive swallowed any headspace to stop and think. Stop and think can unveil new perspectives. 

What if the shutdown allowed people to really see the threats ahead of them? What if the shutdown created a fear that became an instrument to demand change? Nigerians, especially between the ages of 18 and 28 have often heard their parents tell tales of how things used to be better. These times are gone. They have nothing now to lose as these youths have never really enjoyed the glory of a nation they love. Thanks to social media and a new way of thinking, people can organise themselves more effectively. 

Unusual kinds of jobs can get you killed!

Many youths embrace the new era of digital technology and are in contrast to traditional thinking doing business on a laptop. They hardly wear suits or carry serious briefcases. With no need to front white collar identity, many youths can carry on with their digital and tech jobs wearing just jogging pants, a laptop and a backpack. No need to remove the tattoos or golden bleached hair. No need to carry modest makeup. Everything is more internal. External looks don’t have to fit a job description anymore for many in Nigeria. Can the older generation wrap their minds around this new era? 

Why is Ikechukwu in his pyjamas at 11am? Wh his he typing an unreadable programming language on a black screen for which the generator has to be turned on for hours? Maybe the problem is not the pyjamas but the fact that Ikechukwu has to turn on the generator for hours. This shows you how daily live struggle for infrastructure like power supply affects even the new breed of labor. 

Nigerians protest police brutality and say it is time for change!

There are reports of countless 419s and Yahoo boys who happen to be Nigerians using the internet as a platform to extort people around the world. There are lazy young women who hope to hit it off by marrying one of such flamboyant Yahoo boys. All these exist but those young entrepreneurs freeing themselves from the social norms that do not improve their lives and working extremely hard to be globally competitive, also exist alongside. In fact they are the majority. The Nigerian police disenforced SARs unit judges a person’s genuity by their appearance. 

How can he be in the agric business if he does not carry a bag of cassava wearing an old Agbada? Is she really selling clothes carrying a laptop and POS around? Why does he have 2 bank accounts cards if he did not steal both? Over the years there has been police brutality resulting to unjust killings, sexual abuse, detention and more physical abuse. Nigerian youths say it’s enough and ask the government to wake up to the new times. 

Wake up woke world to support #BetterNigeria

However, it is also time for the global media, economic powerhouses and politic that indirectly or directly profit or have profited from the continents ressources, manpower, markets to support the youths and young adults on this journey to a better Nigeria. Believe me these young adults will be the partners of the next generation for Europe. 

We do not need to see another police brutality video from north America to protest all over Europe for human rights and justice. Do we? Nigeria has well over 200 million black Africans living in the country. As you see through the still ongoing peaceful protest, there are many young black people ready, willing to demand justice and betterment of their country. 

Where are the social media friends who activated their voices on social media a couple of months ago after the incidence in America? You can hashtag #BetterNigeria and post images, text or videos of support for the protesters and peaceful protest. We will stay updated on this protest. Come back next week for more details or follow me on my social media profiles – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. 
I thank those of you who have been supporting my work to improve entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Visit our TV page to view our weekly vlog and our blog page to read more training blogs on building sustainable entrepreneurship. You can also visit our german website to see more of how we support Nigerian entrepreneurs.

How to start a low capital business with social impact.

start a low capital business with social impact.

Starting a low capital business is already taunting in itself. If you have social impact included, get ready for a more strategic journey. First of all, let’s understand why social impact is excellent. Social impact allows you to give higher social value to the people you serve and it could be your USP (Uniqueness). It is not a traditional business approach where maximising profit is the sole motivation. Social impact businesses often start with the WHY. Oh, there is this excellent book from Simon Sinek you have to read about the topic called “Start with Why”.

I also have a video about “Money for the Mission” where I explain how to raise funds to start a social business. And by the way, yes a low capital business with social impact also needs a business plan. Check out my blog to know what you need to create your own business plan. In my Free Q&A sessions on zoom every friday, I answer specific questions from entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their business ideas. So let’s dive into questions from my session with Akala Batik on how to start a low capital business with social impact.

About Akala Batik – changing the world with Batik. 

Akala Batik is a social impact driven project where a group of Austrian volunteers financially and logistically support Chantal in Togo. Chantal is the founder of the project and she is an excellent batik artisan. The entire production done by hand from wax stamps, dye, sewing and construction – Help support this women-owned business and their community of Kpalimé, Togo 100% Made in Togo – 100% Handmade. We are always excited to use their batik for our  fashion, like the one from this jacket in our online store. So Chantal trains women in her training center called akala batik to produce these fabrics and some accessories as well. Check their website

The pandemic has made things even worse for many businesses, let alone social businesses in Africa. Chantal and her team in Austria are looking for ways to navigate the pandemic, build their business and get to the next level. For them, they feel that getting their business online is the next step. I totally agree but how should they go about it? Let’s start by exploring some basic strategies that they can employ on their journey to the next step and I hope you too can profit from it. 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhVPQ3DpPLU[/embedyt]

Look inwards, not outwards!

We often make the mistake to follow what we see and hear others do because we have the perception it is working for them. Look, face it, people often publish just the good or “fake it, make it” stuff on social media or online. You actually do not know what is behind and how they are really faring. Nobody loves washing their dirty clothes outside.Thats a saying in Nigeria and it’s true. So stop judging by watching others platonically. Look deeper. Are they really selling? How would you know? For example, if it’s fashion, is it still the same old collection or stock available since the past 100 years? Have they released new pieces? Who are they targeting? Can you identify it? If not, then forget looking outwards, look inwards. 

Be clear on who your target audience is! 

Every low capital business needs to focus first. Who do you want to target? Define who those people are. Doing this will help you structure all your activities to actually be able to approach these potential customers. It will let you know what the right communication will be and the right channels to distribute this communication. It will help you identify which product will work and which might not. How do you identify your target audience? By researching! Start online, then go into the market. For Akala Batik, I would actually visit some big fabric stores. Sit in a coffee shop in front or 3 hours and watch who goes in and out!

Start with one market audience

This is so important. Anyone that has very low capital business to start and a very small team capacity cannot target two large markets, especially in 2 different countries. It is often the best idea to target where you live because of the reduced cost to navigate around, you know the language, you know more people etc. So I advised Akala batik to target German speaking Europe as no one literally hand crafts batik fabric in Europe anymore for retail. So the target audience would be more like DIYs, independent designers and labels, retailers of authentic fabrics etc. 

Start with one product, one collection

I know it is tempting to want to put it all out there and show what you have or can. Yes, but remember not to overwhelm the audience. Also, think about it. Do you not want to learn from your mistakes and always get better? So if you focus on one fabric collection and learn how to release it properly, you would do a lot better in collection 2. Often many entrepreneurs do not  maximise the potential of one first before dumping to go to the next. For example, you can release a collection by either posting the product pictures on your website, instagram and facebook and that’s it – you claimed to have launched a collection! I am sorry for you. 

Developing a low capital business to succeed takes time.

Or you can release a collection by creating varieties of pictures – editorial, advert, graphics, product pictures, and then post them on your website and different social media platforms. Then you can go further to write a well crafted blog on the collection where you talk about the making process, the quality, how to use the fabric, the style, who it is for, what makes it special etc. This is already have more than 5 blogs to write and if done technically well with keywords and so on, you get google traffic for free. You can make short videos about the collection as well following the blog outlines.

You can package gift boxes and send to influencers to unbox, create a sample card and send to retailers, you can research a list of retailers and invite them to an online presentation, you can make some sample accessories from the fabric and add as products online one can buy. In this sense the accessories are a side product to push the main product “fabric”. You can release press kits, organise home parties, develop direct sales, develop collaborations etc. These are just 11+ things you can do!

There is much more work to be done right? Yes, but you might just end up learning, sharpening your skills, creating a release routine and selling more products. That’s maximising your release, instead of jumping to the next. By the way, this principle applies to business in general. When someone says something did not work, that’s why they jumped to the next, I wonder if they actually knew how to maximise and if the next will work!

Low capital business online strategy to start

Before you create your online website, start thinking on how you will pull people to that website? To put two price categories on one platform is a technical issue. Depending on the software behind your website. If it’s wordpress for example, you have plugins that allow you to change the currency and price for any geographical target audience. The question is more about how to promote the website to the target audience. Start by blogging, tagging your picture “alt”, backlinking, interlinking (Research these 4 free things you can do to boost your website. Maybe I will write about it, let’s see).

How do you price if your cost is high already through production

Oh, I know this. When we started Joadre fashion product, we had to train the tailors for more than 3 years. That was hundreds of thousand investment in naira and we were not selling much at that time. So what we did was to communicate this on our platform. The idea is to make the audience understand your journey. They have to understand the impact. They have to understand the quality of your product. What makes it stand out.

You can do this by creating graphics, stories that communicate this. You can have a link on the product description that takes the customer to a blog or video where they see the work you do. Most importantly, you have to create a brand worth the money you are asking for. So if you want them to pay 100 Euros for a pen, then let the website show the value of 100 euros for a pen. Get what I mean?

Calculating your selling price is never a coincidence!

And by the way, oftens social businesses fail to factor all expenses into their cost. Here are a list of a few expenses you should never forget – training cost, production material cost, production time cost, fixed cost like rent, utility etc, transportation, shipping and clearance cost, any vat, marketing cost to include distribution channel like even your website hosting. These are just a few, there are ways to calculate the annual cost and divide them into monthly and even per product cost value. Eg. Rent can be 5% added to every product if you already know how many products you made last year. Get what I mean. Wao, there is so much business building to be done by my people. Let’s get to it and nail the social impact work with our competence. Need a special coaching session? Contact us here.

Akala batik asked so many great questions like how to know which collection and colors to use, how to target two markets where I recommend that it’s a technical issue. So you can watch the video extracts on my YouTube channel to see more answers. By the way, during this session, we had to translate between french and english as Chantal speaks french and I english. It was a 2 hour conversation and I was very excited and motivated. I admire the Akala Batik team and vision. If you are a social entrepreneur or want to venture into social business, go for it and connect with us. Hope this session gave you some value. I am on facebook as well, would be nice to connect. Please share with anyone you think might need this information.



3 tips to create successful Awareness raising //The summary session.

Awareness raising best tips

Over the past 4 weeks, I released blogs and videos about awareness raising for social issues that we care about. The format of our media work on Joadre is to choose a broad topic and approach it from many different perspectives. Believe me, there are countless perspectives available. In fact, if we have 7+ billion people on the planet, then there are 7+ billion perspectives. But my goal is to try to share a very few that I have learned about during my work in the past 20 years. So in this episode, let’s summarise and get the 3 best tips for a successful awareness raising journey. 

From episode 1 – Is awareness raising effective?

That has always been a question I kept wondering about, especially after visiting a Nigerian village in 2006 with my team. Our goal was to show a no-budget anti-trafficking film called “Greener Pastures” to a group of young women in the village. The questions that i received from the young viewers made me know that the voice of the survivor is stronger than any other information out there. 

> Tip 1 – So my take away from more experiences is that we should give the affected people more space to tell their stories themselves. 

Remember the film “Greener Pastures” I mentioned above? After showing the film one of the viewers father came over to me to beg me to take her daughter to Europe. That was the moment I started questioning awareness raising. How effective is it for people that see no way out of the problem for which you are informing them about. For people that already have a fixed mindset?

From episode 2 – Who is awareness raising for?

Seriously, I keep wondering why the “offer” seems to be the focus of activism when economics clearly shows us that the “demand” delegates the market. So why do we not focus on informing those that regulate the demand? Informing those that make destructive consumer culture boom, without any thought of the complexity behind.  I believe even more now that awareness raising is more needed here in Europe. In the west where the consumer culture has hit the peak and people are so privileged that they do not even realise it. Watch the video!

> Tip 2 – lets focus on demand!

From episode 3 – How information changed my life!

My family had enough to buy meat but my mum chose more vegetables and let meat be the cherry on top. When I came to Europe and saw how meat was the norm to fill your stomach, I was shocked. Also very shocked at how cheap and available it was. I began to educate myself about the meat production and consumption healthwise. Read the full blog or actually watch the video.  That was the first thing I did, I educated myself. I actually watched this film “Forks over Knives” and “What the health” and they changed my life forever. So you see information can change the game. Awareness raising is important, that’s a fact now. 

> Tip 3 – even when you are dedicated to a social cause, continue to inform yourself about others social issues. You are bound to learn new approaches. By the way, diversity of information and checking the source plus interest of the information provider is key! 

But what do you do with all the information you get? 

In my next session, we will talk about fear and action. Before the pandemic, I toured stages giving workshops and speeches, encouraging people and teaching on these topics, especially against human trafficking. I actually worked on one of the first german books in this field called “Ware Frau” and published my one autobiography “Die Wassergöttin”, then researched for my last book “Hexen Kind”. So besides all these, there have been countless media reports, even a full 90 minutes documentary where I was the lead protagonist “Joana und die Mächte des Finsternis” produced by BR and aired on major German TV stations. So people know that I talk about this publicly. The same question comes after every speech or workshop, are you not afraid? What can I do? That’s why the next topic would handle fear and action. 

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How information changed my life!

How information changed my life!
Awareness raising is important as it gives you a choice.

I migrated to Austria about 17 years ago. If you have read my autobiography book – Die Wassergöttin, you definitely know my story so I would not bore you with details. In my childhood, I had the privilege to enjoy some years of comfort, until domestic violence sneaked in broad daylight into our family. In the midst of my many childhood negative experiences, there were countless “good” I am yet to share. Let’s start with my mother’s attitude towards food. 

The home economist was right after all!

My mum, who was an home economist specialist and taught that subject in school knew way far more than I did 15 years later with all the technology available to me, because she cared. Nutrition was her main field of teaching. Her philosophy then, I say then, because now it’s very different, her philosophy then was just to spice up the meal with a little portion of meat.  I literally grew up eating very little meat. Milk and dairy products were not the center of my nutrition. It was rather vegetables as soups and main dish. 

My mum knew better. She had information!

Exercise was not a thing of luxury or motivation. It was just life. You moved intentionally, frequently and strategically as a child, because you had to move. Someone had to fetch the water upstairs. Someone had to sweep the compound clean. Someone wanted to pluck the juicy ripe mangoes down the branches. Someone had to hide to be found by other friends. Someone had to practice for the school racing team. Someone had to get ready to win the next dance competition. That someone was me. Movement was part of life and sleep was intentional to recover. These were part of my mother’s philosophy. 

