How to achieve that dream or vision of yours.

so this week, I will talk about how to achieve that dream or vision on yours. I am dedicating this blog article to our Joadre Lab students who newly joined us. Welcome on board! To anyone out there stuck in imagining the big dream, this podcast and blog is for you. in this blog, I will share a simple doable strategy, which I have used and it works, to transform that idea, dream, vision of yours to reality.

We currently have 17 new projects in Joadre Lab. The first thing I ask our students is what is your vision, then identify your milestones. Many are dem clear about their vision but that’s it. There is no plan on how to achieve that dream or vision. Now you have the vision articulated, what next? How do you want to achieve this vision, that’s always my next question. That’s also exactly where the conversation ends. Do you know why? Because many people tend to focus mainly on the big picture.They forget that multiple actions has to be set in motion to achieve this vision. This is a biiiiiig mistake, which you should embrace because mistakes are not necessarily negative, if you can find the lesson in it.

Hang the vision on the wall, now focus on the next logical action!

I also used to make this same mistake too until I kind of cracked the secret code. To do anything successfully, you need to take specific actions. Do we agree on this? Yes.  There is an African proverb which says a tree leave does not move unless there is wind. I love African proverbs. I actually included many in my new 6 key workbook, because they simply drop the bomb on the truth. To achieve your vision, you need to create wind.

Get out of that your comfi zone of imaginary ideas.

Yes, you should have a vision, the big picture, your purpose, mission, passion. Whatever you call the big dream or goal you want to accomplish. Know it. Believe in it. Remember it always, that said, you still have to move and take action. You need to get out of that your comfi zone of imaginary ideas and wishes. So number 1,

Grab and take control of your focus from that big picture towards the next logical thing to do so as to actually attain that big dream. 

If you focus your 100% energy on dreaming and imagining, you might float through life overwhelmed because your subconscious mind actually adds its own spice to the drama. It begins to show you the limitations you have or might have. Here is how the subconscious mind works.

Do you know that your sub-conscious mind could prank you out of achieving your dreams?

The brain operates on the conscious and sub-conscious level. Your conscious mind was that which you often have control over and it receives, analyses and stores the information you expose it to. The sub-conscious mind is a like a big memory bank that stores your beliefs, memories and life experiences. The sub-conscious mind is the part of your mind responsible for all of your involuntary actions. Your breathing rate and heart beats are controlled by your sub-conscious mind. But your sub-conscious mind, which according to several scientific studies and research and experts, works far more effectively than the conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind works without you being aware and you often do not regulate or control what it does. It collects more information, processes or analyses more information and stores even larger and longer what ever it has been exposed to, sending information out into your conscious mind whenever it is triggered. So when you think or remember your vision and you have exposed your sub-conscious mind to the possibilities of limitations, it sends limiting beliefs into your conscious mind . Then you feel paralised about how to achieve that dream or vision.

how to achieve that dream. subconscious mind

Activate your ability to think logically

You have the power and ability to deactivate this circle from repeating itself often. You need to activate your ability to think logically. Activate this ability by questioning your self often. Like what do I need to do to achieve this vision? By evaluating your actions regularly. Like what have I done this month, this week, this day, this hour, this minute that would take me closer to my vision. So if you want to be an award winning author, have you written a book, even if it is unpublished?

If you want to own your own saloon, have you actually budgeted to know what financial capital you require? If not, then question yourself why? Is it because you feel you cannot write a novel? Then have you taking free online writing courses? Or is the issue because you feel you would not know how to budget correctly? Then have you taken free online budgeting classes or checked within your network of friends for who can actually help you budget?

I talk about how to map out your resources and tap into your social network in one tutorial at milestone 5 in my 6 key program. The key here is to keep identifying the next logical action your can take to achieve that goal. You can start from top bottom which is often very effective. Top bottom meaning the big picture and then your start breaking down the next logical step until you get to where you are now. after you have identified the next step from where you are now, move to number 2 strategy. This is a simple strategy that would help you achieve that dream or vision of yours. 

Number 1: Identify the next logical action to take now!

Remember, number 1 is to identify the next logical thing or action to take. Number two is to create an action plan for yourself. Take a pen and paper and outline all the activities for that action. Let’s say your vision is to be the best fashion designer in Nigeria. Great. Simply wishing or visioning that will not Katapult you to become Nigerians number 1 designer. You have to identify what you need to do now. To be able to identify this, know where you are now and know what it takes to be the best designer.

If you know how to sew but do not know how to design, then find free courses online to learn how to design. That would be the next action that would take you a mile closer to that vision of being Nigerias number 1 designer. If you can design but have no avenue to produce or sell. Your next logical step will be to develop a distribution plan or strategy, look for potential partners etc. So you see how this is done. When we launched Joadre fashion, we were shortly overwehlmed about the big picture, but I applied this 2 strategies and today, work happens seamlessly. Now number 2 is simply bringing this next step to paper. As a Form of commitment to yourself. An action plan.

Make a commitment to yourself – Action Plan!

You must not write it on a computer. Get an empty book that you devote to this vision. I have a blog on the power of an empty book. Get your pen and begin to create your action plan. Action plans actually helps you take your ideas, thoughts, dreams, imaginations to the real world where you kick asses. I have a tutorial on how to create an action plan. Check the full tutorial in the 6 key program here, but you need to have amembership on our lab to access it or you can signup for free by 1.) registering on our platform and 2.) submitting a good busines profile here for us to assess your idea and grant your free 3 months pass.

Now follow the steps in the tutorial to get your action plan ready. When you have gone through this, and actually takes these steps, channel your focus to the next logic action. Repeat creating your plan and keep doing this until you receive that award and Nigerians number 1 designer or in your case until you achieve that vision, dream etc.

A quick podcast recap. 

Know your vision, but focus mainly on the actions you need to take to achieve that vision or dream. With this 2 step strategy anyone can use today, begin to create the momentum that needs to be in place for you to develop that vision. Number 1, is to identify the next logical action from where you are now to the vision and number 2 is to become devoted to your very own personal manifesto which is your action plan.Remember you sub-conscious mind works while you sleep, that why you dream. So make sure to break the circle of self doubt and limiting beliefs by activating you conscious mind through consistent and intentional questioning.

In my previous podcast, I talked about how to find that great business idea for you. In future podcasts and blogs, I will  share more teachings and wisdom from my lab around starting and building a business and live that you love. And yes, from time to time, I will chip in some health lifestyle issues on nutrition and movement because these two habits affect your ability to perform highly as entrepreneurs – be it your ability to think innovatively, concentrate, stay motivated and so on.

Entrepreneurs, this is your time, you are alive, so rock it. If your are in Lagos or Vienna this year, check our website to know when the next ARISE event will be happening. I wish to welcome you there and get to meet you life. Not to miss out on my next podcast, blog or videos, make sure to Subscribe to our lab updates and follow me on instagram to get firsthand updates of all my activities.

Thank you so much for investing the time to read to the end. I hope I was able to shed more light on how to achive your dream or vision using simple and rational techniques.

Its Joadre. The place to transform ideas to wealth.

I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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