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Are you a Mumpreneur? I am, with two amazing kids, 10 and 14. I am extraordinarily passionate about my work too.  It is sometimes rocket science to make it – family, health and passion, all work. Do you feel that deep urge to start your own business, but you find it challenging to take the next step? Great that we have met, because I know you have the power to do it and I am happy to help you activate it. Join the movement to enjoy entrepreneurship in its holistic form where your wellbeing and social impact is the core. GET THE TOOLS TO BUILD A BUSINESS AND LIFE THAT YOU LOVE. BECAUSE YOU CAN.


Change the game!

No matter how extraordinary you might believe your idea is, if you do not start, you would not know. The world needs your idea. Check out my weekly blog to get inspired and launch start your idea. Do not miss out on my daily post on instagram. Follow @iamjoadre to stay on board.

Enjoy life

You have just one life. Live it!

Healthy minds create healthy businesses. "Even the eagle comes to the tree top to rest".. African proverb. I was the definition of a workaholic mum until it happened. Thank God I transformed my life just right on time. And now, I get to accomplish even more than before. It's not how hard, but how smart. Life first!

Your cause

Bring value to your community!

I have found my cause. I want to help prevent human trafficking. Every human being deserves to enjoy life in freedom. You can find your cause and create a strong positive impact in your community through your business. Creating value in your community is a tool to you can use to build your idea. Let us show you how.

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6 full program online course

You might want to start a business but you have no clue about how to begin to develop the idea. The 6 key online course is what you need.

Joadre business plan template

Audio version coming soon.

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Joadre business plan template

Print 6 key workbook

Your offline entrepreneurs guide to transform your ideas into a real business, with full contents from our 6 Key foundation online program.  

The 6 key Workbook changed my life forever and helped my stop the limiting beliefs I had about myself. Reading the book has given a step-by-step guide on how to transform my ideas to reality. The book is my business bible.

Abosede Amavi

Abosede Amavi

Even as a trained tailor in Lagos, I didn’t know how to design fashion, draft patterns or run a production. Since I joined Joadre training in 2018, I have learned so many new skills and more.  Its indeed a big privilege for me.

Bisola Ogunranti

Bisola Ogunranti

I appreciate that I have been given me the opportunity to discover hidden skills and gain more experience in building my business. My products are now sold in Europe. It is amazing!

Rofiat O.

Rofiat O.

Empowering African SME

Within our program, we have diverse incentives to support African SMEs like our producer contracts offering tailors deals to produce for European companies or our our services for larger African companies to access grants to scale thier business. 

Empowering african women joadre
Some of my work – Book & film.


Available in German

Joana Adesuwa ist noch ein kleines Mädchen, als eine Dorfpriesterin ihr sagt, sie sei eine »Wassergöttin« und werde ihren Mann einmal reich machen. Für Adesuwas Vater ist klar: Seine Tochter ist eine Hexe! Er verstößt Joana, die...


Available in German

Mit 14 wird die Nigerianerin Joana von ihrem Vater als Hexe gebrandmarkt, misshandelt und verstoßen. Sie flieht nach Europa und stellt fest, dass sie mit ihrem Schicksal nicht allein ist. Bei Reisen durch ihren Heimatkontinent erfährt sie von öffentlicher Gewalt an angeblichen Hexen und Hexenkindern sowie von Hexendörfern,...

hexenkind joana adesuwa Reiterer

Audio version

Available in german

Mit 16 wird die Nigerianerin Joana von ihrem Vater als Hexe ge­brand­markt und verstoßen. Auch ihr späterer Ehemann beschuldigt sie, eine Hexe zu sein und zwingt sie, sich einem qualvollen Ritual zu unterziehen. 13 Jahre später kehrt Joana zurück nach Afrika...

Hexen kind audion joana adesuwa reiterer
Awareness on human trafficking


interview @ SWR

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I am so exited that you have scrolled down to this point. ending human trafficking is a social cause very dear to my heart. Not because of my personal experience with the crime, but because I am very convinced that every woman has the right to live in freedom and the opportunity to make a choice about her own future. I am inviting you to partner with me on this journey. Joadre

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What you can do about human trafficking now!

You can inform yourself and learn more about this problem in my online program. I have not only explained the issue deeply  but also focused to highlight simple steps you can do using our FAIR FRIDAY PRACTICE regularly to create and impact.

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