Moderate life with the right information vs. Prosperity in ignorance. 

Right at the Lagos Murtala Mohammed airport, on my way to travel to the city of Vienna for the very first time in my life, I sat in a beautiful airport lounge, filled with travellers commuting in and out of the state. If you want to know if it’s true that Lagos has over 18 million people at a given time, then go sit at the airport for 5 minutes. Then if you want to confirm if Nigeria is prosperous, watch what and how people at the airport eat. Everyone had a large plate with extra large assorted meat. Somehow food has been a scale to judge an economy. Why?

“Wao the world out there is even more gracious than my mother when it came to meat portions” I thought silently. 

Follow the trend.

Making sure to explore the airport’s meal culture, I ordered a plate of fried rice and chicken like it said on the menu. My attention could only focus on the hand and plate that marched towards my direction and landed right on the table in front of me. It was supposed to be rice, main dish and then grilled chicken, the cherry on top like my mother would say. But it was chicken, the main dish and rice, the grains around a massive oversized half chicken. 

“Agric” – fat, overfed

This was definitely not the type of chicken my family had raised months before we could eat it. Ours always were thin and really matured, so you felt the crunchiness while you took a chew. What I had in front of me at the airport lounge was what we called “Agric” – fat, overfed and soft like a sponge. Agric meant that the meat had gone through some kind of White man’s industrialization farming procedures, which at that time just started establishing itself in Nigeria’s daily consumer culture. This was about 17 years ago!

It could get worse and you will not notice, but information can get you back on track!

Getting to Austria and visiting the grocery shop made my “Agric” chicken experience at the Lagos airport look like child’s play. In Europe, the chicken is fatter and softer with an unbeatable price point. Should I be worried? Seriously, I didn’t care! All the lessons my mum taught me was now flushed down the toilet.  Now I can reverse my upbringing. I joined the movement of excessive food consumption without applying any brain power. Without information. 

We all have one time or the other in our lives experienced such. Maybe not with a chicken but with jeans, stonewashed with harmful chemicals but cheap enough to make us not think. Or maybe not with food but with sex, cheap enough to make us think it’s consensual. Maybe with clothes, affordable enough to make us stock it like we have a side hustle in retail. Oh we do, it’s called second hand export for emerging markets!

Activated your brain-power. Ask how, what, why, who? 

How does a chicken get ready to eat in 9 weeks? How can clothes designs be released endlessly at almost no cost? When we employ brain power to ask questions, we become open to receive answers. We begin to see information. That’s what I did. Although the truth is that I need my first bad cholesterol doctors report and pre-diabetics diagnosis was on the table to ignite my brain power. I am sharing my experience to make you know that you are not alone and that you do not have to wait to get skin irritations from the chemically washed jeans. 

It is always never too late to seek information, compare your findings, draw conclusions and take action. My action was to dedicate practices that would help me eat better and care better for my food source. Did I not only drop down 10 kilos from my weight, my health came back to great. What area in your life do you feel you need more information?

That was it this week. By the way, I am happy to get volunteers who will assist us build our editorial team. Our goal is to educate more people about diverse global social issues and how to integrate small practices in their daily lives for good change. If you are interested, write me via email – office@joadre.com

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Stay safe and see you next week. 

Wealth combination? Consciousness and exposure.

Wealth combination? Consciousness and exposure.

 Depending on the news channel, it could all be drama, tragedy or a disaster, especially CoVid, that is the news! But believe me, life is still beautiful. However, there are still many social issues disturbing our world today that  we have no choice other than tackle each of them step by step, irrespective of what’s hot cake in the news today. Today, I want us to look at “Exposure” as it is key to us attaining sustainable wealth. 

Awareness and exposure brings sustainable wealth for African SMEs.

Sometimes change and prosperity seems to happen very slow for many. Even a snail is faster, you can conclude. So you might become discouraged to even try to create any kind of impact. But the truth is that we need everyone’s involvement so that we can overtake the snail. For you to get involved, you need the right information, the right kind of awareness and exposure about the issue you want to tackle. Who should be informed right now so  that we can move forward better as a global village? We often tend to focus on the affected people, wanting to change their lives, give them what we have defined for them to be a better life. 

To my privileged friends. For those that are privileged and have wealth already, is that “better-life” solution really better for the affected? Yes, we are privileged in so many areas from the cars we drive to what latest electronic gadget we can afford, but is that the essence of our human existence? Would our daily material privilege give us the deeper joy we all yearn for?

Our collectivism as humans is the key. Exposure is a chance!

Believe me when I say that at the end of the day, it is humanity that matters. How we interact with our fellow people on this planet, irrespective of if we share the same social constructs that we have also well created like nationality, race, gender, relationship status, class, religion and many more. All these constructs are not negative. We all feel the desire to belong to a group. But when we make the essence of our lives revolve around these constructs only, we tend to forget that at the end it’s the collective that matters. You and I will pass away. A new generation will come. They too will pass away. Another will come. It is an unending circle. 

So I suggest that our time here is more about how we can begin to tap into the collectiveness of our humanity? When you choose to open your eyes, listen, feel empathy and connect, you choose to become exposed to the experiences of others. You allow yourself to be part of a bigger picture. Then your own creative and innovative consciousness evolves. You begin to see the possibilities around you. Take for example “conscious consumption”. How can you transform this experience?

Not just a consumer culture, but a human experience. 

Our daily consumption is more than just a consumer culture, except we make it just that. When we feel the need to purchase or use something, it’s a deeper human feeling directing us to that experience. Are we present in the  moment to live through the experience with the awareness that what we want to consume did not fall from the sky but somehow came to being either through technology or manpower. Except you stand outside with your mouth open to drink rain water, even that bottle of natural spring water or sachet water went through a process involving manpower and technology. 

They are actually human beings like you. 

Now that we agree that humans are involved one way or the other in creating what we consume, how can we begin to acknowledge their value? Are we willing to learn more about them? Are we willing to deal with our own emotional issues leading us to indulge in excessive consumerism of things we do not need or actually want? Because if we can deal with these emotions, we would have just about enough to save and invest into those things we actually need. Maybe invest in our own further education. Maybe we will be willing to pay a fair price for products we love and this would be the foundation for many SMEs to earn a fair income for their hard work. And Maybe you are just one of such SME.

The fact is that we are part of a collective experience called humanity. We often voluntarily detach ourselves daily by wearing our acclaimed social construct. Before we do so tomorrow morning, let’s take this moment to look within and be aware that we are part of this collectiveness. To be open to ask ourselves “How can I be of service with what I consume?” OR “How can I be of service to others”? I know many entrepreneurs or aspiring business people overlook this important sensuality. But that’s where the hidden key to wealth lies. When you are aware and extraordinarily ready to be of service.

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Does enlightenment have an impact?

Enlightenment and awareness helps

When I learned about Nigerian women being exploited in Europe as forced prostitutes, I was shocked. Beleive me, forced prostitution happens to almost every nationality. Enlightenment about this topic has been happening since decades. The thought of these young women forced to the streets to sell sex at roughly 20,-€ per client to dozen of European men every night was a horrific. 

Enlightenment. That is the key word.

I began to research and realized that this form of exploitation, a form of human trafficking had existed more than 10 years before. Why are women not informed in Nigeria? Why on earth had nobody enlightened them? If they were enlightened and informed, they would not fall victim to this circumstance. That was my belief back then in 2006. Today, I see things differently. Watch my latest video on JoadreTV (Title) to find out how I see things now.

Our society embarked on enlightenment hundreds of years ago to find rational explanations for everything that needed answers. But how effective is this approach when it comes to issues like this? Often young women make the decision to travel to Europe out of desperation and out of lack of perspective. Not out of lack of total ignorance or lack of opportunity.

My social business Joadre fashion gives me the opportunity to spend much time with people who are affected in Europe as well as with vulnerable individuals in Nigeria. I have come to see that Nigeria has so many opportunities. In fact, way too many economic opportunities compared to many saturated and developed markets around the world today.

Can enlightenment tackle more pressing problems? 

So lack of opportunities might not be the major push factor for these young women. There are a dozen other more pressing problems that pressurise vulnerable people to say yes to human traffickers. Just to mention a few like poor upbringing, poor social environment, degrading health conditions, sexual & domestic violence, personal development issues like poor self confidence, gender issues, greed, lack of skills, poor mind-feeding and many more. 

Living in a cloud of these issues creates an atmosphere of “no perspective”. You see no opportunity. The easiest solution is to change geographical location. But the impact of the deep issues you carry along with you into the new space. I strongly believe that when sentitisaion happens, it should focus deeply on the root causes, rather than on the immediate discomfort caused by the deeper issues. 

If it is not happening to you, you are always on the outside!

There are hundreds of organisations out there trying to engage target groups and inform them about different dangers. Excellent but with what is the approach? I have seen too often that these “preachers”, myself included, often come as experts with our fully baked solutions into the space, motivated to “help” the affected. So many of us have not experienced the issue internally for which we tend to enlighten others. So our approach is often from the outside. 

Does it mean you have to be affected directly to be engaged? No! It means that we have to take the back seat and let those that are directly affected lead. 

We cannot be the drivers!

We have to be the passenger in the car and let those that live with the problem drive. We should be available to assist, to help navigate with our go-intended solutions but also open to through our solutions into the bin if our ego allows. Because if we embark fully to drive on our self-designated road, we might get disappointed when those we want to support do not embrace our way of life, our rationalisation of a situation from the outside, our beautiful world of how things should be. 

What is the essence of awareness? 

How can we design awareness to respect and take into account the true circumstance of the affected? Welcome to Joadre blog where I will share deep thoughts from my experiences as a social entrepreneur advocating for the rights of marginalised women and children. To accompany my blog, I will release weekly videos on my Youtube channel where I handle one “large life topic” every month and approach it from multiple perspectives weekly. 

Join the conversation

I invite you to join the discussion and share your own experience, comments, thoughts. Maybe at the end of the day, we all will see these issues with deeper diversity. Maybe that will be the key to creating “one” sustainable solution. 

I hope you liked this blog? Remember you can support my work right now by sharing this blog on your social media. Tag me on facebook @joanaadesuwareiterer. Also visit my sustainable online shop to see products we have in stock made by our hardworking African producers, who we empower to earn a fair income. 

Liebe grüsse, 



Work yourself out of your comfort zone.

How to get out of your comfort zone

Yes, this August break was not the usual kind of holiday I have had in the past 10 years. My family and I normally travel to the seaside either in Italy or Croatia. But 2020 was different. Different because we choose to get out of our comfort zone together. Growing up in a smaller city like Benin city, southern Nigeria with about 1 million people, and then spending my teenage and early adult years in a large city like Lagos with over 18 million people, living in Vienna was kind of inbetween. Not super small but also not a real big city that I was used to. 

Vienna is my comfort zone

Vienna is located in Austria and has about 2 million people from all diverse cultures. I love the city which grew to offer me a comfort zone. However, 17 years in Vienna began to seem extremely long for me. I lived in the outer districts closer to the Danube river and the green woods because my husband wanted easy access to nature. At first, nature, quietness and such suburb stuff were nothing I really cared much about, until the kids came. As a small family, you just need to get out as often as possible otherwise, the apartment could get really tight. Our kids grew faster than we could watch. We knew that we wanted more space to experiment. So we moved to a larger apartment in Vienna about 4 years ago but now even further to the outskirts. 

Throughout my entire entrepreneurship journey, home office was my preference. The flexibility of chores, catering and work was a mix I loved so much, as finding the discipline to tick off my to-dos was never my challenge. Soon I realised that the more I transformed my work into creating digital content for my platforms, the more quiet and space I needed. But here is the problem. Vienna, the apartment and life was all so comfortable. I labelled myself to love the big city life, even when Vienna had no big city life. Vienna is a cosy, cultural and beautiful city. 

Is fear holding you comfortably in your comfort zone?

Again, it was not like in Lagos, where your friends just passed by or were close by and called in or stopped over spontaneously for a drink and gist. Everyone had to call and arrange a meeting in advance, often way too long in advance, just to meet. So the thought of why not move to a larger, more quiet space began to become a real thing. There was nothing to lose, just to gain. 

The Lagos vibe and energy I crave for can only be found in Lagos. So what was holding me back in Vienna. Nothing really, just fear! 

The fear of changing everything. New school/s for the kids. Learning new routes with the train. Meeting new neighbours. embracing new mentality. Maybe my husband would need a new job. I would be extremely lonely. Maybe, maybe, what if, what if… that was it. I kept finding more excuses because the zone I was in at that moment was way too comfy. Are you in your comfort zone but know that you need to grow. You feel it in your bones that it is time to move to the next level? That was me. 

Use the power of visualisation to get out of your comfort zone.

I apply the power of visualisation as often as I can. This time, it was to psych myself of my big-city-life-label that was the goal, because there was no big city life happening.  I started to visualise moving into a more spacious home with more quiet, in the countryside probably. What would it be like? What would I want? What would my family need? I began to put the pieces together in my imagination. Every peaceful time I could steal out of my day, I would collect my random thoughts together like I was crafting a specific sculpture that I had already known what the end result was. As I collected my thoughts, I would wear them clear imaginations of what I wanted it to be. Yes, a red wall. Yes rooms with high ceilings. Yes, an old oven. Yes, a large garden. Yes, a large studio for my work. These I imagined into sight, visible only to my mind’s eye. That was an intentional visualization technique I created for myself. 

Where focus goes, energy and action follows. 

All of a sudden, the thought to move out of Vienna to the countryside did not seem so wired anymore. All my excuses became almost invalid. The kids would change school anyway in the next term. My true friends would call to save a date in advance as usual. I don’t really know my neighbours either here in Vienna like I should. What if my husband would not have to change jobs? What if the loneliness I feared would be an opportunity to finally experience deep quietness within myself? As My what ifs and maybes changed from red-light to possibilities, I brought in the energy I needed to make the first move. We began to look for a new space. Less than 4 months later, we found just the right fit. 

Peel off the labels to experience life to its fullest.

No, my husband did not have to change work as there was even a better train connection. Yes, it is not loneliness I feared, it is the quietness to hear my own breath aloud, my own thoughts evolve, the peace of mind. And in the one month in the countryside, I have had way too much action than in the last months year in the “big city”. So it’s not always about where you are but the life you live. I am still in love with the cities, but also in love with the suburbs. Why can’t I love both just as much? Maybe what I love the most is the opportunity to experience it both. Peel off the labels. Because when you do, you give yourself permission to enjoy life to its fullest. 

