3 Business Ideas To Start With 100K Or Less

Oh you have just graduated, waoh! Congratulations. You even finished with a first class grade. Sweet! Getting a job shouldn’t be difficult for sure. However, keep reading as I share these 3 business ideas to start with 100k or less.

First job interview, they told you they would get back to you. Okay, unto the next one, Ahhh Ahhh!! They are still saying they would get back to you. Now you have become a regular attendee with a special certificate in JobHuntology. Nigeria is on a daily basis upgrading its method to frustrate your dream.

Here are 3 Businesses to start with 100k.

‘Omooooooo times ten thousand million’ is now your matching song.

You have nearly given up or already have. What if I told you that there are business ideas you can start with 100k. If you are like me, you might even spend nothing or less than that, and I’m not speaking aspire to perspire to maguire and not to expire gibberish here. I am talking about real life hacks. I’m sure you are eager to know already. “Calmmmm down” I have got you.

  1. Nylon and PaperBags Branding
  2. Car Dealership
  3. Retailing second-hand clothes

Nylon and PaperBags Branding. 

Do you know that you don’t even need money to start this business, to start this business, all you need is to collaborate with a local printer, who has a knowledge of screen printing. You’d negotiate with him/her the particular amount that would favour both of you, after which you could then conclude how much you want to be selling your own nylon. You must also equip yourself with the basic knowledge of graphic design or you could always pay a third-party to do it for you.

As I have said earlier, you don’t need money to start this business, all you need is the gut to market yourself to people. The cheat is, this business is usually done with customer’s deposit, so you won’t even be spending your money.

But with 100k OMG! You would be flying and the journey would be faster. The money would ease your marketing effort, you’d be able to run online ads to float your product to potential customers. 100k would also afford you the opportunity to procure materials in bulk, which will reduce your cost of production, thereby increasing your profit. Do you need an office space/shop? oh no! maybe later.

See marketing differently so that you do not waste your money. Know who you will market to first so that you actually know what marketing ideas you will use. 

Car Dealership

You must have seen some of your friends uploading car pictures on their whatsapp status or instagram page. I am sure you are familiar with the following phrases: ‘Serious Buyers Only’ ‘DM for Price’ Anytime you see this, I am sure you’re always wondering where some of these peeps got money to be selling cars, or you even feel, ohhhhhhh these guys are stinkingly rich, because you feel that only rich people sell cars. My friend, come off it!

What if I told you that these peeps spent less than 100k to start this business, and all they spent on are Social Media ads, Business Cards and internet data. You’re shocked or thinking that how is that even possible. This is like one of the easiest out of the 3business ideas you can start with 100k. Okay let me break it down and show you how it is even possible.

What your peeps did was to network with a registered seller, negotiate a cut/percentage for sales coming from them. This percentage sometimes could be as high as 10%, and we are talking about cars here! you know how much 10% could be. For instance, let’s say a car was sold for 2million naira, that means you would be getting a whooping N200,000. Just like that, and how much did you spend, maybe N1000 on data subscription to regularly update your page and generate leads. Oh and an initial investment in social media ads and business cards, of which money you’d make back in a jiffy. Remember though that only uploading to whatsapp might not seal the deal alone. Buyers would want to see the car, so be ready to showcase it. Also take your own good picture for WhatsApp because often dealers will let multiple people like you market.  

Second hand clothes

Okay let me remind you of the basic human needs in case you have forgotten; food, clothing, and shelter. Need oooo! Not even ‘want’. That’s to tell you that humans would always need clothes. What then do you do with this knowledge?

Do you know that for as low as 100k, you can start a Second hand clothes sales business. Here is how to go about it. 

Take your 100k for the business, remove a token for Mannequin for product display, a token for white material to create a white backdrop, if you don’t already have one. Take a good percentage out of this cash to a popular market in Lagos, popularly known as ‘Katangoa’ a.k.a ‘Super’. This market is the republic of second hand clothes. For your first attempt, please don’t carry ‘bail’ as it’s popularly known. Rather select the clothes you can see will sell fast. Subsequently, you could then progress to carrying bail, after you must have understood the business and equipped yourself with the Street-OT for ‘Okirika’

The interesting thing is right from your facebook.com page or whatsapp, you can start promoting your products, and did I tell you, this business has up to 200% profit capacity depending on your ability to hassle and sell. 

Now, if you are excited about this, check out my earlier blog 12 online business for students in Nigeria and if you would like more contents like this, kindly click on the subscribe button at joadre.com

Samuel Olawoyin
Samuel Olawoyinhttp://www.joadre.com
Olawoyin Olamide. Head of marketing Joadre with strong expertise in branding, content development and PR.


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