Staring off on YouTube. Lots of business ideas coming up soon!

Hey I am so excited to announce my new YouTube channel. Are you looking for business ideas with low capital to start? Do you want to stay healthy while you develop income streams? Do you want to help others beneath you to grow as well? Then my Joadretv Youtube channel is for you!  find business ideas to grow sustainable income.  I actually created the channel in 2014, but I allowed life to get in the way. So now, it is time. I receive so many questions, comments, enquiries from guests visiting my platform Joadre. I am eager to answer your questions and share my journey with you.

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What to expect on my channel

I have launched several business ideas and had to learn the hard way. Why should you when I can share tips and tricks on how to stay on the fast lane and build your income? On my Youtube channel, I will release weekly videos, even sometimes I will share multiple videos a week. In my videos, I will share business ideas and strategies to grow, show your daily practices to stay healthy and how to create social impact that will skyrocket your sales.

Holistic approach using business, wellbeing and social impact

My holistic approach is to help you develop a  business that can bring you sustainable income but while you do so, you do not forget yourself. Too often are we pursuing the cash that our health is ignored and begins to decline. But you need the right state of mind and body to actually grow your income streams efficiently. So well being is a big issue we will explore on my channel. And how do you step up your game to stand out? I have been in the social impact sector for years and have seen how creating deep and high value can help you boost your business. Social impact gives you existential purpose to stay motivated and inspired to do the work. So yes, you will learn simple strategies to integrate social value into your business ideas and daily lives. Hey, if you are struggling to find ideas, read my blog on small business ideas you can start now. Actually, I recently released a blog series on content creating business which you can read as well.

So how do you join the community and what’s in it for you?

It is simple! My focus now is to release content for you on my Youtube channel. So all you need to do to be part of this community is to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications. Then come back to my website and subscribe to my newsletter. I will not only share the information you need, but also get some experts to teach on very specific topics. For example, if you have been marketing our products on social media and you do not see results, there will be a social media marketing expert giving you free tips on how to get sales. Through my business and social network, I will launch funding opportunities for the hardworking members on my platform, so that capital is not what will hold you back. As my platform grows, I would offer massive giveaways and give you the opportunity to promote your products and services. So you see, there is a lot to be worn by joining the community.

Quick wrapup of this blog

As a mother of two amazing kids, I know how quickly you could forget about self love when your plate is full and you are enthusiastic to create sustainable income streams for your family. I want to share strategies to help you grow income streams but also stay healthy and create impact while you do so. I will post weekly videos, answer questions from our multiple platform members, interview experts to give deeper insight, release seasonal shows and show you behind the scenes of how and what I do. My goal is to help 100000 African entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom, live a healthy lifestyle and positively impact their communities.

I look forward to tons of free training and videos that will take you from where you are to achieving the life you love. All you should do now is to make sure that you do not miss any of this content. Subscribe to my YouTube and remember to turn on the notification on Youtube. It would be nice if you follow me on instagram as I share daily strategies and personal fun stuff. I am on facebook as well but to get it all in one place, subscribe to my free newsletter. Drop your comments, questions, feedback beneath using the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions in my next video or blog.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!




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I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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