It took about 3 months of hectic, stress and challenges as we packed, moved and settled. It is the challenge that comes with stepping out of the comfort zone so that progress can happen. So if there is something you know it is time to do, do it now for today is what you have. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. Yes, there might be challenges. It might be stressful but the reward is worth it. 

I look forward to sharing more of my life lessons as I grow through my journey of mumrepreneurship. Hope you liked this piece. If you did, remember to share this blog on your facebook profile and share your own thoughts as comments. I will be excited to respond. For my free business training videos on entrepreneurship, social impact and more, visit my YouTube channel. Not to miss out on a new blog post, products alert and videos,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. 

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How hair scrunchies can change the world

hair scrunchies

As the corona virus started, I actually panicked because it was barely 6 months after we restructured the Joadre fashion project to make it become independent of our Austrian company. We finished our intensive 3 year training that started in 2016. We supported many tailors to start their businesses because we still wanted to maintain the social impact we already created. Then a shutdown of the world hit our tailors hard. What would we do? I panicked!

It was time to work out new strategies. My “Why” remains unchanged. I want to support African SMEs to build their businesses, to become independent of charity, to build the life that they love. But how can I do it within the shutdown. Thank god for digital technology. Even though most of our work had been done digitally, this time, we had to  step up the game. We began to design patterns and more produce training videos for our network.

Taiwo pioneers slow fashion in Nigeria. She empowers me.

An amazing lady that joined Joadre far back in 2014 is Taiwo Mayokun. Taiwo is an excellent tailor. But what amazes me about Taiwo is that she is very entrepreneurial. While she worked at Joadre production training facility in Nigeria, she began to save money from the salary she earned. Taiwo’s boyfriend was also a tailor. Both of them joined the capital they saved to start their own small production business after a couple of years with us. Since then, we have worked with Taiwo on several collections. Taiwo’s story empowers me. She empowers more apprentice learning at her production now. Is that not amazing? Watch out as we release a mini documentary on Taiwo’s work. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and newsletter not to miss out.

We are launching Taiwo’s new Hair scrunchies

3 different scrunchy designs and over 8 different colorful fabrics. It was a fast and an unbelievable process partnering with Taiwo’s small business. So this is how it works. After we conclude a design, I develop the patterns. I sent out the sketch to our network of over 65  producers. Some took over 2 week to open up the file. Taiwo took a couple of minutes and in 2 days she had made a sample. That is someone with entrepreneurial spirit. Within weeks she had received the contract from me and could now begin to produce her collection. My partnership with Taiwo is to market this collection. The profits go back into investing in our entrepreneurial system.

Exciting right? Well join our mission!

Share our journey and listen to my new podcast where I will share more about this social impact business experience with you. Maybe you too can start your own social business project. You can choose to uplift your fashion wardrobe with one of Taiwo’s scrunchies because it is time to make sustainable and fair fashion the normality.

By the way, you can click this link to download the transparency card for this collection. Please it is important that you share it with your friends. I had to include some critical comments to the transparency card, because that is the reality of things for now. Thank you for reading and I appreciate every single subscription, follows, shares, likes and purchase.

Are you a german speaker, I did some translation. Read the german version on our german online blog.

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Sexual Abuse in Nigeria: The Uwaila Vera Omozuwa story

sexual abuse in nigeria Uwaila Vera Omozuwa story

As an African entrepreneur who has spent the past 16 years advocating for the rights of young African women who have fallen victim to diverse forms of exploitation and sexual abuse in Europe, I could not hear Uwailas story and not share it on my blog. Uwaila’s story happened right within the same period when the world was devastated by and justly turned its focus to the George Floyds incidence. It was the first time, thanks to the pandemic shutdown, that many had the time to “see” injustice right before their eyes. That many had the time to take action, like going out to protest. Welldone!

But it is not the first time that violence has occurred nor the last. Unfortunately. Sexual abuse might not gain the caliber of attention George Floyds incidence brought, but still, it is all happening before our eyes. Uwaila is a young Nigerian woman who was murdered in a church as she did the one thing society expected of her – study for a university degree.  

Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, that is her name. 

Say her name. 22-year-old undergraduate student died three days later after being raped and beaten to a critical condition in a Redeemed Christian Church of God auditorium in Benin City, Edo state. Edo State is located in southern Nigeria. A state I am at the same time very proud of and also ashamed of. I am proud of its rich cultural history. I am proud of the people building and redefining its image. I am proud to call it home.  But I am also ashamed about its deep sexual abuse history that is reflected in human trafficking to Europe. I am ashamed bitterly because of the love I have for Edo State. That is story for another blog. 

Sexual abuse is troubling the Nigerian soceity

Sexual abuse is one depravity that has become very prevalent in the Nigerian society since the pandemic started. According to the news report Nigeria has recorded over 700 rape cases in 5 months in 2020.  Yet another number in the statistics. After Uwailas  incident, there have been several shocking rape cases in Nigeria, like the case of Barakat Bello who was raped and killed in her own house in Ibadan. In Jigawa state 11 men were arrested for raping a 12-year old girl at Limawa in Dutse, the state capital. Then most shocking,  a 16 month old baby was not spared. What are we becoming?

When is the church liable?

Uwaila was with the dream to attain a degree in Microbiology. On the 27th of May 2020, reports said that she seeked the serene environment of her Church to read her books. Naively thinking, why does a student have to seek quiet to study in the church? What happened to the university library? Did Uwaila die as a result of a failed educational structure? Well probably, if it was not her, it might have been someone else as those scavengers are out there looking for a victim. However,  when the church open their doors to offer informal services to their members, substituting the government’s responsibility to offer a quiet space for students to study in school, what responsibility does the church put upon herself? Safety? Liability?

The stupidity of patriarchy justification

Two rumors about possible backstory behind her death have begun to circulate – 1.) Uwa is dating two roommates, 2.) that she was pregnant for a pastor and in the bid to have the pregnancy terminated, he arranged for her to be killed. No matter the back-story, rape, murder is not acceptable. If she chooses to date 2 roommates, the consequence cannot be justified to be rape. If she is pregnant for a pastor, the consequence cannot be murder. Was the pastor murdered too? Because it takes a whole lot of effort for one person to impregnate herself.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria this is the norm, every rape victim always have their image maligned. The normal belief that when a girl is raped she either offended someone, dressed and acted suggestively, was proud (Imagine this as an excuse – proud?? Gowing up in Edo state, I experienced this kind of hatred from young men justified  by this excuse), or had a dirty secret that resulted in the rape! This is why most rape victims don’t report the incidence as a large part of the Nigerian society is primitvely ignorant and blinded in their quest for patriarchy justification. The result? Rape cases do not exist, because why would a sexually abused person embrace victimisation and reinvention of the abuse from primitive males and broken females who let it happen? 

We have to make sure affected persons get justice

“With the backing of the general overseer pastor E.A Adeboye, the police have been working hard to resolve the case”. This is a quote from the internet reports. Maybe it had to happen in a church to prompt actions towards justice, for the church of all institutions cannot adopt the Nigerian authority attitude in such a case, or can they? A national survey on violence against children in Nigeria, conducted in 2014, found that one in four women had experienced sexual violence in childhood, with approximately 70% reporting more than one incident. Only 5% sought help, and only 3.5% received any services.

Educate yourself, sit in your pain for this is real.

It hurts so much to hear, read, see the pictures online that one could choose to ignore this topic entirely, for the sake of one’s sanity and peace. We must learn to sit in this kind of pain as fellow humans as the experience of sexual abuse is real for many. The fastest way to heal out of this pain is to take action. Action could be as simple as supporting those activists putting their lives on the line to bring awareness and justice, to bring comfort and empowerment to the families affected. 

We can support these activists if we do not choose to confront the problem directly. Here are some quick things you can do. 

  • You can follow the hashtag – #justiceforUwa to find those post to share and increase awareness. 
  • You can sign this petition – http://chng.it/dZ5F5TyS4W
  • You can support activists like Her Excellency Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, the First Lady of Ondo State and organiser of the “ Bemore summer boot camp” where over 200 girls were exposed to the basics of taekwondo. 
  • You can connect and ask how to support Priscilla Usiobaifo, who works to combat gender violence with the BraveHeart Initiative in Edo state.
  • There are hundreds of other activists within Nigeria, Africa, that might need your support even more. Take time to do some research. That is the action we all need now.
3 takeaway from this blog
  1. Sexual abuse is real, especially in a society eager to condole patriarchy justification. 
  2. We must educate ourselves and call the perpetrators out. 
  3. We must sit in the pain to educating ourselves and support those creating change. 

I know this is not a business blog. But this blog is a voice for a young woman who could have either joined the workforce or become an entrepreneur. Building businesses can only happen effectively if the environment for women is conducive because we simply make up about 50% of the worlds population. Conducive business environment comes if men take up space as responsible men, where they are shown that masculinity is a social construct that can be redefined. And I congratulate many young men who have embraced their masculinity and femininity as a simple human trait. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end even if this is not your usual business talk. I really appreciate it, becauseI know it is important to talk about social justice. Remember to share this blog on social media to help me raise awareness. More free business training and social topics will be published on my YouTube channel, so do not miss out. Subscribe and turn on the notifications to stay updated. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog

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How to get clients for your business. 

How to get clients for your business. 

I am writing this blog because I get this question so often in my guest chat on this platform. Yesterday, another blog reader chatted us up saying that he has a printing service business where he sources for printing jobs and then goes to different stores to print it. But he doesn’t have enough clients and wants to know how to get more clients. If you have started a side or main business, here is how to get clients for your business. 

There are basically multiple strategies to follow. Either you use online, offline or boths. I recommend you use both. The first thing you want to do is to make sure your offer, be it product and/or service is presented well, so that when you make efforts to get clients they will work. 

How to get clients for your business using social media.

Today, you have millions of social media users who come regularly everyday to either entertain themselves, stay updated or look for specific information ons social media. There is traffic on many social media platforms. How can you profit from this existing traffic? The fastest but also most expensive and risky way is to create a promotion campaign and pay for advertising to push your offer in front of the clients. That’s actually how these platforms get their money. 

So if you have the money, knowledge or skills, you can venture into this. I say it is expensive because, before you know it social media advertising can eat up your  money. I say it is risky because you might end up not targeting the right client if you don’t know how to do this. But get experts to do this kind of social media promotion for you if you can afford them. They can help you target the exact client. 

But this also depends on you.  Do you actually know who your exact client is? So there is homework to be done before you invest any cash in digital marketing. Define who the client is that you want to reach. If everyone is your client, no one is your client and you will waste your money and time on social media advertising. 

How to get clients using social media at no cost. 

Here is also another way to get clients using social media that doesn’t cost you a dime, just your time. If you do not have the cash to pay for adverts, which I actually do not recommend for newcomers, invest time to create good social media profiles, engagement and response. What do I mean here? Your profile is what people will see. So if the profile picture, description and name is very poor, people will not stop by to see what you have to offer. I always recommend business owners to be on Linkedin as it is a really good platform to get business clients. After you have your profile set up properly, you can now develop content with value that you post consistently. 

Posting irregularly,  will bring you nothing. Posting terrible content will bring you no results. I actually have a YouTube video and blog on how to get more sales online. Read and watch to learn more. When you say you posted and no one is buying, the issue lies with you. Either nobody wants your product or content or the content is in itself very bad. Work on your content creating skills and begin to give value. If you offer a product or service, you can post content around that product or service. 

3 examples of content you can post on social media; 
  1. How to content –  how to use that product. 
  2. Comparison content – comparing the product with similar in the market. 
  3. About content – telling the audience the features of the product and/or service. 
Now let’s go offline. 

To attract customers or jobs for your business, you have to learn how to build a network . A strategic network of potential clients or those that can refer you to clients. Building a network is easy when you are ready to do the work. This means you will have to attend events where the potential clients will be. That is not all. Building a network means building a relationship. Simply meeting people and pitching your product or offer might not work on a long term. You should think about giving them value. Providing value in the form of you sharing knowledge, assisting with information, recommendations, samples etc. These are valuable ways that are  very effective to get clients. 

Are you leveraging on your existing clients?

We often embark to look for new clients when we can build better relationships with the old clients. Do you know that old clients can send back customers to you? Do you know that old clients might purchase again if the service you offered previously was very good. Maybe all they need is a new offer, a discount or an incentive to encourage repurchase by existing clients. Check your customer care concept. What incentives do you have to get a referral or repurchase from existing clients?

Coming back to online. 

Get your business offer on Google maps. People look for information online today. So if you have registered your service on google maps for example, your offer will come up if someone close to that location searches for such on search engines. This is actually the first thing you should do after reading this blog. Which means you have to actually present your product or service with a  business name, address, contact details and some pictures. 

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Leverage social media platforms to get more clients. 
  2. Give value and build a network. 
  3. Invest in initiatives to make existing clients bring you new clients.  

So that was a quick strategy on how to get clients for your business. I will continue to push out new strategies that work. Make sure to stay connected. 

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog

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How to Succeed Without Social Capital, a.k.a Connections.

entrepreneurship and social capital

Life in Africa is beautiful, especially if you have financial resources and access to a profound social network which you can leverage as social capital, a.k.a connections. But what is social capital? Social capital is basically the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. So much is built on trust. For example, loaning someone money without a contract,  the willingness of people to help each other and so on.

Is lack of social capital an excuse?

But living in a society where everything depends on who you know whereas there is a strong discrepancy between social classes, it might end up being a challenge to build this kind of social capital. Basically your network is your net worth. So yes, having great connections to people in power or people with greater access, is a capital you can capitalise on. But if you do not have this, should that then be the excuse for you not to succeed? No! Either you embark to develop your social network and therefore increase your social capital and net worth or you don’t.

How can you build social capital?

You network strategically. This is the only answer to this question. If you are lucky to be born in an environment where it is natural to have these links, for example, the school you went to, your place of worship, your relative, the family you are born into, then all you need to do is to build the relationships that you already have. But if you have no natural access to this kind of network, then finding time to strategically network is very important.

How do you network?

