7 Start-up gear for online business

In this blog I am sharing the basic start-up gear you will need for your online business. Remember that there are different kinds of online business. I covered content creation for online business in a previous post blog. Here we will focus on the needed tools, and I will make up a budget estimate to help you see that this is a low capital business. Let’s start! 

Your number 1 gear – a computer

You will need a laptop or desktop computer. Can you use your phone or tablet to start any online business? Yes you can but in the long run, it will become very tedious to use and there might be limitations as many platforms may not be compatible with such. Phones or tablets can be used most effectively for research or updating stuff, but to actually develop the content, I will advise a laptop or a desktop where you can actually type on a keyboard. Must you own the laptop or desktop? No.  You can go to the internet cafe and use theirs or find ways to get cheaper second hand laptops or desktops. It is not about how fancy  but about what functions. 

Your number 2 must have! Internet

Internet connection is really important to build an online business. Like the name goes, “online business” , so you have to be online. And you can get online only when you have an internet connection. You will need to carry out research, draft the content, send emails and so on.  Nowadays, there are several internet providers in your region that offer new startups good deals, make sure to ask. . 

A gmail account for access to google

You must have a gmail account so that you can carry out even more keyword research and access the google drive which we would talk about in the next point. I suggest a gmail account, even when there are other search engines, but believe me, google has the largest market share when it comes to online. They own YouTube, so you should have an account on google which is the gmail account.  This is essential for internet marketing, digital marketing and so on. I will teach more on this in upcoming videos on my Youtube channel and in future blogs. Make sure to be subscribed to my newsletter to know when I release or schedule the release of these free resources. 

“Cloud service” is a must!

A cloud service is a service that allows you to save content online or upload content online. There are many out there that are affordable but I recommend you start this as a no cost using the free version on google which is google drive. It allows you to word on documents and save them online which you can access from anywhere. The google platforms include – google doc, google sheets, google slides, google forms. There is a free access that gives you up to 15GB of saving space. So there is basically no investment here.  

Power Bank depending on where you live. 

A power bank is essential especially in Nigeria where NEPA (power supply company) is a joke at times. 

My traditional must have – A journal and a pen. 

As a content creator, you have to be always ready to take down impressions, notes, ideas, feedback into your journal. If You have a phone, you can use this as well, but the traditional way with a pen and a notebook, is still the most creative approach, believe me. Read how to capture your ideas and see why I love journaling. 

Something to boost your creation process

A nice, creative workspace is a must. I know that some of you might not have that luxury to have a quiet space. That’s why a laptop is great . and also journaling on a traditional notebook helps. You can make time to go somewhere that enhances your creative process. So maybe you thrive in a noisy place or maybe you thrive better in nature. Whichever, find out where you are most creative and efficient and make it a routine to work from there.  

Extras for specific content forms

If you are creating visual content you will need more gears like a camera, an editing software, your own laptop or computer except you will not edit but source that out, an external flash drive.

Now lets see what it will cost you in the first year: 60K
  1. Laptop, fairly used and functioning: 30K naira
  2. Internet connection on your phone so you can hotspot: 24K
  3. Gmail account: free
  4. Cloud service: free up to 15GB
  5. Power bank: 5K
  6. Notebook and pen: 1K
  7. A smartphone is an essential!
  8. Creative workspace: free if you can create a space at your home or outside in a public space like a park.
3 key takeaways from this blog
  1. With 60K, you can start an online business. 
  2. Find out where you are most creative and make it a routine to work from there. 
  3. Start with all free services like google drive to save your work. 

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by and reading through to the end. I really appreciate it, because it takes so much to put this together. Hope you liked it. If you did, remember to share this blog on social media. Yes, more free training and videos on this topic will be out this month on YouTube. Not to miss out,  subscribe and turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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