It depends on the areas you want to improve your access. It might sometimes be egoistic to just go out there to look for people who you can benefit from. Rather I advise you look for ways to give value to others that could be of value to you. So yes, I will say this. Go and intern or volunteer for free at organisations that can give you access. If you can get a paid job, great.

But with the unemployment rate in Nigeria, I bet that your best bet is to offer your time for free. Another way to network which you might already be doing is to use the religious community. If you go to church, then connect with the other members and build a relationship. No matter who you know, if your presence does not bring any significant positive value, that access you think you have becomes useless. So find ways to make yourself valuable. Look there are many global social issues and I talk about a few in this blog. You can find  charities led by prominent people where you can volunteer.

Another great way to meet people who can open doors for you is to join unions and cooperatives. Corporate networks are a great platform to meet others with shared interest. Attending events that strategically connect with your vision is another smart way to connect. If you cannot be at these gatherings, you can leverage access through social media. We are living in the 21st century where the gatekeepers are gone. We have a diverse social media platform and you can use them to develop social capital. One platform I really recommend is Linkedin. Set up your profile to look very great and begin to put out content that gives value.

Develop your KPI

Like I said earlier, you have to give value. Which means that you should rather develop your KPI – which is being a Key Person of Interest. And expert in your field. So when I say social media, I do not mean that you start spamming people who you want to connect to. Never done! It is a forbidden rule. Rather post and publish intelligent content that would draw people’s attention to you. Also there are very large online communities you can join that would give you access to others within your space.

Yes, you can succeed without social capital.

Seriously speaking, social capital will come when you have something to offer. When I came to Austria, I had no connections, no contacts. It was just me, an African migrant who had a vision. So I began to do the things I wanted to do. When I wanted to shoot a film without having cash to do it. I researched the film schools available and just wrote them.

That was how I started and it landed me media attention, which later came along with a great social network. So you see that you can start, build, grow without social capital. If you wait on the excuse that you do not have connections that’s why you are not succeeding, iut is a lie. It is laziness and excuses. Start what you want to start and be good, sincere at it.

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Social capital can’t be your excuse. Start what you want to start.
  2. You can build social capital by being proactive and becoming a KPI.
  3. You can strategically network, using social media as well as a practical step to grow your social network.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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3 best books for female entrepreneurs

Joadre best books for Entrepreneurs

I love listening to books as Audiobooks and there is so much good stuff out there for you to use as an inspiration. But not only, some are richly packed with strategies to build your life and business. So I thought to share these 3 best books with you and I believe that any female entrepreneur must read these books.

Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Holis. My Best Books choice #1

Rachel Holis is a woman I admire so much because she is authentic. Her book, “Girl stop apologizing” which came out in 2019 and became a bestseller, remains a must read for any female Entrepreneur who needs to kick herself in the butt to move. It’s more like a biography but goes beyond to draw from her personal life experiences, feelings, thoughts to create an inspiring guide for women.

Rachel is an American author and motivational speaker who was born into a christian family. However, her book is far from what you might fear to be fundamental preaching biographies. She is just authentically herself. With her whole family on the journey with her, Rachel shares her fears, her ups, her downs and how she consistently motivated herself to do the stuff she’d always wanted to do.

Despite being a mother of 4 kids, Rachel rocks through the hectic but finds the time to care for herself. She proudly participates in long runs and hosts a vibrant life conference in many US called the Rise conference. So if you feel like you need to keep apologizing for who you are, you feel like your life is passing you by and you might be worried about the judgement of others, then go “Girl stop apologizing”. It might be the fix you need to hear or read.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek. My Best Books choice #2

Simons Sinek’s book is an extraordinary piece of business strategy, especially for those who want to build a sustainable business based on the deeper meaning purpose.  He explores much of Apple’s philosophy and southwestern airlines as best practices approach. So you get to see how it works in practice. Yes, he also explores approaches that did not work. Simon Oliver Sinek is a British-born American author and motivational speaker.

I love the part that he debunks the whole marketing industry approach of manipulation. Simon actually really articulates the situation so well, that I felt like he listened to my million thoughts and then crafted out a romantic business essay about it. After reading the book, I felt like a veil fell off my mind’s eye. I actually embraced my deep motivation to launch Joadre. My business inspiration comes from the place of me seeing how  millions of Africans suffer everyday, some falling victims to exploitation and human trafficking in Europe, just because of financial poorverty. When still, they come from a continent with abundance. I want to help African Entrepreneurs build sustainable income streams so that they can live the life they desire. That is my “Why”.

He teaches about how to craft your “WHY” for your business. If you want to understand deeply how to craft this why, I highly recommend you read Simons Sinek’s book – Start with Why. Here is the link to get your original copy or audio version.

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie forleo. My Best Books choice #3

For a long time, I had followed Marie Forleo on YouTube. She is actually the woman that changed the way I saw social media, video making and impact. She showed me that you can combine the things you love to achieve the vision you have. That’s what you will experience in her book. Marie is a dancer, a fun rapper, a business comic, a bombshell of enthusiasm and a freaking style icon. As everyone of us experience, Marie had those same voices telling her that it is impossible out there.

In her early twenties, she ventured to want to be a life coach but those voices said, well you have barely lived a life to coach others. When is the experience coming from. But that didn’t hold Marie back for too long. She made the phrase “Everything is Figureoutable” her mantra. Marie shares her journey and leaves you with a tremendous amount of practical tools and strategies to apply to your daily journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. With Maries new book, everything is indeed figureoutable.

3 takeaway from this blog.
  • You can live the life you love, but you have to be brave to take action without being apologetic.
  • Finding  a deeper why for your business is the key to success.
  • Everything is figureoutable, so just take it step by step.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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Beginners guide to fabrics part 1//Fashion Design 101 series

Fabrics 101 Fashion Design

This blog is for those talented tailors and designers in the fashion industry in Africa that want to learn more about fabrics and fashion design. I know that there are not too many good fashion design courses in Nigeria, so many tailors just learn how to sew without actually mastering the key part of fashion design which is to learn about fabrics. If you call yourself a tailor, designer or apparel manufacturer, then you should spend more time understanding the major material you work with. So I have created a blog series to teach the basics. If you are in the fashion business and are looking for other business ideas in the fashion industry, please read my blog on business ideas within the fashion industry.

We were not naked. We had fabrics.

Fabrics, especially in Africa, which existed thousands of years before christ. The ideology that we ran around naked could often be misleading to think that it was the Europeans that brought along fabrics. We actually traded in cloth with the Europeans when they came to Africa. But yes, Europeans have been really hard working developing tons of unique fabrics over the  last decades but still we had old traditional natural fabrics which as at current could be the future of fashion. Unfortunately, there has been a massive gap between the fabric construction knowledge from our African ancestors and the current fabrics we now use.

Silk is not a fabric.

Noting that we operate in a 21st century fashion environment, I will focus on today’s fabric but highlight from time to time, our old and accent fabric culture. When you hear the word fabric, please never say “silk” as silk is not a fabric. Here is a simple structure to help you understand fabrics. When you hear fabric, think about these 2 points.

  1. the fibre, meaning material out of which it is made and
  2. how the fibre is constructed into a fabric.
Now let us focus on fibres.

We have 3 types of fibers out of which fabrics are made, which is either

  1. natural fibres
  2. synthetic
  3. mixture of synthetic-natural fibres.

Under construction of the fibres meaning, how the material is put together to produce the fabric, we have 2 basics which is either;

  1. Woven  construction methods, which our African vor fathers loved very much. Till today, we have the Aso Oke fabric which is woven.
  2. Knitted construction methods, which is widely used in Europe because of the advanced technology and the weather as well.

Some may expand it to add non-woven hides but for now, I suggest we stick to the most common type.

Why is it important for you to understand this?

If you have visited very good and successful international brands, you will know that being able to give basic information about the fabric is essential to make you stand out from your competition, especially in a global marketplace. Also some showcasing and selling platforms in Europe will demand this information. Furthermore, it is technically important for you to know this in order to create really good products that will sell well. These are the little things that make Asian textile producers overtake us in Africa – deep and profound knowledge of our materials. If you know more about the material, you can process it more.

Natural fibres, natural fabrics

Now moving further, under the natural fibres, you can have them divided into 2 groups –  plants and animals. This simply means that some natural fibres are created out of plants and some from animals. Examples of plant fibres out of which fabric is made are cotton, bamboo, flax plant for linen, hamf, fig tree which was widely used in the olden days and today still processed in Burundi.

Under the animal fibres category, you have wool from sheep, alpaca, silk from silkworms, now you see silk is not a fabric but a fibre out of which fabric is made. So if a seller at the market tells you something is silk, then you write it on the care tag that it is silk, then a store owner in Europe sells it as silk to a customer, who then knows that it is not silk. Then sue the store and there is wahala.

Actually the store owner will know immediately she gets it that is not silk and will never do business with you again. You can explain, that is what the fabric seller told me. But sorry you have lost an international deal. Because silk has a kind of soft and drapey texture, many fabric sellers call anything, even synthetic fabrics that are soft and drape silk.

Fabric construction

Now let’s move to the next which is fabric construction. Remember, we talked about knit and woven methods of constructing the fabric from the fibres. Woven is basically when the yarns (fibre threads) are woven vertically and horizontally into one another creating different kinds of weave. These kinds of fabrics are often not stretchy, even when some are. But most of them are not but can obtain some stretch character by cutting it on bias.

Guys you know what that means as well. Cutting your patterns at a 90 degrees, diagonally on the fabric. So you see we are still talking about the natural fibres. A tip is that natural fibres are more loved in international markets and sell for a higher price. Second tip, you can test the fabrics to be sure if it’s natural by burning the edges. If it burns and sprinkles into dust, it is a natural fibre, if it burns and melts together like rubber, it is majorly synthetic.

In the next blog on this fabric 101 series, I will explain the synthetic and mix fibres. Here is a blog on how to start a fashion business with less than 80K.

3 key take away from this blog
  1. Being able to give basic information about the fabric is essential to make you stand out from your competition.
  2. First silk is not a fabric but a fiber used to create fabrics.
  3. Fabrics are either obtained from natural fibers, synthetic fibres or a mixture of both.
  4. Fabrics are made by weaving the fibres or knitting them. Many woven fabrics are not stretchy. You see. Hard to stretch but you can cut on bias to give it a bit of stretch!

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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Rise up with black super power to hack systemic racism!

entrepreneurship is our black super power against racism

In this blog, I express my thoughts and throw out our black super power as a solution to racism. We cannot talk about racism and not talk about slavery. Can we talk about Slavery and not mention exploitation? We cannot mention exploitation and not acknowledge the accumulation of wealth as a result. Wealth and power, unfortunately, often go hand in hand in our today’s society. The principle practice of racicm, slavery, explotation, wealth accumulation and power has systematical developed over centuries to establish itself in our global “way of life”.

Enough not to rebel. That’s the concept!

One group has it all – wealth, power, structure, all.  The other group has nothing and is labeled poor. Therefore the poor must do anything demanded of them to survive. Oh there is a group in between the wealthy and the poor. They have just enough not to rebel or are so occupied trying to have enough. They are the voice of the poor. From the pre-colonial times till date. This is a system we all have contributed to establish, myself included and I will tell you why soon.

Violence and blood stains delightfully served

This system is an archaic and reckless establishment disguised in pieces. Sprinkled on the masses as tiny enjoyable treats, fanciful comfort, reachable dreams and unending distraction. Often we cannot recognise it even if we look. Those that can see, recognise it at a glance. Unfortunately, we do not sit long enough into the awareness that this establishment of abuse from history to date, is consistently svred to us delightfully. A niggling feeling to sit into, so we move on fast. We condole it.  Not on purpose, we nurture its growth.

Floyd’s death protest rippled around the world

What we see is the tip of the eisberg surfacing as institutionalised racism, in-your-face or subtle racism in our daily lives, race-based police brutality like in the case of Floyd and many others who have lost their lives or suffered trauma as a result.  After Geroge Floyd’s death in the USA, being murdered in broad daylight by a police officer in the company of other officers who aided the process, the world took to the streets in rage and anger. Packed with folks from diverse ethnicities like never before, the protest rippled around most parts of the world.

It is extraordinary.

For the first time in this modern day, we have allowed our emotions to sit with us longer. Long enough to cause action, even if it is short term immediate action of protest. At least, it gets to whirl up things a bit. There is a global pandemic shutdown as I write this, so many people have involuntarily stepped out of their caos, out of their hamster wheel, out of their absence into a reality they were just coming to understand.

When the Floyd video exploded the internet, many were already extremely paralysed about the world they realised they were living in. The increasing gap between the financially wealthy and financially poor. How this translates throughout every structure. Its implications in times like this pandemic. It was time for change. The streets were filled.

When the wheel begins to spin again and we tread, then what?

After a powerful motivational workout session, you  take up your shoes and start working out the next day, if not that same day. On the seventh day when it rains, the weather becomes the perfect excuse you have been cooking up in your head since the past 2 days. Know that story? That is us now. Life will get back to a new normal. I am afraid that we might quickly forget that we went on the streets during a global pandemic shutdown to demand for justice. It becomes yet another historic gesture.

What do we do?

What do we do apart from the expected mini activism around our family members, friends, colleagues and so on. Apart from educating our kids and using love to conquer hate. Apart from slogan and social media activism. What do we do? In this blog, I have no short-term solution but I want to show you just one tool that can effectively change the game for the long term.

Employing cheap labor – that has been the model since history till date.

Many industrialised and modern economies built based on this systematic exploitation of other communities be it in raw materials, labor or property.  The end goal becomes accumulating material wealth in all its form.  Money becomes the purpose, so enslaving humans get easily justified with all sorts of reasoning, from skin color justification to “at least they have a job, others don’t”.

We can strategically force the establishment’s knee to bend, crippled flat to the ground, We can scratch a pain point in the ears for the system to listen or be deaf forever. We can, if there is a shift in capital. If there is economic independence. I told you I will tell you how you and I have contributed to establish an archaic, reckless and violent establishment. Here you go.

The power is in your money

When you make a purchase, you invest in a system of wealth distribution. Do you know in which? This is not to make you feel bad. It’s to make you wake up. I am in this struggle with you. Our money has to be invested into the change we want. I am an activist using fashion to create fair income but I too find it extremely hard to stay aware of this fact. It is a battle, but a battle worth fighting with oneself. My purchasing power is truly an absolute power that I possess. How can I use it to back up my social change demands?

But let’s try it. Black super power is entrepreneurship.

Let’s start with Africa because that is where you have over 1.4 billion blacks. That’s where the balck power originates.  If every African country can become self-sustaining in its own consumption, OMG, there will be a shift in capital accumulation. There will be a shift in mindset. The true black super power will evolve. But how do we get there? Through entrepreneurship. As simple as that. If Africa needs to consume, then African entrepreneurs should create the products and services.

African diasporas should start popping up their business everywhere around the globe that it becomes an economic movement to racoon with. African owned franchises springing up like stars in the sky everywhere. But this can only happen if the anti-racism movements actually put their money in these businesses, not just the day after the protest, but as a long-term commitment.

Backstage work has begun

Now and the protest is almost over, it means backstage work has begun. Remember you can be an entrepreneur. One at a time, lifting the economic value of the black power. Venture into diverse aspects of entrepreneurship. From product based to service base. Form traditional to digital. Every diaspora should have a side business in his or her home country, even if you are a professional. It’s not about charity. Stop it. It’s not about humanitarian help. Stop it. It’s accountability. It is building economic independence. Start a social venture. Start a traditional business.

Hack the system. Shift the establishment.

So when you read this blog or watch the youtube video. Wake up to your power. If you identify as black, you can hack the system with entrepreneurship. Create your own solution. Create your own platform because no one is going to give you a platform. If you can talk, start a podcast. If you are good in front of the camera, start a webshow. Showcase black businesses and entrepreneurs like my friend from Diasporas colors Hottensiah is doing. If you have trading skills, buy and sell black produced like my friend Judith from trusted craft is doing.

If you are black or white, I do not care.

Just become an entrepreneur with the cause to uplift the black race and create economic balance. If you are a professional and can’t be a full time entrepreneur,  pay someone to do the business. Invest in the side hustle through someone that is able. There are millions of entrepreneurs out there aspiring to start a business. If you have digital skills, call up a business that needs it and a partner. You must not start your own business but you can invest your skills to elevate existing projects and businesses.

If you can mentor, invest your time. If you are not entrepreneurial or do not want that extra hustle , then channel your purchase to elevate black-driven businesses. Make a commitment to consistently use 10 different black uplifting brands or services around the world. I know it is easier to walk into a chain store, yes, check for black-uplifting brands there as well.

Let us take up our space at the table

The fact is that behind almost every large successful brand you find in Africa, there is a large mother corporation either in Europe, America or Asia. So at the end of the day, yes they create jobs but the systems of power and establishments remain the same. So lets hack them. When we all start rising through economic involvement, we begin to shake up the traditional ecosystem. When that happens, we do not have to demand to be heard. We just get a space on the table for we are now an economic force to be reckoned with.

If you want to make this move today and start a business to uplift the black power, but wonder how to go about it, write to us, follow me on instagram and YouTube as I create more content to guide you on this journey.

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Social entrepreneurship. Pt. 2//Must do to get the Money for the Mission.

social entrepreneurship

So last week, I released the first part of this blog where I talk about what social entrepreneurship is and the first step to getting the money which is clarity for the core activity. Go read that blog to catch up if you have not. So in this blog, it is all about learning 2 new strategies to get more finance for your cause.

Stop solving the world problems

I have seen way too many social entrepreneurs try to solve the world’s problem, myself included. When I started my charity organisation against human trafficking called EXIT, I encountered so many problems. The core activity was to raise awareness. But then as we progressed with awareness raising, the result was that enslaved women showed up. We ventured into counselling. Then some needed shelter. So we ventured into providing shelter.

Others needed therapy, which we also offered. Some of the women had family members who needed support in Nigeria. So we ventured into supporting them as well. Before you know what is happening, we literally covered the full chain from awareness to outreach support and prevention. WIth a small team and no regular cash for the mission, I ended up working 12 to 17 hours a day for no pay sometimes. Forgetting my health, my family, me time and so on.

You often get so drained into the process that you lose sight of the core “Why” in the first place. That autopilot of activism begins to eat your vision. It took awareness to see and courage to stay “STOP”. This is not what I want to do. This is a mission I have set myself on but it is not my vision. What is the message here?

Develop focus – solve one major problem.

And hell no, focus does not mean you become rigid. It actually means you become more creative and engaged to maximise the process towards that vision that you have. I have a video about focus that I really encourage you to watch on my YouTube channel – use Deep focus. As social entrepreneurship might seem to be  challenging because you have so many issues to tackle and you are also very passionate about ending all these world problems, remember that you have just this life and chance to make a significant impact.

How do you maximise your impact?

By focusing to solve one major problem. It is a lot more impactful to solve one major problem for people in a specific region and then scale your know-how to solve that same problem in other regions, than to begin to solve multiple different problems in one community. Why? When you master solving one problem, you gain an enormous set of skills, know-how, network and process. You can leverage on this experience faster when replicating your problem solving mode in another community.

Here is the game plan. When you find that one major problem you can solve or want to solve in your social entrepreneurship journey, master the art of communicating it and use it to build relationships that matter. Building relationships is key.  Because the leverage you have, is the access you have to the community where you create impact. Find those corporate bodies that need that access and share similar value.

Build relationships amongst potential donors.

This is an aspect that comes after the first 2 strategies I have shared in this blog and in the previous blog. The first we talked about was getting clarity about the core activity of your social entrepreneurship venture. The second was to focus on solving one problem and differ from wanting to solve the world’s problems. Now that you have these two figured out. It is time to wrap up a good presentation of what you do so that you can go out into the wild world to get the money you need.

Without these 2 figured out, you will not be able to maximise your fundraising journey. Now let’s talk about donors. For many humanitarian or charity activities, we often have small donors who donate 10 dollars or twenty here and there. But these donors are super important. They share your why and therefore einvest in your cause. You also have larger donors which are the business corporations or SMEs, or even the gouvernement who dish out grants. See it is extremely important to take advantage of the government grants you can access. How do you give these donors, be it small or large, value as well even if they are not the end recipient for your services or products?

Here is how to take care of these donors.

Create a community around your why. And when I say create a community, I do not mean a random instagram profile, a facebook page and someone in a year newsletter. I mean for you to create an intentional and strategic community to build your social entrepreneurship efforts. You build the community like you are building a customer base because that’s actually what you are doing. Your instagram page and facebook page sync.

You care about the identity and message you put out there. There are calls to actions, updates, consistent information with value. Your newsletter is a sacred medium to create inclusion for your donors. You segment the newsletter into the donors class. You can use Mailchimp for free to actually get this rolling. Go beyond just information about all the great things you do with their donations to tell them about how the industry or issue in general is evolving. Think about it, they are investing their rcash because they either care about your “WHY” or the cause. So they would appreciate more about it and you can use this content to care for your donors just like a traditional business would do.

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Focus to solve a problem and master communicating this.
  2. Leverage on the access you have to specific communities.
  3. Treat your donors like real business clients .

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Find out if your business idea is good for you

business ideas that is lucrative

If you are like me, you would probably have so many business ideas that you would love to start. Well the truth is that you just can’t start all these ideas you think are unique and extraordinary at the same time, except you are superwoman and you have 48 hours in your day. Unfortunately, I do not av e48 hours in my day. So I have to prioritise and so do you. Which means you might have to start with the idea that is most likely to succeed and most likely to suit your life season now. 

But how do you know which of your multiple business ideas it would be? In this blog I want to share a very technical business tool which you can actually use to sort out the multiple business ideas you have. Though technical, I have found an easy way to make it practical  for myself and it works. The business toll is the SWOT analysis tool. You can use it to analyse the internal and external factors that would determine how your business would evolve. 

Let’s start from a place of excellence and positivity. 

You might look at your life and conclude that you do not have any skills or talents. I say this because we receive so many comments and questions from young people visiting my website – joadre.com, who chat us up asking what business ideas they can start but they then drop off the comment of “I do not have any talent”. Seriously? Who said you must start a business with a talent? 

Capitalising on your talents is not the only way to start a business. You start a business based on the deep desire you feel to start the business. How you think about yourself will extremely affect the results you get. Of course you have talents. So let’s talk about your strengths as I would like to rather refer to talents as such. Strengths is the first letter in the technical business tool I talked about earlier called the SWOT. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. 

What are strengths and how can you use it to sort out your business ideas?

Strengths are those internal factors, characters, attitudes, skills, access, reccources, talents, abilities etc. that you have. It is internal because it has to do with you and you alone. Only you influence these things. And here is the good news, you can build on your strengths. I was not born able to read and write, neither where you but we all learned to do it. At first, I was not passionate about sports but I knew I had to somehow start my fitness journey so I began to learn. Digital marketing was never something I felt interested in but I came to love it and develop the skills I need. 

So you see, strengths are your greatest asset. 

We all have one or more of them but if you still end up concluding you have none, then one thing you can do to fix this is to build your strength asset. When you look at  your business ideas, where do you see that you have the most strengths or can grow the most strengths now? If you have 3 business ideas and they revolve around these 3 different areas for example – customer service, digital and manufacturing. 

Ask yourself, which strengths do I have now or am I willing to grow that can serve me in any of these areas? For customer service, do you have great human relation skills? For digital? Are you internet savvy or willing to learn? For manufacturing? Do you have the technical skills to actually manufacture whatever it is you intend to manufacture or are you willing to learn that skill? Watch my video about Strengths on YouTube to understand more.  

What about areas for improvements, a.k.a Weaknesses?

Weaknesses makeup the second part of the SWOT analysis technique which I highly recommend you examine. Weaknesses like strengths are also internal factors. Something you can influence by actually improving on them. Because weaknesses are just like strength but the opposite. If you know your strengths, find out which areas you need to improve for all your business ideas. Run with the business idea that you know that the areas to improve is something you are interested in now. Watch my video about Weaknesses on YouTube to understand more. 

Opportunities bring growth!

Unlike the first two above, opportunities are external factors that you may not be able to directly influence. So when you have multiple  business ideas, examine all these ideas to see how the prospect looks like ahead. How the industry, the environment is for the ideas. Is it a growing industry? Will there be more opportunities in the future or even now? Of course you will navigate towards the idea with the most opportunities. Opportunities are possibilities to scale your business ideas in the future, so learn more on my Youtube channel video about Opportunities. 

Threats you should be aware of. 

People hear threats and are already nervous when they hear this, but I urge you to see threats as opportunities. They are also external factors that you often cannot influence. Take for example a government legislation or new industry regulation that could affect your business negatively. You might not be able to envisage all of them, but merely being aware of this possibility will keep you open to counter them or react swiftly in favor of your business.

So before you dive into a specific business, it is always helpful to quickly dedicate a short moment to think about the potential threats beyond your control. Then take action to come up with ways to combat these threats. So at the end of the day, you get to choose just that one with less threats from the multiple business ideas that you have. Here is a YouTube video of mine about threats to watch. 

Concluding for an idea to start based on the SWOT analysis.

After you have analysed all ideas based on the strengths you have or willing to acquire and the weaknesses as well. Then you weigh the opportunities and threats, you can confidently rank your business ideas accordingly. Run with the one with more opportunities, less traits and more avenues to improve later. However, keep the other business ideas open as there is always the option to engage in them after you have kickstarted the first one nicely. 

3 key take away from this blog
  • You have strengths and identify them. 
  • Be open and willing to grow through learning. 
  • See treats as opportunities. 

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog

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Entrepreneurship Mindset. Quick Money Vs. Long Term vision!  

entrepreneurship is a marathon

So many youths today want to venture into entrepreneurship but at the same time many want to make quick money. Somehow these two goals do not necessarily go hand in hand. The truth about entrepreneurship that many glamorous showcases of the industry do not portray is that entrepreneurship is a long term journey. Even if you are looking up to people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, remember that he started small in his hostel campus. Many entrepreneurs most people look up to today have started their journey years back and some even failed multiple times, lost so much money, before finetuning their ideas to become successful.

This part of the journey is often summarised in two or three words that the audience underestimates the struggle or journey. What do you want? If your goal is to make quick money because you see these adverts of how you can work from a beach on one island and make money while you sleep, then Entrepreneurship is not for you. Seriously!

Make money while you sleep.

Not every idea can become a business nor generate money while you sleep. Most entrepreneurs have physical businesses and have to be there to operate their businesses. So generating cash in sleep is practically impossible. It is often through online businesses that you get that opportunity to earn while you sleep in the first place. And it does not come without a price though. To make money while you sleep means that you create digital products that sell even with your absence. Meaning these products and/or services don’t need your physical presence to sell itself.

Which means you have to have the knowledge to create such products in the first place. Of course you can invest by lending cash to other entrepreneurs and wait for payback and interest. This could mean “make money while you sleep” but you need to have that huge capital to invest in the first place.  If your goal is to make quick money without effort, there is practically no method out there that will give you quick money for a long period without hard work. Most ideas out there that promises you quick money are often from people who need you to do some kind of questionable marketing job or scam. So be careful.

If making quick money was that easy, it will not be quick money anymore as everyone will do it and it becomes the normal time span to make money. But if you are bent on making quick money now, ask yourself “what about tomorrow?” Is it not wiser to build a sustainable income stream? Do you constantly want to be under the pressure to make money everyday from scratch? If you think that you should start a business to make money quick, then you are deceiving yourself.

Long term entrepreneurship approach.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon rather than a sprint. You’ll have to devote a huge proportion of your waking hours to your business if you want it to succeed. You’ll also be devoting a huge amount of your brain space to it. There is a whole lot of personal investment to be made. The investment you make now might not yield financial profits immediately or even in 6 months. But here is the upside. Entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling journeys to embark on for so many reasons. I explain why you should be an entrepreneur in this blog – 3 reasons to start. Yes, you can create a blueprint and develop a legacy. Your earnings opportunity is unlimited if you are creative.

So my dear friend. It is time to dish that quick money making mentality. Imagine all the months and years you might have spent trying to make quick money. If you back then sat down and did some deep thinking to come up with a good business idea to start, where will you be today. Probably earning some good profits that can cover your life expenses. Why you want to make quick money might be the pressure you have to cater for your family, but often, it is the lack of real ideas to make money that is the issue.

So if finding a good idea is your challenge, you have so many business ideas in my blog that you can look into. Take for example these 3 blogs.

  1. 12 Online business for Students in Nigeria
  2. Lucrative Online business to Start from Home
  3. 3 tips to Make more Sales in your Online Business

They are all ideas you can start from your home and funny enough, most of them give you that opportunity to make money while you sleep. But you have to be ready to do the work!

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Settle for long term vision rather than a quick money model.
  3. Yes, you can make money while you sleep but be ready to do the work while you are awake.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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Social Entrepreneurship. Pt. 1//How to get money for the mission. 

social entrepreneurship

If you are passionate about helping people and maybe venture into social entrepreneurship because you want to combine your business skills with a humanitarian cause, then this blog is for you. In this blog I want to show you how to get the money for the mission as a social entrepreneur. I have divided this blog into 3 parts. This is part 1. Check the main blog page for part 2 and 3.

What is Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is basically when you tie your business to a very high social mission. Read a detailed definition here on Wikipedia. Often as social entrepreneurs we might be so caught up in the change we want to create that we actually forget that we might just end up needing money for the mission. We live in a materialistic and capitalistic world where almost everything needs to be purchased or paid for. So you need money and see money as a tool. A tool you have to learn to acquire for the cause. You are not driven by the tool but you master how to get it and manage it.

When the audience cannot pay for the service

As a social entrepreneur, the people you intend to support or give value to might not be able to pay for your products or services. Take for example your mission is to bring clean drinking water to a community that is disadvantaged and affected by financial poverty. These people cannot construct the clean water pipes. Their life revolves around just surviving a day. Then you bring in one great technological structure that costs so much money but will give them access to clean water for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they even have a simple solution but lack the finance to implement it and later maintain it.

So first of all, how do you finance this and how do you keep the maintenance? You can either approach this situation with 100% charity, getting others to donate and you do it. What this means is that you will also have to continue to get donations for the rest of your life to keep the maintenance for this community. Or you might develop a social entrepreneurship approach and carve out a business model around this idea. For example;

  1. you can develop some merchandise you sell to privileged folks who share a common interest  connected to the “why of your venture. Wao, the “why”. This is so important for social entrepreneurs if you want to develop a business model.

  2. you can also develop another approach to say, you start a clean water partnership with a business cooperation who channel their corporate social responsibility towards financing your social entrepreneurship venture. More on this in part 2 and 3 of this blog series.

  3. you can also design a method where the community sells the water to continually raise funds.

  4. you can combine all 3 approaches to carve out a social entrepreneurship model.

See money as a tool for social change

I always advise you as an entrepreneur to think of developing a business model. Basically it is all about how revenues can come in to accomplish the mission. So money is not your enemy here. It is a tool for social change. To get the money for the mission, it is so important to develop a classic business model approach and run your venture as a business.The world needs your courage and the impact you want to create. You have an idea that can change the lives of disadvantaged groups and therefore must work towards sustaining that idea.

Your mission is sustainability

Meaning, the idea is not a one off that dies after you run out of cash but can somehow be kept alive either through transfer of ownership or though a more secured financing structure.  Yes, there are projects that have a specific life span, so they have to end after a certain time. But for some social ventures, the impact has to live on as that is the essence in the first place. These people will always need clean water. So your mission is not to get them clean water now and leave them out of clean water in 10 years. But your mission is to find ways to make sure that clean water can stay for at least this generation till the next. So it means you have to think outside the box, collaborate with major stakeholders that have the capacity to sustain this mission.

First step for Social entrepreneurship sustainability

Clarity. Find your message clarity. This is so important but often overlooked because you as the entrepreneur are so passionate about the cause and believe that everyone else understands it as well.  Or you “expect” everyone else to also be passionate about bringing clean water to one community at the end of the world, right? I have actually felt this way when I started my social venture against human trafficking. I thought, who would not be against modern slavery or exploitation. In this case, clean water.

Everyone must know that clean water is essential. But here is the hack and believe you me, people are busy. People are disconnected. People have their own social cause they feel more affiliated to. Some just don’t care. People you approach might have no cultural, economic or social connection to that community or that cause. So carving out a clear message of “Why” is such a big milestone for the success of your venture.

Clarity means that you nail it on the head. Your core business activity. What is the product or service? Clarity means that you leave the generic explanation for your cause to go into the core of the specific method or approach you use. So it is not that you are helping people in community A or changing the lives of community residents. It is that you are bringing them clean water to community A. What is the impact of your bringing clean water to the community? How does it change their lives?

Then this leads us to the much greater strategy to define – your why. Why are you bringing clean water to that community? Clarity comes with simplicity. If your mission is way too complicated, it would be hard to get the money or partnership you need to keep the cause alive.

3 key take away from this blog
  1. Articulate the why behind your mission.

  2. Define the core activity you are embarking.

  3. Keep it simple.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. I will release the other parts of this blog, so stay connected. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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How to Make Good Social Media Pictures with your Smartphone 

good pictures for social media

Social media is our new reality. Period! That is why I will show you how to make good social media pictures because this is the number one way to make the best out of using social media platforms. If you were born after the 80ties, you probably have a social media account and some of you who want to earn side income, know that you can use social media to either boost your business, reach new customers or even earn substantial money. Looking for online business ideas to start, read any of these 3 blogs on starting an  online business. In the last blog I talk about how good high quality pictures can boost your sales online.

  1. 12 Online business for Students in Nigeria
  2. Lucrative Online business to Start from Home
  3. 3 tips to Make more Sales in your Online Business
Here is why you need great picture on Social Media

If you use Social media to promote your products, then a great product picture differentiates you from your competition. It represents how good and professional you are. One fact about eCommerce is that the customer is ready to open their wallets, based on what they see on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

When it comes to getting a good job, many employees actually go to the applicants social media account to see the type of content they put out. This is where your profile image to the regular content you post can make the difference. It is like your CV to strangers browsing the web. But in this blog let us focus on pictures you use to promote your products or services on Social media.

The different kind of pictures on Social media

When it comes sto products or services promotion or showcasing, you have what is referred to as classic product pictures or more commercial or editorial pictures. What is the difference here? Editorials reflect the lifestyle behind the product and here is an example in Vogue with the lady on the stairs. While the product picture targets selling and you can see an example of one of our product pictures here in our online store. Product pictures have to give the customer feature details beyond just the lifestyle representation which Editorial pictures provide.

Clarity and neatness of the product presented is very important. Some social media like Instagram and facebook have a shop functionality which allows you to set a product or service for purchase. Making such high quality pictures of social media or anywhere online where you need to add pictures is not as expensive as you think. You can do this yourself if you have a smartphone and here are all the tools you need.

This is what you need to set up your home studio
  1. A smartphone with a good camera – like  8 megapixel would do the job well. Whichever smartphone you choose to use for the photoshoot, make sure that your device has autofocus. If you do not have such a good phone, just lend one from a friend.
  2. A white backdrop to give your photographs a clean and consistent look and to eliminate distractions. I have a roll of white sheet which I actually use to make patterns and it works fine. But you can also use a white cloth.
  3. A table which would also be your dining table.
  4. Sunlight at between 9am to 11am. These times are better because the sun is not shining extremely intensive so your product is lighted softly and beautifully. There are many options for lighting, but the easiest and most budget-friendly option to use is natural window light. If your product is small, you can use this simple and less expensive light available on Amazon. There are 2 lights with tripods that you can set from left and right. Like I said, natural sunlights can do the job as well.
  5. If you have cash, get a soft box.  Good but I will use natural resources.
  6. Then you need a stand or tripod. Flexible tripods for your smartphones are cheap. If you cannot afford a tripod or selfie stick like that, simply use a heap of books and some object to position your smartphone.
  7. Last but not least, you need a reflector box or white bounce card. If you do not have one, let’s quickly make one.
How to make a reflector

Get a used carton and tape them to create a bigger board, glue and foil paper. This is so important, because it will help you reflect back all the lights directly to your product. Wrap the fuel paper around the carton and you are good to go!

This is how you capture high quality pictures for online

Get all your gears together and set up the table with your ironed white cloth or your neatly prepared white paper background. You can of course use other background colors if you wish. Now, we are ready, let’s move over towards the window. Take away anything blocking the sunlight. Your table should be in front of the window. You stand after the table facing the window. Your reflector should be positioned to bounce the light from the window back to the product without casting shadows.

If you need to have 2 reflectors, one on the left and one on the right, it’s even better. You can position the reflector using books of objects if you are doing this alone. Remove stains, dirt or anything that does not belong to the product. Make sure the product is not squeezed if it’s textile for example. Make sure there are no particles or objects that do not belong to your product or picture idea. Style and arrange the product on the white background like you want.

Snap your product from different angles.   Use the maximum amount of megapixels possible with your smartphone. These 4 angles or shots must be taken.

7 shot you must take of a single product
  1. A full shot called a “Total shot” of your product – it shows the complete product in the picture.
  2. Multiple close up shots of the product displaying special features of the product. Features can include detailed view of the material texture, special elements of style.
  3. A total shot from the left angle
  4. A total shot from the right angle.
  5. Interior shots if there is an interior.
  6. A bottom view shot if there is a bottom.
  7. A styled preparation for the product.

If you also intend to market your product online using social media, then this little investment will pay off as well, because you can easily create different pictures using this concept. You can swop the white background to cardboard paper with different colors and so on. You can update the shoot to become editorial shoot by adding props to style up the product or show the utility of the product. After you have taken the shots, make sure to cross check to see if everything you took was sharp in focus as you want it to be, before dismantling our setup.

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. You need high quality pictures to promote your products or service on social media.
  2. You can create these pictures from home on a very low budget following the tips above.
  3. Make sure to take multiple shots of a single picture so that you have enough to represent your product.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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Business training to clarify your “WHY” for your business

tipAfrica structure for SME

In a previous business training blog I explained why you need a business plan and how to structure one. Look let us be frank, nobody needs a 30 page highly technical document as a business plan because nobody will have the time to read it. In this blog it is all about business training. The kind of business plan you should work on is more like a strategy document on the essential things about your business idea. When we look at what is most essential, the problem your solution will solve is the most important. Why? Because the problem is the foundation of the reason why you venture into business in the first place. The problem makes up your deeper “why”. And your deeper “WHY” is the driver of your business. If you can articulate this and translate it into a very simple communication tool, you have literally set up your business to succeed! 

How to find the deeper why for your business. 

Before we dive into how to establish your “why”, let me share some benefits of this approach. If you really want to succeed in your business, please go and read the book Start with why” by Simon Sinek. I bought the audio version so that Ican listen on the go. It is only about 9 dollars (say 4000naira) but it will absolutely change your perspective. He explains extensively why your focus for communication should be on the reason behind your business as rather on the actual product and/or service of your craft. 

As our 21 century market becomes even more crowded with cheap products, only those that can build a true and authentic brand are set to succeed. After reading the book, I felt like a veil fell off my mind’s eye. I actually embraced my deep motivation to launch Joadre. My business inspiration comes from the place of me seeing how  millions of africans uffer everyday, some falling victims to exploitation and human trafficking in Europe, just because of financial poverty. When still, they come from a continent with abundance.

I want to help African Entrepreneurs build sustainable income dreams so that they can live the life they desire. If we had enough business training resources available, many people would be able to start their business. That is my “Why”. Knowing this, I craft the solutions (product and service) around helping entrepreneurs achieve this. If you can identify exactöy what the issue is you want to solve with your business idea, you will be able to develop an even more superior product or service. Because the product and/or service you will develop will be crafted to serve that purpose. So if you want to understand deeply how to craft this why, I highly recommend you read Simons Sinek’s book – Start with Why. Here is the link to get your original copy or audio version. 

Develop your why from the problem statement -A business training must do!

As a starter, you can craft out your why from the actual problem statement. The problem statement is a part of your business plan. It is a simple write up about the issue your product or solution will solve. Here are simple theoretical steps you will need to follow to establish this very important information about your business idea;

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Explore the current solution to the problem
  3. Filter and define the problem in a simple format
  4. Create a problem statement
  5. Solidify, research facts

 Let’s explore these steps in short details and of course to be able to find out these information that you will need, you have to research. 

Describe the problem in words.

Write it down black and white on a sheet of paper or on your computer. Describing your problem means you should go at length to explain what the problem is, how it affects who and who it affects. 

Explore the current solution to the problem

Think further and consider how this particular problem is being solved right now today, in your environment. Maybe the existing solutions to this particular problem are very expensive, or perhaps they are cumbersome, not efficient, not reliable, not consistent in taste for example if it is a food business. 

Filter and define the problem in a simple format  

What is the primary pain point? Write it down. If you need more than 2 sentences to define your problem it will be very hard to sell the solution which is the product you will create. Always think like you are explaining it to a friend. If you can not pinpoint a problem that your potential customers have, then you might not have a viable business concept.

Solidify, research facts 

Briefly mention facts that confirm the problem. Depending on the problem, you can find facts from different sources. Form internal or external reports, staffing reports, statistics, customer demographics, national trends and information on company resources if they contribute to the problem, news report. Avoid bogging down the statement with too many facts and figures. Include only key statistics that illustrate the severity of the problem. If you are unsure which facts to include, choose at most two facts that best support your argument.

Create a problem statement: 

Summarise the problem in not more than a good paragraph or two if it is detailed. The first section of the problem statement begins with a summary of the problem. Your summary should be concise. Avoid jargon and industry buzzwords. Clearly state the problem without extraneous details. Simplicity – Proof read to make sure your sentences and descriptions are as simple as possible. Follow Richards brads envelope rule which says that your problem statement should be able to fit the back of an envelope. I will share more tips and practical strategies on my YouTube channel about this topic as we progress with the 6 Key program. And by the way, my 6 KEY business training program is now published weekly on my YouTube channel but you can enrol for free for the full course here. 

 Here are some examples of situations which calls for solutions oriented approaches: 
  1. Working parents need so much time to get grocery due to their schedule, trafficking jam etc, 
  2. 10 kids living on the same street all go to the same school and they all have to drive there, it might be a problem for most parents who have to be at work very early. 
  3. Female bags out there but none actually transport tradition, funkiness, urbanism and culture. 
  4. A problem could be desire based, prestige based. Examples of desire based problems would be kids loving ice cream on hot days but there aren’t enough healthy ice cream options available in school cafeterias. So your why is driven from the fact that you want kids primarily to stay healthy while enjoying their ice cream. What are the issues you intend to find a solution for? 
3 takeaway from this blog
  1. Create your problem statement.
  2. Find a deeper meaning for your business. Your “Why”.
  3. Read Simon Sinek’s book – “Start With Why”. Since I know this book is valuable, I have included a special link to the book. click on book to get it. Take notes when reading because you will get so much value that you. can include in your business.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Find your lucrative business idea. Stop the follow-follow! 

lucrative business idea

The noise is loud out there and it seems easier to get on autopilot. Do you find yourself  venturing into a business simply because many people are starting off in that so-called “lucrative business idea”? Or did you stop because they say it’s not invogue anymore? This is a Follow-Follow attitude but I get the pressure to be entrepreneurial!! Don’t worry, you are in good company. I was once like you and this blog is all about finding that unique idea. Before I outline 3 major strategy to find a great business idea, here are some points to think about.

A sincere mind-body scan to a genuine idea

But the first thing we must do together now is to acknowledge that you need genuine ideas of yours. Carry out a mind-body scan to see if you are actually doing what you truly want to do. Does what you are doing now somehow take you to where you want to be in the future? Are you growing? Is this it? If you seem to have just “Nooos” as answers, then read my blog on how to find a great or lucrative business idea as a starter. Many times we have found ourselves doing things because the other person has done them, is doing them or even intends to do them. This sometimes may not be bad as it may yield your expected results, it still is not a good  look to pull off.

How follow-follow mentality bores into our everyday life

Being a copycat has resulted in so many businesses failing and so many youngsters making life altering decisions that have impacted their own future negatively. As a  teenager I saw a lot of this play out, teenagers getting boyfriends because their friends have and end up getting pregnant and dropping out of school, parents pushing their children to do various things because their friends are also doing it or people starting up a confectionery shop because their neighbour was doing it and ending up closing shop because business did not “move” as the saying goes.

Follow-follow has been the reason behind so many abandoned children, so many estranged families and so many failed businesses even when it was genuinely a lucrative business idea. That being said, sometimes being a copycat may not be so bad as it may help one land a lucrative business, however this question begs to be asked: how many people are so lucky?

Explore from within to get transformative & lucrative business ideas

As an entrepreneur or individual planning to start a business, the need to make a plan cannot be overemphasized.  It is essential that you know what you are passionate about, what your goals are, where you see your business in the next 3 to 5 years, what brand you are trying to build and so on. Answering these questions might seem challenging. It is challenging. You might say, hey Joana, I do not have an idea, so how can I plan out what I do not have?

Sometimes digging deep into your core self and asking yourself existential questions like why am I here? What  is my sincere desire? Who do I want to be? What did I love as a child and so on, can be transformative. As you embark on that thought exploration with yourself, amazing lucrative business ideas begin to emerge. I have an audio training program that allows you to dig deep, transforming the ideas from within into a business that is unique to you.

Find a problem to solve!

This is so important when it comes to actually finding the right business idea. Great business ideas come from a place of value. When you create or intend to create value for a specific group of people, you find a business idea that si lucrative or profitable. How do you create value? by simply looking at the situation nd ask yourself what you can do to solve the problem. What offer can you create? What solution do you have. If it is a situation that a also makes you feel discomfort, it is even better if you come up with a solution that helps you or ease the discomfort. So for example if you find it hard to get really good hair weaves and wig, your solution might be that you venture into retailing high quality at affordable prices. I actually have a blog on starting a wig and weave business which you can read here. so you see, you create value for those like you who find it hard to get good weaves and wigs.

Do your research

Carrying out a good research about a topic that you are passionate about is a key strategy to find a business idea within. Research is not hard to do.Market research is always the first step before you start up with any business ideas. Believe me, if you want to fast track your way to become successful, you need to know what the other competitors or people offering the same or similar product are up to. You can carry out a market research by reading magazines about retailing wigs and weaves, watching adverts related to wigs and weaves, by attending beauty fairs, by studying the competitors, by actually talking to your friends and colleagues who love wigs and weaves.

Look for blog articles in the beauty industry. Know who your key competitors are. Outline your own key findings so that you have a broad view about the market. Your key findings should cover the trends, the competitors listings, the prices wigs and weaves are sold, who the potential customers are and what kind of product they like. So you to do action under this step to come up with your key findings. I have a video coming up on my YouTube channel about  how to do the market research as part of the free business training program called the 6 KEY. So not to miss out, make sure to subscribe.

Find new approach and think up new ways!

Being innovative simply means being imaginative, thinking up new ways to do something, bringing up new ideas and concepts.  Asking the unasked questions. Success on the other hand refers to the fulfillment that comes when one is able to attain their desired visions and planned goals, it also refers to the attainment of wealth. Thus being innovative towards success means bringing up ideas that can lead to success or simply put; thinking up new ways to attain success. To be innovative towards success as an entrepreneur and individual you need to stop following the bandwagon!

3 take away from this blog

Finding a lucrative business idea is more of an art than we think. It happens when we surrender our fears and stop the autopilot. When we reach out from within our core being and push ourselves to become innovative. Take these 3 points;

  1. Carry out mind-body scan – acknowledgement.
  2. ind a problem to solve
  3. Do a research in the industry you like.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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12 Online business for students in Nigeria

online business in nigeria

Is there a specific online business in Nigeria for students? Well no! That is the frank answer but in this blog, I want to shed some light on potential business ideas that are compatible with a student lifestyle. Why do I say that there is no specific online business for students? Because, students can also venture in any kind of online business. What matters is the sills and time available to you. If you are a full time student, then you might not be able to venture into some online business that requires your full time attention.

You will be looking into more side business ideas. So here are some great side business ideas which you can start as a student in nigeria. But remember, these online  business ideas can also work full time.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Network marketing
  3. Content marketing/developer,  including copywriting
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Specific digital marketing
  6. Website design & management
  7. Drop shipping
  8. Photography marketing
  9. B-roll marketing
  10. Blogging
  11. Vlogging
  12. Video editing

The list is not exhaustive and remember that you can take up multiple ideas to combine to start an online business agency. It is very important to start any of these ideas as a student now because in 3 years, in 2023, over 85% of Nigerians will be online. These ideas are online businesses in Nigeria which you can start from your campus. I will explain every single idea in another blog and even more extensively on my YouTube channel. So kindly make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you know when I post the new video on these topics.

How lucrative are these ideas?

First of all, let’s talk about the investment to start this idea. Most of the ideas are low capital ideas. You will basically need 7 gears to start off, but it depends on how you want to start. I have a blog  – 7 gears to start off, that takes you through some of these gears you will need.  If an idea is lucrative depends on you. I already mentioned that more and more Nigerians are getting on the internet. The good thing about online business is that you can have customers from all over the world. I remember contracting a guy called Thomas while I was in Europe. I have never met him. He lives in Nigeria and gave him jobs worth over 150K Naira and will continue to give him jobs. So it depends on your professionality, persistence, consistency, quality of work, delivery time, readiness to learn and lastly, the skills you have!

Which can I start now?

What you start off with depends on the skills you already have or the skills you are willing to learn.  In this blog – xxxx, I have explained these 12 online business ideas for students in Nigeria. Read through to understand more about the ideas. But before you start, here are 4 things you should think about – what, who, how and why. I explained these in another blog – the 4  things you must do before you start an online business in Nigeria.

3 key takeaways from this blog
  1. You have a massive opportunity to start an online business in Nigeria because more people will be online in 3 years.
  2. What you start depends on the skills you have.
  3. You can begin to learn new skills to make yourself successful and ready for the future.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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How to write a business plan. The simple structure.

business plan for business ideas

Updated October 2021.

Before you invest so much effort and resources into your idea, you might want to be able to see the potential of your idea. Right? For many, financial resources are very limited, so who wants to start off investing so much money without any hope of making some of it back? Nobody! That is why you should take time to develop a business plan or a strategy document. I like to call it a “fluid roadmap”. The core purpose of this business plan is for you to be able to transform your “plentiful” ideas into a structure that can develop. 

3 reasons why you need  a business plan

Sometimes you might even need this document to relate with other potential investors, fundiers, partners and so on. But I know that many people are scared about developing a business plan.The process is a very technical one and if you are a creative person, then it might even be your worst nightmare. But relax. That is why we are here. In this blog, I will explain how you can easily develop your own business plan. I will also share the standard structure with you, but before here are 3 reasons why you have to engage in creating your business plan now. 

  1. A business plan allows you the time to think through as many steps as possible. From your idea to actually making your first sale, launching or scaling. 
  2. There is no failure, there is only feedback. However, you will reduce the risk of making massive setbacks and mistakes. I do not want you to lose money. So you will need to sit down and think through what you want to do. This way, you get to discover even more areas that need some more thought from you. 
  3. While you craft out your business plan, you get to develop a budget too for your idea. This allows you to know roughly how much money, resources and capital you will need. 
Watch this video on why you need a business plan.

Every business idea must solve a problem and/or give extremely important value to a target audience. No matter how small or huge. So if you have started already, this is excellent! However, it is never too late to do this part. 

Can I hire someone to write my business plan for me?

Many people want to know if they should/can write their plan themselves or hire someone to do it. My advice is that you should try to write your plan yourself. Because that is a great avenue to think of the most important parts of your idea. You only need to hire someone to write a business plan for you if 1.) You intend to show someone important the plan, 2.) and you do not have good writing skills. In this case, you can record an audio version for someone to put down in good writing.

No luxury of time to read a long business plan

Many people would not have the luxury of time to read through your complete business plan. So they will want a quick overview to understand the idea and see if they will support it. There are some easy formats to present this. Either you develop a 2 pager or a 5 slide deck of your business plan to show people. I have included links to our business tool that will help you create  these formats. Now, let’s take a short look at 2 very important parts of your business plan. After that, I will list the items that need to be in your plan in a structured way. 

The opener and problem

Remember the saying that the first impression matters. Same goes for a business plan. The executive summary opens the door for you. It is your first impression. An executive summary is a short summary of your idea or business plan. This means you actually write it after you have finished your plan. Meanwhile you can write anything you believe is a summary of your ideas first and come back later to upgrade it after you have thought through the questions and points we explore beneath. Start your business plan with a clear and precise problem statement.

A problem is always the driver of a business case. 

A problem is basically something that causes discomfort to either people, animals, things, structures or our environment. Defining the problem you are solving for your customers is far and away the most critical element of your business plan. It is crucial for your business success. When we talk about a problem in a business plan,  it is actually viewed from a positive perspective. Problem as an opportunity. A perspective of how it can be solved. A solution based view. 

To find out if your idea has a demand, let’s dwell on the problem your idea would solve for the specific customer. Ask yourself these questions and if your answer is yes, you can happily move on. If your answer is no, then you need to do more thinking in depth to analyze your business idea.  

  1. Would your idea solve a specific problem for a customer?
  2. Would your idea be more efficient for the customer?
  3. Is your idea better than the way the customer is already solving the specific problem?

Simple standard structure of a business plan

  1. Executive summary – basically summary the whole business. 
  2. Problem statement – this highlights the situation your product or service will solve. Apart from what I have explained above, here is a blog where you can get to read more on developing a problem statement
  3. Solution – product/service you intend to offer. Here you get to highlight key research information that you have carried out. Research is so important. When you research you want to know more about the market, the potential customers, your competitors. 
  4. Marketing – product, price, promotion & placement. Identify your unique selling value. 
  5. Finance plan – this will include your budget of expenses you estimate to spend, the income streams and how much you forecast to make. Also you can include how you intend to start financing the business for the first 6 months. 
  6. Operations – this is a part of a business plan that many people forget. Operations refer to what you will do daily to make the business work. I advise you to actually develop a kind of milestone with a work plan about your major and sub activities of the next 6 months. 
  7. Scalability – this simply means that you think about the potential opportunity your business can have and how you will expand. It might mean that you open up new locations, sell to new audiences, launch new products etc.
  8. Team – the uniqueness of your team. This is all about competence. Why they or if it is just you, why you are the best person to carry out this business. 
  9. Contact details are self explanatory if you want to show someone the plan. 

Some more tips for your business plan

Make sure to add a picture in the executive summary, but the picture must show the solution you are creating. If you will show someone else the business plan, then write the plan in a reader friendly manner. Do not use industrial buzzwords or technical jargons.

3 take away from this blog – business plan creation
  1. Brush Up your executive summary after you have developed your business plan. 
  2. Establish a good problem statement.
  3. Take time to think through each point and write the plan yourself. 

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. 

Meanwhile, we have developed a unique app to bring together on one platform,  both international partners/investors and Nigerian entrepreneurs to share business data intelligence and connect both to the market. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here. Want to stay connected to know when we have opportunities, kindly sign up to our newsletter. For more content, check our YouTube channel. If you need to book a FREE  Q&A with Joadr, then make reservations here

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



6 steps to start Wig & Weave Business//Business ideas with low capital

wig and weave business ideas

Since the advancement of fashion, wigs and weaves have become a trend that has women across all age groups rocking the look. And it has even become a more lucrative business idea since many women wish to have changeable looks now and then. If you are looking for business ideas you can start off with low capital, in this blog I will law out all the steps you need to start.  Weaves are hair extensions that women fix on their heads either by sewing or gluing, while wigs are already styled weaves that women wear like a cap on their heads.

Like the popular saying goes; “looking good is good business” wigs and weaves business is a very lucrative business as all women use them across all age groups and all works of life. From the many beauty business ideas out there, wig and weave is an idea you can start with about 70k Naira. But maybe you do not have any capital whatsoever. here is a quick tip on how to start this business idea without cash in hand.

How to start with no money

With no money, it simply takes having a supplier that trusts you enough to give you the products before payment is made. Or you do drop shipping. Drop shipping strategy allows you to  take customers orders and they pay before delivery. Then you pay the supplier.  Thus you gets the money and buys from the supplier while keeping her own profit.

So if the supplier sells to the person at 15k, the person tells the customer 25k and 2k delivery, when the customer pays the seller buys it 15k from the supplier, keeps their 10k and delivers with the 2k, The downside though is that not everyone will be willing to pay before delivery. More on drop shipping in another blog. Now let us get back to our initial blog idea.

Steps to start a wig and weave business – business ideas startup step-by-step
  1. Step 1: Research – Research to understand the market, trend, pricing.
  2. Step 2: Product clarity – Learn about the product – weaves & wigs.
  3. Step 3: Stocking product – Contact Manufacturers/wholesalers to purchase your first stock.
  4. Step 5: Presentation cost – Find ways to showcase.
  5. Step 4: Delivery & logistics – Decide how to deliver.
  6. Step 6: Promotion  – Reach your potential customer.
Step 1: Research

Market research is always the first step before you start up with any business ideas. Believe me, if you want to fast track your way to become successful, you need to know what the other competitors or people offering the same or similar product are up to. You can carry out a market research by reading magazines about retailing wigs and weaves, watching adverts related to wigs and weaves, by attending beauty fairs, by studying the competitors, by actually talking to your friends and colleagues who love wigs and weaves.

Look for blog articles in the beauty industry. Know who your key competitors are. Outline your own key findings so that you have a broad view about the market. Your key findings should cover the trends, the competitors listings, the prices wigs and weaves are sold, who the potential customers are and what kind of product they like. So you to do action under this step to come up with your key findings. I have a video coming up on my YouTube channel about  how to do the market research as part of the free business training program called the 6 KEY. So not to miss out, make sure to subscribe.

  • To do – come up with your key findings.
Step 1: Product clarity 

Wigs and weaves can be differentiated by various factors ranging from colour, to length, to texture and also the materials used ( i.e human hair, kanekalon, synthetic etc.) as this will determine the price of the wigs and weaves. Your next step of action now after having a good overview of the market is to decide what kind of wigs and weaves you would like to start off with. 

Find out what people want, what prices they are willing to pay for it, the different kinds of weaves and wigs, the differences between them, the lengths and also how to care for each type of hair as you need to be able to teach your customers. Your reach should also include where to get these products at a very cheap rate. All that you have found out should be listed down to create a potential product list to start with. Include the prices and where to get these products. 

  • To do – Make your own product list.
Step 3: Stocking product

After you have a list of products you want to sell, it is important that you make that move to contact the suppliers or manufacturers. No matter how lucrative your business ideas might seem, you have to take some logical actions like actually reaching out to partners. You need to source for wholesalers or manufacturers who are willing to sell to you at discounted prices as this will enable you to realize your own profits. Your discounted price must give you at least 40% margin to converse all your cost and make room for profit.

Be careful to rely on suppliers online as you can not know the exact quality of the wig or weave. If you feel you can get the product cheaper online, maybe from Aliexpress or a shop in china, here is what you can do. Go to your wholesale market on the Island and check the products there. If you find what you like, note the name, make, brand features. Go back online and request the supplier to get you this exact piece. Still there is the risk that it might be fake. So to start, i suggest you make a good rapport with a local supplier who has a shop where you can actually feel the quality and texture of the wig.

Get good quality weaves worth about 60k so that customers that want them on that same day can easily get from you. You can go to markets like Yaba and Aspamda( trade fair at Ojoo) as you are likely to be able to purchase these products at affordable prices there. It is important to make special arrangements with wholesalers or manufacturers that allow you to return the product if not sold within a time and exchange for another product. In this case, if one product does not sell after a while, you can get a more trendy product.

  • To do – Stock 60K worth of wig or if you are starting cashless, get 60k worth of wigs based on arrangement with the supplier/manufacturer.
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4 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Do your research properly before you start.
  2. Contact wholesalers or manufacturers and make a deal to be able to return products if not sold after specific time.
  3. Design a strategy to promote your product. Remember to watch this if you want to promote online.
  4. Remember that it is important that you host life showcasing events.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

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Why to use content creation to make money online.

make money online with content marketing

If you are looking for a way to make money online, this blog is for you. I want to introduce you to content creation as a business idea that you can start right away in Nigeria or anywhere you are. I am passionate about this business because it is a good way to make money online and you can start with almost no big financial investment. This is how we will explore this idea in this blog. Firstly, will explain what a content creation business is. Then I will link you to some of my previous blogs about this topic. I will go further to show you why this business idea is for the future. I have a new video on Youtube about this business idea. Follow me on my YouTube channel to stay updated and know when I release new videos.

What is content creation/marketing business?

Content creation business is a way to make money online. It involves the creation and sharing of online material in diverse formats. The form of content can vary depending on your concept, your skills, the platform and the target audience.  The major formats include still images which are pictures, text content like written words, audio content and motion images like films and videos. Text contents are majorly used in combination with other formats. You often release videos integrating audio and maybe some still images. In my blog on content creation as a low capital business idea, I explain more about this business idea. So the point here is that there are no rules. You have to be creative to define how you will approach this business.

Why you should start this business today in Africa!
  • Africa has about 50% of its population beneath the age of 25 years.
  • Nigeria alone has 205 million people, out of which about 47% now have access to the internet (2020).
  • In 3 years, it would be about 85% having access to the internet.
  • Which means that about 77 million new users will be available to you as a target audience.
  • See how the shutdown affected many businesses in 2020? Those who had online businesses were less affected.
  • You have 3 years to develop your business and grow to become a brand in Africa. If you do not, foreigners would. The internet is at a global pace. So if you do not target your own community, your community members online will consume the information and products/services offered by another person in the USA or somewhere else. So you lose the potential influence and income to someone living thousands of miles away.
  • In Nigeria alone, we have about 90 million underemployed and unemployed people. So if your excuse is cash to start a business, I am offering you an idea that you can start with almost no investment. Start Making money online! Get on my platforms to stay connected and learn how to start, grow this business.

Maybe I have convinced you enough now and you are wondering what skill set you will need to start this business? Here is a blog on that. Here is the basic skill set you will need for any type of content creation business.

  1. Research & analysing ability.
  2. Creativity – outside the box – taps into the global market.
  3. Producing the actual end product.
  4. Monetize your content or platforms. I will release videos and detailed blogs showing you how to do this step by step.
Where do I start from?

If you are serious about venturing into this business, you can start easy by starting a blog. A blog allows you to brush up your online skills. If you want to venture into starting a blog, here is another blog on the basics to writing blogs. Can I start targeting business clients? You can venture into offering your services for business clients. In this blog I explain a bit more on that. If you are wondering what tools you need to start, here is another blog on the 7 gears you need to start making money online.

What products and services can I develop?

You have to define what your product or service will be. What your product or service will be depends on the goal you have and the target audience. Looking at the different formats available to you based on the skills you have or can acquire, you can venture into multiple services or specialise in specific areas. Here are a few options: blogging, vlogging, videography for others, distribution of content, marketing content, podcasting, production of content, copy writing and so on!

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Lucrative online business ideas to start from home

online business from home

In my previous blog from last week – 12 online business ideas for students, I listed these 12 ideas and encouraged Nigerian students to start now. Why?  Because in 2023, over 85% of Nigerians will be online and that will create a massive opportunity. In this blog, I want to encourage stay home parents to look into these 12 online business ideas. I will only give very short details about the 12 ideas and also highlight some major skills you will need for the respective ideas. If you want to know more about specific ideas, you have to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notifications because I will go into details about each single online business idea and how to start them in Nigeria.

12 online business Ideas and short explanations
  • Affiliate marketing: You register with brands that offer affiliate links and prospects, promote a product or service online and get commissions if someone buys.
  • Network marketing: You promote a product or service to your network, also offline and get commissions. More often there is multi-level-marketing involved, where you build a sales network and get commissions from what they sell too.
  • Content marketing/Developer, including copywriting: You develop content (text, visual, audio or mix) for other businesses to market their product. The businesses pay you for this service. I have a blog on this online business idea. Check my blog on content marketing business ideas.  Also copy writing falls under this category, just that you specialise in text format.
  • Social media marketing: You manage the social media accounts of others and get paid to do so.
  • Search engine digital marketing: You optimise the websites and contents of others to be published on google, youtube and get paid to do so.
  • Website design & management: You create a website for others and get paid for the service. You can also manage the website for them for more fees. Many people who want to run an online business do not know how to create nor have the time to manage their own website. So this is where you come in.
More online business ideas to start now
  • Drop shipping: You create your own platform and present manufacturers products. If you get orders, the manufacturer delivers and you get paid.
  • Photography marketing: you develop a network for photographers, get their pictures and sell them on platforms like iStock etc. Most platforms allow selling of commercial and editorial images. You can also sell these pictures to cooperate businesses.
  • B-roll marketing: You develop video materials called B-rolls and sell them on platforms that sell video footage to journalists or businesses. Most of the platforms for photography also sell B-rolls.
  • Blogging: you develop your own platform and begin to blog. After your blog begins to get traffic, you can monetize it. For ways to monetize your blog as an online business, follow me on YouTube.
  • Vlogging: You  create video consistently and build a channel or video platform. After your platform begins to get traffic, you monetize it. Platforms recommended are YouTube and Instagram, depending on your type of content and that target audience.  For ways to build a video platform as an online business and monetize your blog, follow me on YouTube.
  • Video editing: You can offer editing services to content producers and businesses. They pay you a fee for the job delivered. Content can be transferred (up and downloaded) using online tools, which means you can do this anywhere.
What skills do you require to start any of these businesses?

Now the general skills you will need for any of these online business ideas as a student will be the ability to navigate the internet, access to the internet. Access must not be that you own a subscription or a computer. You can use internet cafes.

Specific skills for the specific online business ideas.
  1. Affiliate marketing: online marketing skills
  2. Network marketing: Management skills to build a team, ability to talk to others to introduce products.
  3. Content marketing/developer,  including copywriting: Writing skills. Graphic  design and/or video skills if you offer quail content. You can collaborate with others who have some skills you do not have.
  4. Social media marketing: Social media skills.
  5. Specific digital marketing: Google marketing knowledge. Analytical skills.
  6. Website design & management: Ability to design websites. Maybe wordpress skills for beginners.
  7. Drop shipping: Ability to design websites. Maybe wordpress skills for beginners.Online marketing skills. Product presentation skills.
  8. Photography marketing: Online skills. Network of photographers.
  9. B-roll marketing: Online skills, Network of Videographers.
  10. Blogging: Writing skills. SEO skills.
  11. Vlogging: video making skills. SEO skills.
  12. Video editing: Editing skills. Online skills.
3 takeaways from this blog
  1. You should start now as a stay home parent or underemployed person. More people are coming online!
  2. Start learning new skills.
  3. Access to the internet si skey to develop these ideas, so you can find ways to save to get your own computer as this would make you more flexible.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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4 must do before your start your online business in Nigeria

online business in nigeria

Are you eager to start an online business in Nigeria? Before you venture into any online business, here are 4 things you must consider so that you can fast track your way to be successful without having to waste time later on these. Online business provides a massive opportunity for those with the required skills as many Nigerians are getting online. According to expert predictions, over 85% of Nigerians will be online by 2023. Which means that about 180 million people will be online. If you minus the children, very old people and maybe those not employed and therefore do not have strong buying power, you will still be left with over 50 million potential consumers. Well, this is the right time to start building a business online in Nigeria. On the left is my video on my YouTube channel that explains this topic. Lets dive into the 4 must consider to start an online business in Nigeria.

WHAT: Knowing what you want to sell

This is basically the first thing every entrepreneur looking to venture into online business or any business has to think about properly. I do not mean, just know the name of the product but find out how viable the product will be in the next coming years. You do not want to build a business around a product that is seasonal and might get out of trend. So knowing exactly the features of the particular product is important. And I urge you to look beyond tangible products and check out services that can be offered online as well. There are many services you can market online.

When you begin to research for what type of product you will sell online, make sure to look at the competitors. I would rather call the competitors your mentors because they have already started and you are now exploring their progress to start your own business. Look at bigger brands that are already becoming successful online like Jumia, Etsy, Amazon. What is their top selling product? Can you get these products to sell? Depending on the skills you already have or can acquire, you can venture into services like content creation. I have a blog on how to start a content creation/developer/marketing business online.

So invest some time to do your product analysis. Your product analysis must include the pricing, cost for sourcing the product, who manufactures the product. If you will manufacture the product, then make sure to check for raw materials availability. I always encourage entrepreneurs to focus and choose one core business. If you want to manufacture, then focus on production and let others do your retailing. If you want to retail, then focus on retailing and let other produce. This is a very effective strategy to grow fast and not to stretch yourself too thin.

WHO: who will buy

This aspect is so crucial and we often forget to consider the potential customers at the beginning. Because we believe the product will sell, doesn’t mean it will sell. Who do you intend to target this demands a thorough customer analysis which means you research to know who the potential person is that would want that product. Their lifestyle, where they go, how much they will be ready to pay for that product. All these simple factors will affect the success of your online business in Nigeria. How do you find these questions out?

Simply by also studying the competitors. Who do they target. Look around your network, who uses this kind of product. Look at medis adverts or social media campaigns where similar products or exactly that kind of products are marketed. Who is the target audience. Begin to draft out a potential customer profile. Profile must include simple demographics like age, gender, location, job status, religious status and so on. Are they on social media? What do they like? What area do they live in? Where do they shop?

HOW: How will you sell?

After you are sure of the products or service and you know the target customer, now is time to develop a plan on how you will deliver the product. Here I want you to consider who will do the delivery. It is an online business, so the potential customer will order online and you will have to have a platform form where they can place orders. So it is either you host your one platform. Check So if you are looking into where to host your platform, check Whogohost to host your platform in Nigeria.

Starting off, you can sell your products on existing platforms. Check such existing online platforms to know their conditions. Some offer delivery, others expect you to manage the logistical delivery. If you have to manage the delivery, then you will need to research for delivery companies like ACE, Area boy express or such. Some people use the classic Uber, bolt or Taxify drivers to make delivery. Find out a low cost and effect system that will work for you.

WHY: Why should a customer buy?

This is the last aspect that is very crucial. Now that you want to venture into online business in Nigeria, remember that there are other competitors. Some of these competitors are large companies with a massive marketing team behind to address customers’ needs. If you are a solo entrepreneur who doesn’t have this kind of luxury, then crafting a strategic plan to promote your products to the customer is essential. Here are some questions that can help you through this process.

What Makes your product better than the existing ones in the market? Is it the quality? Is your price cheaper? Do you package it differently? Do you have better promos? Is your delivery time shorter? Is it the social value you will create? Creatings social value with your business can be the key driver of sales. Take for example you have a product that is handmade and made to support a specific group of producers, you can use this to communicate your products value. Also, including the lifestyle flair of your product is very important. I have another blog on how to present your products properly to sell more online. You can learn some quick tips to make more sales online.

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Understand your product and define what makes it better than existing products in your target market.
  2. Know exactly who the potential customer is and profile them before you start.
  3. Learn how to best promote your product depending on the platform and method of delivery you choose.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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